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   News archives page

New arrival
28 February 1999

Greene, Jack and Alessandro Massignani. The Naval War in the Mediterranean, 1940-1943. Rockville Centre, NY: Sarpedon, 1998


Forthcoming from GPG
27 February 1999

From the latest Greenwood Publishing Group catalog:

Langer. World War II: An Encyclopedia of Quotations. Due in March

Rickard. Patton at Bay: The Lorraine Campaign, September to December 1944. Due in March

Evans. Great World War II Battles of the Arctic. Due in June

26 February 1999

Helion & Company have mailed "Military Book News No. 3" with 40 pages of books, prints, MicroMark organizational charts, and magazines.

Forthcoming from University Press of Kentucky
25 February 1999

Mack McCormick sends word of upcoming titles from UPK:

Mangerich. Albanian Escape: The True Story of U.S. Army Nurses Behind Enemy Lines. Due in May

Norling. The Intrepid Guerillas of North Luzon. Due in June

Klinkowitz. With the Tigers over China, 1941-1942. Due in June

Cargas. Problems Unique to the Holocaust. Due in May

New arrival
24 February 1999

Widfeldt, Bo and Rolph Wegmann. Making for Sweden, part two: The United States Army Air Force. Walton-on-Thames, Surrey: Air Research Publications, 1998


Now available from Praeger
22 February 1999

Zellmer David. The Spectator: A World War II Bomber Pilot's Journal of the Artist as Warrior. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1999

Now available from Champlin
20 February 1999

Natzvaladze, Y. A. The Trophies of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945, volume one: Anti-Tank Weapons, Aircraft Machine Guns, Assault Rifles. Mesa, AZ: Champlin Fighter Museum Press, 1999

20 February 1999

Catalog 37 from Kisselburg Military Books of Stillwater, Minnesota brings a listing of over 200 WWII-related titles. Paul tells us he is now issuing printed catalogs monthly, but "with no carryover"-- titles will not be repeated from one catalog to the next.

Now available from Fedorowicz
20 February 1999

The author informs us his book has been released:

Rikmenspoel, Marc. Soldiers of the Waffen SS. Winnipeg, Manitoba: J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing, 1999

19 February 1999

The "February 12, 1999" catalog from Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller landed in our mailbox today with a larger-than-usual assortment of new WWII books at discounted prices.

New arrival
18 February 1999

Niehorster, Leo W. G. The Royal Hungarian Army, 1920-1945. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa Books, 1998


We're sure our visitors will join us in offering our best wishes to Dr. Niehorster who continues to recover from a heart attack suffered on 20 December.

Now available from Garland
18 February 1999

Zabecki, David T. (editor) World War II in Europe: An Encyclopedia. New York: Garland Publishing, 1999 (two volumes)

Now available from Greenwood
18 February 1999

Lee, Loyd E. World War II. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999.

Forthcoming from Grub Street
17 February 1999

Upcoming offerings from Grub Street:

Cull, Lander, and Weiss. Twelve Days in May: The Air Battle for Northern France and the Low Countries, 10 -21 May 1940. Softcover edition due in May.

Richey and Franks. Fighter Pilot's Summer. Softcover edition due in June.

Avery and Shores. Spitfire Leader. Softcover edition due in June.

Cull and Minterne. Hurricanes over Tobruk. Due in May.

Willmott. June 1944. Softcover edition due in June.

Now available from Axis Europa
16 February 1999

Niehorster, Dr. Leo W. G. The Royal Hungarian Army, 1920-1945. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa Books, 1998

History Book Club
16 February 1999

Selections for February 1999:

Bath. Tracking the Axis Enemy

Blair. Hitler's U-Boat War, volume II: The Hunted, 1942-1945

Military Book Club
16 February 1999

Selections for March 1999:

Fletcher. The Lucky Bastard Club

Mauldin. Bill Mauldin's Army

Keeny and Butler. Day of Destiny: The Photographs of D-Day

Brokaw. The Greatest Generation

Hogg. German Secret Weapons of the Second World War

Hickam. Torpedo Junction

Cooper. Death Traps

Now available from Greenwood
15 February 1999

Evleth, Donna (compiler). The Authorized Press in Vichy and German-Occupied France, 1940-1944: A Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999

Military Book Fairs
14 February 1999

Here's the schedule of "World War Bookfairs" in the UK for 1999:

Spa HotelTunbridge Wells7 March
Town HallMarlborough25 April
Bonnington Hotel  London30 May
NovotelYork18 September
Spa HotelTunbridge Wells  17 October
R E Museum  Chatham28 November  

14 February 1999

The February catalog, #9907, from Paul Gaudette features a very strong array of secondhand titles for these topics: Japanese War History, Kriegsmarine/Submarines, Naval History, Naval Aviation, Pacific-US Marine Corps, Philippines, Magazines, and Cruise Books.

New addition to our History pages
13 February 1999

We have today added "Free French Divisions" to our online History pages.

13 February 1999

We've just received from, new to us, Phoenix Books of Lincolnshire, UK, military book catalog "February 1999" with an assortment of secondhand titles, including a few WWII-related items.

Forthcoming from Seven Hills
12 February 1999

Seven Hills Book Distributors of Cincinnati distributes books in the US for several international military publishers. Their latest catalog shows these forthcoming titles:

Willmott. June 1944. Softcover reprint from Grub Street. Due in the US in August.

Franks. Conflict over the Bay: RAF and American Aircraft against the U-Boats, Bay of Biscay, May-August 1943. From Grub Street. Due in the US in June.

Shores. Duel for the Sky. Softcover reprint from Grub Street. Due in the US in June.

Cull with Minterne. Hurricanes over Tobruk: The Pivotal Role of the Hurricane in the Battle for Tobruk, Western Desert, January-June 1941. From Grub Street. Due in the US in July.

Page. Shot Down in Flames. Softcover reprint from Grub Street. Due in the US in July.

McCaffery. Hell Island: Canadian Pilots and the 1942 Air Battle for Malta. From Formac Publishing. Due in the US in March.

Delaforce. Churchill's Secret Weapon: The Story of Hobart's Funnies. From Robert Hale. Due in the US in May.

Forthcoming from Schiffer
12 February 1999

Harmann. Focke-Wulf Ta 152. Due in June

11 February 1999

Frank and Maureen have mailed "Supplement #15" from Jerboa-Redcap Books with an assortment of new and used air, naval, and military books.

MB from MB
10 February 1999

Catalogue 35 of "Military Books from Michael Bartlett" brings 73 pages packed with secondhand WWII titles including such seldom seen categories as "Humour and Cartoons" and "Poetry".

Forthcoming from Patrick Stephens
8 February 1999

Gero. Military Aviation Disasters: Significant Losses since 1908. Due later this month.

7 February 1999

Keith Bonn informs us that his publishing company, Aegis, has acquired the remaining stock of Werner Adamczyk's out-of-print Feuer! An Artilleryman's Life on the Eastern Front and will be making the last pristine copies available, some autographed by the author.

New arrival
6 February 1999

Boog, Horst; Forster, Jurgen; Hoffmann, Joachim; Klink, Ernst; Muller, Rolf-Dieter; Ueberschar, Gerd R. Edited by the Militargeschichtliches Forschungsamt. (Ewald Osers, translation editor) Germany and the Second World War, volume IV: The Attack on the Soviet Union. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1998.


The Aard
5 February 1999

Martin and the gang at Aardvark Books today updated their online stock with several thousand secondhand World War I and World War II titles, all available for browsing by topic or searching by author and title.

Now available from Fedorowicz
5 February 1999

Edwards and Pruett. Field Uniforms of Germany's Elite Panzer Forces. Winnipeg, Manitoba: J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing, 1999

News from Indiana
4 February 1999

It's the "Pre-End of the Millennium Book Sale" at Indiana University Press, including slashed prices on some WWII materials such as Russell Weigley's classic Eisenhower's Lieutenants.

The War Room
4 February 1999

The "Books," "Posters," and "Videos" inventory pages at the War Room Bookshop website were updated today with large amounts of newly arrived material, including a big selection of discount-priced books.

Forthcoming from Greenhill
3 February 1999

A bumper crop on the way from Greenhill:

Macksey. Invasion: An Alternate History of the German Invasion of England, 1940. Softcover reprint. Due later this month

Bush and Roll. German U-Boat Commanders of World War II: A Biographical Dictionary. US publisher: Naval Institute Press. Due later this month

Parker. The Battle of the Bulge: The German View. US publisher: Stackpole. Due in March

Griehl. German Jets. US publisher: Stackpole. Due in March

Smith. Stukas over the Steppes. US publisher: Stackpole. Due in March

Koop and Schmolke. Battleships of the Scharnhorst Class. US publisher: Naval Institute Press. Due in April

Nafziger. The German Order of Battle: Panzers and Artillery of World War II. US publisher: Stackpole. Due in May

Web inventory
3 February 1999

The online inventory pages of Old Army Books, specializing in secondhand books, and Aberdeen Bookstore, specializing in new titles, have been updated to include all the latest arrivals.

Forthcoming from Crecy
2 February 1999

Crecy will be releasing the following titles within the next six months:

Smith. Pedestal: The Malta Convoy of August 1942. Softcover reprint due in April

Howe. De Havilland Mosquito: An Illustrated History. Due in May

Spate. Test Pilots. (Published by Independent Books, distributed by Crecy.) Due in May

Brandon. Night Flyer. Due in July

Deere. Nine Lives. Due in July

New arrivals
1 February 1999

Cottam, Kazimiera J. Women in War and Resistance: Selected Biographies of Soviet Women Soldiers. Nepean, Canada: New Military Publishing, 1998

Cottam, Kazimiera J. Women in Air War: The Eastern Front of World War II. Nepean, Canada: New Military Publishing, 1997

Loza, Dmitry. Fighting for the Soviet Motherland. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1998

Zubkova, Elena. Russia after the War: Hopes, Illusions, and Disappointments, 1945-1957. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1998


Forthcoming from Fedorowicz
1 February 1999

Mike Olive sends word of latest forecasts on upcoming titles from J.J. Fedorowicz:

Edwards and Pruett. Field Uniforms of Germany's Elite Panzer Forces in World War II. Due before the end of February

Rikmenspoel. Soldiers of the Waffen SS: Many Nations, One Motto. Due before the end of February

Kurowski. Panzer Aces 2. Due later this year.

Web inventory updates
1 February 1999

Graham Palmer of World War II Books and Ian Wilkinson of The Military Collector have updated their respective websites with their fresh stock lists of thousands of secondhand military titles for browsing, searching, and online ordering.


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