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   News archives page

Book search service
27 February 1996

Maureen Olrod has launched All Wars Booksearch (especially for WWII titles) and promises to find just about anything you might need. Send her your want lists via email.

Greenwood update
27 February 1996

Greenwood's automated email update service brings news of a couple of new releases:

Erickson, John and Ljubica Erickson. The Soviet Armed Forces, 1918-1922: A Research Guide to Soviet Sources. Due right now. The compact guide to essestial sources.

Le Tissier, Tony. Zhukov at the Oder: The Decisive Battle for Berlin. Also being released right now.

From the War Room
27 February 1996

The War Room has mailed its catalog #26 with over 700 World War II titles.

Opinion survey
27 February 1996

Author J. E. Kaufmann is preparing for his next World War II project and is interested in obtaining opinions concerning his approach to the new book. If you would like to help him out by answering a few questions, contact him via email.

Peter L. Jackson Military Books
23 February 1996

More great stuff. Mr Jackson is putting out only this one catalog for 1996, and he has made it a lovely one with over 500 WWII titles. He is based in Toronto and consequently emphasizes Canadian material that is tough to find most other places. In addition to the usual assortment of books (including British, Australian, and South African official histories), catalog #49 features a variety of Canadian official histories, all five volumes of the "Maple Leaf Route" series, and a large number of Canadian regimental histories.

Q. M. Dabney & Co., Inc. Booksellers
23 February 1996

Another blockbuster from Dabney. Eighty pages of old, used, rare, and out-of-print books on World War II, and World War II alone. (This excludes WWII aviation books, which are carried in a separate Dabney catalog.) It takes me as long to read these catalogs as it takes to read some serious histories. Catching my eye:

Craven, Wesley Frank. The Army Air Forces in World War II. Complete set of seven volumes.

Roskill, S. W. The War at Sea, 1939-1945. Complete set of four volumes.

Joslen, H. F. Orders of Battle. Definitely in the Top Ten for WWII research, and very hard to find.

Many US divisional histories.

As usual, there are so many good ones here that it's tough to pick the most outstanding titles. Check it out yourself.

23 February 1996

The Spring 1996 catalog from Brassey's Books with a few dozen World War II numbers. Of interest:

Routledge, N. W. History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, volume IV: Anti-aircraft artillery, 1914-55.

Bond, Brian. Britain, France, and Belgium.

David, Saul. Churchill's Sacrifice of the Highland Division.

Coming in March/April:

Jackson, General Sir William. Britain's Triumph and Decline in the Middle East: Military Campaigns 1919 to the Present Day.

Battery Press
22 February 1996

Battery's latest booklist, dated April 1996, details an excellent assortment of reprinted titles. Among them: all five volumes of the USMC official history; six volumes of the British official history series; four USMC divisional histories; and more than 30 US Army divisional histories.

Some collectors prefer first editions. For those of us who can't afford the going rate on those originals, these very nicely done reprints are just the ticket.

Coming attractions
22 February 1996

Pearson, Ross A. Australians at War in the Air, 1939-1945. Kangaroo Press.

Personal recollections from the men of the Royal Australian Air Force. Two volumes. Volume one covers Bomber Command; volume two covers Coastal Command and Fleet Air Arm. Both volumes due in April.

Banks, Arthur. Wings of the Dawning: The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1939-1945. Images Publishing.

Allied air and naval operations against Axis incursions into the Indian Ocean. Due in July.

New Arrival
22 February 1996

Cull, Brian and Bruce Lander with Heinrich Weiss. Twelve Days in May: The Air Battle for Northern France and the Low Countires, 10-21 May 1940, as Seen through the Eyes of the Fighter Pilots Involved. London: Grub Street, 1995.


Old Army Books
22 February 1996

Catalog #58 arrived today from Old Army Books. Slightly over 200 WWII listings, plus an Aviation section of 60 or so which includes some WWII books. A sample of Bruce's offerings:

U.S. Army. Report of Operations: The Seventh United States Army in France and Germany, 1944-1945. Three volumes. Stuttgart: Aloys Graf, c1946. 1st ed, 1064 pp, good cond, illus, maps, faded spot on front covers of 2 volumes. Three volume set covering 7th Army operations in France and Germany, 1944-1945. 82 three color folding maps.

21 February 1996

If the Stone & Stone database of 4000 books about the Second World War isn't sufficient for you, MELVYL is always available.

MELVYL is the University of California library system's online database connecting all the UC campuses and containing some staggering number of titles. For "World War 1939-1945" alone the index brings up well over 30,000 listings. Although built for and run by UC, MELVYL is available to anyone with a web browser and/or telnet application.

To access MELVYL, there are a number of web pages which will invoke a telnet connection for you. You can try UCLA's access page, or you can find many other entry points by running any web search engine with the keyword MELVYL. Keep in mind that you will need a telnet app to make the connection, and once connected you are in the land of the command-line-interface, so you'll need to pay some attention to the rules of the road.

Still, with a little patience and practice you have a huge library database at your fingertips and can retrieve enormous amounts of information about books. MELVYL is actually very easy to use once you get the hang of it, and you can search by author, title, subject, and a variety of other options, most of which can be used in combination.

Before long you'll be an expert and will want to try some of the cooler advanced features. Two I especially like:

  • When running a search that will turn up an especially large number of books, rather than slowly scrolling through the citations online, use the MAIL TO command to have MELVYL deliver the search results to your email inbox so you can browse through them at your leisure while you're offline.

  • If you have a topic you want to stay current with -- say "World War 1939-1945" just as a random example -- you can use the UPDATE command to instruct MELVYL to email you weekly with a complete list of books in your area of interest which have been added to the catalog.

    As far as I'm concerned, MELVYL is one of the best destinations on the information superhighway. In fact, it's right up there with Stone & Stone's Second World War Books.

    New arrival
    19 February 1996

    Franks, Norman. Search, Find and Kill: The RAF's U-Boat Successes in World War Two. London: Grub Street, 1995.


    Battery Press takes the plunge
    19 February 1996

    Welcome Battery Press -- publisher of excellent reprints such as US Army WWII divisional histories, the official US Marine Corps series, and the British official history of WWII series -- to the Internet. Battery can now be reached by email at (Let's see. That's Battery Press, Benicia Books, and Articles of War in just over a week. Anyone else detecting a trend here?)

    George at Battery politely points out that I managed to butcher their usmail address. It should be Battery Press, P.O. Box 198885, Nashville, TN 37219, and I think I have fixed it now on the Publishers page.

    New arrival
    18 February 1996

    Harris, Sir Arthur T. Despatch on War Operations, 23rd February, 1942 to 8th May, 1945 . London: Frank Cass, 1995.


    Eric Hammel
    18 February 1996

    Eric Hammel of Pacifica Press -- author of Air War Europa, the Guadalcanal trilogy, Aces Against Japan, and many more -- will in May begin selling his latest title, Aces Against Japan II.

    Pacifica Press can be reached via email, through its website, or at its new 800 number: (800) 453-3152.

    Al Nofi
    18 February 1996

    Al Nofi -- editor of The War Against Hitler and co-author of Dirty Little Secrets of World War II, etc -- reports that:

    "Jim Dunnigan and I are currently working on an Encyclopaedia of the Pacific War, which will come in at about 350,000 words, in two volumes.

    "Lots of good stuff. Along with the traditional type material there will be a lot of unusual stuff (like who else was 'relocated' besides the Japanese-Americans, which divisions suffered the highest casualties, etc.)."

    Due from Facts on File at the end of 1996 or early in '97.

    Military Book Club
    17 February 1996

    Featured selections for March 1996:

    Wheeler, Richard. Iwo.

    Masters, Charles J. Glidermen of Neptune. Gliders in Normandy.

    Forty, George. World War Two Tanks

    Parkin, Robert Sinclair. Blood on the Sea: American Destroyers Lost in World War II.

    Benicia plugs in
    17 February 1996

    Michael Merrill of Benicia Books, formerly of Benicia, California but nowadays up in the wilds of Washington, sends word through the ether that he is now wired into the worldwide circuitry that binds us together. Send him a greeting at and tell him it's about time to update his online inventory.

    New Arrival
    15 February 1996

    Goulter, Christina J. M. A Forgotten Offensive: Royal Air Force Coastal Command's Anti-Shipping Campaign, 1940-1945. London: Frank Cass, 1995.


    A good new one: D. Golemon
    13 February 1996

    We're always pleased to discover great new sources of books about WWII, and that's just what happened today when the Fall 1995 catalog arrived from Dave Golemon with over 300 listings for "recent and out-of-print military books", very heavy on the Second World War.

    Dave, headquartered in Dallas, has some very nice books and some very reasonable prices. I liked the looks of these while glancing through:

    Allen, Louis. Burma: The Longest War, 1941-45.

    Brewer, James. The Hump. Pictures and biographies of China-Burma-India vets.

    Whitman, John W. Bataan: Our Last Ditch.

    Use the contact information in our Dealer Listing to get in touch with Golemon and have a look at his list.

    Jerboa-Redcap Books
    13 February 1996

    Jerboa's supplement E, dated February 1996, arrived today with six pages of "out of print and/or first edition" books divided into naval, military, and aviation sections.

    Jerboa also sends word of its attendance at two upcoming shows:

    Valley Forge Military Book & Paper Fair, Phoenixville PA, 2-3 March 1996.

    The Historical Miniature Show, Somerset NJ, 29-30 March 1996.

    13 February 1996

    The post-Christmas lull is definitely over. Paul Kisselburg checks in with catalog #19: it's a dandy with 704 World War II listings. A few caught my eye, but there are plenty more where these came from:

    Blair, Clay. Silent Victory: The U.S. Submarine War against Japan.

    Friedrich, Mattern. UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapons? Well, it caught my eye, but it's probably the only title in the whole catalog I don't think I need in my collection.

    US Navy. United States Submarine Losses: World War II.

    In addition to his usual strong inventory of used books, Paul has added the complete line of WWII volumes from Schiffer Publishing; these are new books and are offered at a 20% discount.

    New Arrival
    12 February 1996

    Kirby, S. Woodburn. The War Against Japan, volume III: The Decisive Battles. London: HMSO, 1961.


    Eastern Front/Warfield
    11 February 1996

    Update #8 (dated February 1996) to the main Eastern Front/Warfield catalog runs eight pages and includes their usual mix of new and used WWII books with an emphasis on German WWII titles and the Russo-German War in particular.

    These guys are always very good at keeping their customers apprised of upcoming releases. Some of those mentioned this time around:

    Hinze. Ostfront Drama 1944. Destruction of Army Group Center.

    Maclean. Quiet Flows the Rhine. Study of German General officer casualties.

    Angolia. Uniforms and Traditions of the Luftwaffe. Two volumes for all you fashion freaks.

    In this Update, Richard Warfield and his colleagues also present their annual list of the fifteen best WWII titles released in the preceding year. An interesting list, it gives a good snapshot of EF/W's area of specialization. "All of these items are still available and in stock."

    Welcome to the Web
    11 February 1996

    Articles of War in Skokie, Illinois (whose catalog #68 arrived just a few days ago; see below) has joined us in the second half of the last decade of the Twentieth Century. You may now contact them by email at

    Hamilton Bargain Books
    11 February 1996

    The 26 January 1996 catalog arrives with a handful of WWII titles, but definitely some notable ones at notable prices.

    Maurer, Maurer. Air Force Combat Units of World War II.

    Sherrod, Robert. History of Marine Corps Aviation in World War II.

    Molony, C. J. C. The Mediterranean and Middle East, volume V.

    Burdick, Charles and Hans-Adolf Jacobsen (eds). The Halder War Diary, 1939-1942.

    Battle Books
    11 February 1996

    From Battle Books in Gaithersburg, Maryland comes catalog #3. This is a relatively new outfit with a clean little booklet presenting some 200 mixed military titles. A couple that caught my eye:

    Sherrod, Robert. History of Marine Corps Aviation in World War II.

    Fuller, Richard. Shokan Hirohito's Samurai: Leaders of the Japanese Armed Forces, 1926-1945.

    Articles of War
    5 February 1996

    Not having seen anything from Articles of War, one of my favorites, in many moons, I was pleased to find in my mailbox today their catalog #68 of military history. Unlike their 8.5"x11" speciality lists, this 5.5"x8.5" booklet covers the full range of military topics and does not include used books.

    Catalog #68 includes sections for World War II Allies; World War II Axis; Unit Histories; AFVs & Weapons; Naval; Aviation; and Uniforms.

    Among titles of particular interest:

    various Order of Battle in WWII books from Nafziger.

    Hughes. History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, volume 3: Between the Wars, 1919-1939.

    Routledge. History of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, volume 4: Anti-Aircraft Artillery, 1914-1955.

    War with Japan. The new four-volume study from HMSO.

    Note that the area code for phoning Articles of War has now changed from 708 to 847.

    World War II Books web pages
    3 February 1996

    The online mail order catalog for World War II Books has been updated with four new lists for February containing up-to-date stock and price information: HMSO and US Official Histories, Espionage, Regimental Histories, and Biographies & Autobiographies. As always, all of their catalogs, comprising over 6500 titles, are available by email or in print form by mail. Check the website for details.

    Forthcoming from Praeger
    3 February 1996

    Kaufmann, J. E. and H. W. Kaufmann. The Sleeping Giant: American Armed Forces Between the Wars

    One of the few comprehensive studies of the interwar period in American military history, this book examines the trials and tribulations of U.S. armed forces between the wars, the machinations of politicans intent on saving money at the cost of national security and the strategems of military leaders intent on saving the U.S. military machine from extinction. The student of military history will be struck by the similarities between the inter-war period and the post-Cold War era and will find the original maps and diagrams of special interest. This work sheds light on a little-known period of American military history and exposes the lack of preparedness of American Amred Forces on the eve of World War II.

    Contents: Illustrations; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Setting the Stage; American Military in Decline in the 1920s; Birth of American AIr Power; Maneuvers and Strategy in the 1920s; The Great Depressoin and Turning the Tide; Maneuvers: 1929-1932; The Prime Mission: Defending Frontiers; The Army in the 1930s; Rebulding the Navy in the 1930s; Development of Air Power and Doctrine; America's Defenses and Defenders in the 1930s; Shaping the Armed Forces in the FDR Era; The Road to War; Awaken the Giant: 1939-1941; America's Outer Perimeter and Plans; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.

    Authors J. E. Kaufmann and H. W. Kaufmann have done research at American and foreign archives on military subjects including the French Campaign of 1940 and the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in 1935. In 1993 they published Hitler's Blitzkrieg Campaigns.

    Price: $55.00
    Binding: Cloth
    ISBN: 0-275-95256-8
    Publication Date: 06/30/96

    Hamilton Super Store
    3 February 1996

    Hamilton's 19 January catalog offers a good selection of World War II books -- some very nice titles here, and these are new, not used -- at discounted prices.

    NOVA Publications
    3 February 1996

    NOVA has added several new titles to its growing collection of military-related reports. Check out the NOVA website.


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