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   News archives page

Upgrading the bibliography
28 December 1995

In response to numerous requests for specifc information on purchasing books listed in the bibliography, we have, after much consideration, revised our presentation of information. Each title now includes a summary of recent offerings: booksellers, dates offered, and prices. We hope this enhanced bibliographic information will serve the dual purposes of assisting readers, researchers, and collectors in locating and acquiring books, and also helping publishers and booksellers increase their sales.

The following points should be kept in mind when reviewing the price listings:

  • We review every catalog received and add information to our database for every title deemed to be suitable for our bibliography. However, we have been known to miss a title or two.

  • Similarly, because the data entry is done manually, errors will sometimes creep into the lists. We try hard, but can't guarantee 100% accuracy in the prices.

  • Prices are usually shown in US dollars. In the past, some prices in other currencies were converted into dollars, but we are now retaining the original currency without converting.

  • Prices are generally rounded to the nearest dollar.

  • Books often go through multiple editions, but our database shows only one publisher and date of publication (generally, but not always, the original edition). Some (or all) of the prices quoted for a title may be for an edition other than the one shown.

  • Price quotes can fluctuate wildly depending on factors such as edition, binding, and condition. Realize that the prices for a single title are not always apples-to-apples comparisons.

  • Finally, remember that these books come and go and that prices change. Just because a title is available today from a given bookseller at a given price, don't rely on its availablity tomorrow at the same bookseller or the same price.

    New arrival
    27 December 1995

    Salmond, J. B. The History of the 51st Highland Division. Edinburgh: Pentland Press, 1994.


    NOVA goes online
    26 December 1995

    We're pleased to announce that the extensive catalog of books from NOVA Publications--classic works by R. E. Dupuy and Trevor N. Dupuy, a wide assortment of Department of Defense reports and studies, plus a variety of other interesting works--is now available online, hosted by Stone & Stone. This collection is largely related to, but by no means limited to, the Second World War. Surf over and have a look.

    Last minute gift suggestions
    21 December 1995

    Is it too late to make sure your significant other is supplying you with all your holiday needs? If not, circle your favorites on Eastern Front/Warfield's last-minute mailing.

    Fritz. Frontsoldaten: The German Soldier in World War II. In stock.

    LeTissier. Zhukov at the Oder. Now accepting advance orders.

    Glantz. When Titans Clashed. In stock.

    Wieder. Stalingrad: Memories and Reassessments. In stock.

    Agte. Michael Wittman and the Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte. Due in late January/February.

    Kurowski. Luftwaffe Aces. Due in late January/February.

    New arrival
    18 December 1995

    Pergrin, Colonel David E. with Eric Hammel. First Across the Rhine: The Story of the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion. New York: Atheneum, 1989.


    Old Army
    16 December 1995

    There is a heavy World War II presence in catalog #57 from "Old Army" Books in Lexington, Kentucky, with 320 of 530 titles falling into that category. Some of the books that stand out:

    Burhans, LtCol Robert D. The First Special Service Force: A War History of the North Americans, 1942-1944.

    Carell, Paul. Hitler Moves East and Scorched Earth. Both first editions.

    Rutherfoord, William. 165 Days: A Story of the 25th Division on Luzon.

    Q. M. Dabney
    15 December 1995

    Shortly after the massive Dabney #441 (general military history), Dabney's catalog #449 arrived today. This is a very unusual catalog for Dabney, a combined listing for WWII and general military with 15 pages of the former. Among the notable titles:

    Marshall Cavendish History of the Second World War in 128 parts.

    La 2e Division Blindee General Leclerc, Combattants et Combat en France.

    Tanaka, Chester. Go for Broke. The Japanese-American 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

    Roskill, Stephen W. The War at Sea. Complete set of four volumes.

    XX Corps. The Assault Crossing of the Rhine and into Germany, 27 March - 17 April 1945 and Uncovering the Siegfried Line and the Drive through the Palatinate, 13 March - 25 March 1945.

    Battlefield Books
    14 December 1995

    Catalogue #6 from Battlefield in Brewster, New York lists more than 400 general military books with a high percentage of World War II.

    Dabney Military History
    13 December 1995

    Dabney's catalog #441 contains 232 pages of military history books. While for the most part exclusive of the Second World War, there are nonetheless some useful titles concerning WWII.

    Access problems
    12 December 1995

    Due to hardware difficulties at our ISP, Sonic.Net, access to these pages has suffered intermittent failures for a week or more.

    In addition, on Monday, 11 December, the first big winter storm of the season (that's high wind and heavy rain in this part of the world) blew in and took out power and phone service all over the San Francisco Bay area. While Sonic itself remained online for local users, all inbound and outbound links were severed, making these pages completely inaccessible for the rest of the Net for approximately 18 hours.

    Please accept my apologies and those of Sonic for any inconvenience these outages may have caused.

    On another topic, for those of you who have inquired about my ankle (broken in a recent fall), the original cast came off yesterday, I'm learning to walk again, and I hope to be back to full speed in about 6 weeks.

    From Canada
    9 December 1995

    J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing sends along its November newsletter, filled with interesting chat about recent and upcoming releases.

    Due in December: History of Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland vol 2, History of the 7th SS Mountain Division Prinz Eugen, and The Western Front 1944: Memoirs of a Panzer Lehr Officer.

    Due in January: Michael Wittman and the Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte by Agte and Luftwaffe Aces by Kurowski.

    For March/April: Ostfront Drama 1944 (German recovery after destruction of Army Group Center) and Quiet Flows the Rhine (study of German general officer casualties).

    In addition to its publishing arm, Fedorowicz also sells books from other publishers through its Tiger Hobbies identity.

    The War Room
    9 December 1995

    Last-minute Christmas shoppers, take note of catalog #25 from The War Room. This is another "WWII only" dealer with more than 700 titles this time around.

    From across the Atlantic
    9 December 1995

    Catalog(ue) #20 from "Military Books from Michael Bartlett" covers some 300 WWII titles with many HMSO including some very interesting, seldom seen (at least on this side of the Atlantic) British training manuals. Also, you Ox and Bucks reenactors won't want to miss the special section entitled "A Collection of Books and Ephemera Related to the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry".

    9 December 1995

    The "Bargain Books" catalog dated 1 December. Little change.

    8 December 1995

    The ever-efficient Mr. Paul Kisselburg of Stillwater, Minnesota proceduces another tidy catalog, this #18 with more than 700 listings for World War II titles. Always good inventory and always easy on the eyes. No particular stand-outs come to mind this time, but a very solid catalog with many good books at competitive prices.

    Military Book Club
    8 December 1995

    Selections for January:

    McRaven, William H. Spec Ops. Six of eight missions are from the Big One: Eben Emael, Italians at Alexandria in 1941, Saint Nazaire, rescue of Mussolini, attack on the Tirpitz, and Cabanatuan.

    Whitley, M. J. Cruisers of World War Two: An International Encyclopedia.

    Hawkins, Ian. B-17s over Berlin: Personal Stories from the 95th Bomb Group (H).

    Geust, Carl-Fredrik. Under the Red Star: Luftwaffe Aircraft in the Soviet Airforce.

    From Grub Street
    7 December 1995

    Grub Street's 1995/6 catalog features some excellent books with a heavy accent on aviation. Two newly published works:

    Franks, Norman. Search, Find and Kill: Coastal Command's U-Boat Successes in World War Two. Originally published in 1990, this reprint covers Coastal Command operations with detailed information for each of over 220 German and Italian submarines sunk.

    Shores, Christopher. Dust Clouds in the Middle East. The latest in Shores' library of airwar titles: East Africa, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Madagascar, 1940-42. Note that many of his earlier titles remain available through Grub Street: Bloody Shambles volumes 1 and 2 (Southeast Asia, 1941-42), Fledgling Eagles (Western Europe and Scandinavia, 1939-1940), Malta: The Spitfire Year, and Air War for Yugoslavia, Greece and Crete 1940-41. See contact information on our Publisher Listing.

    6 December 1995

    The "Reduced-Bargains-Closeouts" catalog, newly here today, spreads WWII titles across three separate sections with a goodly number of books inexpensively priced. For example:

    Baxter, Colin F. The Normandy Campaign, 1944: A Selected Bibliography.

    Axworthy, Mark et al. Third Axis Fourth Ally: Romanian Armed Forces in the European War, 1941-1945.

    Glover, Michael. The Improvised War. (Italian East Africa, 1941-1942)

    Edward R. Hamilton
    4 December 1995

    The "Bargain Books Supplement" from Edward R. Hamilton, dated 17 November, contains a scant few WWII titles, but some very good prices. In addition to the "World Wars" section, be sure to look at "Military History" and the clearance sections.


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