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   News archives page

Now available from NIP
31 August 1998

Wynn, Kenneth. U-Boat Operations of the Second World War, volume two: Career Histories, U511 - UIT25. Annapolis, MD: NIP, 1998

Adjust your bookmarks
30 August 1998

Graham Palmer's UK-based World War II Books, probably the world's largest secondhand bookseller specializing in books about the Second World War, has moved its website -- featuring the full inventory of over 10,000 titles -- to a new location. In addition to the huge stock of books, the new site offers many personalized and interactive features worth checking out.

News from Col. David Glantz
30 August 1998

His latest desktop-published title is now available:

"L'vov-Sandomierz 1944: The Soviet General Staff Study (July-August 1944). (242 pages). Includes 3 general maps, 10 terrain maps, 37 hand-drawn daily situation maps, and appendices covering Soviet order of battle, key command personnel, and personnel and equipment strengths and losses during the operation. Also contains 14 original maps in Russian."

Future plans:

"I will spend the fall writing the second book in my series on covered-up operations, this one on the massive Central and Western Front operation of February-March 1943, which the Soviet Stavka hoped would split the German Army's Eastern Front. Thereafter, but probably in spring 1999, I hope to begin work on my Stalingrad study. James Gebhardt, a superb editor-translator and author, will be adding other desktop titles to my catalogue throughout 1999."

28 August 1998

J.H. Faber's printed "Catalogue No. 61" arrived here today with twenty pages of secondhand military books by authors whose last name begins with "F" and "G" plus an extensive selection of U.S. Army publications.

Pacifica sale
28 August 1998

Pacifica Press is offering 20% off on all books purchased directly from their website now through September 30, 1998.

Now available from McFarland
27 August 1998

Ellis, Robert B. See Naples and Die: A Ski Trooper's World War II Memoir. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company Inc, 1998. Softcover reprint

27 August 1998

Paul Gaudette Books in Arizona has mailed the "August 1998" catalog with 48 pages of books in varying categories.

New arrival
25 August 1998

Brown, John Sloan. Draftee Division: The 88th Infantry Division in World War II. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1998.


Forthcoming from Grub Street
25 August 1998

Polak. Stalin's Falcons: The Aces of the Red Star. Due in October

Now available from NIP
24 August 1998

Three new releases from Naval Institute Press:

White, John F. U Boat Tankers: Submarine Suppliers to Atlantic Wolf Packs

Felknor, Bruce. The U.S. Merchant Marine at War, 1775-1945

Kaplan, Philip and Jack Currie. Convoy: Merchant Sailors at War, 1939-1945

New arrivals
23 August 1998

Cynk, Jerzy B. The Polish Air Force at War: The Official History, 1939-1943. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 1998

Cynk, Jerzy B. The Polish Air Force at War: The Official History, 1943-1945. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 1998


Now available from Presidio
22 August 1998

Cooper, Belton Y. Death Traps: The Survival of an American Armored Division in World War II. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1998

Military Book Club
22 August 1998

Selections for September 1998:

Kutta and King. Impact

Forty. The Armies of Rommel

Forty. The Armies of Patton

Gamble. The Black Sheep

Hoyt. Bowfin

Now available from NOVA
21 August 1998

Dupuy, Col. T. N. Understanding War: History and Theory of Combat. Falls Church, VA: NOVA Publications, 1998. Softcover reprint.

21 August 1998

Jerboa-Redcap Books has updated its online inventory of military books with a fresh batch of titles ranging from pre-World War I to post-World War II.

Now available from Sharpe
20 August 1998

Hatcher, Patrick Lloyd. North Atlantic Civilization at War: The World War II Battles of Sky, Sand, Snow, Sea, and Shore. Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe, 1998.

20 August 1998

R. James Bender Publishing is offering a special 50% reduction on selected titles through 15 September.

Now available from Pacifica
18 August 1998

Porter, R. Bruce with Eric Hammel. Ace!: A Marine Night-Fighter Pilot in World War II. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1998. Softcover reprint.

17 August 1998

Maureen and Frank recently mailed their printed "Supplement #9" with new and used titles. More available at their website.

New arrivals
16 August 1998

Gordon, Bertram M. (editor) Historical Dictionary of World War II France: The Occupation, Vichy, and the Resistance, 1938-1946. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998

Melton, George E. Darlan: Admiral and Statesman of France, 1881-1942. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1998


Another UK bookseller
15 August 1998

Catalogs are flying fast and furious from England. Duncan Rogers of Helion & Company has mailed his thick "Military Book News No. 2" with loads of new titles and a "Hot off the press!" insert. From antiquity to modern times. Helion is also serving as distributor for a range of specialist publishers.

History Book Club
15 August 1998

Selections for "Midsummer 1998"

Gannon. Black May

Bird and Lifschultz. Hiroshima's Shadow

Johnston. The Long Road of War

Gilmore. You Can't Fight Tanks with Bayonets

Forthcoming from Texas A & M
14 August 1998

Blumenson. Bloody River: The Real Tragedy of the Rapido. Due in September

More news from the UK
14 August 1998

Seems like every bookseller in the UK is sending out a catalog this month. The latest comes from Terence Wise: "Summer 1998" with 56 pages of secondhand military books (heavy on unit histories), used magazines, and ephemera.

Now available from Nafziger
14 August 1998

Sharp, Charles. Red Hammers: Soviet Self-Propelled Artillery and Lend Lease Armor, 1941-1945. West Chester, OH: Nafziger, 1998.

12 August 1998

Three titles of interest on the way from Air Research Publications:

Foreman. Fighter Command War Diaries, volume 2. Delayed until September.

Wegmann and Widfeldt. Making for Sweden, volume 2: The United States Army Air Force. Due in September.

Donnelly. The Whitley Boys: 4 Group Bomber Operations, 1939-1940. Due in October.

The Naval & Military Press
12 August 1998

From East Sussex The Naval & Military Press have mailed their current catalog, "Book List 32", filled with new military books and even their "Soldiers Died in the Great War" CD with a searchable database of British WWI losses compiled from 81 printed volumes of official records.

12 August 1998

Quill. Spitfire: A Test Pilot's Story. Crecy. Due September 1998

Now available from Sarpedon
11 August 1998

Halbrook, Stephen P. Target Switzerland: Swiss Armed Neutrality in World War II. Rockville Centre, NY: Sarpedon Publishers, 1998

King, Benjamin and Timothy Kutta. Impact: The History of Germany's V-Weapons in World War II. Rockville Centre, NY: Sarpedon Publishers, 1998

From London
10 August 1998

The kind folks at The Military History Bookshop on Bell Street have forwarded their latest catalog, "1998-C", with 48 pages of military stock. Very nicely done but, as always, a leading contender for the Bifocal Award for teeny-tiny print.

Bomber Command
9 August 1998

As a companion to yesterday's review of Bomber Offensive we have put together a short program of "structured reading" to survey the wartime campaign of the RAF's Bomber Command from the broadest grand strategic and economic vantages down to the view from the pilot's seat.

Book survey

Welcome to the Web
9 August 1998

Martin Noke and his wife Caroline, assisted by "the Aardvark" himself, have opened their new website for Aardvark Books with a couple thousand secondhand military titles, specializing in WWII and WWI. Their inventory is rapidly expanding and will be regularly updated on the Web, so keep an eye of them.

New arrival
8 August 1998

Harris, Sir Arthur. Bomber Offensive. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1998.


News from Smithsonian Institution Press
6 August 1998

Now available:

Stanley II, Roy M. To Fool a Glass Eye: Camouflage versus Photoreconnaissance in World War II

Arbon, Lee. They Also Flew: The Enlisted Pilot Legacy, 1912-1942. Softcover reprint

Werrell, Kenneth P. Blankets of Fire: U.S. Bombers over Japan during World War II. Softcover reprint


Sandler, Stanley. Segregated Skies: All-Black Combat Squadrons of World War II. Softcover reprint, due in October

Ford, Daniel. Glen Edwards: The Diary of a Bomber Pilot, by Daniel Ford. Due in November

News from Fedorowicz
5 August 1998

From Canada, J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing sends news about four forthcoming titles:

Tiemann. The Liebstandarte, volume IV, part 2. Delayed until September.

Edwards and Pruett. Field Uniforms of the Elite Panzer Forces. Due in September

Rikmenspoel. Soldiers of the Waffen SS. Due in October.

Kurowski. Panzer Aces 2. Delayed until December.

Scholar's Bookshelf
5 August 1998

The SB "Special Bargain" catalog, newly arrived, contains substantial numbers of notable military books at substantial price reductions.

Now available from Frank Cass
4 August 1998

Maslov. Fallen Soviet Generals. London: Frank Cass, 1998

4 August 1998

From Bufo Books in the UK comes the natty "Catalogue Choice Cuts" with 25 pages of secondhand military books, maps, and pamphlets.

4 August 1998

Blood in the Sky: The Air War in the South Pacific (originally entitled "Deadly Geometry") by Eric Bergerud has been postponed by Westview Press until July 1999.

Now available from Schiffer
3 August 1998

Schiffer Publishing announces release of two new titles:

Weidinger. Comrades to the End

Ilfrey. Happy Jack's Go Buggy

New arrival
2 August 1998

Currie, Jack. Echoes in the Air: A Chronicle of Aeronautical Ghost Stories. Manchester, England: Crecy Publishing Limited, 1998


2 August 1998

"Military History Catalogue #33" was recently mailed by Kisselburg Military Books of Stillwater, MN with 639 listings for secondhand WWII books. Today Paul uploaded an even larger inventory of his used WWII titles at his website.

2 August 1998

Dick Gardner of Battery Books reports that his reprint of McClymont's To Greece volume of the New Zealand Official History series has been delayed until the end of the year.

News from David Glantz
1 August 1998

Colonel Glantz recently dispatched news about his latest books:

"Atlas of Operation Blau, 28 June-18 November 1942. Consists of 185 maps and charts, including a wide range of German and Soviet archival maps. Maps depicts the tank battles west of Voronezh (July 1942), German operations in the great bend of the Don River, the capture of Rostov, combat on the distant and immediate approaches to Stalingrad, and combat in the city itself. As in previous volumes, all maps are in 11x17 format.

"Atlas of the Battle of Moscow, Vol. 2, the Soviet Offensive, 5 December 1941-20 April 1942. Consists of 176 large-format maps covering all operational and tactical aspects of this massive operation. The charts provide unprecedented data on comparative force strengths, which contradict virtually all existing sources.

"Belorussia 1944: The Soviet General Staff Study. The study is approximately 350 pages in length, and includes 80 terrain, general situation, and hand- drawn day-by-day operational and tactical maps of all aspects of the operation and appendices providing complete Soviet order of battle on 22 June 1944.

"Tentatively, in August 1998 I plan to complete translation and production of a similar study on the L'vov-Sandomiersz operation (July-August 1944). This will be the last desk-top volume to appear in 1998. Projects planned for 1999 include a second volume of the Stalingrad atlas covering all aspects of the Soviet counteroffensive and a volume on the Soviet advance to Warsaw in August-September 1944."

Online inventory
1 August 1998

When the first of the month rolls around, many online booksellers update their webpages to display their latest stock lists. Here are three dealers with newly freshened pages:

Old Army Books uploaded over 4800 titles including World War I, World War II, Aviation, War of the Rebellion, American Wars of the 18th and 19th Centuries, Vietnam, Korea, Custer and the Indian Wars, British, and General Military.

The Military Collector uploaded over 4700 titles in topics including, among others, Airborne, Aviation, Commandos, Intelligence, Unit Histories, Minor Wars of the Twentieth Century, and Prisoners of War.

World War II Books uploaded over 6400 titles; other than a few World War I books, these are all WWII items including subjects such as Air Forces, HMSO, Regimental Histories, Navies, the Holocaust, and a special section for New Acquisitions. World War II Books has also, by the way, now switched to showing prices in dollars.

All three of these booksellers offer webpages for browsing plus search engines for locating books by author and title.


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