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   News archives page

World War II Books expands
1 April 1996

Graham Palmer's World War II Books operation in the UK has begun expanding into the First World War. In addition, Graham has expanded his online catalogs into twelve different categories (with one split in two due to size, for a total of thirteen lists) which means that most of his inventory of over 6000 WWII books is now available to be browsed on the Web.

Torpedo Junction online
28 March 1996

Today marks the online debut of Torpedo Junction, a California-based mail order bookseller specializing in used submarine and naval titles with a strong World War II presence. Also featuring lots of inexpensive paperbacks. Check 'em out.

Torpedo Junction has also just mailed its paper catalog with eleven tightly-packed 8.5"x11" pages of books divided into Submarine & Submarine Warfare, Undersea Operations, Naval and Maritime, Aviation & Aerospace, Campaigns & Battlefields, Weapons, and Paperbacks.

T. Cadman
26 March 1996

Cadman's catalog #25 arrives with fifteen pages of new and used WWII books. Not the largest or most spectacular of catalogs, Cadman nevertheless always supplies a lot of good titles at reasonable prices. He continues to expand into new books, now devoting two full pages to titles from the likes of Pacifica Press, Airlife, and a number of small houses and private publishers.

Stand-outs from his selection of used volumes:

McCarthy, Dudley. South-West Pacific Area First Year: Kokoda to Wau. Australian official history.

Naval History Division. United States Naval Chronology World War II.

J. H. Faber
26 March 1996

Jack and Jane continue to rotate their massive inventory alphabetically. Catalog #52 contains over 450 military titles, mostly author's last name starting with "S" but also including US Navy and USMC publications as well as "late arrivals". World War II titles of interest include:

Naval History Division. United States Naval Chronology World War II.

USMC. History of US Marine Corps Operations in World War II. Complete five-volume set of first editions.

The Military Bookman
24 March 1996

Bookman, one of the largest general military used-book dealers, rotates the topics featured in its catalogs. For Spring 1996 (catalog #60 with 64 jam-packed pages), Harris and Margaretta offer Strategy and Tactics; Fortifications; Medieval and Renaissance; American Revolution to Civil War; Civil War Biographies; Spanish-American War; World War I - American Effort; Spanish Civil War; World War II - Aviation; Naval Aviation; War in the Pacific; Naval - Post WWII; WWII - France 1940-1943; WWII - Africa, Italy, Balkans; Arab-Israeli Wars; Post 1945; Medicine; and Military Law, Government, and War Crimes.

Some titles that caught my eye:

Foot, M. R. D. SOE in France. This is the original, pre-lawsuit edition.

Agar-Hamilton and Turner. The Sidi Rezegh Battles, 1941. From the South African official history.

Orpen, Neil. Salute the Sappers. Volumes 1 and 2; also from the South African official history.

The catalog also contains several volumes of the excellent New Zealand official history, and some of the NZ battalion histories.

D. Golemon
24 March 1996

Dave's Spring 1996 catalog is a short update with a selection of just over 100 of his latest acquisitions of used books. Very competitive prices.

Bialer, Seweryn. Stalin and His Generals.

Paget, R. T. Manstein, His Campaigns and His Trial.

Seaton, Albert. The Battle for Moscow.

Turney, Alfred. Disaster at Moscow: von Bock's Campaigns, 1941-42.

Eastern Front/Warfield Books
24 March 1996

Update #9, dated March 1996, brings eight pages of new and used books. Now available:

Le Tissier. Zhukov on the Oder.

Zaloga. Operation Bagration, 1944: The Destruction of Army Group Center.

Bomba and Perello. Hitler's Army: The Evolution and Structure of the German Forces.

Eastern Front/Warfield will be closed for inventory from 27 April through 4 May. Although they will be able to accept phone orders, during that span they will not be making any shipments.

Richard and/or Lawrence will also be making an appearance at the Mid-Atlantic Military Book Fair at the State Fair Grounds in Timonium, Maryland on 11 May where their wares will be available to the public.

Barnes & Noble
23 March 1996

B & N's "Books by Mail" catalog arrived today with a little over a dozen WWII titles. Of note:

Stanton, Shelby. World War II Order of Battle.

Pimlott, John. The Historical Atlas of World War II.

22 March 1996

Greenwood's automated email system notifies us of several new releases, including three new books on World War II topics:

Baxter, Colin F. The War in North Africa, 1940-1943: A Selected Bibliography.

Hallas, James H. Killing Ground on Okinawa: The Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill.

Yoshimura, Akira. Zero Fighter.

New arrival
21 March 1996

Cotton, M. C. "Bush". Hurricanes over Burma. London: Grub Street, 1995.


Eagle Editions
21 March 1996

The latest newsletter from Eagle Editions Ltd of Sedona, Arizona arrived today. While specializing in collectible art of World War II, they also make available a variety of books including:

Luftwaffe unit histories by Dr. Jochen Prien: JG 1/11, volumes 1-3 and JG 77, volumes 1-4.

Barbas, Bernd. Aircraft of the Luftwaffe Fighter Aces. Volumes 1 and 2.

Rosch, Barry. Luftwaffe Codes, Markings, and Units, 1939-1945.

18 March 1996

History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II:


University of Alaska Press
18 March 1996

U of Alaska Press has reprinted The Thousand-Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians by Brian Garfield in a revised and expanded edition which is now available in paperback and hardcover. See our Publisher Directory for details.

Ship losses
17 March 1996

Several recent threads on various Lists and Newsgroups about shipping losses in World War II prompted me to assemble these resources for further investigation. The titles below, taken together, give a fairly comprehensive account of ships sunk, but of course there is no single "magic bullet" book containing the specifics for every vessel that went down. Thus, these books tend to complement each other with relatively little overlap since they mostly approach the subject from different perspectives.


New Arrival
16 March 1996

Cassells, Vic. For Those in Peril.... Kenthurst: Kangaroo Press, 1995.


Scholar's Bookshelf
12 March 1996

The Spring History catalog appeared in my mailbox today. Of 87 pages, three and a half are devoted to World War II, containing about 70 titles. Of note:

D'Este. A Genius for War.

Morison. History of United States Naval Operations. Available individually or as the complete set of 15 volumes.

Reinhardt. Moscow: The Turning Point. "The Failure of Hitler's Strategy in the Winter of 1941-42."

Website for Battery Press
10 March 1996

Battery Press -- respected publisher of reprints of hard-to-find official histories and unit histories of World War I, World War II, and other wars -- has completed construction of its new website. Battery presents its inventory, makes online ordering available, and offers several pre-publication discounts on forthcoming titles (such as Ellis' The War in France and Flanders, originally from HMSO).

The new Battery website is just a click away. Tell them you heard about it here.

History Book Club
10 March 1996

An interesting selection for April:

Marr, David G. Vietnam 1945: The Quest for Power. University of California Press, 1996. The collision of France, Japan, America, Britain, China, and the Vietnamese in the last year of World War II.

New arrival
10 March 1996

Pearson, Ross A. Australians at War in the Air, 1939-1945, volume 2. Kenthurst, NSW: Kangaroo Press, 1995.


Military Book Club
10 March 1996

One World War II selection for April:

Editors of Command Magazine. Hitler's Army: The Evolution and Structure of German Forces, 1933-1945.

10 March 1996

Supplement F, dated March/April 1996, from Jerboa-Redcap Books arrived yesterday with six pages of new and used titles. Jerboa specializes in British military history imports and covers air, land, and sea campaigns of all eras. The current update includes several regimental histories.

On the Web
7 March 1996

J.J. Fedorowicz, a Canadian publisher of World War II titles specializing in the German armed forces, joins us on the Web. You can email them at or visit their new website. Tell them you learned about their webpage from Stone & Stone.

New arrival
6 March 1996

Macdonald, Patrick. Through Darkness to Light. Upton-upon-Severn: Images Publishing (Malvern) Ltd, 1994.


Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller
5 March 1996

Hamilton's "Bargain Books" catalog dated 23 February 1996 is now available.

From Ferdinando D'Amico
5 March 1996

Mr. D'Amico, visiting this site from Italy, sends along word about his new title:

Beale, N.; F. D'Amico; and G. Valentini. Air War Italy.

This book tells the previously untold story of the Luftwaffe and their allies, the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana, from the liberation of Rome to the Axis surrender in Italy. In the face of Anglo-American air supremacy, crippling fuel shortages and mutual mistrust, these two air forces struggled to impede the Allied advance up the Italian peninsula.

"Air War Italy" draws on the archives of Britain, Italy, Germany, the USA and Canada as well as recollections, diaries and logbooks of participants on both sides. It is probably the first book about any World War II air campaign to use radio intercept data and ULTRA decrypts so extensively, permitting the reconstruction of a highly detailed diary of German and Italian air operations day-by-day.

The book covers not only fighter combats, but includes a mass of previously unpublished information on harassment missions by moonlight; freelance nightfighters; an Italian torpedo attack on Gibraltar; clandestine agent-dropping flights; the radar-controlled bombing of a British HQ; and the arrival of German jets in Italy. There is new material on camouflage and markings, about 150 photographs and over 30 colour profiles plus maps, airfield maps and orders of battle.

Mr. D'Amico also promises to keep us apprised of upcoming projects.

Montgomery Statue
5 March 1996

A few days after D-Day (June 6, 1944), General Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, Commander-in-Chief, Twenty-First Army Group, visited the Queen Red sector of SWORD beach. Though every sector on every invasion beach was the most important one to each man who had to land there, tactically speaking, Queen Red was the most crucial sector of them all. Being the easternmost sector, it was closest to the threat of massive German armoured reinforcements rushing to the invasion area from the Pas de Calais, where their Fifteenth Army was waiting for the main invasion attempt. However, the deception tactics of the Allies worked so well that no reinforcements were sent to Normandy from Fifteenth Army, but early in the battle for Normandy there was no assurance of this.

It was from Queen Red that Lord Lovat's Commandos made their dash inland, through Colleville- sur-Orne, with orders to take Ouistreham from the rear. Then they had to link up with the British 6th Airborne Division troops which, before dawn on D-Day, had captured the bridges, unblown, over the River Orne (Horsa) and the Caen Canal (Pegasus), and silenced, temporarily, the German guns at Merville that later shelled Queen Red. It was also from this sector that many of the British infantry assault troops made their valiant but unsuccessful attempt to capture Caen on D-Day.

Much of all this activity went through the little village of Colleville-sur-Orne, a mile or so inland from the invasion beach on the road to Caen. It was natural, therefore, that General Montgomery should visit it. There he was met by Alphonse Lenauld, the Mayor of the village. According to M. Lenauld's written memoir, translated from his French: "I immediately expressed to the General the thanks of all of us for having liberated us and I assured the Commander-in-Chief of our appreciation of him and his wonderful troops who had fought their way ashore so gallantly. Thus, I believe, I was the first Mayor of France to shake his hand."

Soon after, on September 30, 1944, M. Lenauld used the authority of his position to pass the following Deliberation of the Municipal Council: Whereas Colleville-sur-Orne is at a greater distance from the River Orne than from the sea, and whereas its territory borders the sea and does not even touch the River Orne, the Municipal Council declares that, in order to commemorate the Allies landing on their territory and to pay homage to the English Commander-in-Chief who so brilliantly directed the operations, the present name of Colleville-sur-Orne is to be changed to Colleville-Montgomery.

When, more than fifty years later, it was brought to the attention of Madame Suzanne Lenauld, the daughter-in-law of the former Mayor, that in all Normandy there is no memorial to the Liberator of Normandy, she immediately enlisted the enthusiastic support of M. Guy Legrand, the present Mayor of Colleville-Montgomery, and his Municipal Council, to put up a statue in the village to honor its namesake.

This, therefore, is the purpose of this appeal for funds: To help Colleville-Montgomery raise a life-size statue of "Montee" as a mark of their gratitude. All contributions will be recorded in a Book of Gratitude that will be kept for public perusal at the site of the monument in Colleville-Montgomery.

Please make out checks or Money Orders to FIELD MARSHAL MONTGOMERY MEMORIAL FUND and send them to:

Tom Bates
120 Hillcrest Road
Berkeley, CA 94705-2809

Phone: 510-658-5461
Fax: 510-655-6685

Disclaimer: While Mr. Bates and I have mutual friends and acquaintances, I am not involved in this project. Visitors to this website may wish to contact Mr. Bates, a World War II veteran of the British Army who translated Jean Brisset's The Charge of the Bull into English, before contributing to the Memorial Fund.

Coming this month
1 March 1996

Torpedo Junction, a new mail-order bookseller located just over the hill from Stone & Stone and specializing in used books about -- what else? -- submarines will be mailing its Spring 1996 catalog this month and also unveiling a new website to showcase its stock. Watch this page for details.

World War II Books web pages
1 March 1996

The online mail order catalog for World War II Books has been updated with four new lists for March containing up-to-date stock and price information: Armies (split alphabetically into two sections: A-L and M-Z), Intelligence, and Navies & Submarines; this amounts to over 1500 WWII titles. As always, all of Graham's catalogs, comprising more than 6500 WWII titles, are available by email or in print form by mail. Check the website for details.


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