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   News archives page

New arrival
31 August 1997

Jentz, Thomas L. Germany's Tiger Tanks: Tiger I & II: Combat Tactics. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 1997.


30 August 1997

Specialty Press of North Branch, Minnesota is a publisher (see, for example, their new U.S. Navy Fighter Squadrons in World War II) as well as a wholesaler for a variety of other military publishers including several in the UK. They've passed along information on a batch of newly available and forthcoming titles:

Now available:

Coombs. The Lion Has Wings: The Race to Prepare the RAF for World War II: 1935-1940

Franks. Royal Air Force Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War, volume 1: Operational Losses: Aircraft and Crews, 1939-1941

Holmes. Sky Spy: From Six Miles High to Hitler's Bunker

Holmes. Avro Lancaster: The Definitive Record


Lambert. Bombs, Torpedoes, and Kamikazes. Due in October

Lamber. Low Level Attack: The Pacific. Due in October

Sharp and Bowyer. Mosquito. Due in October

Coldbeck. The Maltese Spitfire. Due in October

Turner. Periscope Patrol: The Story of Malta Submarines. Due in October

Blandford. Target England. Due in October

Chinnery. March or Die: The Story of Wingate's Chindits. Due in October

Stanley. To Fool a Glass Eye: Camouflage versus Photoreconnaissance in WWII. Due in October

Pearcy. Berlin Airlift. Due in December

War Room
30 August 1997

Those of you reading this webpage will have already had access to the books in the War Room's latest catalog via their online inventory; those of you not reading this webpage will only just now have a belated chance to see and purchase those books through the printed version of catalog #33.

29 August 1997

From Stillwater, Minnesota arrives catalog 28 from Kisselburg Military Books with 686 World War II titles. Notable among them:

Joslen. Orders of Battle: United Kingdom and Colonial Formations and Units. The original two-volume edition.

Roskill. The War at Sea, 1939-1945. Four-volume set.

All 154 Ballantines

28 August 1997

Due to Jack Faber's recent hospitalization, J.H. Faber Antiquarian Books has suspended operations through the end of year while he recuperates. Best wishes to Jack, one of the best, for a full and rapid recovery.

28 August 1997

Supplement V for September/October 1997 arrived here today by mail from Jerboa with new and out of print navy, military, and air titles. Jerboa will be at the National Capital Soldiers Show on 13 September in McLean, Virginia.

Now available from Praeger
27 August 1997

Dunn, Walter S. Kursk: Hitler's Gamble, 1943. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 1997. From the author of the recent and very well received Hitler's Nemesis and The Soviet Economy and the Red Army, 1930-1945.

Inventory by email
26 August 1997

Derek Hayles of Derek Hayles Military Books continues to deliver his military book lists by email. His digital list #56 includes about 450 new and used military titles with a substantial percentage of WWII material. You can request his and other catalogs with a single click of the Submit button.

On Military Matters
26 August 1997

Eighty-eight pages of military books, all of them new as opposed to used, comprise catalog #15 from On Military Matters of Hopewell, NJ. Of some 1700 titles, fewer than 100 on the Second World War.

Axis, Allies, and Allah
24 August 1997

We have taken this month for our Survey the topic of the Near East during the Second World War.

Western Asia was then -- much as today -- a flashpoint of world affairs fueled by equal measures of local unrest (nationalism, pan-Arabism, and Zionism), economic importance (oilfields and pipelines), and geographical position (the air route to India, the passage to the Black Sea, and the Suez Canal). Germany sought to renew in the region the same bonds and allies it enjoyed during the First World War. France and the United Kingdom -- usually at odds with each other -- attempted to maintain the mandates and privileges secured at the end of that war. Muslim nations strove to achieve or maintain independence. Jewish settlers labored to establish or regain a homeland.

Against the background of this political unrest three separate military campaigns were waged in the Near East during the course of the Second World War. In May 1941 British and Indian troops fought a campaign against the Iraqi armed forces and their supporting German and Italian air assets. In June and July Allied troops (British, Australian, Indian, and Free French) battled Vichy French defenders in Syria and Lebanon. And in August of the same year British and Indian troops from the south and Soviet divisions from the north invaded Iran.

Here are some of the most notable sources for the political, economic, and military aspects of the Near East during the war.


Now available from Rontini
23 August 1997

Martini, Ron. Hot Straight and Normal: A Submarine Bibliography Sheridan, WY: Rontini Submarine Publishing, 1997.

Military Book Club
23 August 1997

Selections for September:

Skorzeny. Skorzeny's Special Missions

Gunston. Aircraft of World War II

Zaloga, et al. Soviet Tanks in Combat, 1941-1945

Brand. Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal

New arrival
21 August 1997

Rohwer, Jurgen. (with special assistance from Miss J.S. Kay and I.N. Venkov) Allied Submarine Attacks of World War Two: European Theatre of Operations, 1939-1945. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.


Fresh books online
20 August 1997

Bob Ruman, after a lengthy but successful battle with his trusty computer, gained the upper hand on his inventory and tonight uploaded pages containing over 3000 new books at his Articles of War website. In addition to copious quantities of fresh WWII titles, Bob has also opened his long-awaited pages for more than a dozen other categories of military books. Plenty of browsing to be done there.

Likewise, Michael Merrill of Benicia Books has refreshed his online pages with several hundred "late arrival" titles comprising a goodly number of Second World War items as well as other military topics and guns, hunting, travel, adventure, etc.

Tucson, Arizona
20 August 1997

The August catalog -- spanning 48 8.5" x 11" pages -- from Paul Gaudette Books covers several useful categories (Late Arrivals; Vietnam; Japan in WWII; the Philippines; and Luftwaffe) as well as their usual assortment of miscellaneous titles spread through the catalog.

Forthcoming from NIP
19 August 1997

Cooper, Sherod. Liberty Ship: The Voyages of the John W. Brown, 1942-1946. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press. Due in September.

Kemp, Paul. U-Boats Destroyed: German Submarine Losses in the World Wars. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press. Due in September.

Thornton, W. M. Submarine Insignia & Submarine Services of the World.Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press. Due in September.

Now available from Airborne Press
19 August 1997

Autry, Jerry. General William C. Lee: Father of the Airborne. Raleigh, NC: Airborne Press.

18 August 1997

Catalog #496 arrived today from Q. M. Dabney & Co of Washington, DC. This is, for them, a rather unusual combination of both their World War II and Aviation stock in a single 64-page booklet. Although a little smaller (10.5" x 7") than usual, plenty of wallet-opening titles:

Gibbs, et al. History of the Second World War: Grand Strategy. Six volumes in seven.

Hill. V Corps Operations in the ETO: 6 Jan 1942 - 9 May 1945. Paris in 1945.

U.S. War Department. Order of Battle, United States Army, World War II: European Theater of Operations - Divisions. Paris, 1945.

New arrival
17 August 1997

Tillman, Barrett. U.S. Navy Fighter Squadrons in World War II. North Branch, MN: Specialty Press, 1997.


Fresh stock
17 August 1997

Tom Paragian of The War Room Bookshop today uploaded about 700 World War II titles (including his popular "discount" category and a selection of videos). Be sure to check out his online inventory for some interesting and unusual material.

Furniture rearranged
16 August 1997

After much shuffling around, we've completed our latest website redecoration.

Our new Archives page contains convenient links to all the previous months of "News & Information" files (almost two years worth, stretching back to September 1995); to all the book reviews we've ever posted on these pages; and to all our surveys of books and authors.

Now we're working on the next step in the project. Within a few weeks, titles on our Bibliography pages will include links to the relevant reviews. We'll explain more about this and further steps in the furniture-moving process as they occur. Try not to trip over anything....

New arrival
14 August 1997

Foreman, John. Fighter Command War Diaries, volume one. Walton-on-Thames: Air Research Publications, 1997.


Now available from Pacifica
13 August 1997

Hammel, Eric. Air War Europa: America's Air War against Germany in Europe and North Africa. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press. Softcover reprint of air chronology.

Now available from Da Capo
13 August 1997

Zentner, Christian and Friedmann Bedurftig (eds). The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich. New York: Da Capo Press.

Forthcoming from Axis Europa
12 August 1997

Houterman. Eastern Troops in Zeeland, Netherlands

Anders. Russian Volunteers in Hitler's Army

Sites for sore eyes
11 August 1997

Tony Munoz and Jason Pipes have constructed a new site forAxis Europa.

Battle Books has opened its webpages of WWII inventory.

New arrival
11 August 1997

Rasor, Eugene L. The Solomon Islands Campaign, Guadalcanal to Rabaul: Historiography and Annotated Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1997.


Welcome aboard
8 August 1997

Brian Russell of Fourth Street Military Books today activated his new website for military books. Several hundred titles are already available in his online inventory (including substantial WWII stock), and further categories are expected to be added in the very near future. Also featuring full facilities for online ordering. Click over for a visit to see what's available.

New arrival
8 August 1997

Prien, Jochen. (Translated from the German by David Johnston) Jagdgeschwader 53: A History of the "Pik As" Geschwader, volume 1: March 1937 - May 1942. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military Books, 1997.


Mid-Season Sale
8 August 1997

From East Sussex Naval & Military Press has dispatched its "Book List 26: Mid-Season Sale Supplement" with sixteen newsprint pages of new, discounted books on a variety of wars. Among the notable Second World War titles:

Jarrett. Aircraft of the Second World War

White. Bibliography of Regimental Histories of the British Army

Farndale. History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery: Years of Defeat, 1939-1941

Daws. Prisoners of the Japanese

Jentschura, et al. Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945

News from Novato
6 August 1997

No, not Presidio. Also in Novato, California is C.I.B. Media, a mail order retailer of new military books covering World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, and Desert Storm. Their new "3rd Quarter, 1997" catalog comprises 44 pages with many unit histories, commemorative books, and videos.

New arrival
4 August 1997

Flanagan, Lt. Gen. E. M., Jr. The Rakkasans: The Combat History of the 187th Airborne Infantry. Novato, CA: Presidio, 1997.


Emperor dies
4 August 1997

Bao Dai, last Emperor of Vietnam, has died in Paris at age 83. Probably better known to the world during the post-WWII era in Vietnam when he abdicated the throne, he was also the figurehead Emperor during the Second World War under the French colonial regime, during the Japanese occupation of Indochina, and during the brief "independence" following the Japanese coup d'etat in 1945. For further reading on Bao Dai and Indochina in the final year of World War II, see: Marr, David G. Vietnam 1945: The Quest for Power. University of California Press, 1996.

Autographed copies
4 August 1997

Author Warren Carroll is now making available autographed copies of his recent Eagles Recalled: Pilot and Aircrew Wings of Canada, Great Britain and the British Commonwealth, 1913-1945 which was recently published by Schiffer. He can be reached at

Now available from NIP
3 August 1997

Kilduff, Peter. U.S. Carriers at War. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997. Reprint of 1981 photographic history of American WWII aircraft carriers.

Forthcoming from Greenwood
2 August 1997

Author Joseph Kaufmann signals us that his new book on Maginot Line fortifications should be available from Greenwood in September.

Inventory pages updated
1 August 1997

Graham Palmer of World War II Books in the UK has uploaded his current inventory files of about 5000 WWII-related books offered for sale. As always, these are divided into a variety of topical categories, including this month's special section: S.O.E. Do have a look.

New arrival
1 August 1997

Field Marshal the Viscount Slim. Defeat into Victory: The Magnificent Account of a Great Campaign of the Second World War. New York: David McKay, Inc, 1961.



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