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   News archives page

31 July 1996

Sarpedon Publishers' "Fall 1996" catalog brings announcements of new and forthcoming titles:

Brooks, Thomas R. The War North of Rome: June 1944 - May 1945. Now available. Reviewed here soon.

Whiting, Charles. Death on a Distant Frontier: A Lost Victory, 1944. Failure of the "broad front" strategy. Due in October.

Kershaw, Robert J. It Never Snows in September: The German View of Market-Garden and the Battle of Arnhem. Reprint due in September.

Tsuji, Masanobu. Japan's Greatest Victory/Britain's Worst Defeat. Malaya and Singapore. Softcover reprint due in November.

31 July 1996

Zenith Books forwards its "1996 Fall" catalog with "world's best selection of aviation, military, history, and modeling books and videos", and it is indeed a very strong selection of new books with titles from nearly every publisher imaginable. Some of the newer releases featured on the full-color wraps:

Beale, D'Amico, and Valentini. Air War Italy, 1944-45. This one is receiving a great deal of attention from a lot of booksellers.

Pearcy. Lend-Lease Aircraft in WWII

Hickam. Torpedo Junction. Softcover reprint.

Hammel. Aces against Japan II

30 July 1996

Kaufmann, J. E. Sleeping Giant. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1996. The story of the US Army between the wars and its expansion, organization, and doctrine on the eve of World War II. Due in August.

From Paul Gaudette
30 July 1996

Paul Gaudette Books of Tucson, AZ has mailed its "Summer 1996" catalog, packed full of new books and used. Unlike most catalogs, Gaudette's is very liberally illustrated with book covers, sketches, and photos from the volumes for sale. Heavily aviation and heavily World War II, but large inventory in other areas as well. Featured:

Orange Tails: The Story of the 358th Fighter Group and Ancillary Units

Volkmerluft. (Wins the award for best photo.)

The Other Battle: Luftwaffe Night Aces versus Bomber Command

Confounding the Reich: The Operational History of 100 Group

Red Griffins over Russia

New arrival
29 July 1996

Burgess, Colin. Destination: Buchenwald. Kenthurst, NSW: Kangaroo Press, 1995.


Free Press
25 July 1996

The Free Press sends word from New York City of a pair of books relating to World War II:

Shentalinsky, Vitaly. Arrested Voices: Resurrecting the Disappeared Writers of the Soviet Regime. Now available

Levine, Hillel. In Search of Sugihara. Due in November

Fresh pages
24 July 1996

Updated inventory lists at two important websites: at Benicia Books, Michael Merrill brings his booklist up to date, while at B & L Collectibles Bob and Laurel do the same, adding, by the way, two interesting new categories: Technical Manuals and Vehicle Technical Manuals.

John Lewcock
23 July 1996

The first catalog we've seen from "John Lewcock, Maritime Bookseller" contains a useful section on Naval History with a few Second World War-related titles, notably volumes one and two of German Warships 1815-1945 by Erich Groener.

Hamilton bargains
22 July 1996

Dated 12 July 1996, the "Bargain Books" catalog from Edward R. Hamilton brings several listings new to their catalog:

Bryden, John. Best-Kept Secret: Canadian Secret Intelligence in the Second World War

Smith, E. D. Battle for Burma

Ponting, Clive. 1940: Myth and Reality

History Book Club
20 July 1996

Among the alternate selections from HBC for August 1996: Dulffer, Jost. Nazi Germany, 1933-1945: Faith and Annihilation. New York: St Martin's Press, 1996.

The "Old Army"
18 July 1996

Old Army Books in Lexington, KY mails catalog #60. Plenty of Second World War titles ranging from about $10 to at least $150. Two notable offers:

Bender and Taylor. Uniforms, Organization, and History of the Waffen-SS. Four volumes

Shores, Christopher. Fighters over the Desert: The Air Battles in the Western Desert, June 1940 to December 1942. Two copies of this

18 July 1996

Derek and his daughter Kerry, nowadays on the Web, forward their Military List #47 with goodly sections of World War II, Biographies, and Unit Histories.

Brett-James. Ball of Fire. The 5th Indian Division in World War II

Lindsay. Sherwood Rangers In Crete, North Africa, and NW Europe

Hamilton. 50th Royal Tank Regiment In North Africa, Italy, and Greece

News from Philomont
17 July 1996

Eastern Front/Warfield Books update #11 for July announces a plethora of new releases that they will be carrying and includes a nice selection of used books.

Richard and Lawrence also continue to move forward with their publishing projects. Forthcoming is Circle of Fire: The Epic Battle of Cholm. No publication date is given, but this will be a limited edition of 750 copies sold largely through advance orders. Those interested in reserving a copy should contact Eastern Front/Warfield, PO Box 328, Philomont, VA 20131. You may phone them at 540 338-1972 or fax 540 338-1910.

Too many upcoming titles to list here, but they include JV 44: The Galland Circus, Air War Italy 1944-45, and Generalfeldmarschall von Bock: The War Diary.

Oxford University Press
17 July 1996

OUP continues its noble effort to translate and publish the Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg 10-volume series from the Militargeschichtliches Forschungsamt. Three titles are already available (The Build-up of German Aggression, Germany's Initial Conquests in Europe, and the recent The Mediterranean, South-East Europe, and North Africa, 1939-1941).

Now due in November is the fourth volume in the series, likely to weigh in at over 1300 pages: The Attack on the Soviet Union.

N.I.P. for Fall 1996
17 July 1996

The Fall catalog from Naval Institute Press brings word of many forthcoming titles:

Rohwer, Jurgen. War at Sea, 1939-1945. Due in October.

Strekhnin, Yuriy Fedorovich. Commandos from the Sea: Soviet Naval Spetsnaz in World War II. Due in October.

Brand, Max. Fighter Squadron at Guadalcanal. Due in August.

Hirschfeld, Wolfgang. Hirschfeld: The Story of a U-Boat NCO, 1940-1946 Due this month.

Jackson, Carlton. Forgotten Tragedy: The Sinkin of HMT Rohna. Due in December.

Davidson, Joel R. The Unsinkable Fleet: The Politics of US Navy Expansion in World War II. Due in September.

Williams, Kathleen Broome. Secret Weapon: US High-Frequency Direction Finding in the Battle of the Atlantic. Due in October.

Kemp, Paul. Underwater Warriors: Midget Submarine Operations in War Due this month.

Dickens, Peter. Narvik: Battles in the Fjords. Due in November.

Cincinnati calling
17 July 1996

Seven Hills Book Distributors, US distributor for Grub Street, Kangaroo, Images, and HMSO, announces its newest and forthcoming titles:

Banks. Wings of the Morning. (Images: now available)

Caldwell. The JG 26 War Diary, volume one (1939-1942). (Grub Street: due in October)

Wynn. Forged in War: A History of RAF Transport Command. (HMSO: due in October)

Richards. Secret Flotillas: Clandestine Sea Lines to France and French North Africa, 1940-44. (HMSO: due in August)

British National Committee for the History of the Second World War. The End of the War in Europe. (HMSO: due in September)

Books that Seven Hills distributes are available through mail order booksellers and local retail outlets, or you may check with Seven Hills for further information.

Sterling Publishing Company
17 July 1996

Sterling, the US distributor for Arms and Armour, forwards their catalog for Fall 1996 and backlist catalog. Sterling books are available through local bookstores and mail order booksellers. If you cannot find a source for the book you're seeking, you may contact them directly (see "Publisher Directory").

Hitler's Enforcers
17 July 1996

Looks like we have two entirely separate books due in the next few months that share this title:

Browder. Hitler's Enforcers: The Gestapo and the SS Security Service in the Nazi Revolution

Lucas, James. Hitler's Enforcers: Leaders of the German War Machine, 1939-1945

Sino-Japanese Conflict reading list
16 July 1996

The Sino-Japanese Conflict, extending from 1937 through 1945, remains (at least in English) probably the least illuminated aspect of the global war that we study. Quite a few books detail the American involvement (Chennault, Stilwell, CBI), but very few cover the wider conflict from the perspective of the Chinese and, to a lesser extent, Japanese combatants. Of the few English-language titles offering broader coverage, these are among the most important and/or accessible, especially for studying military operations.


Pacifica website relocates
15 July 1996

Eric Hammel has moved his Pacifica Books website to a new server, so update your bookmarks.

15 July 1996

The Fall 1996 catalog from Brassey's Books brings very little in the way of forthcoming WWII books. Still, plenty of excellent backlist titles. Be sure to check the "biography" section as well as the "World War II history" area.

More from Scholar's
15 July 1996

Two weeks after their "Summer 1996" catalog with "general" books comes the "Summer History" catalog from Scholar's Bookshelf. This contains a much larger military section, with four pages of WWII titles including a high percentage that are new to Scholar's. Not sure when the next heavy duty "military books" catalog is due, and there is no mention here of Scholar's website which I believe is currently under construction.

As always, it's important to compare prices among the various Scholar's catalogs because the numbers fluctuate from mailing to mailing.

Catalog from LA
15 July 1996

T. Cadman's offerings and prices look better and better every time he sends out a catalog, and newly arrived catalog #27 proves to be no exception. These are almost all World War II titles, with about 90% used books and the remainder representing new copies from a variety of fairly specialized presses. Of the used titles, several caught my eye:

Auphan and Mordal. The French Navy in World War II

Bragadin. The Italian Navy in World War II

Doorman. Military Operations in the Netherlands from 10th-17th May, 1940

Long-hsuen and Ming-kai. History of the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945

11 July 1996

Specializing in "Naval, Maritime, Aviation, and Military Books", Antheil International Booksellers of North Bellmore, New York forwards catalog #167 for "July-September 1996". Over 1400 entries. Wide variety of titles. Many of WWII interest.

Derek Hayles online
11 July 1996

Derek Hayles and his daughter Kerry, proprietors of Derek Hayles Military Books in the UK, have opened their new website. Although their inventory is not yet online, they feature a large selection of books about WWII including many hard-to-find UK regimental histories and the like. Click over for a visit and send them our regards.

Website updates
11 July 1996

World War II Books of England and Torpedo Junction of California have both updated their plentiful online inventories this month and invite you to have a look at their latest offerings.

New book line from Military Press International
10 July 1996

In addition to the very useful British OB volumes from Malcolm Bellis, Military Press International is now offering the "Shelf Books" line of titles for which they are the "sole export distributors." These books, all but one translated from German, French, or Spanish and amounting to about a dozen to begin with, emphasize German operations of the Russian Front. Here is a sample:

Crusade in the Snow. An anthology of three personal experiences by former members of the Spanish "Blue Division".

Friessner, General H. Battles Betrayed. Operations of Army Group South in 1944 by its commander.

Jurado, C. C. Breaking the Chains. Ukrainian anti-Soviet operations before, during, and after WWII.

Konrad, General R. Cross the Caucasus!. German XXXIV Mountain Corps in the Caucasus by its commander.

Besides the "Shelf Books", MPI is also publishing later this month German Army Order of Battle, Autumn 1940 which includes senior officers down to divisional commanders and represents the German OB as known to British intelligence at the time.

We hope to have review copies on hand in the near future.

Military Press does not have email or a website, but they can be contacted at 71 Laburnum Close, London N11 3PA, England.

"S" and "T" from Faber
9 July 1996

Catalog #53 from J. H. Faber -- "Military, Naval, Aviation, and World History" -- brings about 450 listings in 20 pages. Rotating through the alphabet as is Jack and Jane's wont means that this catalog covers authors whose names start with "S" and "T", a special "United States Air Force Publications" section, and the usual "Late Arrivals, Recent Publications, and Titles of Special Interest" section. Of note:

Craven and Cate. The Army Air Forces in World War II. The entire seven-volume set is available, as most of the titles are individually.

New Arrival
9 July 1996

Elson, Aaron C. Tanks for the Memories: An Oral History of the 712th Tank Battalion from World War II. Hackensack, NJ: Chi Chi Press, 1994.


8 July 1996

From the "Fall 1996" catalog, Hippocrene Books announces a November publication date for The Enigma of General Blaskowitz by Dr. Richard Giziowski. This is the biography of a German army commander who was removed from command after protesting SS atrocities in Poland, arrested at the end of the war, and died under mysterious circumstances in Nuremberg prison on the first day of his trial.

From Brazil
5 July 1996

Here's a message from South America which may be of interest:

"I am writing now to tell you about a rare book indeed about an obscure subject, in a hard-to-understand language (at least it has some good, and also rare, photos). It is my own book about Brazil's role in the war, written in Portuguese and published last year, based mainly in interviews with Brazilian soldiers, airmen and sailors, but also relying on documental and memorialistic material.

"It is called A Nossa Segunda Guerra - Os Brasileiros em Combate, 1942-1945 by Ricardo Bonalume Neto. Published by Editora Expressao e Cultura, Rio de Janeiro, 1995, 304 pages, including 88 pages of photos, maps and illustrations.

"The title translates as Our WW2 - Brazilians in Combat, 1942-1945.

"The book recounts the fighting career of the 1st Brazilian Infantry Division in Italy in 1944/45. The unit was a latecomer to the war, but fought against Italian and German units along the Gothic line, and held the left flank of the crack US 10th Mountain division during the spring offensive in April 1945. Other Brazilian units mentioned in the book are the 1st Brazilian Fighter Squadron, part of the P-47 equipped 350th FG, and the 1st Brazilian Liaison Squadron, 'armed' with L-4 Grasshoppers. The book also chronicles the part played by the Brazilian Air Force and Navy in the battle against submarines in the South Atlantic, with particular emphasis in the description of Brazil's only U-boat kill, the sinking of U-199.

"Even though written in Portuguese, the book may interest American readers because it has about a hundred pictures, some of them published for the first time, of Brazilian troops and equipment, many of American origin, like M-8 armored cars, 105 mm howitzers, P-40 and P-47 fighters, PBY Catalinas or 110 ft and 173 ft subchasers or destroyer escorts, but also some rather rare material like Carioca class a/s corvettes, Fiat Ansaldo CV-33 tankettes, or captured German equipment like the Stug III or Hetzer.

"The book costs about 26 dollars and can be ordered from the publisher,

"Editora Expressao e Cultura
c/o Ricardo Augusto Pamplona Vaz
Rua Desembargador Viriato, 2, sobreloja
Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

"Or, for those brave enough to face a website in Portuguese, try the virtual bookshop at

"My e-mail addresses for any people interested in the subject: or"

We've not actually seen this book, but it sounded so intriguing we had to post the information.

New titles from Arms and Armour
3 July 1996

Cassell's catalog for "July 1996 - January 1997" announces several interesting new titles under their Arms and Armour imprint:

Joachimsthaler, Anton. The Last Days of Hitler: The Legends, the Evidence, the Truth. Due in November.

Jacobs, Peter. The Lancaster Story. Due in September.

Gammon, Victor. Not All Glory: True Accounts of RAF Airmen Taken Prisoner in Europe, 1939-1945. Due this month.

Edwards, Bernard. Doenitz and the Wolfpacks. Due this month.

Harrison, Frank. Tobruk: The Great Siege Re-assessed. Due this month.

Lucas, James. Hitler's Enforcers: Leaders of the German War Machine, 1939-1945. Due in September.

Kemp, Paul. U-Boat Destroyed: German Submarine Losses in the World Wars. Due in November.

Tarrant, V. E. The Red Orchestra: The Soviet Spy Network in Nazi Europe. Due this month.

Foster, Simon. Okinawa 1945: Final Assault on the Empire. Due this month.

Delaney, John. The Blitzkrieg Campaigns. Due in November.

New Website
2 July 1996

Trogen Books, Kansas-based publisher of the Armed Forces Handbooks series and owned by Ronald Tarnstrom, joins the web with a new homepage. Trogen is not yet wired to the Net, but they are set up with an 800 number and are looking forward to showing visitors what they have to offer. Their Sword of Scandinavia, by the way, was reviewed here back at the beginning of May.

New Arrival
2 July 1996

Shores, Christopher. Dust Clouds in the Middle East: The Air War for East Africa, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Madagascar, 1940-42. London: Grub Street, 1996.


News from France
2 July 1996

J. E. Kaufmann, author of Hitler's Blitzkrieg Campaigns, The Fortifications of Western Europe, 1940 and the forthcoming Sleeping Giant, returns from a recent trip through Europe where he toured WWII fortifications including the Czech border defenses and Germany's "East Wall".

He also brings news about the reprint of a seminal work on the Maginot Line:

"La Muraille de France: Ou la Ligne Maginot by Philippe Truttmann, Lt-Colonel du Genie et Docteur en Historie. The book is in French, but has many illustrations and is written by the leading expert on Maginot fortifications. It includes 200 color and B&W photos plus 200 illustrations. This is the key reference on the Maginot Line in its coverage of technical detail and also follows the history of the development of these French fortifications. The book has 628 pages. Since the book will probably be reprinted by subscription again, and not be available through bookdealers, it is necessary to contact the publisher if you are interested in more information. Write to: Gerard Klopp, Editeur, 79 rue de Longwy, 57100 Thionville, France. It is most likely no one at this company will be fluent in English so if you can't send your inquiry in French, the keep your English very simple."

Jerboa-Redcap Books
1 July 1996

Supplement J for July/August 1996 from Jerboa brings six pages of new and used books. Of note:

Mileham, Patrick. The Yeomanry Regiments

Powell, Geoffrey. The History of the Green Howards

Fletcher and Sarson. Crusader Cruiser Tank

Whiting, Charles. The March on London

Pre-Publication offer from Bender
1 July 1996

Two new titles coming this August from R. James Bender Publishing of San Jose, CA:

Angolia, John R. and Adolf Schlicht. Uniforms and Traditions of the Luftwaffe, volume 1

Forman, Adrian. Forman's Guide to Third Reich German Documents...and Their Values

The first 500 books of each title are serial numbered and autographed by the authors, and through 26 July Bender is offering a 10% discount for direct orders.

Military Book Club
1 July 1996

Selections from the "Independence Day 1996" catalog:

Keegan, John. The Face of Battle

Raymer, Edward C. Descent into Darkness: Pearl Harbor, 1941: A Navy Diver's Memoir

Scutts, Jerry. Messerschmitt Bf-109: The Operational Record

Price, Alfred. Spearhead for Blitzkrieg

Hammel, Eric. Aces Against Japan II


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