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   News archives page
  Old Army
28 February 1998

Bruce Halsted has uploaded several thousand additional military titles into the online inventory for his Old Army Books website.

28 February 1998

From Jerboa-Redcap Books comes Supplement #3 for March/April 1998 with six pages of new and used naval, military, and aviation books.

Now available from Pirie Publishing
27 February 1998

Wong, Marjorie. The Dragon and the Maple Leaf: Chinese Canadians in World War II. London, Ontario: Pirie Publishing, 1994. History of Chinese-Canadians in the Canadian armed forces and SOE.

Forthcoming from Motorbooks
26 February 1998

Glenn. P-47 Pilots: The Fighter-Bomber Boys. Due in May.

Johnson. Germany's Spies and Saboteurs: Infiltrating the Allies in WWII. Due in April.

New arrival
25 February 1998

Dingman, Roger. Ghost of War: The Sinking of the Awa Maru and Japanese American Relations, 1945-1995. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997


Now available from Stackpole
25 February 1998

Swedberg, Claire. In Enemy Hands: Personal Accounts of Those Taken Prisoner in World War II. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1997. Stories of four men and one woman taken prisoner by Japanese, American, German, and Soviet troops during or immediately after the war.

From David M. Glantz
24 February 1998

David Glantz, author and editor of many excellent titles dealing with the Soviet Army and the Russo-German War, sends along news of his latest projects:

"I am now operating on two fronts. The first involves commercial publication and the second a desk top effort for specialists (for books too technical and detailed for commercial publishers). At present I have two commercial books slated for publication this spring. The University Press of Kansas is publishing The Stumbling Colossus, a study of the combat readiness of the Red Army in 1941 (based upon archival materials) which attempts to refute the Suvurov legend. At the same time Ian Allen in London and Sarpedon in NY are jointly publishing The Anatomy of a Military Disaster, Khar'kov May 1942, which is an archival based expose of the failed Soviet offensive of that date. The University Press of Kansas has two additional books scheduled for publication in 1999 or 2000. The first, entitled Operation Mars (November-December 1942), Marshal Zhukov's Greatest Defeat is a detailed account of the failed companion piece to the Stalingrad Operation (Operation Uranus). The second is a detailed archival-based study of the Battle of Kursk, tentatively entitled The Death of Blitzkrieg.

"Finally, for specialists I am offering large-format desk-top atlases of many major wartime operations, translated formerly classified works by the Red Army General Staff, and shorter studies I have prepared on lesser topics. These I offer by catalogue from my home and, to date, through three bookstores across the country."

Sir Harry Hinsley
23 February 1998

Sir Harry Hinsley, a key player in the British intelligence team at Bletchley Park where he helped crack the German Enigma codes and assemble Ultra information, has died in the UK at age 79. He was in later years head of the small group of historians who wrote the five-volume official history British Intelligence in the Second World War.

Now available from Crecy
22 February 1998

Goss, Chris. Bloody Biscay: The History of V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40. Manchester, UK: Crecy Publishing, 1997. The Luftwaffe's only long-range maritime fighter unit.

Naval & Military Press
21 February 1998

Book List 29 -- with 24 pages of listings on newsprint -- from The Naval and Military Press (despite the name, they are a book retailer, not publisher) in England brings a wide assortment of new books on every imaginable military topic.

Now available from Air Research
20 February 1998

Wegmann, Rolf and Bo Widfeldt. Making for Sweden, part 1: The RAF 1939 to 1945. Walton-on-Thames, Surrey: Air Research Publications, 1997. The story of RAF aircraft and crews who crashed or landed in Sweden and Swedish waters.

New arrival
18 February 1998

Kuusela, Kari and Olli Wikberg. Wikingin Suomalaiset. Helsinki: Wiking-Divisioona Oy, 1996.


Military Book Club
17 February 1998

Selections for March:

Murphy. Heroes of World War II

Harris. Factories of Death

Doyle, Jentz and Sarson. Stug III Assault Gun, 1940-1942

Stanaway. P-38 Lightning Aces of the Pacific and CBI

15 February 1998

Forthcoming from Brassey's:

Commager. The Story of the Second World War. Reprint, due in March

Fitzpatrick. The Bicycle in Wartime. Due in May

Nelson. Hunters in the Shallows: A History of the PT Boat. Due in August

Now available from Battery
15 February 1998

Phillips, N.C. Italy, Volume I: The Sangro to Cassino. Nashville, TN: The Battery Press, 1998

British War Office General Staff. The Handbook of the Russian Army, 1940. Nashville, TN: The Battery Press, 1998

New arrivals
15 February 1998

Furey, Charles. Going Back: A Navy Airman in the Pacific War. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1998.

Merrill, Sandra D. Donald's Story: Captain Donald R. Emerson, A 4th Fighter Group Pilot Remembered. Berlin, MD: Tebidine, 1996

Temkin, Gabriel. My Just War: The Memoir of a Jewish Red Army Soldier in World War II. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1998.

Michel, John J.A. Mr. Michel's War: From Manila to Mukden: An American Navy Officer's War with the Japanese, 1941-1945. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1998.


Now available from the 483rd
14 February 1998

Grimm, Jacob L. and Verne H. Cole. Heroes of the 483rd: Crew Histories of a Much-Decorated B-17 Bomber Group during World War II. Fresno, CA: 483rd Bombardment Group (H) Association, 1997.

Blue List
14 February 1998

The "Blue List", a printed sheet showing almost 46 "Antiquarian secondhand book sellers specialising in military history on land, sea and in the air" in the United Kingdom for 1998, is now available via Derek Hayles. See also our own online Booksellers Directory which includes nearly all of those UK dealers, plus the rest of the world.

New arrival
14 February 1998

Lee, Loyd E. (editor) World War II in Europe, Africa, and the Americas, with General Sources: A Handbook of Literature and Research. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1997.


Fourth Street
13 February 1998

Brian Russell of Fourth Street Books has uploaded fresh inventory lists of secondhand books in four categories: World War Two in the Air, World War Two on Land, World War Two at Sea, and World War One.

Now available from Brassey's
13 February 1998

Victor, George. Hitler: The Pathology of Evil. Washington, DC: Brassey's, 1998

13 February 1998

The latest catalog from The Scholar's Bookshelf -- not their big military list -- contains a modest selection of WWII-related titles.

Forthcoming from NIP
12 February 1998

The "Spring 1998" catalog from Naval Institute Press brings word of many new WWII-related titles.

Christman. Target Hiroshima. Due in May

McIntosh. Sisterhood of Spies. Due in April

Wynn. U-Boat Operations of the Second World War, volume one: U1 - U510. Due in March

Niestle. German U-Boat Losses during World War II: Details of Destruction. Due in June

White. They Were Expendable. Reprint edition due in April

Young. Trapped at Pearl Harbor. Reprint edition due in April

Crenshaw. South Pacific Destroyer. Due in June

Koop and Schmolke. Battleships of the Bismarck Class. Due in June

Felknor. The U.S. Merchant Marine at War, 1775-1945. Due in June

Jackson. The Royal Navy in World War II. Due in March

Lenton. British and Empire Warships of the Second World War. Revised and expanded edition due in June

Battery Press
12 February 1998

Battery Press has mailed a "Special Discounted Books" offer for a variety of their many excellent reprint volumes. Check with Battery for details. Offer expires 1 April 1998.

Now available from Chi Chi
11 February 1998

Elson, Aaron. A Mile in Their Shoes: Conversations with Veterans of World War II. Maywood, NJ: Chi Chi Press, 1998.

New arrival
11 February 1998

Nipe Jr., George M. Decision in the Ukraine: Summer 1943, II SS and III Panzerkorps. Winnipeg, Canada: J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing, Inc, 1996.


Now available from NIP
9 February 1998

Alden, John D. Salvage Man: Edward Ellsberg and the U.S. Navy. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1998.

Furey, Charles. Going Back: A Navy Airman in the Pacific War Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1998.

From John Foreman
7 February 1998

Latest word from John: Fighter Command War Diary volume 2 is due 1 April with 350-375 pages covering 7 September 1940 through 31 December 1941. Volume three will cover all of 1942 and 1943 and is expected at the very end of this year.

Now available from NIP
7 February 1998

Condon, John Pomeroy. Corsairs and Flattops: Marine Carrier Air Warfare, 1944-1945. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1998. Marine air attacks against Iwo, Okinawa, Indochina, the Philippines, and Japan.

6 February 1998

Jerboa's printed "Supplement #2" for February-March 1998 has arrived my mail with six pages of new and used military, aviation, and naval titles.

Now available from Wiking-Divisioona
6 February 1998

Kuusela and Wikberg. Wikingin Suomalaiset. Helsinki: Wiking-Divisioona, 1996. ("The Finns of Viking") A photo-history of the Finnish volunteers of the SS Viking Division with captions in Finnish and English.

New and forthcoming from Specialty
5 February 1998

Rawlings. Fighter Squadrons of the RAF and Their Aircraft. Now available

Sharpe. U-Boat Fact File, 1935-1945. July 1998

Chorley. RAF Bomber Command Losses of WWII, Volume 5: 1944. Now available

Franks. Valiant Wings: Battle and Blenheim Squadrons over France, 1940. Now available

Andrade. US Military Aircraft Designations and Serials, 1909-1979 March 1998

Goss. Bloody Biscay: The History of V Gruppe/Kampfgeschwader 40. March 1998

Smith. Arctic Victory: The Story of PQ18. Now available

Barclay. Fighter Pilot. Now available

Clayton. The Enemy is Listening: The Story of the Y Service. Now available

Bailey and North. Liberator Album. May 1998

Trenowden. The Hunting Submarine: The Fighting Life of HMS Tally-Ho. Now available

Connell. Fighting Destroyer: The Story of HMS Petard. Now available

Chappell. Wellington Wings: An RAF Intelligence Officer in the Western Desert. Now available

Ziegler. The Story of 609 Squadron. Now available

Eadon. Sakishima. Now available

Eadon. Kamikaze: The Story of the British Pacific Fleet Now available

4 February 1998

Have you been keeping up with your Second World War reading? Try our trivia challenge to see how much you really know about World War II.

Forthcoming from Classic Publications
4 February 1998

Smith, J. Richard and Eddie J. Creek. Me 262. The first of a four-volume history of the Me 262. Due at the beginning of March.

4 February 1998

The latest online inventory update is that of Aberdeen Books with a wide selection of brand new titles from just about every publisher imaginable.

Old Army
3 February 1998

At Old Army Books, Bruce Halsted as updated his online inventory (including his search engine) with thousands of secondhand military books from all periods.

From Bruce Gamble
3 February 1998

Author Bruce Gamble passes this along:

"The Black Sheep: The Definitive Account of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 is currently in design stage; publication will be July, 1998 from Presidio Press. Thoroughly documented history of VMF-214 in World War II, covering all combat tours in the Solomons Islands and deployment aboard USS FRANKLIN (CV-13). 350 pages hardcover, maps, photographs, notes, appendices, index including the complete VMF-214 pilot roster. Fresh biography of Gregory Boyington."

World War II Books
3 February 1998

Graham Palmer of World War II Books in England has updated his browsable webpages and searchable database with a new load of inventory. His special category this month is "New Zealand at War" with a large number of NZ official histories and unit histories.

Military Collector
2 February 1998

The Military Collector has updated its website and searchable database with a fresh load of over 4000 military books.

New arrival
1 February 1998

Sigmond, Robert. Off at Last: An Illustrated History of the 7th (Galloway) Battalion, The King's Own Scottish Borderers, 1939-1945. Renkum, The Netherlands: Self-Published by Robert Sigmond, 1997.


1 February 1998

The January 23, 1998 edition of the Edward R. Hamilton "Bargain Books" catalog features a variety of discounted WWII titles scattered amongst its pages.


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