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   News archives page

Munoz online
31 October 1996

Anthony Munoz's "Axis Europa" World War II books and magazine are now online and can be visited at Tony was kind enough to send us a stack of his books, and we'll be reviewing those over the course of the next few weeks.

New arrival
28 October 1996

Boatner III, Mark M. The Biographical Dictionary of World War II. Novato: Presidio Press, 1996.


New arrival
28 October 1996

Sarin, General Oleg and Colonel Lev Dvorestsky. Alien Wars: The Soviet Union's Aggressions against the World, 1919-1989. Novato: Presidio Press, 1996.


Old Army update
22 October 1996

Bruce Halsted has uploaded catalog #61 to his "Old Army" Books website. Several hundred military titles, including a large percentage of WWII material. Definitely worth a look.

New arrival
21 October 1996

Kershaw, Robert J. It Never Snows in September: The German View of Market-Garden and the Battle of Arnhem, September 1944. New York: Sarepdon, 1996.


From Derek Hayles Military Books
21 October 1996

Derek and Kerry dispatched their "Military Book List #49" from England with eight pages of titles, of which nearly half are WWII-related. In addition to the usual stock (including a good selection of British regimental histories), they are retailing and promoting a rather special volume:

Perkins, R. Bibliography of Regiments and Corps of the British Empire and Commonwealth, 1758-1993: A Critical Bibliography of Their Published Histories

Weighing in at 806 pages and 4.5 pounds, this bibliography not only thoroughly lists every unit history and describes the contents, but also contains "a summary of the evolution and war services of the reigments or Corps".

Check with Derek and Kerry for more information.

Newly Published
19 October 1996

Williams, Kathleen Broome. Secret Weapon: U.S. High-Frequency Direction Finding in the Battle of the Atlantic. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1996. The story of "Huff-Duff".

18 October 1996

Q. M. Dabney's catalog #469 runs to 64 pages with the usual excellent assortment of WWII titles.

This issue also contains a 6-page insert of last-minute additions to the catalog including a great many books on the Spanish Civil War, such as:

Brome. The International Brigades

Jackson. The Spanish Republic and the Civil War

Hemingway. The Spanish War

17 October 1996

Emerson, William K. Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996. "Two centuries of uniform styles for US Army soldiers." Due in December. Special pre-publication discount available.

Articles of War
16 October 1996

"Specialty List #7" from Bob Ruman is the printed version of the recent inventory update at his website. Twelve pages of Second World War titles including some hard-to-find German-language material:

Geheimen Tagesberichte der Deustchen Wehrmachtfuhrung im Zweiten Weltkrieg, 1939-45. The Secret Daily Communiques of the German High Command in twelve volumes.

Verbande und Truppen. Georg Tessin's massive German OB in 16+ volumes.

Deutschen Divisionen, 1939-1945. Multiple volume study of German divisions.

Zweite Weltkrieg im Kartenbild. Multiple volume series of detailed operational maps.

15 October 1996

The "Bargain Books" newsprint catalog from Edward R. Hamilton, dated October 4, 1996, with a half-page of WWII titles. Not much new.

Newly published
14 October 1996

Brand, Max. Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1996. Oral history of the 212th Marine Fighter Squadron.

10 October 1996

Today's mail brings catalog #168 from Antheil International Bookseller with 48 tightly-packed pages of naval, maritime, aviation, and military. Lots of World War Two stuff interspersed among the other items. Some titles of note:

Ministry of Information. The Army at War: Tunisia

Bieganski, W. Poles in the Battle of Western Europe during World War II

Christienne and Lissarague. A History of French Military Aviation

Deacon. Kempei Tai

Lenton and Colledge. British Warship Losses of WWII

Forrest C. Pogue
9 October 1996

Forrest Pogue, combat historian in the ETO during the war, author in the official US Army series, and biographer of George C. Marshall, has died in Kentucky at age 84. Some of his work includes:

United States Army in World War II: European Theater of Operations: The Supreme Command. Washington DC: Government Printing Office, 1954.

The four volume biography of George C. Marshall:

Education of a General, 1880-1939

Ordeal and Hope, 1939-1942

Organizer of Victory, 1942-1945

Statesman, 1945-1959

8 October 1996

The "Fall 1996 Military History" catalog from Scholar's Bookshelf of Cranbury, NJ proves to be their best ever. Someone in Cranbury is doing a terrific job tracking down the best new books -- popular and obscure -- about World War II and packing them into this catalog. (For those with broader interests, their other military categories are equally impressive.)

World War II sections include Histories and Memoirs; George Nafziger's World War II Orders of Battle; Russia and the Eastern Front; Africa, Italy, and the Mediterranean; Normandy and the Race to Berlin; Hitler, Nazism, and the German Military Organization; Japan, Asia, and the Pacific; The Great Pacific Naval Battles and Invasions; World War II at Sea; U-Boats and the Battle of the Atlantic; World War II in the Air; the Prisoner of War Experience; and Tanks and Transport.

Over thirty pages of WWII books with ample "first-time offering" titles.

New Arrival
7 October 1996

O'Kane, Rear Admiral Richard H. Wahoo: The Patrols of America's Most Famous World War II Submarine. Novato: Presidio Press, 1987.


5 October 1996

Supplement M from Jerboa-Redcap contains six pages of their specialty, British military books. Several good titles, including:

Perrett, Bryan. The Hawks

Delaforce, Patrick. The Fighting Wessex Wyverns

Delaforce, Patrick. The Polar Bears

Gudgin, Peter. With Churchills to War

Jerboa will be at a pair of upcoming shows: Western Front Association from 11-13 October in Rosslyn, Virginia and Intrepid-Con One, 26 October, in New York City.

New Arrival
3 October 1996

Salmon, Patrick (ed). Britain and Norway in the Second World War. London: HMSO, 1995


From Minnesota
2 October 1996

Kisselburg Military Books of Stillwater, MN has dispatched catalog #23. This is another "don't miss" list with a fine selection of titles -- about 700 WWII books -- guaranteed to make you reach for your telephone and credit card. Gotta get Paul on the Net!

A few of the noteworthy items:

Armstrong, John A. Soviet Partisans in World War II

de Lattre de Tassigny, Jean. The History of the French First Army

Dorn, Frank. The Sino-Japanese War, 1937-41

Nicholson, G. W. L. The Gunners of Canada. (2 volumes)

Smith, Myron. World War II at Sea: A Bibliography of Sources in English. (3 volumes)

We've been told, by the way, that Paul has recently returned from a buying trip to the UK and will soon take delivery of a "container load" of prime British military volumes.

Benicia relocates
2 October 1996

Michael Merrill of Benicia Books has relocated "just a few miles out in the country" to Olalla, Washington. Here are the new vital statistics:

Benicia Books
PO Box 612
Olalla, WA 98359

Phone: 206 857-8964, Fax: 206 857-9164

Benicia's URL remains unchanged, but it may be a few days before Michael has his site updated to reflect his new location and contact information.

Web lists updated
1 October 1996

Lots of activity with online book catalogs as the new month rolls in.

B & L Collectibles, with plenty of books as well as more esoteric items such as uniforms and equipment, has uploaded its latest inventory list.

Bob Ruman of Articles of War has been making significant progress in getting his massive stock computerized and has begun the process of putting his complete inventory online. Still many "under construction" signs on the pages for his many and varied categories, but be sure to check his "World War II - Axis" page for some excellent offerings of new books (including German-language titles such as Georg Tessin's complete German OB series).

Last but not least, Graham Palmer continues to improve his World War II Books webpages. Each book in his multi-thousand title inventory now includes a complete description, and Graham has added a "Special" webpage on which each month he will present a new and very specialized subject category from his hundreds of subject classifications.

Visitors who have watched the growth of these and other mail order military bookseller websites over the last year will realize the tremendous effort these folks are putting into the Net. We hope you will continue to support those efforts by visiting their pages and contributing to the growth of online book sales.


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