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   News archives page

Military History from the Supe
30 October 1995

Everyone knows that the Superintendent of Documents sells a spectacular array of publications, including the US official history "Green Books". Fewer people know how to go about contacting the Supe and buying his books.

If you don't already know the particulars of the book(s) you want, or you wish to find out about more books, write to the Government Printing Office, Superintendent of Documents, Washington, DC 20402 and request "Subject Bibliography 098, Military History". There is no charge for this 64-page catalog. The current issue, dated May 2, 1995, contains at least 200 WWII volumes including most of the Green Books, and it is interesting to note that many of these brand new books are going for less than used copies.

When you're ready to order, you can phone 202 512-1800 (8:00 - 4:00 Eastern Time), fax 202 512-2250, or usmail to Superintendent of Documents, PO Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954. Mail orders will need to know stock numbers and titles; phone operators can help you if you're not sure about the details. The Supe is happy to accept your check, VISA, or MasterCard.

The Supe is also hip to the Web, so you can surf over to visit him.

Check the "Government Printing Office" entry on our "Publishers" page for more information.

30 October 1995

Jerboa-Redcap has mailed its October 1995 "Supplement B". Some highlights:

Kemp, Paul. Friend or Foe: Friendly Fire at Sea, 1939-1945

Saul David. Churchill's Sacrifice of the Highland Division: France, 1940

Henning, Peter. The Doomed Battalion: The Australian 2/40th Battalion, 1940-45

In addition to the usual assortment of new and used titles, Jerboa is also offering a clearance sale on a few WWII items.

Hippocrene Books
30 October 1995

The Hippocrene catalog for Fall 1995 is available with about fifteen Second World War titles including its newest, The Forgotten Few: The Polish Air Force in the Second World War by Adam Zamoyski.

News from England
29 October 1995

Graham Palmer of World War II Books sends word from Surrey of some fresh inventory items and special offers. I'm not certain if his shop sends out paper catalogs, but it doesn't really matter to those of us with Internet connections, as World War II Books displays its wares on the Web. Inventory listings are also distributed as email attachments by request. (See the entry for World War II Books on our "Dealers" page for further details and contact information.)

However you access it, this is an unsurpassed collection of titles with the best stock of British regimental and unit histories I've ever seen, as well as an amazingly complete assortment of British official histories from Her Majesty. The following HMSO books are featured specials right now, while stocks last. Contact World War II Books for pricing details:

Roskill. The War at Sea. Six complete sets of four volumes now on hand.

Kirby. The War against Japan. Two complete sets of five volumes.

War with Japan. Four volumes at cost.

Wigglesworth. Dissolution of the Luftwaffe. At cost.

Britain and Norway. At cost.

Hamilton's "Super Store" catalog
28 October 1995

Edward R. Hamilton of Falls Village, CT seems to be making a serious effort to increase its WWII offerings, and to price them very attractively. The latest catalog contains a beefed up World War II presence plus many new WWII entries scattered throughout the "New Arrivals" pages.

While Hamilton's Second World War section doesn't yet approach the depth or breadth of the specialty booksellers, there are plenty of valuable titles to be found here, and some of the prices could be very difficult to beat.

Military Book Club for December
27 October 1995

This month's "Featured Alternate" is Me262: Stormbird Rising by Hugh Morgan. In addition to the usual listings of older titles, the new catalog features price reductions of up to 80% on a handful of other WWII books.

The Latest from Q. M. Dabney
20 October 1995

As usual, Dabney puts out what is probably the largest catalog in the business: 88 pages listing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 World War II titles. The magnitude of catalog #440 makes it difficult to summarize the many highlights, but every WWII reader and collector is certain to find some very desirable titles. Prices range from $5 to $1350. Now, if we could only get this catalog arranged in alphabetical sequence....

(Note that this catalog contains only WWII ground and naval books. Dabney's aviation titles, including World War II, are contained in a separate catalog with a separate mailing schedule.)

Edward R. Hamilton
19 October 1995

The October 6, 1995 catalog contains around 25 WWII titles at quite competitive prices, including some US and British official histories. First-time listings include:

The Killing of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich by Callum MacDonald.

Halifax and Wellington by C. Rapier and C. Bowyer.

Fighter and Bomber Squadrons at War by Andrew Brooks.

The Valour and the Horror: The Untold Story of Canadians in the Second World War by M. Weisbord and M. S. Mohr.

Catalog #19 from "Military Books from Michael Bartlett"
16 October 1995

The green-covered catalog #19 brings approximately twelve pages of Second World War listings and a wealth of related military books, including fifty or more titles from the "Famous Regiments" series.

In addition, Michael's catalog brings news of three upcoming "Military, Naval, and Aviation Bookfairs" in the UK.

Sunday, 5 November 1995: Spa Hotel, Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells

Sunday, 14 January 1996: Bonnington Hotel, Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London

Sunday, 14 April 1996: Town Hall, Malborough

"These," we are told, "are first-class fairs with thousands of rare, specialist, and out-of-print books offered by around 30 dealers representative of the best in the UK."

History Book Club selections
14 October 1995

Two World War II titles in the new catalog:

War at Sea: A Naval History of World War II by Nathan Miller.

Silent Running: My Years on a World War II Attack Submarine by James F. Calvert.

More Scholar's Bookshelf
11 October 1995

Scholar's general catalog for Fall 1995 includes two pages of military history with a few titles not included in the military catalog.

The War Room: Catalog and sale
7 October 1995

Today's mail brought catalog #24 from the War Room in New Jersey with more than 700 World War II listings, primarily on the war in Europe and North Africa. The War Room is currently conducting a special sale with discounts on all titles in the new catalog.

Among the many items on sale is Leon Degrelle's Campaign in Russia, recently the topic of much discussion on the Net's World War II List.

Military Book Club selections
6 October 1995

The November catalog brings three new listings:

The Devil's Adjutant: Jochen Peiper, Panzer Leader by Michael Reynolds.

Wings of the Luftwaffe by Capt. Eric Brown.

U.S. Submarines through 1945 by Norman Friedman.

Nafziger Collection back online
5 October 1995

Following a brief hiatus necessitated by a vanishing provider, the Nafziger Collection Web site is back online featuring an overwhelming array of order of battle materials and books including the multi-volume series on the Soviet and German armies in the Second World War. Check our "Publisher Listing" for more details.

Blatant self-promotion: Armies for DOS now shipping
4 October 1995

Armies of the Second World War, right around the corner from this page, is another Stone & Stone WWII project. This OB software not only presents mountains of hard-to-find data, but does so in a manner only computers can allow, making it instantly accessible in a variety of formats that would otherwise require literally thousands of printed pages. There is no other product quite like Armies for displaying the day-to-day progress of the war as well as the daily chronology of each combat formation.

The Macintosh version of volume one of Armies has been available for several months, and the DOS version is now shipping. More details and ordering information are available at the Armies pages.

End of blatant self-promotion.

Submarine reading list
3 October 1995

In response to a recent posting in the World War II newsgroup asking for basic references concerning submarine operations in the Big One, here is a short list of some of the more notable publications:

Alden, John D. U.S. Submarine Attacks during World War II. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press.

Blair, Clay. Silent Victory: The U.S. Submarine War against Japan. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1975.

Lenton, H. T. British Submarines. New York: Doubleday, 1972.

Naval History Division. United States Submarine Losses, World War II. Washington, DC: General Printing Office, 1963.

Rohwer, Jurgen. Axis Submarine Successes, 1939-1945. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1983.

Terraine, John. U-Boat Wars, 1916-1945. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1989.

Watts, Anthony J. Allied Submarines. New York: Arco, 1977.

New catalog from Kisselburg
2 October 1995

Catalog #17 from Kisselburg Military Books arrived today with over 700 WWII listings. Among those that stand out are three volumes of the "semi-official" South African Forces, World War IIseries, all three by Neil Orpen:

East African and Abyssinian Campaigns.

War in the Desert.

Salute the Sappers, part one.

These and the other semi-official volumes in the series, while without the imprimatur of Agar-Hamilton's pair of earlier South African titles, are at least the equal of the official tomes from other nations.

Dieppe reading list
1 October 1995

In response to some recent traffic on the WWII List concerning Operation Jubilee, here is a suggested reading list from Kelvin Luther:

Unauthorized Action: Mountbatten and the Dieppe Raid by Brian Loring Villa.

Dieppe Revisited: A Documentary History by John Campbell.

Dieppe, Dieppe by Brereton Greenhous.

Dieppe through the Lens of the German War Photographer by Hugh Henry.

Dieppe: Tragedy to Triumph by Denis and Shelagh Whitaker.

Dieppe: The Shame and the Glory by Terence Robertson.

The Greatest Air Battle: Dieppe, 19th August 1942 by Norman Franks. (Thanks to for reminding us of this one.)


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