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   News archives page

Seven Hills online
30 September 1996

Seven Hills Book Distributors, handling general trade titles and military history in the USA for publishers such as HMSO, Grub Street, Kangaroo Press, etc, has launched its online presence at

Eastern Front/Warfield
30 September 1996

Update #14 from Richard and Lawrence: heavy Third Reich emphasis with eight pages of new, used, and "sale" items for the Second World War plus a very small sampling of WWI titles. News of some disruption to their sales and shipping operations caused by water damage from Hurricane Fran. Titles of note:

Gerbet. General Feldmarschall von Bock: The War Diary, 1939-1945

Davis. Von Kleist: From Hussar to Panzer Marshal

Reinhardt. Moscow: The Turning Point

Haupt. Assault on Moscow 1941

Newly released
30 September 1996

Oates, Edward. A. Gunfire Target. Lewes, East Sussex: The Book Guild, 1996. A gunner's story of 4th Indian Division, 1938-1944.

Change of venue
29 September 1996

Rick Savel's Torpedo Junction website, featuring used military books with an emphasis on submarine warfare and underwater operations, has moved to a new URL: Adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

From Leo Cooper
28 September 1996

Leo Cooper's Winter/Spring catalog for 1996-1997 arrives with news of several recent and several more forthcoming WWII titles.


Hart, Peter. To the Last Round: The South Nottinghamshire Hussars

Whiting, Charles. The Hunt for Martin Bormann

Whiting, Charles. Massacre at Malmedy

Levy, Harry. Dark Side of the Sky

Ottaway, Susan. Dambuster: A Life of Guy Gibson, VC

Whiting, Charles. Death on a Distant Frontier

Hirschfeld, Wolfgang. Hirschfeld


Bowyer, Chaz. The Royal Air Force, 1939-1945

Wolfe, Celia. Summon Up the Blood

Page, Malcolm. King's African Rifles: A History

Whiting, Charles. Werewolf

Norman, Bill. Luftwaffe over the North

New arrival
27 September 1996

Chaney, Otto Preston. Zhukov. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996.


Little red book
26 September 1996

Military Bookman's catalog for Fall 1996, clad in its customary red cover, includes this time several WWII-related categories in its rotating coverage of military subjects: British Army; India; Aircraft; Nazi Germany and the German Army; German Resistance; Burma and the Pacific Theater; and War Crimes.

Besides the usual wide-ranging assortment of titles, Harris and Margaretta also offer some unusual gems:

From OKH: A collection of eight text volumes, ten photo albums, ten miscellaneous text titles, and 70 separate maps and plans prepared for the invasion of the Soviet Union.

From New Zealand: A collection of thirteen volumes of unit histories for the components of NZ Third Division in the Pacific, including six infantry battalions and assorted artillery, base, HQ, medical, and other formations.

Bookman is not yet on the Net, but check our Directory pages for phone, fax, and postal address to get in touch with them.

Newly published
25 September 1996

Rasor, Eugene L. The Southwest Pacific Campaign, 1941-1945. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996. A comprehensive bibliography.

Schull online
24 September 1996

Schull Books of Ballydehob, County Cork, Ireland -- mostly known for their reprints of Irish regimental histories, but also dealing in WWII books and especially Irish military history -- now appears in cyberspace with its new homepage.

Forthcoming from Battery Press
23 September 1996

Dick Gardner, owner of Battery, tells us they have unexpectly received permission to print a very limited number of copies of Robert Burhan's The First Special Service Force, A War History of the North Americans, 1942-1944. No date mentioned, but early orders can obtain Battery's traditional pre-pub discount.

T. Cadman
21 September 1996

Catalog #28 from T. Cadman contains fifteen pages of WWII titles, including an expanding section of new books. Among the notable used items:

Authur and Cohlmia. The Third Marine Division

Dupuy. The Military History of World War II. 18-volume set.

Mr. Cadman also joins us here in electron-land with his new email connection: TCWW2@AOL.COM.

20 September 1996

The "Bargain Books" catalog for 6 September 1996 arrives today from Edward R. Hamilton with the usual assortment of discounted titles listed on newsprint pages.

Faber online
19 September 1996

Jack and Jane Faber opened their mail order used military book business in 1981, maintaining an inventory of 7-8000 titles and publishing catalogs with rotating alphabetical coverage of their stock. They are not yet wired for email, but they've now taken the leap to the Internet with their own webpage. No inventory online at this time, but their homepage provides full details about their operation and complete contact information.

19 September 1996

John Lewcock sends his "Catalogue of Maritime Books" #40 from England with a section on naval history that includes a few WWII titles. Among them:

Fuchida and Okuyima. Midway

Marder. From the Dardanelles to Oran

Schofield. The Arctic Convoys

Vian. Action this Day

Mailing List/Catalog Request
18 September 1996

In response to requests from a number of our website visitors, we have today inaugurated a page for requesting catalogs from book publishers and mail order booksellers and being placed on their mailing lists. Check it out.

Using this one-stop resource will automatically forward catalog requests to dozens of book (and closely related) businesses who have email connections, including almost every business listed in our Publisher and Dealer directories.

Depending on the policies of the individual business, the number of catalogs they have on hand, the expected date of their next mass catalog mailing, your geographical location, and various other factors, you can expect to quickly receive a paper or digital catalog in response from most of these publishers and booksellers. Keep in mind, however, that mail order businesses simply cannot afford to continue filling catalog requests without receiving some orders in return, so please don't abuse this service if you have no expectation of placing an order.

17 September 1996

Archival Research International is not strictly a bookseller, but they specialize in military history and can provide an enormous range of unit histories, battle maps, photos, books, and captured records from World War II and other conflicts. They have no website at this time, but can be reached by email and through the usual old-fashioned means of communication. Check their new listing on our Dealer Directory page.

War Room online
16 September 1996

The War Room Bookshop of New Jersey, a long-time mail order retailer of Second World War titles, arrives online today with its inventory available for browsing and ordering. Owner Tom Paragian specializes in titles relating to the Third Reich but also handles a full range of other WWII books. Have a look at the new War Room site and be sure to visit his "Discount Books" page of reduced prices.

Fresh catalogue from London
14 September 1996

In the mail arrives today catalog 1996-D from the Military History Bookshop of London, with about 40 pages of very  densely packed book listings. Official histories from many nations; hard-to-find items from small specialty presses; regimental histories; air-land-sea titles from all eras. Don't miss this one.

New arrival
10 September 1996

Smith, Bradley F. The Ultra-Magic Deals and the Most Secret Special Relationship, 1940-1946. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1992.


Eagle Editions
10 September 1996

Eagle Editions of Sedona, Arizona informs us with their latest newsletter of the availability of Donald Caldwell's The JG 26 War Diary, volume one: 1939-1942 and Robert Forsyth's JV 44: The Galland Circus. In addition to selling aviation titles (many of them autographed), Eagle also specializes in "fine art collector" prints and bronzes such as the newly released bust of Adolf Galland. Check their website for further information.

Now online
8 September 1996

"All Wars Book Search", the free searching sevice affiliated with World War II Books in the UK, invites you to take advantage of their free locator service, and you may now visit them online.

6 September 1996

J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing announces a wealth of new and forthcoming titles in their August 1996 Update list.

Available this month: Luftwaffe Aces, Quiet Flows the Rhine, East Front Drama 1944.

Due later this year: Decision in the Ukraine, Brandenburgers: Global Mission.

Lined up for 1997: Panzer Aces 2, Tigers in Combat 2, Drama between Budapest and Vienna: The Last Battle of the 6th Panzer Army.

A sampling of books available through Fedorowicz from other publishers:

Tessin, Georg. Verbande und Truppen der Deutschen Wehrmacht und Waffen SS, 1939-1945: Volume 16, Part 1: Wehrkreise I-VI

Le Tissier, Tony. Zhukov at the Oder

Gebert, K. and Johnston, D. Generalfeldmarscahll Fedor von Bock: The War Diary, 1939-1945

Supplement L from Hightstown
5 September 1996

Jerboa-Redcap Books has mailed its Supplement L for September/October 1996 with an assortment of new and used naval, air, and military books on six pages. I found this to be a better list than most of their recent ones. Here are a few of the titles offered:

Edwards, Bernard. Attack & Sink

Steele, John. Tragedy of HMS Dasher

Smith, Peter C. Eagle's War: War Diary of an Aircraft Carrier

Australian Army History Conference. Australian Army Amphibious Operations in the South-West Pacific: 1942-45

Parkinson, Roger. The Auk: Auchinleck, Victor at Alamein

Hopkins, R. N. L. Australian Armour

Wigmore, Lionel. The Japanese Thrust

New release
5 September 1996

Rusiecki, Stephen M. The Key to the Bulge: The Battle for Losheimergraben. New York: Praeger, 1996. We hope to have a review soon.

Change of address
4 September 1996

A few days ago when announcing the new email adress for Graham Palmer's World War II Books in the UK, we posted the new address incorrectly. The correct email address is:

New arrival
2 September 1996

Bennett, Gill (ed). The End of the War in Europe, 1945. London: HMSO, 1996.


Anniversary renovations
1 September 1996

The advent of September marks this website's first anniversary, and there is no doubt that we've come a long  way. Many thanks to all the authors, publishers, booksellers, and -- especially -- visitors who have helped and encouraged us in our first year.

Mostly we plan to keep on doing what we've been doing, but we are sprucing up a little and adding a few more features. If you've run across a couple of large construction signs when following two of our newest links, then you already know there's still more work to be done. When the "Mailing List" and "Sell Your Books" services are ready to roll, we'll tell you all about them.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact us with news, announcements, information, ideas, comments, criticisms, corrections, and questions. We like to hear from you.


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