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   News archives page

Old Army Books
31 January 1997

Book collectors not fortunate enough to be on the Net are just now seeing Bruce Halsted's latest listing of his used military book inventory. While they are receiving his printed catalog #62, we've been able to see his inventory online for weeks.

31 January 1997

Supplement "P" for January/February 1997 from Jerboa-Redcap Books contains the latest additions -- both new and used -- to their stock of naval, military, and air titles.

New arrival
29 January 1997

Caldwell, Donald. The JG 26 War Diary, volume one: 1939-1942. London: Grub Street, 1996.


29 January 1997

Bob French from Grandiosity reports two new titles are now in stock:

Baker, David. Adolf Galland

Macksey, Kenneth. Kesselring: German Master Strategist of the Second World War

From Minnesota
28 January 1997

Paul Kisselburg's Catalog #25 from Stillwater, MN contains his usual excellent selection of WWII titles at quite reasonable prices. With just over 700 books listed on 40 pages, this is a very nicely presented inventory and one that every reader, researcher, hobbyist, veteran, and collector should be studying. Two books in particular caught my eye:

Glantz. August Storm: Soviet Tactical and Operational Combat in Manchuria, 1945

Glantz. August Storm: The 1945 Soviet Strategic Offensive in Manchuria

Paul seems not yet to have an email address or website, but he can be reached by those old standbys, phone and fax. Check our Bookseller Directory. And please give him regards from Stone & Stone.

28 January 1997

Avery, Max with Christopher Shores. Spitfire Leader: The Flying Career of Wing Commander Evan "Rosie" Mackie, DSO, DFC and Bar, DFC (US), New Zealand Fighter Ace. London: Grub Street, 1997. Due for publication in the UK in May, and in the US in June.

Now available from Naval Institute Press
28 January 1997

Ballendorf, Dirk A. and Merrill L. Bartlett. Pete Ellis: An Amphibious Warfare Prophet, 1880-1923. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997.

News from the UK
27 January 1997

We've received an avalanche of mail from the UK within the last couple of days. Let's see if some of it can be summarized here:

Derek Hayles Military Books. Derek and Kerry send along their List #51 with eight dense pages of war titles. Much to sink one's teeth into, including -- as always -- a good number of unit histories.

John Lewcock. This is a maritime books specialist. Catalog #42 offers a wide range of material about ships and the sea, but not too much this time on World War II.

Bufo Books. Ah, the "common toad" (I think that's what they're calling themselves!) issues "Catalog Pentagon" in which every one of the 500 titles is offered at £5. (That's around US$8 these days.) At that price, there are some terrific bargains available.

Specialty Press
26 January 1997

We are belatedly (which is too bad; I didn't know they had so many interesting titles) in receipt of the Fall 1996 catalog from Speciality Press in North Branch, Minnesota.

They seem to handle entirely air titles, many on World War II, for their own line and as distributors for notable publishers such as Phalanx, Air Research, AirData, Airlife, and others. A sample of their stock:

Hess. America's Aces in a Day

Hess. German Jets vs the US Army Air Force: Battle for the Skies over Europe

Beale, D'Amico, and Valentini. Air War Italy: 1944-1945

Middlebrook and Everitt. The Bomber Command War Diaries

They seem as yet to have no website, but you can order at 1-800-895-4585 or email them at for more information. Tell them that Stone & Stone sent you.

New arrival
25 January 1997

Botjer, George F. Sideshow War: The Italian Campaign, 1943-1945. College Station, TX: Texas A & M University Press, 1996.


J. H. Faber
25 January 1997

Catalog Number 55 from Jack and Jane Faber is a delight for those of us specializing in international official histories. In addition to the usual rotating alphabetical listings (this time including titles by authors with last names from "W" to "Z"), Cat #55 offers several pages of "Official Histories Other Than U.S." and "Foreign Language Titles Other Than German". Among some of the most exciting:

Australia in the War of 1939-1945. Set of the seven Army volumes. Some in this set also available individually.

The Mediterranean and Middle East. Set of six volumes in eight books. (Volume VI was published in Parts 1, 2, and 3.) This is the excellent series started by Playfair, continued by Molony, and completed by Jackson. Some in this set also available individually.

Victory in the West. The two-volume British set covering Normandy and the defeat of Germany. Volume one also available separately.

The War Against Japan. The hard-to-find five-volume HMSO set by Kirby covering Malaya, Singapore, Burma, the Arakan, etc. Some in this set also available individually.

Also official histories from Canada, South Africa, and elsewhere.

As always, books of this caliber can be quickly sold out (I know I've already done my best to relieve Jack of some of this stock), so contact the Fabers about these titles right away.

Now available from Greenwood Press
25 January 1997

Rasor, Eugene L. The Solomons Islands Campaign, Guadalcanal to Rabaul: Historiography and Annotated Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1997.

News from Classic Publications
24 January 1997

Nick Beale reports that Classic Publications in Sussex, England has several new and forthcoming titles:

Forsyth, Robert. JV 44 The Galland Circus. Now available.

Pegg, Martin. Hs 129 Panzerjaeger!. Due at the end of February.

Smith, J. Richard and Creek, Eddie J. Me 262, Volume 1. Planned for mid-1997.

Classic Publications may be contacted at: Quarry Ridge House, 7 Quarry Close, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 0TJ, England.

By the way, we are finally in possession of a review copy of Air War Italy (which was voted by our visitors one of the year's Top Ten) by Mr Beale and his colleagues Ferdinando D'Amico and Gabriele Valentini and expect to have a review posted here in the near future.

New arrival
22 January 1997

Davis, C. R. Von Kleist: From Hussar to Panzer Marshal. Houston: Lancer Militaria, 1979.


B & L relocates
21 January 1997

B & L Collectibles -- mail order source for military books and collectibles such as photos, medals, insignia, uniforms, and more -- has relolated its website to Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

Paul Gaudette
20 January 1997

From Paul Gaudette Books in Tucson, Arizona comes the "1997 January Catalog" of new and used military books. This runs to 48 pages of air, ground, and naval titles with a heavy emphasis on World War II. This catalog especially features a large number of USAAF unit histories. Also many unusual new, self-published and specialty books.

New arrival
19 January 1997

Baptiste, Fitzroy Andre. War, Cooperation, and Conflict: The European Possessions in the Caribbean, 1939-1945. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1988.


The Scholar's Bookshelf
19 January 1997

Scholar's "Military History" catalog for Winter contains over 1600 titles, of which "more than 550" are said to be "first-time offerings". Of approximately 80 pages devoted to books, about 30 are specifically for World War II titles. Other sections include magazines and journals, fiction, videos, and audio cassettes. All these are new copies, many at sale prices.

Based upon our most recent exploration, the Scholar's new website remains under construction and inaccessible to visitors without the appropriate password.

Military History Bookshop
19 January 1997

The Military History Bookshop in London has released its catalog of books for Winter 1996-1997. As usual, this is a listing of thousands of new books covering every imaginable military topic from ancient history through today. Whilst they haven't yet discovered the Internet, the Web, or email, they have now installed a fax machine and line at 0181-368-1961.

Now available from Greenwood Press
19 January 1997

Okonski, Walter. Wartime Poland, 1939-1945: A Select Annotated Bibliography of Books in English. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1997.

News from Battery Books
18 January 1997

Crete by D. M. Davin, originally published in 1953 by the New Zealand War History Branch, covers the epic 13-day battle between the NZ Division and Germany's elite parachute and airborne forces in late May 1941. This is one of the most important campaign histories for WWII, but it has long been out of print and almost impossible to find. Battery Press is now reprinting the book for release on 10 April 1997, and those placing advance orders can take advantage of a substantial pre-publication discount. Contact Battery for full details.

Now available from NIP
18 January 1997

Jackson, Carlton. Forgotten Tragedy: The Sinking of HMT Rohna. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1997. The story of the sinking of the Rohna in the Med in 1943 by a German guided bomb and the loss of 1100 Allied troops, of whom more than 1000 were Americans.

New arrival
18 January 1997

Agte, Patrick. Michael Wittmann and the Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte. Winnipeg, Manitoba: J. J. Fedorowicz, 1996.


Cadman relocates
16 January 1997

Tom Cadman's catalog #30 announces his recent move to Sacramento, California. He also remains accessible via his AOL email account.

The new catalog brings twelve pages of used titles -- almost entirely WWII -- and a couple pages of brand new books. Of the used inventory, some caught my eye as having been recently sought by visitors making use of our free book search service:

Blair, Clay. Silent Victory

Gailey, Harry. Bouganville: The Forgotten Campaign, 1943-1945

Wedemeyer, Albert. Wedemeyer Reports!

Military Books from Michael Bartlett
15 January 1997

Catalogue #25 brings over 600 general military books with several sections devoted to 1939-1945 as well as regimental histories, training manuals, etc. A couple in particular caught my eye:

Sawicki, James. A. Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalions of the U.S. Army. In two volumes.

Royal Artillery Commemoration Book, 1939-1945.

Old Army
14 January 1997

Bruce Halsted of Old Army Books in Kentucky has posted his latest inventory lists to his website. Several hundred titles. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Special offer from Battery
13 January 1997

Dick Gardner of Battery Press sent us the following message for visitors to our website:

"We need to reduce our inventory to make room for forthcoming books. Contact us via email for a complete list of selected titles from our list which we are offering at a discount for sales via Internet until 28 February 1997. If you wish to order by letter, please quote "special Internet sale". After 28 February, full retail prices apply."

13 January 1997

The "1997 Winter Catalog" from Zenith Books fairly bursts with brand new books on a wide variety of subjects. Heavy on air titles but also air bases, every phase of WWII, modeling, other wars, etc. And, when you've had enough of books, you can always order the "G.I. Joe Masterpiece Edition".

New arrival
12 January 1997

Nesbit, Roy Conyers. The Strike Wings: Special Anti-Shipping Squadrons, 1942-45. London: HMSO, 1995.


12 January 1997

Imprimatur Books of Claremont, Western Australia has been hard at work spiffing up their website and putting together a new catalog which is due out soon.

They specialize in books on Australian military history, including the Aussie official series for the Second World War. Those interested in obscure order-of-battle information for World War II should also look into the series by Graham McKenzie-Smith which is carried by Imprimatur: Australia's Forgotten Army which minutely details the forces which served in Australia. Volumes one and two are now available, and volume three is coming soon.

Pacific Front Hobbies
11 January 1997

In addition to model kits, Pacific Front offers a large array of ship-oriented books including titles from Naval Institute Press, Concord, Pictorial Histories, Squadron/Signal, and a range of Japanese publishers.

10 January 1997

The "Bargain Books" catalog of 27 December from Edward R. Hamilton in Falls Village, CT arrived today with a half page of newsprint devoted to "World Wars I & II". Many familiar book covers and several new additions to their discount stock, including a couple of titles which made our "Top Ten of 1996" list:

Blair. Hitler's U-Boat War, volume 1: The Hunters, 1939-1942

Jentz. Panzertruppen, volume 2: The Complete Guide to the Creation & Combat Employment of Germany's Tank Force, 1943-1945

Haupt. Assault on Moscow 1941

Gerbet. Generalfeldmarschall Fedor von Bock: The War Diary, 1939-1945

New arrival
9 January 1997

Military Intelligence Service. German Army Order of Battle: October, 1942. Mt Ida, Arkansas: Lancer Militaria, n.d.


Battlefield Books
9 January 1997

Battlefield Books in Brewster, NY has mailed catalog #8 with twelve pages containing 450 used book titles. Battlefield carries "used, rare, and out-of-print" books and specializes in land and air warfare with an emphasis on the American Civil War, World War I, and World War II.

Antheil International Booksellers
7 January 1997

Catalog Number 169 for January-March 1997 from Antheil brings almost 1500 naval, maritime, aviation, and military titles from all periods. The WWII material is integrated into the single alphabethical listing of books, but forms a large percentage of the whole.

Among the many items: a complete set of the Time-Life World War II series; many of Ballantine's popular Illustrated History of World War II series; US Army official history "green books"; various collections of periodicals; and a wide selection of paperbacks.

7 January 1997

Kennett, Lee. G.I.: The American Soldier in World War II. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1997. Due in March.

Book binding
7 January 1997

C. Clayton Thompson of Great Books, recently relocated to California, in addition to his book selling operation is now offering book binding and binding repair services. You can contact him at

New arrival
6 January 1997

Darby, William O. with William. H. Baumer. Darby's Rangers: We Led the Way. Novato: Presidio, 1993.


Top Ten Books of 1996
5 January 1997

Visitors to Stone & Stone's Second World War Books website have over the last two months nominated and voted for dozens and dozens of the best non-fiction WWII-related titles published in 1996 (not to mention the absent-minded votes for pre-1996 titles which had to be disallowed). Given the large number of great new books published last year, and the highly divergent tastes and specializations of readers, researchers, veterans, hobbyists, collectors, and other visitors to our site, it's no wonder that votes were spread over so many different titles.


Now available
4 January 1997

Mitgang, Herbert (editor). Civilians under Arms: The Stars and Stripes, Civil War to Korea. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1996. Selections from the US Army newspaper covering almost a century.

4 January 1997

Falconwood Bookshop of Welling, Kent, UK has mailed its "Secondhand Aviation Book List No. 8" with 38 pages of air titles. A decent selection of WWII books. Many titles from Osprey, Squadron/Signal, AeroData, AirCam, etc. Some interesting official documents and technical manuals.

Barnes & Noble
4 January 1997

The B & N "Books by Mail" catalog lists a couple dozen WWII titles, including three special B & N reprints of US Army official histories, Ziemke's Stalingrad to Berlin, and Danny Parker's To Win the Winter Sky.

Web update
2 January 1997

As he customarily does on the first of each month, Graham Palmer has uploaded current lists of his excellent stock of used WWII books. In addition to the usual assortment of categories (HMSO, regimental histories, escapes, etc) this month he offers a special webpage of books covering Italy and the Italian campaign.


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