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Now available from Schiffer
30 September 1997

Lepre, George. Himmler's Bosnian Division: The Waffen-SS Handschar Division, 1943-1945

Yerger, Mark C. Waffen-SS Commanders: The Army, Corps and Divisional Leaders of a Legend: Augsberger to Kreutz

"For the Serious Student of Conflict"
30 September 1997

The "Special Booklist" for Autumn 1997 is on hand from The Naval & Military Press with sixteen newsprint pages of new military books in a broad range of categories. Dare we mention their special offer on Winsome Warriors which appears to feature photos of attractive young ladies more out of uniform than in?

Forthcoming from Naval Institute Press
29 September 1997

Wise, Jr., James E. and Anne Collier Rehill. Stars in Blue: Movie Actors in America's Sea Services. Due in October.

Now available
29 September 1997

Franks, Norman L. R. Royal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War. Leicester, England: Midland Publishing, 1997.

Coombs, L. F. E. The Lion Has Wings: The Race to Prepare the RAF for World War II: 1935-1940. Shrewsbury, England: Airlife, 1997.

Both these titles are distributed in the United States by Specialty Press.

Forthcoming from Greenwood
29 September 1997

Koburger, Charles W. Naval Expeditions: The French Return to Indochina, 1945-1946. A study of the French naval expedition to Vietnam shortly after World War II.

Inventory update
28 September 1997

Michael Merrill of Benicia Books has uploaded a fresh batch of "Late Arrival" titles at his website for your browsing pleasure. Notable among them is the scarce set Trial of the Major War Criminals Before The International Military Tribunal, volumes I-XLII, published in Nuremberg in 1947-1949.

New arrivals
28 September 1997

Hoehling, A. A. The Franklin Comes Home. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.

ISBN 1-55750-371-0
132 pages

Preface; Acknowledgments; photos; Postscript; Bibliography; Index.

Special Appendix (other USN ships surviving heavy damage)

Weiland, Charles Patrick. Above & Beyond. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1997.

ISBN 0-935553-22+3
245 pages

Acknowledgements; Preface; photos; Epilogue.


27 September 1997

"Supplement W" for October/November 1997 from Jerboa-Redcap contains six pages of new and used books in its usual naval, military, and aviation categories. Among the titles:

Delaforce. The Black Bull

Delaforce. The Fighting Wessex Wyverns

Delaforce. The Polar Bears

Wigmore. The Japanese Thrust

Now available from Teutonia
27 September 1997

Translated by Wulf-D. Brand. The Original Tiger Tank Manual: An Authentic Translation. Newport News, VA: Teutonia Publications, 1997.

Forthcoming from Nautical & Aviation
26 September 1997

Mersky, Peter B. U.S. Marine Corps Aviation, 1912 to the Present. Due in October.

Corum, James S. and Richard R. Muller. The Luftwaffe's Way of War: German Air Force Doctrine, 1911-1945. Due in October.

War Crimes
25 September 1997

The records of the post-war trials held in Japan by the victorious Allied powers have always been more difficult to access than the similar Nuremberg records. In the 1980s the records were published in a series by Garland, but that has been out of print for many years.

Now Edwin Mellen Press is undertaking the publication of the entire massive collection of The Tokyo Major War Crimes Trial: The Records of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East in a series consisting of 114 volumes of records and ten accompanying volumes of commentary and research guides. Each book will average 500 pages. Publication will commence in October and continue for 16 months with an average of 6-8 new volumes each month.

Now available from Praeger
25 September 1997

Dunn, Jr., Walter S. Kursk: Hitler's Gamble, 1943. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1997

Now available from Patrick Stephens
24 September 1997

Bowman, Martin W. The Reich Intruders: Dramatic RAF Medium Bomber Raids over Europe in World War 2. Somerset, England: Patrick Stephens, 1997

Tucson, Arizona
24 September 1997

In today's snailmail arrived List 97109 from Paul Gaudette Books with 48 pages of new and used titles segregated into several topical headings: Latest Arrivals; Naval Aviation; AVG and CBI; Aviation History; War on the East Front; and History of the Third Reich. As always, Paul also offers an amazing assortment of small press/vanity press/self-published items.

Forthcoming from Greenwood
23 September 1997

Kaufmann. The Maginot Line. Due at the end of October

Kaufmann. Maginot Imitations. Due at the end of this month

Now available from Sarpedon
23 September 1997

Reynolds, Michael. Steel Inferno: I SS Panzer Corps in Normandy. New York: Sarpedon, 1997.

Forthcoming from Specialty Press
22 September 1997

Henry. Air Gunner. Due in October

Lucas. The Silken Canopy: A History of the Parachute. Due in October

Smith. Rear Gunner Pathfinders. Due in October

Thompson. Lancaster to Berlin. Due in October

Bartley. Smoke Trails in the Sky: The Journals of a Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot. Due in October

Clarke. Adolf Hitler's Holiday Snaps: Luftwaffe Target Reconnaissance. Due in November

New arrival
21 September 1997

Vause, Jordan. Wolf: U-Boat Commanders in World War II. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.


Slip Sliding Away
20 September 1997

At the beginning of the year we keenly anticipated two titles in particular considered to be certain front runners for "Top Ten" honors for new books of 1997. Of these, Clay Blair's Hitler's U-Boat War, volume two, has -- as reported here last week -- now been delayed until November 1998 (although the Random House webpage still says Fall of this year).

Yesterday came word from Oxford University Press that Germany and the Second World War, volume IV: The Attack on the Soviet Union, originally scheduled for publication in 1996, has missed its most recent ship date (5 September, although the OUP webpage still says May 1997) and has been postponed until at least the end of November of this year.

Forthcoming from Nafziger
20 September 1997

German Armored Tactics in WWII

Soviet Infantry Tactics in WWII

Soviet Armored Tactics in WWII

Soviet Army and Corps Grand Tactics in WWII

These should all be available in early November.

Now available from Classic
20 September 1997

Pegg, Martin. Hs 129 Panzerjaeger!. Norwich, UK: Classic Publications, 1997.

Forthcoming from Grub Street
19 September 1997

Cull, Brian. 249 at War: The Authorised History of the RAF's Top-Scoring Fighter Squadron of WWII. Due this month in the UK and in October in the US. (Distributed in the US by Seven Hills.)

Now available from Nafziger
18 September 1997

Nafziger, George F. The Afrika Korps: An Organizational History, 1941-1943. Pisgah, OH: Nafziger, 1997.

Da Capo
17 September 1997

The Fall 1997 catalog from Da Capo includes a backlist of almost 40 Second World War titles and announces three upcoming books:

Zentner and Bedurftig. The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich

Macksey. Rommel: Battles and Campaigns

Leckie. Strong Men Armed: The United States Marines vs. Japan

Now available from NIP
15 September 1997

Doyle, Robert C. A Prisoner's Duty: Great Escapes in U.S. Military History. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.

Now available from Dolart
15 September 1997

Wells, Arthur W. The Quack Corps. Chico, CA: Dolart, 1992. A USMC memoir.

Motor running
14 September 1997

Bob Ruman of Articles of War has added a search engine to his website, allowing visitors to easily and conveniently locate books within his multi-thousand-title online inventory. You can test the engine at his website.

New arrival
14 September 1997

Kemp, Paul. U-Boats Destroyed: German Submarine Losses in the World Wars. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.


Now available from Presidio
14 September 1997

Twining, General Merrill B. No Bended Knee: The Battle for Guadalcanal. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1997. Softcover reprint of General Twining's memoir of Guadalcanal where he served as operations officer for 1st Marine Division.

From Lewcock
13 September 1997

Catalogue 45 from John Lewcock, Maritime Bookseller, arrived today from the UK. Lewcock offers a few WWII titles amidst his books of the sea.

Ballantine's Illustrated History
11 September 1997

Almost thirty years ago Ballantine Books began publishing a series of handy little softcover volumes covering nearly every aspect of WWII in a standardized, heavily illustrated format. With Barrie Pitt as editor-in-chief, Sir Basil Liddell Hart as "Military Consultant", and a stable of competent historians and writers (some already well-known, others just beginning illustrious careers), these somewhat primitive-looking books continued to roll off the presses for years and eventually numbered 154 titles.


Bookman plugs in
10 September 1997

The Military Bookman in New York City recently unveiled its website. No sign of inventory lists, search engine, or email address, but you can fax catalog requests to them.

Fall catalog
10 September 1997

The Fall catalog from Scholar's Bookshelf of Cranbury, NJ arrived here today with an impressive array of World War II and other military titles.

New on the Web
9 September 1997

Graham Palmer's World War II Books -- on the Web for more than two years -- and Ian Wilkinson's The Military Collector -- new to the Net -- have joined forces to offer what should prove to be the largest and most complete online inventory of military books on the Web to date.

First, Ian has established his own new website, now open for visitors. At the same time, for browsing and searching purposes he has merged his online inventory with Graham's.

To Graham's huge collection of WWII titles Ian adds his own massive stock of military books from other eras. The combined inventory will appear on joint webpages -- accessible from either website -- with more categories and more books than ever before. To assist in finding specific books among so many, Graham and Ian have also collaborated to construct and update a fast and easy search engine for locating volumes by title and author. Visitors may use online order forms, email, phone, fax, or mail to purchase any title from either Graham or Ian.

Lastly, for this month's stock list, their "special category" is Battle of the Atlantic.

9 September 1997

Random House reports that volume 2 of Clay Blair's Hitler's U-Boat War, originally scheduled for publication this fall, has been delayed until November 1998.

Now available from NIP
9 September 1997

Kemp, Paul. U-Boats Destroyed: German Submarine Losses in the World Wars. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.

Now available from Pacifica
9 September 1997

Weiland, Charles Patrick. Above & Beyond. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1997.

Desert Rats on the Web
8 September 1997

Frank and Maureen Shaw of Jerboa-Redcap Books -- so-named thanks to Frank's service as a military policeman ("redcap") in the storied 7th Armored Brigade (whose emblem is the jerboa) -- have opened their new website with a wide inventory of books in the following categories: Aviation, Pre-WWI, WWI, WWII, Post-WWII, Unit Histories, Naval, and Miscellaneous Military Books. They specialize in UK and Commonwealth military history, so most of these are from or about the British.

Frank and Maureen also offer a vast and unique inventory of British military badges from almost every formation you can think of (and then some).

Be sure to click over and check out their great books and badges.

8 September 1997

T. Cadman of Sacramento has mailed catalog #34 with fifteen pages of military titles.

New arrival
7 September 1997

Mitcham Jr, Samuel S. Eagles of the Third Reich: The Men Who Made the Luftwaffe. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1997.


Inventory update
6 September 1997

Tom Pettys of Aberdeen Bookstore has uploaded fresh inventory pages of almost 1000 brand new World War II titles in fourteen different subject headings. Tom maintains a very complete and up-to-date stock of newly released WWII-related titles, and his pages are a good place to visit to see what's new and forthcoming.

5 September 1997

From Brewster, New York comes catalog Number 9 -- amounting to about 500 titles in the Civil War, WWI, and WWII -- courtesy of Stan Kislow of Battlefield Books.

Old Army online and in print
4 September 1997

Bruce Halsted has simultaneously mailed his catalog number 65 -- running over 500 titles -- and uploaded the same list of his stock holdings to his online inventory webpages. Some unit histories of interest:

Birdwood. The Worcestershire Regiment

Burrus. The Ninth Marines

Johnston. Follow Me! The Story of the Second Marine Division in World War II

U.S. Army. History of X Corps on Mindanao

New email
3 September 1997

Peter L. Jackson Military Books of Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada -- a long-time stalwart in the used military books business -- recently plugged into the Net and can be reached at


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