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   News archives page

New arrival
29 November 1995

Fry, Garry L. Eagles of Duxford. St Paul, MN: Phalanx Publishing Co, 1991.


Jerboa update
29 November 1995

Supplement "C" to Jerboa-Recap's current catalog runs to six pages of military, naval, and aviation books from the UK. The list includes about 20 of the Famous Regiment series, Taranto 1940 by A. J. Smithers, and a selection of titles with reduced "Christmas Special" prices.

The Military Bookman
28 November 1995

Another major player weighs in with its pre-Christmas catalog, "Winter 1995". Military Bookman catalogs rotate subject matter so that some are considerably heavier on WWII materials than others; this catalog of 64 densely-packed pages is the best in quite awhile. From the authentic OKH collection of intelligence materials on the Soviet Union (I usually avoid mentioning prices here, but at $7500.00 I'll make an exception) to inexpensive book club editions of WWII best-sellers, Military Bookman has it all. Just from the first four pages:

OKH. Militargeographischen Angaben Russland. Berlin: 1940 forward.

Gibbs, N. H., et al. Grand Strategy. British official history of 6 volumes in 7 books.

Harris, Sir Arthur. Bomber Offensive. Autographed presentation copy.

Hinsley, F. H., et al. British Intelligence in the Second World War. British official history of 5 volumes in 6 books.

Woodward, Llewellyn. British Foreign Policy in the Second World War. British official history in 5 volumes.

Dabney Aviation
28 November 1995

Q. M. Dabney & Company's Aviation History catalog #445, separate from their World War II catalog, arrived with 64 pages of books, much on WWII. This is a huge, excellent selection with enough desirable titles to break anyone's budget. Two titles (among many) I still desire:

Rawlings, J. D. R. Fighter Squadrons of the R.A.F. and Their Aircraft. London: Macdonald, 1976.

Moyes, Philip J. R. Bomber Squadrons of the R.A.F. and Their Aircraft. London: Macdonald, 1976.

History Book Club
28 November 1995

Alternate selection for December:

Over Lord: General Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World War II by Thomas Alexander Hughes.

Frank Cass Publishers
28 November 1995

Quite an excellent catalog from Frank Cass, along with announcements of new releases, arrived today. Very academically oriented, with a substantial military/WWII presence. Of special note: Harris, Sir Arthur T. Despatch on War Operations, 23 February 1942 - 8 May 1945: the previously classified account of Bomber Command operations by "Bomber" Harris himself. (Not to be confused with his autobiography.)

New arrival
27 November 1995

D'Este, Carlo. Patton: A Genius for War. New York: HarperCollins, 1995.


New pages open
21 November 1995

Although the task of cataloging the growing (currently 3200+) bibliography has barely begun, we have now opened new pages containing the listings arranged by subject. As the number of cataloged titles increases, these new pages should assist readers, researchers, and collectors in finding sources for specific information. Also, be sure to let us know if you have any narrower subjects for which you would like references. Meanwhile, the cataloging continues.

T. Cadman catalog
21 November 1995

Catalog #23 from T. Cadman arrived today with eleven pages of military books, mostly World War II. Of note:

Hamilton, Nigel. Monty. (3 volume set.)

Toliver and Constable. Fighter General: The Life of Adolf Galland. (Autographed by Galland.)

McInnis, Edgar. The War. (Six volume chronological set from Oxford University Press.)

News from South Africa
20 November 1995

Clarke's Bookshop, a general interest bookseller in Cape Town, sends along catalog #93, a separate listing of titles concerning South African participation in World War II, and news that they are in the process of completing their new web pages. Good prices on South African official histories and others.

Agar-Hamilton, J. A. I. and L. C. F. Turner. The Sidi Rezeg Battles, 1941.

Bagshawe, P. Warriors of the Sky.

Brown, J. Amrbose. A Gathering of Eagles.

Harris, Captain C. J.. War at Sea.

Kros, J. War in Italy.

Kramer catalog
18 November 1995

Sidney Kramer Books Winter 1995 Military History catalog arrived today with about 75 WWII titles. Some of the stand-outs:

Lowry, Thomas and John Wellham. The Attack on Taranto: Blueprint for Pearl Harbor.

Skorzeny, Otto. My Commando Operation: The Memoirs of Hitler's Most Daring Commando.

Kiriakopoulos, G. C. The Nazi Occupation of Crete, 1941-1945.

Military Book Club, Winter 1996
18 November 1995

Featured selection for the holidays:

Bonn, Keith E. When the Odds Were Even.

Naval Institute Press
18 November 1995

Holiday 1995: catalogs decorated for the holidays continue to arrive. The usual assortment of high-quality naval titles, with some excellent WWII items. New and forthcoming:

Hendrie, Andrew. Flying Cats: The Catalina Aircraft in World War II. Back in print.

Boyd, Carl and Akihiko Yoshida. The Japanese Submarine Force and World War II.

Leasor, James. Boarding Party: The Last Action of the Calcutta Light Horse.

Oxford University Press
18 November 1995

Finally available after all these years: Germany and the Second World War, volume III: The Mediterranean, South-East Europe, and North Africa, 1939-1941 by Gerhard Schreiber, Bernd Syegemann, and Detlef Vogel.

Eastern Front/Warfield Books update #7
18 November 1995

The November update runs eight pages with approximately 250 new and used titles focusing on Germany and the eastern front. Among the new listings of note:

Munoz, Antonio. Axis Forces in Yugoslavia: Slovenian Volunteers, volume one.

Le Tissier, Tony. Zhukov at the Oder: The Decisive Battle for Berlin. (Due in February 1996.)

Beale and d'Amico. Air War Italy 1944-45: The Axis Forces from the Liberation of Rome to the Surrender. (Delayed until December.)

Coming from Presidio
16 November 1995

Due in January from Presidio Press: No Bended Knee: The Battle for Guadalcanal by General Merrill B. Twining, USMC (Ret). General Twining was G-3 for 1st Marine Division during the campaign.

The Scholar's Bookshelf
16 November 1995

The Fall "History" catalog, as opposed to "Military History", arrived today with 50 or 60 World War II titles. Among the first-time offerings:

Hinsley, Sir Harry. British Intelligence in the Second World War. One-volume abridgement of the lovely six-volume set from HMSO.

Ponting, Clive. Armageddon. General WWII history.

Schaffer, Ronald. Wings of Judgment. American bombing effort.

Hsiung, James C. and Steven I. Levine. China's Bitter Victory. The War with Japan, 1937-1945.

Scholar's also extends a 10% discount "for those of our valued customers who have not ordered recently."

Adjust your bookmarks
16 November 1995

We are pleased to announce that Graham Palmer has relocated the website for World War II Books to our local server and that Stone & Stone has been retained to maintain and upgrade the site. World War II Books offers one of the largest and most complete mail order collections of new and used titles, so be sure to have a look at the new site.

Graham will be rotating his WWII lists monthly. The lists initially available include "Armies M-Z", "HMSO and US Official Histories", "Regimental Histories", and "Intelligence". All lists are available from World War II Books through the website as printed matter, text files attached to email, and compressed, self-extracting text files attached to email.

Other publishers and mail order booksellers who desire more information about expanding their presence on the Web should contact Stone & Stone.

News from Military Press International
15 November 1995

The first volume of the Regiments of the British Army, 1939-1945 series, "Armoured and Infantry", has proved to be a handy reference with its chronological presentation of all the British battalions in the war. Military Press International informs us that the second volume, "Artillery", is now available. In preparation:

Divisions of the British Army, 1939-1945. A companion to the "Regiments" series.

Blitz Assault: Through Fire and Water. German assault engineers in Poland, France, and the Low Countries, 1939-1940.

The publisher does not sell directly to the public, so check our "Dealers" page for mail order booksellers who can provide these.

Against the Panzers
15 November 1995

NOVA Publications informs us of the delay of Against the Panzers: US Infantry vs German Tanks, 1944-45 by Jay Karamales and Allyn R. Vannoy. Originally scheduled for August, the new publication date is set for "early 1996". Against the Panzers is a "collection of vignettes examining antitank warfare from the perspective of the GI in the foxhole and the panzer commander in the Tiger cupola.... Contains over 40 maps and diagrams which explain the action to the lowest level of detail."

New to us: The Military History Bookshop
14 November 1995

Just when you think you know all the major mail order sources, along comes one that makes you wonder how you could have missed it.

In this case, The Military Bookshop in London has until now eluded us. They have kindly sent along their current "Catalog of Military Books" and separate "German and European Axis World War II Armed Forces Catalogue of Books". Each, along with the "American Military Achievement" catalog which did not arrive, is published annually and supplemented by occasional shorter updates. The catalogs are positively crammed with what must be in excess of two or three thousand titles both common and rare.

Some listings discovered at random:

Tessin, Georg. Verbande und Truppen Deutschen Werhmacht und Waffen SS im Zweiten Weltkreig 1939-1945. Available as the complete set of 17 volumes (two still in preparation) or individually.

Morison, Samuel Eliot. History of United States Naval Operations in World War II. Available as the complete set of 15 volumes or individually.

Bray, J. K. Ultra in the Atlantic. Six volumes.

Highly recommended, with one caveat: the catalog type is painfully tiny and faint, and the "German and European Axis" catalog unaccountably lacks authors.

Edward R. "A-Catalog-Each-Week" Hamilton
14 November 1995

The latest "Bargain Books" catalog from Hamilton, not to be confused with the "Bargain Books Supplement" or "Super Store" catalogs from the same source, is dated 3 November 1995 and covers the usual assortment of titles with the occasional HMSO or US Official mixed in.

J. H. Faber
14 November 1995

Jack and Jane Faber of Millwood, NY have distributed their catalog #50 for military, naval, aviation, and world history. Each Faber catalog rotates through a different span of the alphabet, and number 50 contains books by authors whose names start with "O" and "P", a special section on US Army, Department of the Army, and War Department publications, and two pages of "Late Arrivals and Items of Special Interest". This all runs to 497 offerings in 20 pages with substantial World War II coverage. Noteworthy:

Kirby, Major General S. Woodburn. The War against Japan. London: HMSO, 1957-1969. Complete set in five volumes.

Pacifica goes online
11 November 1995

Pacifica Press, specializing in military history, has opened a new website that includes downloadable chapters along with the usual menu of publication information.

10 November 1995

The "Bargain Books Supplement" from Edward R. Hamilton, dated 20 October, lists fewer than 30 WWII titles, but includes one real gem: Shelby Stanton's World War II Order of Battle at a rock-bottom price. Also a variety of WWII books scattered in the back pages among the "Limited Quantities" and "Clearance" sections.

Zenith Books
9 November 1995

The year's first book catalog featuring Christmas trees, Santa, and mistletoe arrived today from Zenith. This seems to be their Fall 1995 catalog (see "News & Information" for September) wrapped in eight new outer pages. At least 20 of the catalog's 80+ pages are devoted to World War II, with heavy emphasis on aircraft and the air war. Includes other wars, civil aviation, videos, calendars, etc. Among titles featured on the eight-page wrap:

Bando. The 101st Airborne from Holland to Hitler's Eagle's Nest.

Muller. The German Air War in Russia.

Davis. Uniforms and Insignia of the Luftwaffe volume one and volume two.

7 November 1995

Airlife has announced that two of its 1995 titles have been delayed until 1996:

Blandford, Edmund. Under Hitler's Banner: Serving the Third Reich. Personal accounts of soldiers and civilians at home and at the front. Due in February.

Hinchliffe, Peter. The Other Battle: Luftwaffe Night Aces versus Bomber Command. Strategic, tactical, technical, and personal aspects of German air defenses against British night bombing. Due in January.

Our "Publishers" page presents contact information for Airlife's main office in the UK. US customers may also like to know about acquiring their books through Speciality Press, 11481 Kost Dam Road, North Branch, MN 55056; phone 612 583-3229, fax 612 583-2023. In Canada, try Vanwell Publishing, 1 Northrup Crescent, PO Box 2131, Station B, St Catherines, Ontario L2M 6P5; phone 905 937-3100, fax 905 937-1760.

Benicia Books
4 November 1995

Catalog #95-2 from Benicia Books (in Port Angeles, WA) arrives with some impressive official and regimental histories among its inventory of 200+ World War II titles. New to me:

Linback-Larsen, Oberst Odd. 6. Divisjon. Oslo, 1946. 184pp. History of Norwegian 6th Division in World War II. Norwegian text.

Benicia Books now has its inventory on the Web for browsing and ordering, so check it out.

D'Este, Patton, and History Book Club
3 November 1995

Carlo D'Este, one of our finest contemporary military historians, has completed his massive new biography Patton: A Genius for War which has now been published by HarperCollins and has been selected as "This Month's Editors' Choice" by the History Book Club.

Ordering information for Arms & Armour Press
2 November 1995

Please note that the entry for Arms & Armour on our "Publishers" page shows general contact information. For orders, write to Customer Services, Cassell plc, Stanley House, 3 Fleets Lane, Poole, Dorset, BH15 3AJ, or telephone 01202 670581. In the United States, most Arms & Armour publications may be obtained directly from Sterling Publications in New York.

Air Research plugs in
2 November 1995

Air Research Publications, naturally enough specializing in aviation topics, reports that they are plugging into the Net and may now be emailed at Other contact details, as well as information about their newest releases, may be found on our "Publishers" page. They have asked us to note that US customers may most easily purchase their books through Phalanx Publishing, which is also on the "Publishers" page.

Among Air Research's forthcoming titles, that which most caught my eye was John Foreman's new Fighter Command War Diary series. Volume one is due in February and volume two in May. We'll post more information as soon as we can see copies.

New arrival
2 November 1995

Hammel, Eric. Guadalcanal: Starvation Island. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1995.


Parlez-vous francais?
1 November 1995

The French official histories of le Deuxieme Guerre mondiale continue to be available directly from the French government. Unfortunately, these histories never offered nearly the complete coverage of the US or British officials, and some of the original titles are now out of print. Even so, for those with a grasp of the overall campaigns, it's possible to wade through the remaining works (with a little perseverance and a French-English dictionary) for the reward of a whole new perspective on events.

Of the titles, my favorite by far is Les Grandes Unites Francaises which is an order-of-battle series that puts Tessin, Joslen, and Stanton to shame. The first three volumes of the series cover the 1939-1940 campaign, but are no longer in print. Volume four includes operations in Tunisia, Corsica, Italy, and the French landing on Elba. Volume five, which is split into three parts plus a fourth for maps, covers the campaigns in France and Germany in 1944-1945 with around 2000 pages of unbroken text. The sixth volume handles the F.F.I. and operations on the Atlantic and in the Alps with over 1000 pages. Note that these books are all simply daily OBs in tablular format.

Among other interesting titles still available are the one-volume "strategic" history of French forces in the Italian campaign by Colonel Le Goyet, and the two-volume "tactical" history of the same by Lieutenant-Colonel Boulle.

Catalogs are available from Monsieur le directeur de la librairie de l'Armee, 27 rue Charles-Michels, 91740 PUSSAY, France. Look for more data on our "Publishers" page under "Ministere de la Defense".

Oh. And as of this morning, the franc stood at 4.88 to the dollar.

Greenwood updates via email
1 November 1995

Greenwood Press offers free announcements of its new titles via email, with notifications tailored to the interests of the individual. To subscribe to the free announcements, visit Greenwood's pages, enter your vital statistics, select your particular areas of interest, and submit the online form. A very handy service.

The latest electronic update from Greenwood brings information on the following new titles:

Koburger, Charles W. Pacific Turning Point: The Solomons Campaign, 1942-1943.

Lawrance, Alan and Dodd, Peter. Anthony Eden, 1897-1977: A Bibliography.

Quinlan, Paul D. The Playboy King: Carol II of Romania.


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