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   News archives page

New addition to our "History" pages
31 October 1998

Iceland in the Second World War

Military Book Club
31 October 1998

Selections for December:

Goodwin. Shobun: A Forgotten War Crime in the Pacific

Ailsby. Waffen-SS: The Unpublished Photographs

Gander. The Bazooka

Hoehling. The Lexington Goes Down

From Walter S. Dunn
30 October 1998

Walter Dunn reports that he has completed his manuscript for The Battle for White Russia, 1944 and dispatched it to the publisher, Lynne Rienner.

According to our most recent estimate, it remains on target for publication early in 1999.

T. Cadman
30 October 1998

T. Cadman World War II Books has updated its website with a goodly array of secondhand WWII titles available for browsing.

Now available from Greenwood
30 October 1998

Cosner, Shaaron and Victoria Cosner. Women under the Third Reich: A Biographical Dictionary

Lee, Loyd E. World War II in Asia and the Pacific and the War's Aftermath: A Handbook of Literature and Research

Jerboa-Redcap Books
29 October 1998

Frank and Maureen have mailed Jerboa's Supplement #12 with six pages of new and secondhand military books.

News from the Smithsonian
28 October 1998

Now available from Smithsonian Institution Press:

Ford. Glen Edwards: The Diary of a Bomber Pilot


Carl. A WASP among Eagles: A Woman Military Test Pilot in WWII. Due in February

Kirkland. Tales of a War Pilot. Due in February

The War Room
28 October 1998

Tom Paragian of The War Room has updated his online inventory with a fresh load of secondhand WWII books, videos, posters, and special discount titles.

Old Army
27 October 1998

Bruce Halsted has mailed Old Army catalog number 68 with a good selection of used stock. See also the Old Army website.

New arrival
25 October 1998

Cline, Rick. Escort Carrier WWII: War in the Pacific on the Aircraft Carrier USS Petrof Bay. Placentia, CA: R.A. Cline Publishing, 1998


New addition to our "History" pages
25 October 1998

Japanese Submarines at Madagascar and the Mozambique Channel

New on the Web
24 October 1998

Author Jim Clarke recently self-published Combat Paths of the First Armored Division, the first in a series of "day by day histories of the United States Army in World War II". Check his new website for full details.

From Leo Niehorster
24 October 1998

Dr. Niehorster's new book, The Royal Hungarian Army 1920-1945, is due from Axis Europa in December. He sends along this preview:

"Over the last 25 years, I managed to piece together the history of The Royal Hungarian Army 1920-1945. It was my impression that there was much more to Hungary in World War II than a mere listing as the final satellite of the ill-fated German Third Reich, or the Royal Hungarian Army being just another inefficient and basically worthless auxiliary of the Wehrmacht-- a myth perpetuated in post-WWII Western literature based on publications by self-serving former German generals.

"The unfortunate silence by the western Allies about secret agreements made by them with Hungary and its earnest attempts for a separate peace during the war have not changed the general opinion about Hungary. The situation was not helped by the Communist government of Hungary after the war. Hungary, as the Soviet Union's former enemy, maintained a very low profile regarding any feats of arms against its new "ally". As in all Communist countries, help from the archives was not forthcoming, access to original documentation impossible, and any literature dealing with the Great Patriotic War issued by official Hungarian sources highly suspect. There were obviously no really private sources published in Hungary during the time either.

"I think that I have done justice to the Royal Hungarian Army, and although I have attempted to keep the book impartial, it will be obvious to many readers that sympathy for the Hungarians and their plight in the wake of WWI has crept into this presentation. Even so, interestingly enough, some Hungarians who have read the manuscript find my presentation of Hungary's motives and of the Royal Hungarian Army as not positive enough and my point of view as "too western", by which they usually mean German. (Which I am not). Knowing I will never satisfy all points of view, I have chosen to present the events as I see them.

"Feedback would be highly appreciated. Please e-mail me."

For further details, check the author's website.

24 October 1998

The friendly folks at Aardvark Books have updated their online inventory with several thousand secondhand military titles focusing on World War II. You can browse through their listings by topic or search by author and title.

New arrival
23 October 1998

White, John F. U Boat Tankers, 1941-45: Submarine Suppliers to Atlantic Wolf Packs. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1998.


Battery Press
23 October 1998

Dick Gardner of The Battery Press has announced an "Internet Special" with reduced prices on selected sets of Battery's titles (including the five volume USMC history and a set of five British official histories of Northwest Europe) purchased through their website. Contact Battery at for details.

Now available from Fedorowicz
23 October 1998

Tiemann, R. The Leibstandarte, volume IV, part 2. Winnipeg: J.J. Fedorowicz, 1998.

From Joe Balkoski
22 October 1998

"Stackpole Books will reprint my Beyond the Beachhead: The 29th Infantry Division in Normandy in early 1999. It will be a trade paperback with a nice new cover-- artwork by Jim Dietz. I'm correcting four or five minor errors and am adding a new 2,500 word preface.

"I'm currently working on a new book on the Omaha Beach landing. I've learned quite a bit of new facts about the invasion lately in my frequent visits to the National Archives. I am always surprised at the perpetuation of many Omaha Beach myths, and I hope to correct them in this book. I've almost completed three chapters, although it's slow going."

The Naval and Military Press...
22 October 1998

...of East Sussex has mailed "Book List 34" with a wide assortment of new military titles. Also see their website.

New pages open today
21 October 1998

Today marks the grand opening of the newest feature of the Stone & Stone Second World War Books website, the "History" pages.

This new area contains succinct historical articles on specific WWII topics. Most discuss little-known or misunderstood aspects of the war; all provide a great deal of interesting information, including much hard-to-find order of battle material. In addition, every piece appends a list of books for further reading.

The first eight articles are now available and more will be added to the collection each week.

Now available from Classic
21 October 1998

Smith, J. Richard and Eddie J. Creek. Me 262, volume two. Burgess Hill, West Sussex: Classic Publications, 1998

From Bruce Gamble
20 October 1998

"It's a thrill to report that my The Black Sheep, published in July by Presido, is in its third printing and will likely surpass sales of ten thousand copies by the end of the year.

"Although I realized that Pappy Boyington had a strong following, I am continually amazed at the many thousands of people whose lives he touched through contact at air shows or by correspondence. Surprisingly, I have received very little flak even though I closely examined Boyington's controversial war record and personal behavior. Apparently, the balance I strived for was recognized by the majority of readers-- some of whom even felt that I was sympathetic. I have received favorable letters from many of the original Black Sheep pilots. One of the most famous survivors, John Bolt (naval aviation's only two-war ace and the only Marine jet ace), will join me in early December to tape a Movies in Time segment with host Sander Vanocur. We will discuss a screening of "The Flying Misfits", the original 2-hour pilot film for the television series "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep" that was first aired in September, 1976. The History Channel will show the film sometime next year.

"As Greg Boyington is simply too fascinating a character to set aside, I am now in the middle of researching a complete biography of his turbulent life. I am grateful for cooperation from family members and have received research assistance from coast to coast, most notably from author Henry Sakaida. I would certainly welcome anecdotes and/or photocopies of correspondence -- especially from the period of the 1960s to the 1980s -- with appropriate verification, of course

"Please email me at or write to me at P.O. Box 1425, Flat Rock, NC  28731."

Forthcoming from Schiffer
20 October 1998

Hatheway, Jay. In Perfect Formation: SS Ideology and the SS-Junkerschule-T-LZ. Due in February 1999.

New arrival
18 October 1998

Fitzpatrick, Jim. The Bicycle in Wartime: An Illustrated History. Washington, DC: Brassey's, 1998


17 October 1998

Paul Gaudette Books of Tucson, AZ has mailed catalogs for October 1998 with sections on aviation, espionage, airborne, military medical, lighter-than-air, and more.

Now available from University Press of Kansas
16 October 1998

Bath, Alan Harris. Tracking the Axis Enemy: The Triumph of Anglo-American Naval Intelligence. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 1998

Now available from University of Nebraska
14 October 1998

Loza, Dmitriy. Fighting for the Soviet Motherland: Recollections from the Eastern Front. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1998

The Scholar's Bookshelf
13 October 1998

From Cranbury, NJ comes the latest catalog from Scholar's Bookshelf, this their general list with a modest assortment of WWII and military titles amongst many other kinds of books.

New arrival
11 October 1998

King, Benjamin and Timothy Kutta. Impact: The History of Germany's V-Weapons in World War II. Rockville Centre, NY: Sarpedon, 1998


From New York
10 October 1998

The latest red-clad catalog from Harris and Margaretta Colt's Military Bookman brings 64 pages of secondhand books ranging from "Central Asia and Mongols" to "Arab-Israeli Wars" with several WWII-related sections.

Now available from Pacifica
10 October 1998

Hammel, Eric. Aces in Combat. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1998

9 October 1998

The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation has named Greg Urwin the recipient of the 1998 "General Wallace M. Greene, Jr., Award" for Facing Fearful Odds: The Siege of Wake Island. The foundation has designated the work as the "outstanding nonfiction book pertinent to Marine Corps history" published in the past year. The Foundation's annual awards ceremony will be in Washington, D.C., on October 23.

For more information, visit Greg Urwin's website.

8 October 1998

Frank and Maureen's latest, "Supplement #11", lists new and used naval, military, and aviation titles and also announces they will be at the upcoming "Northeast Toy Soldier Society" show at the Holiday Inn in Dedham, MA on Saturday, 17 October. More information available at the Jerboa website.

7 October 1998

Edward R. Hamilton, bookseller, has mailed the latest newsprint "Bargain Books" catalog with the usual assortment of reduced-price titles.

Now available from Axis Europa
6 October 1998

Novak, Josip and David Spencer. Hrvatski Orlovi: Paratroopers of the Independent State of Croatia, 1942-1945. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa Books, 1998

Military Collector
3 October 1998

Ian Wilkinson of The Military Collector has updated his website with over 5000 secondhand military titles which can be browsed by author and searched by author and title.

Forthcoming from Air Research
3 October 1998

From Air Research in Walton on Thames comes revised publication dates for three upcoming titles:

Donnelly. The Whitley Boys: 4 Group Bomber Operations. Due early October 1998

Foreman. Fighter Command War Diary, Volume two. Due late October

Wegmann and Widfeldt Making for Sweden, volume two: The United States Army Air Force. Due December 1998

Air Research publications are now distributed by Crecy Publishing in the UK and Specialty Press in the US.

Old Army Books
2 October 1998

As he customarily does around the first of each month, Bruce Halsted of Old Army Books has updated his online inventory with secondhand titles in categories including World War II, World War I, Korea, Vietnam, and many more.

From Surrey
1 October 1998

Graham Palmer has updated the online inventory pages at his World War II Books website with almost 11,000 secondhand military titles.


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