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Kramer on the Net
28 June 1996

Sidney Kramer Books, a long-established bookseller in Washington, DC with a well-known military catalog, joins us in cyberspace with its website. They've got email, they've got online inventory, they've got a calendar of local events (including WWII panel discussions), they've got order forms, they've got it all. Check 'em out and tell 'em you heard about it here.

Military Bookman
28 June 1996

The sixty-first catalog from Military Bookman, "Summer 1996", arrives with its customary red cover and its customary treasure trove of books about the Second World War. Harris and Margaretta cannot fit their entire inventory into any one catalog, so they rotate categories. This time around we're treated to "World War II - General", "Home Front", "Russo-German", "Poland and Scandinavia", "USMC", "POWs, Escape, and Survival", "Espionage", and "Propaganda, Codes, and Deception". Two items bear special consideration (and I quote their descriptions):

"New Zealand, War History Branch. Episodes and Studies. Wellington, 1948-54. 24 parts (each 33 pages, c.30 illustrations and maps), notes, sources, 4to, pict, stiff wraps. Bound in 1954 into 2 volumes. Covers lightly damp-stained and slightly warped, contents fine. $1250.00. A collection of official accounts and illustrations on operations and subjects deemed "of special note" which were excluded from the larger histories. The bound set has never been seen. Individual parts are scarce in themselves and are worth $30-50. A treasure!"

"Germany, Oberkommando des Heeres. Militargeographischen Angaben (Russland). Berlin, 1940ff. Collection of intelligence packets on Russia, including 8 text volumes, 10 photo albums, 10 misc. text titles, 70 separate maps and plans, etc. $7500.00. Extraordinary group of material prepared for Russian invasion. The Ukrainian section went into a 3rd edition! Nevertheless, very very rare. We have been unable to locate a collection or set in the main military repositories. Full details upon request."

Benicia Email COA
28 June 1996

Michael Merrill reports that his ISP has changed its name, resulting in a new email address for Benicia Books:

New from Greenwood Press
27 June 1996

Sexton, Donal J. Signals Intelligence in World War II: A Research Guide. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1996. 208 pages. 0-313-28304-4. $69.50. The first scholarly guide to primary and secondary sources on ULTRA, MAGIC, and other "Sigint" activities in World War II.

26 June 1996

The General "Summer 1996" catalog from Scholar's Bookshelf, not to be confused with their big Military catalog, contains three pages of mixed military books.

Stop me if you've heard this one....
26 June 1996

Now on hand, the latest newsprint from Edward R. Hamilton, dated 14 June 1996, with a few WWII titles but not much of note this time around.

HMSO Update
25 June 1996

Seven Hills Book Distributors in Cincinnati will now be handling US distribution of military (and other) titles from Her Majesty's Stationery Office. Seven Hills -- which also handles US distribution of Grub Street, Kangaroo, and others -- sells to retailers all over the country and its titles can normally be found at local bookstores and through mail-order booksellers. If unable to locate the titles you need, you may contact Seven Hills for assistance: attn Greg Hatfield, 49 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Cambridge plugs in
24 June 1996

Richard Burns of Ken Trotman Ltd in Cambridge, England sends us his "Catalogue Pavia" and informs us that he is now wired and may be contacted at He specializes in new books in every period of military history with, naturally, a very nice inventory of books on the Second World War. You may inquire about his catalogs by email; please let him know that you heard about him through Stone & Stone's Second World War Books website.

22 June 1996

Paul Kisselburg's catalog #21 brings his usual excellent assortment of World War II titles -- over 700 of them -- in a clean, easy-to-read format. Paul seems to have abandoned his recent experiment carrying new books, so all these are used copies. Still, as always, his selections show impeccable taste, and it would consume altogether too much bandwidth to list all of the titles that caught my eye. One of particular note:

Duncan, W. E. (ed). The Royal Artillery Commemoration Book, 1939-1945. London: Bell, 1950. 790 pages. "Monumental study of British artillery units during the war; this is a huge and spectacular book with hundreds of photographs and maps."

News from New Jersey
22 June 1996

Catalog #28 arrives from The War Room with over 600 World War II titles, most relating to the Third Reich, including a section of very attractively priced "discount books". Other titles of note:

Woodbury, David. Builders for Battle

Cervi, Mario. The Hollow Legions

Gjelsvik, Tore. Norwegian Resistance, 1940-1945

White, John. The United States Marines in North China

Articles of War
21 June 1996

Bob Ruman at Articles of War in Illinois announces the forthcoming reprint of It Never Snows in September: The German View of "Market Garden" and the Battle of Arnhem, September, 1944 by Robert J. Kershaw, due in August or September of this year.

University of Oklahoma Press
20 June 1996

The Fall 1996 catalog from U of Oklahoma brings news of two forthcoming titles relating to the Second World War:

Emerson, William K. Encyclopedia of United States Army Insignia and Uniforms. 704 pages, 2595 illustrations, due in September.

Chaney, Otto Preston. Zhukov. Revised edition, due in September.

Barnes & Noble
20 June 1996

B & N's "Books by Mail" catalog comes along with a page of WWII books.

Stanton, Shelby. World War II Order of Battle

Parker, Danny S. To Win the Winter Sky

Pimlott, John. The Historical Atlas of World War II

Her Majesty's Stationery Office
19 June 1996

Although very nearly all of their excellent WWII official history volumes are out of print, HSMO continues to publish a variety of very useful military titles (not to mention huge amounts on other topics). Unfortunately, their books are sometimes harder to find than they should be. Perhaps this information will help:

UK: HMSO Books, PO Box 276, London, SW8 5DT, England. Telephone orders: 0171-873 9090. General inquiries: 0171-873 0011. Inquires about orders already placed: 0171-873 0022. Fax orders: 0171-873 8200. Also, HMSO bookshops are established in London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, and Bristol.

Australia: Hunter Publications, 58a Gipps Street, Collingwood, Victoria 3066.

Canada: see USA

Far East: Toppan Co Ltd, 38 Liu Fang Road, Jurong Town, Singapore 2262

Japan: Maruzen Co Ltd, 310 Nihonbashi 2 Chome, Chuo ku, Tokyo 103 (or PO Box 5050, Tokyo Int, 100 31)

South Africa: Technical Books Ltd, 10th Floor, Anreith Corner, Hans Strijdom Avenue, Cape Town 8001 (or PO Box 2866, Cape Town 8002)

US: Unipub, 4611/F Assembly Drive, Lanham, MD 20706

You may request their Military Books catalog from the London address.

New Arrival
19 June 1996

Boykin Jr, Calvin C. Gare La Bete (Beware the Beast): A History of the 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 1942-1945. College Station, TX: C & R Publications, 1995.


Bartlett Relocates
19 June 1996

Much from Michael Bartlett.

First, he has moved to Military Books from Michael Bartlett, The Old Courthouse, Bell Street, Talgarth, Brecon LB3 0BP, United Kingdom. His stock of over 5000 items is now on display there and customers are invited to visit and browse by appointment.

His new catalog, #22, carries over 850 used military books. Large sections on unit histories and the Second World War.

Finally, Michael is kind enough to list the upcoming military bookfairs in the UK:

14 September: Novotel, Fishergate, York
3 November: Spa Hotel, Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells

19 June 1996

Caldwell, Donald. The JG 26 War Diary, volume one: 1939-1942. London: Grub Street, 1996.

Grub Street reminds us that the first volume of the day-by-day operations of Jagdgeschwader 26, which spent the entire war on the Western front and faced the RAF across the Channel, will be published this autumn. Author Caldwell, who has already written JG 26: Top Guns of the Luftwaffe and JG 26: A Photographic History of the Luftwaffe's Top Guns, presents all-new material pieced together from the surviving volumes of the unit's official diary, Allied intelligence documents, veterans' narratives, and archival material.

Southern Illinois University Press
19 June 1996

The Fall 1996 catalog from SIU brings news of some forthcoming WWII publications:

Courtney, Richard D. Normandy to the Bulge: An American Infantry GI during World War II

Mitgang, Herbert (ed). Civilians Under Arms: The Stars and Stripes, Civil War to Korea

Still in print:

Masters, Charles J. Glidermen of Neptune: The American D-Day Glider Attack

Battlefield Books
18 June 1996

Catalog #7 from Battlefield lists over 400 used military titles available through their Brewster, NY operation. Eye-catching for one reason or another:

Bennett, Ralph. Ultra in the West

Draper, Theordore. The 84th Infantry Division in the Battle of Germany, November 1944 - May 1945

Goralski, R. Oil and War

Kennedy, Robert. The German Campaign in Poland

Hu Pu-yu. A Brief History of the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-45

14 June 1996

The Battery Press of Nashville, TN announced this week that they will be reprinting The War in France and Flanders by Major L. F. Ellis -- part of the "History of the Second World War" series from HMSO -- later this summer. Through 1 August they are accepting advance orders at a special pre-publication discount price. Shipping is scheduled for 20 August 1996.

Battery also announced the forthcoming reprints of The Handbook of the German Army, 1940, The Handbook of the French Army, 1938, and The Handbook of the Belgian Army, 1914/1939. Contact them for details.

New Arrival
13 June 1996

Roskill, Captain S. W. History of the Second World War: The War at Sea, volume III: The Offensive, part I. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1960.


New Arrival
12 June 1996

Bartsch, William H. Doomed at the Start: American Pursuit Pilots in the Philippines, 1941-1942. College Station, TX: Texas A & M Press, 1992.


B & L Collectibles
11 June 1996

B & L Collectibles of Easthampton, MA offers a huge assortment of military collectibles and books through their shop and mail order service. Now they are also making their inventory accessible through the Net with their new website.

In addition to unit histories and other WWII books, they also offer a wide variety of wartime technical manuals plus period unit newspapers, camp yearbooks, and similar ephemera. Surf on over for a visit and welcome them to the Web.

Special Dabney
10 June 1996

Catalog 460 from Q. M. Dabney & Co. is a special 32-page World War II list "featuring books we recently acquired from a number of sources." Not up to the size of the usual Dabney WWII catalogs, but still contains many excellent titles.

Bufo Books
10 June 1996

An unnumbered catalog with a red cover arrives from Bufo with 26 pages and just over 400 titles, of which the largest section is World War II. Regimental Histories; World War II; Aviation; Biographies. An interesting assortment of maps. A couple of books that caught my eye:

Swynnerton, C. R. A. 1st West African Infantry Brigade

Liddell-Hart, B. H. Royal Tank Regiment. Two volumes

New arrival
9 June 1996 Alden, John D. U.S. Submarine Attacks during World War II. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1989.


News from Maidenhead
9 June 1996

Military List #46 arrives from Derek Hayles of Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK, 8 pages packed with almost 500 military books. Notable:

Anon. P.O.W.s of the British Empire, 1939-1945

HMSO. PAIforce

Craig, W. Enemy at the Gates

Slim. Defeat Into Victory

New arrival
7 June 1996

Miller, Edward G. A Dark and Bloody Ground: The Huertgen Forest and the Roer River Dams, 1944-1945. College Station, TX: Texas A & M Press, 1995.


History Book Club
7 June 1996

From the Summer 1996 offerings:

Thurston, Robert W. Life and Terror in Stalin's Russia, 1934-1941

Waller, John H. The Unseen War in Europe: Espionage and Conspiracy in the Second World War

Goldhagen, Daniel Jonah. Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust

Ensign Books ahoy
7 June 1996

Catalog Number 14, Summer 1996, arrives from Ensign Books in Boca Raton, Florida with 28 pages of used books divided into Naval Annuals, General Naval, Office of Naval Intelligence Reports, US Navy Cruise Books, Military Aviation (including Naval), Resin Warship Model Kits, and US Navy Launch Pins and Medals. All eras, but goodly amount on WWII.

Military Book Club
5 June 1996

For July 1996, the MBC offers several WWII titles:

Black, Robert W. Rangers in World War II

O'Leary, Michael. Thunderbolt and Lightning

Forty, George. US Army Handbook, 1939-1945

Sakaida, Henry. The Siege of Rabaul

Free book search service improved
5 June 1996

Due to increasing interest and traffic on our "Want Lists" page, we've updated our service.

When you submit your military book wants, the HTML form now automatically forwards your email to a whole load of mail-order military booksellers around the world. If anyone can find the titles you need, these are the guys. Those who can offer the book(s) you're seeking will then get in touch with you directly regarding price, condition, shipping arrangements, etc.

This remains a free service provided by Stone & Stone to help readers, researchers, and collectors acquire all the books they need. Keep in mind that our only role is to make your wants list known to booksellers; any transaction that ensues is strictly between you and the bookseller.

Right now might be a good time to give the new search service a whirl.

New Arrival
3 June 1996

White, Alexander S. Dauntless Marine: Joseph Sailer Jr., Dive-Bombing Ace of Guadalcanal. Fairfax Station, VA: White Knight Press, 1996.



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