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   News archives page

Volume Control
31 August 1996

Jack Hatter's List #35 carries seven pages of military titles and militaria collector reference book, all Second World War. These are both new and used, with the former generally offered at prices discounted from the suggested retail.

Hopewell, NJ checks in
30 August 1996

"On Military Matters" provides us with copies of their catalogs #14, 14A, and 14B. Theirs is very much a pre-20th Century emphasis, but several pages of our war.

Columbia Trading Company
30 August 1996

Columbia's very nice "Nautical Books" catalog #64 presents almost 600 nautical titles including some hard-to-find WWII ones, but they remain somewhat hard-to-find as they're hidden away amongst the general contents of the catalog. Look alphabetically and you'll find Auphan, Bragadin, several from Lenton, complete set of Morison, Ruge, etc. You can also download their online catalog if you visit their website.

News from Battery Press
28 August 1996

"The Battery Press and the Imperial War Museum's Department of Printed Books are pleased to announce the re-issue of a rare and important reference work, the Handbook of the German Army, 1940. Originally produced by the War Office Intelligence Branch for use by intelligence officers in the field, this reference work focuses on the foot-powered, horse-drawn German Army (not the panzer grenadier force of 1943-1945) which managed to defeat the major European powers in the spring of 1940. The handbook has an extended analysis of the organization and strength of various German formations by type of unit (infantry, cavalry, armor, engineer, etc). This detail includes comprehensive tables of organization and equipment. We have not see this type of material for the German army in the early part of the war. There is also a discussion of German tactics in 1939/40, a section on German military abreviations, and a section on map symbols for military formations and units. The photo section shows weapons, equipment and heavy weapons associated with German combat forces. Scheduled for release on 8 November 1996."

28 August 1996

Kaufmann, J. E. and Kaufmann, H.W. The Sleeping Giant: American Armed Forces Between the Wars. New York: Praeger Publishers. Due within two weeks.

Italian Official Histories
27 August 1996

For many reasons, official government-sponsored texts cannot be the last word in military history, but we're convinced, for many reasons, that they almost always make an excellent starting point.

Thus we bring you information on some unusual official history volumes that offer a whole new perspective on the war: the view from Rome. These Italian histories, much like the American "green books," began arriving in the immediate post-war years and continued to appear for several decades. They cover the entire spectrum of Italian participation, but for this installment we present only the "ground" volumes. (We'll save the air and naval tomes for another day!)


Number 48 from Maidenhead
27 August 1996

Derek Hayles and daughter Kerry have mailed "Military List #48" with about three very tightly packed pages of Second World War titles. A growing collection and always a good place to hunt for British regimental histories. They are still planning to add their full inventory to their website as soon as a few technical issues have been overcome.

Bargain Books
26 August 1996

The "Bargain Books" catalog from Edward R. Hamilton, dated 9 August, brings almost a full page of WWI/WWII titles at the aforesaid "bargain" prices, including a few new to this particular catalog:

Irving, David. Hitler's War

Zuccotti, Susan. The Holocaust, the French, and the Jews

Hickam, Homer. Torpedo Junction

Bunting, Madeleine. The Model Occupation

Jackson, Robert. Arnhem

New arrival
24 August 1996

Sexton Jr., Donald J. (compiler). Signals Intelligence in World War II: A Research Guide. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996.


Change of address
22 August 1996

Graham Palmer of World War II Books in the UK has asked me to pass along his new email address: His previous address at aladdin will continue to function for a couple of months, but after that it will be history.

"Old Army" Online
21 August 1996

"Old Army" Books of Lexington, Kentucky has activated its new website, complete with an online inventory of a thousand WWII titles. Lots of good stuff to browse and buy. Send Bruce a "welcome" signal and tell him we said hello.

Second Front Now
21 August 1996

Following our recent reviews of two of his newer titles, Walter Dunn was kind enough to contact us and let us know that he still has a few copies of his long-out-of-print first book, Second Front Now - 1943, which we highly recommend. Those interested in obtaining a copy may contact him at N6539 Peck Station Road, Elkorn, WI 53121.

Articles of War, Skokie, Illinois
20 August 1996

Bob Ruman's "List #6" contains a wealth of reprints of rare military titles, but only one related to the Second World War.

Singh, Major Sarbans. Battle Honours of the Indian Army, 1757-1991. Published in New Delhi.

Bob also reports that his massive inventory computerization project continues to grind forward, and he expects to start posting his book stock at his website in the not-too-distant future.

Now available
20 August 1996

Martinez, Mario. Lady's Men: The Story of World War II's Mystery Bomber and Her Crew. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1996.

20 August 1996

Greenwood Publishing Group (comprising Auburn House, Bergin & Garvey, Greenwood Press, Praeger Publishers, and Quorum Books) makes it easy to find out about their military books. Besides phone, fax, and usmail you can visit their website and you can subscribe to their automated email information system. To pick your categories of interest for emailed information, send the message "subscribe bookinfo yourname" (no quotes; for example: subscribe bookinfo Winston Churchill) to

In addition to emailed book updates about once a month, you can also receive by usmail a printout listing all their in-stock World War II titles. The one I just received contains about 50 or 60 current titles.

New arrival
15 August 1996

Le Tissier, Tony. Zhukov at the Oder: The Decisive Battle for Berlin. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1996.


The Scholar's Bookshelf
15 August 1996

Scholars continues to mail a steady stream of catalogs. In addition to their recent History catalog and Military catalog now comes a "Special Summer Offering" catalog organized with "prices reduced", "special bargains", and "closeouts" sections. Ample WWII titles in all three catalogs, and there are indeed prices below those seen in previous Scholars catalogs. If you have been considering an order through one of their previous lists, check the prices here first.

14 August 1996

From Q. M. Dabney comes World War II catalog #465. At 32 pages, this is less than half the size of a typical Dabney catalog, but still filled with the usual array of tasty titles. Among those that caught my eye:

Prasad, Bisheshwar. East African Campaign, 1940-41. A very difficult to find volume of the Indian official history series.

Condon, W. E. H. The Frontier Force Regiment. Indian regimental history.

Vilhelm La Cour, Philip (ed). Danmark Under Besaettelsen. Occupied Denmark; three volumes.

Gibbs, et al. History of the Second World War: Grand Strategy. Complete multi-volume set of British official history.

Blake, John. Northern Ireland in the Second World War. Domestic front and overseas operations.

Liddell-Hart, B. H. The Tanks: History of the Royal Tank Regiment. Two volumes.

New arrival
14 August 1996

Gibney, Frank (ed). Translated by Beth Cary. Senso: The Japanese Remember the Pacific War. Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, 1995.


Now available
14 August 1996

Kemp, Paul. Underwater Warriors. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1996. 288 pages. $32.95. The history of midget submarines.

Paul E. Kisselburg Military Books
13 August 1996

Paul's latest catalog, #22, carries 692 World War II titles plus a selection of volumes from the Time-Life The Third Reich series. As always, his is a model of easy-on-the-eyes reading and strong offerings. Notable:

Le Tissier, Tony. The Battle of Berlin, 1945

Pitt, Barrie. The Crucible of War. Two-volume set.

Bettinger, Dieter and Martin Buren. Der Westwall: Die Geschichte der deutschen Westbefestigungen im Dritten Reich. Two massive volumes.

As always, Paul's catalogs belong on everyone's reading list.

See our Bookseller Directory for full contact information.

New arrival
12 August 1996

Browning Jr., Robert M. U.S. Merchant Vessel War Casualties of World War II. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1996.


From Pacifica Press
12 August 1996

Author Eric Hammel will be joined by at least five World War II aces at a book-signing session at the San Diego Aerospace Museum on Friday, August 23, between 11. a.m. and 3 p.m.

Ed Wendorf (VF-16)
Armistead "Chick" Smith (VF-9)
Joe Robbins (VF-85)
Hamilton "Mac" McWhorter (VF-9 and VF-12-- the first F6F ace and first F6F double ace)
Dick Rossi (Naval Aviator and Flying Tiger)

Their stories appear in Aces Against Japan (Presidio Press) or Aces Against Japan II (Pacifica Press), which will be among the books on hand for signing.

Details and updates are available on the museum web page:

Presidio Press
11 August 1996

Presidio's "Book News" and Fall 1996 catalog detail a wealth of WWII-related offerings. Some of note:

Bonn, Keith E. When the Odds Were Even: The Vosges Mountains Campaign, October 1944-January 1945. Softcover edition due in September.

Crost, Lyn. Honor by Fire: Japanese Americans at War in Europe and the Pacific. Softcover edition due in September.

Boatner III, Mark M. The Biographical Dictionary of World War II. Due in October.

Breuer, William B. Operation Dragoon. Softcover edition due in November.

McRaven, William H. Spec Ops: Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare: Theory and Practice. Softcover edition due in December.

Sarin, General Oleg and Colonel Lev Dvoretsky. Alien Wars: The Soviet Union's Aggression against the World, 1919-1989

Kelly, Orr. From a Dark Sky: The Story of U.S. Air Force Special Operations

History Book Club
10 August 1996

Alternate selections include:

Moskin, J. Robert. Mr. Truman's War: The Final Victories of WWII and the Birth of the Postwar World

Perechodnik, Calel. Am I a Murderer?

New arrival
8 August 1996

Dunn Jr., Walter S. The Soviet Economy and the Red Army, 1930-1945. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1995.


7 August 1996

Raymer, Edward C. Descent into Darkness: Pearl Harbor, 1941: A Navy Diver's Memoir. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1996.

New arrival
6 August 1996

Dunn Jr., Walter S. Hitler's Nemesis: The Red Army, 1930-1945. Westport, CT: Praeger, 1994.


OUP sale
6 August 1996

Oxford University Press is offering summer sale prices on a variety of books including a few WWII titles:

Hill, J. R. The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy

Chandler, David. The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army

Campbell, John. The Experience of World War II

Fussell, Paul. Wartime: Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War

Call toll-free 1-800-230-3242 or fax 1-919-677-1303.

New arrival
5 August 1996

Brooks, Thomas R. The War North of Rome: June 1944 - May 1945. New York: Sarpedon, 1996.


Special offer from Pacifica
5 August 1996

Eric Hammell sends this message:

"Save $10 when you purchase Guadalcanal: Starvation Island via the Pacifica Press home page. All you need to do is order by credit card by email. These are brand new books that regularly sell for $32.00, but they will be sold to visitors arriving from Stone & Stone Second World War Books for just $22.00 (plus $3.50 shipping and 8.25% tax for California resident). All books will be personally inscribed and autographed.

"To read an exciting free sample chapter from Guadalcanal, simply follow the links from the Pacifica Press front page.

"This offer ends on 8/31/96."

3 August 1996

Standifer, Leon C. Binding Up the Wounds: An American Soldier in Occupied Germany, 1945-1946. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press, 1996. Due in January.

Jerboa-Redcap Books
2 August 1996

Jerboa sends along its "Supplement K" for August/September with new and used titles covering air, land, and sea operations in WWII and other wars. Among the new aviation books: Banks, Arthur. Wings of the Dawning: The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1939-1945.

Fresh pages
1 August 1996

C. Clayton Thompson specializes in Civil War books but offers a substantial range of other military subjects, including World War Two. He has recently restocked and expanded his WWII area and invites everyone to visit his webpages.

Similarly, Graham Palmer of World War II Books in the UK has completed the monthly update of his multi-thousand volume WWII inventory. Many, many terrific titles. I especially recommend Graham's collection of official histories and regimentals.


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