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   News archives page

News from Berkshire
30 April 1996

Derek Hayles of Derek Hayles Military Books sends along his "Military List #45" with a full range of military titles, much on World War II, and -- naturally enough -- heavy on UK publications and British regimental histories. Derek also offers a large selection of military prints. Be sure to note his corrected phone number, new fax number, and new email address at his entry in our Dealer Directory.

Derek was also kind enough to send along the schedule of upcoming Military Book Fairs in the UK:

Sunday, 23 June: Bonnington Hotel, London
Saturday, 14 September: Novotel Hotel, York
Sunday, 3 November: Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells

Q.M. Dabney & Co., Inc.
29 April 1996

Catalog #456 arrived from Dabney with 72 pages of World War II books. As always, loads of excellent, pocket-lightening material. Lots of US divisional histories, British regimentals, USAAF unit histories, official histories, and obscure titles. New to me:

Sheppard, M. C. The Malay Regiment, 1933-1947 including the unit's history in the 1941-42 campaign in Malaya.

Net news from Scholars (and elsewhere)
29 April 1996

Our contacts at Scholar's Bookshelf report that the well-known mail order bookseller is hard at work on its website. Expected to be up and running sometime this summer, the new site is an ambitious project which will feature Scholar's extensive military collection (plus all its other categories) in an automated "click-on-it-to-order-it" environment.

In addition to Scholars, several other well-known military publishers and booksellers will be bringing their wares to the Web over the next few weeks, including Articles of War in Illinois and Nautical & Aviation Publishing in Maryland. Watch this page for announcements and details.

NOVA Publications
29 April 1996

Arnold Dupuy of NOVA Publications reports that Against the Panzers will be published in July and announces a new monthly quiz at the NOVA website. Visitors to NOVA's webpages who can correctly answer the monthly quiz will be able to take discounts on purchases from their line of military books and Department of Defense reports.

Military Book Club
29 April 1996

Two selections for June 1996:

Blumenson, Martin. Patton: The Man Behind the Legend

Padfield, Peter. War Beneath the Sea

Terence Wise
29 April 1996

List #75 from Terence Wise in the UK arrives here with nearly a thousand military titles, including a goodly assortment of WWII tomes. Terry specializes in regimental histories and #75 inclues (among others) the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, the Manchester Regiment, and 5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders.

History Book Club
25 April 1996

For its May selection, the History Book Club offers Old Soldiers Never Die by Geoffrey Perret.

New arrival
25 April 1996

Williams, John. The Guns of Dakar: September 1940. London: Heinemann, 1976.


Jerboa-Redcap Books
25 April 1996

Supplement H for May/June 1996 from Jerboa arrives here with six pages of assorted new and used military, naval, and aviation books from various historical eras, all focused on British military history. Several of WWII interest.

Jerboa will be at the following upcoming shows:

May 11: Mid-Atlantic Military Book Show at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD

May 19: Modelfest at the Newark Airport Radisson, Newark, NJ

#20 from Kisselburg
23 April 1996

The catalog odometer at Kisselburg rolls over to number 20 for this typically excellent, red-covered listing of over 700 World War II titles. Not only is it a model of clean, clear, easy-to-read text, but it's also loaded with great books. These are all used copies, with no sign of the new books that Paul began offering in catalog #19.

Here are some of the titles I found most noteworthy:

Auphan, Paul. The French Navy in World War II.

Carter, Joseph. The History of the 14th Armored Division

de Lattre de Tassigny. The History of the French First Army.

Gallagher, James. Meatballs and Dead Birds: A Glimpse of the Aircraft of the Japanese Air Forces of World War II at the End

Koyen, Kenneth. The Fourth Armored Division from the Beach to Bavaria

Special offer from Pacifica
22 April 1996

From now through May 15, 1996, visitors to the Stone & Stone Second World War Books website who purchase Pacifica Press books direct from the publisher may take the following discounts:

  • First book (most expensive) or just one book: 20% discount off list price.
  • Any number of additional books: 30% discount off list price. All books will be autographed

    To place your order and take advantage of these discounts, visit the Pacifica Press website for titles, free sample chapters, ordering information, and shipping charges.

    And be sure to say you want to take the special Stone & Stone discount.

    Many thanks to Eric Hammel of Pacifica for making this special offer available.

    Bibliography of WWII medical books
    21 April 1996

    We cover a lot of Second World War territory here, but medical books remain a big gap.

    Fortunately, those with an interest in that area can rely on Joseph Kralich who has compiled a bibliography of 700 books (plus over 300 manuscripts) covering WWII medical department histories, memoirs, narratives, diaries, etc.

    He will be publishing this bibiliography, and those interested can email him for further information.

    Newly published
    20 April 1996

    The American Fighter Aces Museum Foundation has just released its long-awaited update of The American Fighter Aces Album, an exhaustive reworking of the 1978 edition.

    Contained in the album is a biography of most authentic American aces of all wars who either were born in the U.S. or served in the U.S. Armed Forces as fighter pilots. As many as 80 percent of the biogs are accompanied by photos.

    The American Fighter Aces Album, which is a large-format book printed on coated paper, is on sale for $85.00 per copy and can be ordered from:

    The American Fighter Aces Museum Foundation
    4636 Fighter Aces Drive
    Mesa, AZ 85205


    Those who want to purchase copies should call ahead to find out about taxes and shipping charges.

    Proceeds from sales will be used to support the American Fighter Aces Museum Foundation, a non-profit organization.

    Thanks to Eric Hammel of Pacifica Press for providing this information.

    RAF Squadrons
    19 April 1996

    By the end of the Second World War over 500 squadrons had been formed by the RAF, usually falling into one of five main categories: bomber, fighter, reconnaissance, army cooperation, and transport. These squadrons served around the globe and were comprised of men from not only the United Kingdom itself, but virtually every corner of the British Commonwealth as well as most of the nations overrun by Axis forces.

    These hundreds of squadrons constantly re-based and re-equipped in response to the evolving technologies and demands of war. Several books chart the movement, machines, and missions of the RAF squadrons. This is a comparative survey of some of those books.


    Benicia Books back online
    18 April 1996

    Michael Merrill has everything shipshape at Benicia Books' new digs in Port Orchard, Washington and is back in business for your book-buying delectation. Likewise, his website is once more up and running with hundreds of books for online browsing. Send him my regards.

    News from Greenwood
    18 April 1996

    Greenwood Publishing announces (via its highly cool automated email broadcasting system) two new WWII titles freshly released:

    Ancell, R. Manning and Christine M Miller. The Biographical Dictionary of World War II Generals and Flag Officers.

    Feuer, A. B. Commando! The M/Z Unit's Secret War against Japan.

    Want to get these kinds of announcements from Greenwood emailed directly to your inbox? Check out the Greenwood Publishing homepage.

    New arrival
    15 April 1996

    Kirby, Major General S. Woodburn, et al. History of the Second World War: The War against Japan, volume IV: The Reconquest of Burma. London: HMSO, 1965.


    Benicia Books relocates
    15 April 1996

    Michael Merrill reports that he has relocated Benicia Books to Port Orchard, Washington and is now open for business. His website is being rebuilt with his latest WWII offerings, and in the meantime he can be contacted at his new email address. He can also be phoned at (360) 874-0625.

    New sources of books
    14 April 1996

    In our effort to bring you all the mail order sources for books about the Second World War, two more booksellers have come to our attention:

    Steve Tilston of London maintains his "Military and Maritime Books" inventory on the web and he can be emailed at

    Our informants tell us that the best source for used WWII books (especially German-language) in Denmark is The Booktrader, Skindergade 23, DK-1159, Copenhagen K. No webpage or email, but the phone number is 45 3312 0669.

    See our Dealer Directory for other details for both these booksellers.

    New arrival
    12 April 1996

    Reynolds, Michael. The Devil's Adjutant: Jochen Peiper, Panzer Leader. New York: Sarpedon, 1995.


    The Original Colorado Springs AeroExpo
    12 April 1996

    From Ken Mellott:

    The Original Colorado Springs AeroExpo will be an air-nostalgia show and sale with many tables and exhibits of aviation art, memorabilia, books, patches, models, pins, kits, toys, collectibles, etc. No aircraft -- indoors in Colo Spgs Old Airport Building.

    Early flight, WWI, Golden-age, WWII, jet-age, modern, space.

    Military, airliner, commercial, space items.

    First-time show like this in Colorado Springs -- Family oriented -- only $3.00 admission/under 12 - free. Tables and exhibitor space available.

    E-mail me if you would like me to send you a flyer or to answer more details. Drop me an e-mail or call if you know someone who might want to exhibit or sell at this type of event in a great aviation-related city like Colorado Springs.

    Former AF pilot myself -- T-38/KC-135Q/RC-135

    Ken Mellott
    P.O. Box 1895
    Monument, CO 80132

    More Scholar's
    11 April 1996

    In addition to the "History" and "Military History" catalogs, Scholar's Bookshelf also mails an occasional catalog of books with "greatly reduced prices". Their most recent catalog of "special bargains and closeouts" contains three sections of military books with a good selection of World War II titles. A couple of notables:

    Freeman, Roger. Mighty Eighth War Diary.

    Controvich, James T. The Central Pacific Campaign, 1943-1944: A Bibliography.

    Keegan, John. Six Armies in Normandy

    From the War Room
    10 April 1996

    Catalog #27 from the War Room arrives with over 700 World War II books arranged alphabetically by title, plus a special section of discount books at low, low prices.

    Brennecke, H. Cruise of the Raider HK-33.

    Barker, A. Eritrea 1941.

    Muggenthaler, August. German Raiders of World War II.

    Armstrong, John. Soviet Partisans in World War II.

    Who done it?
    9 April 1996

    The Military Book Club selection for May 1996 is The Murder of Adolf Hitler by Hugh Thomas. Let's see. We can now choose from (1) Hitler was murdered by his SS entourage; (2) He committed suicide; (3) He escaped Berlin and flew to Spain; (4) He was captured by the Soviets and remains imprisoned in solitary confinement; and (5) He was abducted by flying saucers.

    New Arrival
    7 April 1996

    Parkin, Robert Sinclair. Blood on the Sea: American Destroyers Lost in World War II. New York: Sarpedon, 1995.


    Antheil International Bookseller
    6 April 1996

    Antheil's catalog #166 (April-June 1996) continues the tradition of mixed naval, maritime, aviation, and military books from every era of history. This edition contains nearly 1500 titles. Among the World War II volumes that caught my eye:

    Roscoe, T. US Destroyer Operations in World War II and US Submarine Operations in World War II.

    Erickson, John. The Road to Stalingrad and The Road to Berlin.

    Gibbs, N. H. History of the Second World War: Grand Strategy, volume 1: Rearmament Policy.

    Ross, J. M. S. Royal New Zealand Air Force.

    Over 50 volumes of Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II.

    New catalog from Kramer
    6 April 1996

    The spring 1996 military history catalog from Sidney Kramer Books celebrates "50 Years of Independent Bookselling" with 32 pages of books, including almost ten pages devoted to WWII. These are all new copies of recent editions, with the catalog divided into Intelligence, Germany at War, Russian Front, War in Italy, War in Europe, The Bulge, D-Day, Naval Warfare, Air War, War in the Pacific, and Submarine Warfare.

    Military Press
    5 April 1996

    Military Press International Publications sends along an update of their current and forthcoming books. This is a small publisher in the UK, generally dealing through the Military History Bookshop, with several very useful titles:

    Bellis, Malcolm. British Divisions, 1939-1945.

    Bellis, Malcolm. British Regiments 1939-1945: Armour and Infantry.

    Bellis, Malcolm. British Regiments 1939-1945: Artillery.

    All three of these books lay out the history of units in tabular format with components, commanders, assignments, etc. The "Armour and Infantry" title is unfortunately out of print right now, but is due to be reprinted later this year.

    New Arrival
    5 April 1996

    Seaton, Colonel Albert. The Battle for Moscow. New York: Sarpedon, 1993.


    Bye-bye Goebbels
    4 April 1996

    St. Martin's Press announced that it has reversed its previous decision and will not publish the US edition of David Irving's controversial biography of Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich. Already published in the UK, Irving's book has now been labeled by St. Martin's as an "insidious piece of Goebbels-like propaganda."

    While I've not read this book and thus feel unqualified to comment on this specific case, I would like to make a couple of general points about Stone & Stone's Second World War website:

    We strongly defend the basic, inalienable freedoms to write, publish, and read without government interference or censorship, no matter how distasteful some of us may find certain material. That being said, it is also important to keep in mind that at this website we are interested in studying and understanding the Second World War, not glorifying or worshipping events, individuals, or political philosophies.

    Sometimes the line between studying and worshipping can seem a little fuzzy, so there are not too many books intentionally excluded from our "Bibliography" database. It remains your responsibility to make your own judgments about what you read. However, when a patently offensive title comes to our attention, we have no qualms about keeping it off these pages.

    Likewise, we strive to avoid supporting and publicizing those few publishers and booksellers whose only raison d'etre seems to be resurrecting and glorifying the vilest aspects of the war.

    Those unhappy with these policies are cordially invited to take their uniforms and armbands elsewhere.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

    Edward R. Hamilton
    4 April 1996

    Hamilton's latest "Bargain Books" catalog, dated 22 March 1996, reiterates its recent offerings without much in the way of new WWII titles.

    3 April 1996

    Jerboa's "Supplement G" landed in the mailbox today with six pages of new and used books on naval, military, and aviation subjects featuring British forces and operations before, during, and after World War II.

    New Arrival
    3 April 1996

    Masters, Charles J. Glidermen of Neptune: The American D-Day Glider Attack. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1995.


    3 April 1996

    Sarpedon Publishers of New York has announced The War North of Rome, June 1944-May 1945 by Thomas R. Brooks.

    Due in June, the new title details the less-familiar operations in the final eleven months of the campaign in Italy while the US 5th Army and British 8th Army (very much eclipsed by the publicity of Eisenhower, Montgomery, and Patton fighting in France) struggle up the peninsula and finally break the back of tenacious German resistance in the waning weeks of the war in Europe. Other than Orgill's The Gothic Line, I can't think of any other books devoted exclusively to this phase of the Italian campaign.

    ISBN 1-885119-26-7
    6"x9" cloth
    384 pages
    Maps; 16 pages of illustrations

    New Arrival
    2 April 1996

    Bowlby, Alex. Countdown to Cassino: The Battle of Mignano Gap, 1943. New York: Sarpedon, 1995.



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