Distance Education Monitoring Installation

This monitoring installation checks the status of the SRJC Distance Education server cluster (online.santarosa.edu) at regular intervals, and this page automatically refreshes every five minutes with status results. In the event a problem is detected, the appropriate technicians are automatically notified.

Most recent status check conducted at 1:20 on Tuesday, 25 October 2016.

DE server is up and running with no problems detected at this time.

Details as of 1:28 on 25 October 2016

http://www.santarosa.eduis responding
http://online.santarosa.eduis responding
https://online.santarosa.eduis responding
Apache on de-web1is responding
Apache on de-web2is responding
Nginx on de-web1is responding
Nginx on de-web2is responding
CATE mySQL (http)is responding
Moodle mySQL (http)is responding
CATE mySQL (https)is responding
Moodle mySQL (https)is responding
Moodleis responding
DE connection to IT SOAPis responding
Current Moodle users8

mySQL Status
Aborted_clients --> 96
Aborted_connects --> 2
Bytes_received --> 164444259472
Bytes_sent --> 3767236897091
Connections --> 7246625
Max_used_connections --> 517
Slow_launch_threads --> 0
Threads_cached --> 114
Threads_connected --> 15
Threads_running --> 2
Uptime --> 11262130
Uptime_since_flush_status --> 11262130

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Distance Education office at Santa Rosa Junior College
1:28 on Tuesday, 25 October 2016