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   News archives page

Forthcoming from Schiffer
31 March 1999

Bob Biondi sends word of a barrage of new titles coming from Schiffer:

Glenn. For King & Country: British Airborne Uniforms, Insignia & Equipment in WWII. Due in August

Radinger and Schick. Messerschmitt Bf 109 A-E: Development/Testing/Production. Due in August

Hutton. Squadron of Deception: 36th Bomb Squadron in WWII. Due in August

Stanaway and Rocker. The Eight Ballers: 8th Photo Recon Squadron in WWII. Due in August

Griehl. Fock-Wulf TA 154. Due in August

Mahurin. Hitler's Fall Guys. Due in August

Myhra. Messerschmitt Me 263. Due in August

Wolf. Death Ratters: Marine Squadron VMF-323 over Okinawa. Due in September

Fleischer. Russian Tanks and Armoured Vehicles, 1917-1945: An Illustrated Reference. Due in September

Ford-Jones. Oxford's Own: XV Squadron RFC/RAF. Due in September

30 March 1999

Tom Petteys of Aberdeen Books, specializing in new WWII titles, has freshened his online inventory with more than a thousand pristine books.

Forthcoming from Garland Publishing
30 March 1999

Sandler. World War II in the Pacific. Companion to World War II in Europe: An Encyclopedia. Dune in June 2000.

History Book Club
29 March 1999

Selections from the HBC for Spring 1999:

Smith. A History of the Gurkhas

Tout. A Fine Night for Tanks: The Road to Falaise

Nesbit. RAF: An Illustrated History from 1918

New arrival
26 March 1999

Balkoski, Joseph. Beyond the Beachhead: The 29th Infantry Division in Normandy. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1999. (Revised edition)


25 March 1999

Paul Kisselburg continues his new monthly schedule of issuing printed catalogs -- each one featuring an entirely fresh selection of secondhand titles -- with "Kisselburg Military Books Military History Catalogue ~ 38".

23 March 1999

While more and more booksellers abandon printed catalogs, or at least de-emphasize them, in favor of displaying and selling inventory on the Web, a few old hands continue to glue postage stamps to paper. An example is "Catalog 178" from Antheil with 48 pages of new and used "naval, maritime, aviation, and military" titles. No website, no email; you'll need to glue down some stamps of your own to get a copy or place an order.

New arrival
21 March 1999

Zabecki, David T. (editor) World War II in Europe: An Encyclopedia. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc, 1999


20 March 1999

Frank and Maureen have mailed their "Supplement #16" for Jerboa-Redcap Books with new and used military titles and also a selection of regimental badges. They'll be at these two shows in April:

9 and 10 April: New Jersey Historical Miniatures Association in Somerset, NJ

18 April: Northeast Toy Soldier Society, Dedham, MA

19 March 1999

Edward R. Hamilton's printed "Bargain Books" catalog for 12 March 1999 is arriving in mailboxes with a larger-than-usual assortment of WWII-related titles, many of them at extreme discounts.

News from NIP
18 March 1999

The latest report from Naval Institute Press in Annapolis brings word of many excellent new and forthcoming titles:

Now available from NIP:

Rohwer. Axis Submarine Successes of World War II. Revised edition

Busch and Roll. German U-Boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary

Grace. The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Kemp. Midget Submarines of World War II

Yoshida. Requiem for Battleship Yamato

Beach. Salt and Steel: Reflections of a Submariner

And on the way from NIP:

Mulligan. Neither Sharks nor Wolves: The Men of Germany's U-Boat Arm. Due in April

Beyer. Q-Ships versus U-Boats: America's Secret Project. Due in April

Franklin. The Buckley-Class Destroyer Escorts. Due in April

Kessler. Never in Doubt: Remembering Iwo Jima. Due in May

Cressman. The Official Chronology of the U.S.Navy in World War II. Revised and expanded edition. Due in June

Military Book Club
17 March 1999

Offerings for May 1999:

McDonald. Company Commander

Lucas. Das Reich

Michulec. Panzers in the East, volume 1

Michulec. Panzers in the East, volume 2

Mondey. American Aircraft of World War II

Gallo. Night of the Long Knives

Marching toward the new millenium
16 March 1999

Peter L. Jackson of Peter L. Jackson Military Books in Toronto is the latest mail order purveyor of secondhand military books who is moving to a Web-based model for his business. He reports that after almost thirty years of paper and ink he will be sharply curtailing or halting the use of printed catalogs in favor of displaying his wares at his website.

15 March 1999

Paul Kisselburg has uploaded listings for more than 2300 secondhand WWII-related books to his website. Some very nice items available there. He has also loaded his stock into our searchable database where his books can be sought be author, title, or description.

Now available from Praeger
13 March 1999

Rickard. Patton at Bay: The Lorraine Campaign, September to December 1944. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1999

News from Jon Gawne
13 March 1999

Jon Gawne recently provided some information on his newest title and his next ones:

"Spearheading D-Day sold out about as soon as it arrived. It's now being reprinted and due back in stock in about a month.

"I am currently working on These Are My Credentials: The Campaign for Brittany and the Battle for Brest. Scheduled for Christmas 1999, from Histoire et Collections (distributed in the US by Combined Books) this will be a history of this often overlooked aspect of the ETO. Heavily illustrated with period photos, color reconstructions of the uniforms worn, T/O charts and maps. What I am attempting to do is come up with a book that will not only cover the campaign, but provide an understanding of the organization and operation of the US Army in this post breakout phase. Thus if I do it right, it'll be a book that readers not interested in Brittany will still get something out of.

"I've also started preliminary work on Ghosts of the ETO about the only U.S. operational tactical deception unit in the ETO. Thanks to some unprecedented assistance from veterans, a number of absolutely remarkable stories about these guys are coming out. Stuff that just astounds me...and that's not easy to do!"

Book show
13 March 1999

Mark Yerger reports:

"For eastern USA readers an uncoming event is of interest. May 8th is the mid-Atlantic military book and papers fair. Dozens of WWII book dealers with new, used, and out-of-print titles. I always run out of money before titles wanted. It is at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, 2200 York Rd, Timonium MD. Sat May 8th 10am to 5 pm. I see many dealers from your site there and well worth attending."

12 March 1999

The new "Spring 1999" catalog from University Press of Kansas reminds us of two forthcoming titles:

Glantz. Zhukov's Greatest Defeat: The Red Army's Epic Disaster in Operation Mars, 1942. Due in April

Mansoor. The GI Offensive in Europe: The Triumph of American Infantry Divisions, 1941-1945. Due in June

Now available from NIP
11 March 1999

Busch, Rainer and Hans-Joachim Roll. German U-Boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1999

Forthcoming from Purdue
10 March 1999

Fischer. Albania at War, 1939-1945. Due from Purdue University Press in April.

Forthcoming from Stackpole
9 March 1999

The latest news from Stackpole Books:

Macksey. Invasion: The Alternate History of the German Invasion of England, July 1940. Softcover reprint. Due later this month

Parker. Battle of the Bulge: The View from the German High Command. Due in April

Nafziger. The German Order of Battle: Panzers and Artillery in World War II. Due in May

News from Croatia
8 March 1999

Grab your Croat-English dictionaries.

Ferdinando D'Amico, co-author of Air War Italy, 1944-45, reports from Italy that he has received a copy of a new book by Danijel Frka, Josip Novak, and Sinisa Pogacic covering the Croatian air force in World War II from "P.c. graficke usluge of Zagreb."

"It is truly a magnificent work, full of completely unpublished photographs (all of exceptionally good quality!), beautiful colour profiles and even a section of colour photographs! All in 367 pages (8'1/4 x 11'3/4 size) printed with the highest quality.... I cannot say much about the text, not reading Croat, but I'm sure it is up to the same level.

"Frka and his two co-authors will have an English version of it published this year.... In the meantime, stay on the lookout: this is the most beautiful title coming from the East for a long time!"

8 March 1999

Tons of great military book inventory has just been added to the Aardvark Books website where visitors can search and browse through WWI and WWII titles.

New arrivals
7 March 1999

Cosner, Shaaron and Victoria Cosner. Women under the Third Reich: A Biographical Dictionary. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998

Sakamoto, Pamela Rotner. Japanese Diplomats and Jewish Refugees: A World War II Dilemma. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1998

Evleth, Donna. (Compiler) The Authorized Press in Vichy and German-Occupied France, 1940-1944. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999

Lee, Loyd E. (Editor) World War II in Asia and the Pacific and the War's Aftermath, with General Themes: A Handbook of Literature and Research. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998.


Now available from NIP
6 March 1999

Rohwer, Jurgen. Axis Submarine Successes of World War II: German, Italian and Japanese Submarine Successes, 1939-1945. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1999. Revised edition. Available in the UK from Greenhill Books.

5 March 1999

Not to be confused with their Military History catalog, the History catalog for "Spring 1999" from Scholar's Bookshelf is in the mail with several pages of WWII-related books plus separate sections on "Hitler and Nazism" and "The Holocaust".

Now available from Greenhill
4 March 1999

These two are "just now available" in the UK from Greenhill Books:

Bush and Roll German U-Boat Commanders of World War II. US edition forthcoming from Naval Institute Press

Macksey, Ken. Invasion: An Alternate History of the German Invasion of England, 1940. Softcover reprint

Naming the name, setting the date
4 March 1999

Lynne Rienner Publishers reports that Walter Dunn's forthcoming book has been retitled Soviet Blitzkrieg: The Battle for White Russia, 1944 and has been delayed until March, 2000.

Now available from Columbia
4 March 1999

Benz, Wolfgang. The Holocaust: A German Historian Examines the Genocide. New York: Columbia University Press, 1999

News from Rex Trye
4 March 1999

Accelerated in the wake of the very successful Royal Hungarian Army from Axis Europa, author Rex Trye informs us that " new book (Mussolini's Afrika Korp) will be available in April not June as previously mentioned" from Axis Europa.

Now available from Sutton
3 March 1999

Zaloga, Steven. Red Army Handbook, 1939-1945. Stroud, UK: Sutton, 1999

Military Book Club
3 March 1999

Selections for April 1999:

Kaufmann and Jurga. Fortress Europe: European Fortifications of World War II

Hammel. Guadalcanal: Decision at Sea

Lumsden. SS Regalia

Thompson. M1 Garand

Inventory updates
2 March 1999

The new month continues to bring new stock on the inventory pages of online booksellers. Two of the latest updated sites include Old Army and T. Cadman, each with a fresh load of secondhand military titles.

Now available from Schiffer
1 March 1999

Yerger, Mark. Waffen-SS Commanders, volume two: Krueger to Zimmermann. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 1999

Inventory updates
1 March 1999

World War II Books and The Military Collector have undertaken massive monthly inventory updates putting thousands of secondhand military titles at their respective websites for browsing and searching.


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