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   News archives page

Home again
30 July 1997

We're back from our traveling vacation -- conducted mostly under conditions of "limited telecommunications" -- and hope to soon dig out from under all the email messages, catalogs, and review books that accumulated in our absence.

We did, however, have the opportunity to visit various bookstores in Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, South Dakota, and elsewhere. Special thanks in that regard are owed to Bob and Judy Ruman at Articles of War in Skokie, Illinois for their kind hospitality. Theirs was truly the crown jewel of all the shops we visited. Don't miss it.

Meanwhile, sorry for any inconvenience our pleasant journey may have caused our visitors.

Military Book Club
30 July 1997

Selections from the August 1997 catalog:

Steidl. Lost Battalions

Parker. Hitler's Ardennes Offensive

Mellenthin. Panzer Battles

Freeman. Raiding the Reich

Sobel. The Fighting Pattons

Jerboa-Redcap Books
29 July 1997

Supplement U for August/September brings listings of new and used books in land, sea, and air categories within Jerboa's specialty of British military history.

Jerboa-Redcap may now be reach by email at and their new website is currently in preparation.

Now available from Presidio Press
29 July 1997

Houston, Donald E. Hell on Wheels: The 2d Armored Division. Softcover reprint of the classic divisional history.

Latest prognostication from OUP
28 July 1997

The Attack on the Soviet Union -- volume four of the series Germany and the Second World War -- from Oxford University Press has after many delays, postponements, deferments, and hold ups been rescheduled for publication in "mid September of this year."

27 July 1997

Informants in the UK report that apparently the Military History Bookshop in London -- an important retail source of new and used military books on every imaginable subject -- has been sold. No information on who the new owner might be or other details. Stay tuned.

Online inventory
24 July 1997

Rick Savel of Torpedo Junction informs us that he has uploaded his latest lists of new and used submarine and aviation stock.

From the Great White North
21 July 1997

J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing of Canada relates the status of some of the titles in its pipeline:

Brandenburgers: Global Mission. "Ready soon"

History of the Schwere Panzerjager Abteilung 643. Due this month.

Tigers in Combat 2. Later this year.

The Tragedy and the Truth. (3rd SS Panzer Corps) Later this year.

Military Book Club
20 July 1997

World War II selections from the "Independence Day 1997" catalog:

Reynolds, Michael. Steel Inferno: 1st SS Panzer Corps in Normandy

Cooper, Matthew. The German Army, 1933-1945

Hammel, Eric. Air War Europa

Zaloga, Steven. D-Day Tank Warfare

Galatin, Admiral I. J. Take Her Deep

17 July 1997

Derek and Kerry Hayles have emailed their current military book catalog to interested parties. For a copy -- and to receive future emailed book catalogs -- contact them at

Old Army
16 July 1997

From Bruce Halsted in Kentucky comes the hard copy of his catalog #64. Among notable titles:

Ansel. Hitler Confronts England

Behrendt. Rommel's Intelligence in the Desert Campaign

Frank and Shaw. Victory and Occupation

New arrival
15 July 1997

Gieck, Jack. Lichfield: The U.S. Army on Trial. Akron, OH: University of Akron Press, 1997.


New arrival
15 July 1997

Montgomery, Jim. B Company: 776 Tank Destroyer Battalion in Combat. Baltimore: Gateway, 1983.


New arrival
15 July 1997

Standifer, Leon C. Not in Vain: A Rifleman Remembers World War II. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1992.


New arrival
15 July 1997

Munoz, Antonio J. Hitler's Eastern Legions, volume II: The Osttruppen. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa, 1997.


Military Bookman
14 July 1997

The summer catalog from Military Bookman, clad in its customary red cover, covers several categories of WWII books within its 64 pages:

Home Front
Poland and Scandinavia
US Marine Corps
POWs, Escape, and Survival

Margaretta tells us, by the way, that the Bookman's website is now in the planning stage.

13 July 1997

Urwin, Gregory J. W. Facing Fearful Odds: The Siege of Wake Island. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. Due in November 1997.

Cambridge University Press
12 July 1997

Cambridge has emailed news of a special offer on selected history titles including a few WWII-related books. For further details, and to receive their emailed announcements, contact them at

11 July 1997

Specialty Press of North Branch, Minnesota announces two new WWII books:

Tillman, Barrett. U.S. Navy Fighter Squadrons in WWII: Chronologies, Deployments, Combat Records. Due this month.

Schick, Walter and Ingold Meyer. Luftwaffee Secret Projects: Fighters, 1939-1945. Due in August.

News from Cadman
10 July 1997

Tom Cadman has issued his catalog #33 and announced his new phone number is 916 972-7653.

Blood Chit revisited
7 July 1997

Author Bob Baldwin informs us that those desiring an autographed, numbered copy of his Last Hope volume may contact him at R. E. Baldwin, PO Box 11131, Berkeley CA 94712-2131 or via email at

5 July 1997

Paul Kisselburg's catalog #27 has arrived with his usual excellent assortment of WWII titles, in this case running to slightly over 700 nicely laid out listings.

New arrival
2 July 1997

The German Police. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa, 1997. (A Joint Publication of the US. G-2 EDS and the UK. MI-14 MIRS, originally published in April, 1945. 2nd Edition with additional material by Antonio J. Munoz.)


Antheil International Booksellers
1 July 1997

The July-September catalog (Number 171) from Antheil brings some 1500 used and new titles covering naval, maritime, aviation, and military categories.

1 July 1997

We'll be on vacation during the month of July with only sporadic telecommunications connectivity to our email account and this website. Please accept our apologies for the inevitable delays in replying to messages and keeping Stone & Stone Second World War Books current. See you in August.


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