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   News archives page

Now available from R. A. Cline Publishing
31 July 1999

Cline, R. A. Submarine Grayback: The Life and Death of the WWII Sub, USS Grayback. Placentia, CA: R. A. Cline Publishing, 1999

Now available from Pacifica
30 July 1999

Hammel, Eric and John E. Lane. Bloody Tarawa. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Publishing, 1999. A revised and updated version of the book 76 Hours: The Invasion of Tarawa plus 252 photos and drawings.

Military Book Club
29 July 1999

Selections for July:

Mansoor. The GI Offensive in Europe

Clemens. Alone on Guadalcanal: A Coastwatcher's Story

Soviak. (editor) A Diary of Darkness: The Wartime Diary of Kiyosawa Kiyoshi

Dower. Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II

New arrivals
28 July 1999

Hermann, Dietmar. Focke-Wulf Ta 152: The Story of the Luftwaffe's Late-War, High-Altitude Fighter. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 1999

Mombeek, Eric with J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek. Jagdwaffe, volume one, section 1: Birth of the Luftwaffe Fighter Force. Crowborough, East Sussex: Classic Publications, 1999

Roba, Jean-Louis and Cristian Craciunoiu. Romanian Black Hussars: Grupul 3 Picaj. Bucharest: Modelism International, 1998

Roba, Jean-Louis and Cristian Craciunoiu. Seaplanes over the Black Sea: German-Romanian Operations, 1941-1944. Bucharest: Modelism International, 1995

Crandall, Jerry. EagleFiles #1: Doras of the Galland Circus. Hamilton, MT: Eagle Editions Ltd, 1999


Now available from Sharpe
28 July 1999

Honda Katsuichi. The Nanjing Massacre: A Japanese Journalist Confronts Japan's National Shame. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1999

27 July 1999

As is his monthly custom, Paul Kisselburg has mailed his "Military History Catalogue"-- in this case Number 41 with eight pages of especially juicy secondhand WWII-related titles.

Forthcoming from Classic
26 July 1999

We are reminded that Classic Publications has three more titles in their "Classic Colours" series due this year:

Mombeek. Jagdwaffe, Volume 1, Section 2: The Spanish Civil War. Due in July

Mombeek. Jagdwaffe, Volume 1, Section 3: Blitzkrieg on Poland. Due in August

Mombeek. Jagdwaffe, Volume 1, Section 4: Attack in the West. Due in October

Forthcoming from Greenwood
24 July 1999

Bimberg. The Moroccan Goums: Tribal Warriors in a Modern War. Due from Greenwood this month.

Military Book Club
23 July 1999

Selections for "Summer 1999":

Mondey. Axis Aircraft of World War II

Sakaida. Imperial Japanese Navy Aces, 1937-1945

Nafziger. The German Order of Battle: Panzers and Artillery in World War II

Erickson. The Road to Stalingrad

Erickson. The Road to Berlin

22 July 1999

May. Strange Victory: Hitler's Conquest of France. Due from Hill and Wang in March 2000

21 July 1999

From Helion & Company comes "Catalogue Anzio" with forty-five pages of secondhand and out-of-print military, naval, and aviation books including a substantial collection of WWII-related material.

New arrivals
20 July 1999

Devey, Andrew. Jagdtiger: The Most Powerful Armoured Fighting Vehicle of World War II: Technical History. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 1999

Devey, Andrew. Jagdtiger: The Most Powerful Armoured Fighting Vehicle of World War II: Operational History. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 1999


Now available from NIP
19 July 1999

Two new books have been released from Naval Institute Press:

Burn, Alan. The Fighting Commodores: Convoy Commanders in the Second World War

Haskell, W. A. Shadows on the Horizon: The Battle of Convoy HX-233

"Upcoming Events" page
18 July 1999

We've today opened our "Upcoming Events" webpage which will list book fairs, militaria shows, gaming conventions, toy soldier shows, and other events where booksellers will be exhibiting and selling new and/or used military books, with an emphasis on WWII-related books. As this page grows and more booksellers begin to participate, the page will also include lists of exactly which booksellers will be selling at which shows.

You can help us keep the "Upcoming Events" page current by sending us details of appropriate events not already listed.

Now available from Pacifica
17 July 1999

Pergrin and Hammel. First Across the Rhine: The 291st Engineer Combat Battalion in France, Belgium, and Germany. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1999. Softcover edition

Old Army
17 July 1999

Old Army Books has updated its website with several thousand used books including World War II, World War I, Aviation, War of the Rebellion, Vietnam, Korea, and more.

Forthcoming from Grub Street
17 July 1999

Rolfe. To Hell and Back: True Life Experiences of Bomber Command at War. Softcover edition due in September

The Military Collector
17 July 1999

Check out Ian Wilkinson's website for his latest inventory of secondhand military books covering all aspects of land, air, and sea campaigns in a wide variety of wars.

Now available from Presidio
16 July 1999

Quirk, Rory. Wars and Peace: The Memoir of an American Family. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1999

Web update
16 July 1999

Tom Cadman has freshened his online inventory with hundreds of secondhand World War II books which can be browsed and purchased via his website.

Forthcoming from Eagle Editions
16 July 1999

Crandall. EagleFiles #2: Yellow 10. Due this fall.

New arrival
15 July 1999

Beyer, Kenneth M. Q-Ships versus U-Boats: America's Secret Project. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1999


Fourth Street
15 July 1999

Fourth Street Book Shop of Royal Oak, Michigan just loaded fresh inventory files at its website, including World War Two in the Air, World War Two on Land, World War Two at Sea, and Unit Histories.

Forthcoming from Texas A & M
15 July 1999

Tasovac. American Foreign Policy and Yugoslavia, 1939-1941. Due in December

Web update
14 July 1999

Bob Ruman of Articles of War has updated the online inventory at his website with more than 4600 new and secondhand military titles. These can be browsed according to dozens of specific topics or searched by author, title, or key words in the description.

12 July 1999

Jack and Jane Faber have mailed their catalog No. 65 of "Military, Naval, Aviation, and World History" titles. This catalog features books by authors whose last names begin with "L" and "M" plus a special section on US Marine Corps items.

11 July 1999

The "July 2, 1999 Bargain Books" catalog has arrived from Edward R. Hamilton.

News from Rienner
10 July 1999

Forthcoming from Lynne Rienner Publishers:

Carafano. After D-Day: Operation Cobra and the Normandy Breakout. Due in January 2000

Dunn. Soviet Blitzkrieg: The Battle for White Russia, 1944. Due in January 2000

9 July 1999

From Jerboa-Redcap Books comes Frank and Maureen's "Supplement #20" with six pages of out-of-print military, naval, and aviation titles.

New arrival
8 July 1999

Anglin, Douglas G. Free French Invasion: The St. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941. Calgary, Alberta: Penny Black Publishing, 1999


Now available from Greenwood
8 July 1999

Two titles newly available from Greenwood/Praeger:

Levine, Alan J. The War Against Rommel's Supply Lines, 1942-1943.

Evans, Mark Llewellyn. Great World War II Battles in the Arctic.

7 July 1999

The Scholar's Bookshelf has mailed its "Summer History" catalog which includes some military titles.

Now available from Schiffer
6 July 1999

Two new titles available from Schiffer Military History:

Harmann, Dietmar. Focke-Wulf Ta 152: The Story of the Luftwaffe's Late-War, High-Altitude Fighter.

MacLean, French L. The Field Men: The SS Officers Who Led the Einsatzkommandos.

Military Book Club
5 July 1999

Selections for "Independence Day 1999":

Burgett. Seven Roads to Hell

Scutts. P-47 Thunderbolt Aces of the Eighth Air Force

Keeney. The Air War over Europe: Gun Camera Footage of World War II

Whiting. Heydrich: Henchman of Death

Rommel. Infantry Attacks

Y2K Sale
3 July 1999

Battery Press is offering big discounts on all its titles during the month of July. Check with them for full details on how to take advantage of this offer.

Now available from Eagle Editions
1 July 1999

Crandall, Jerry (with illustrations by Thomas A. Tullis). Doras of the Galland Circus. Hamilton, MT: Eagle Editions, 1999

New arrival
1 July 1999

Fischer, Bernd J. Albania at War, 1939-1945. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 1999



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