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Oxford University Press
30 September 1995

OUP's 1995-1996 catalog of new and recent books in British and European History, which just arrived here today, contains a number of titles of interest to Second World War readers and collectors.

The long-awaited Germany and the Second World War, volume 3: The Mediterranean, South-east Europe, and North Africa, 1939-1941 continues to be listed as "forthcoming". See note below ("OUP sets new date", 16 September) for further information.

NOVA Publications
29 September 1995

This is a gold mine of little-known, scholarly analyses of military operations, with many focused largely or entirely on World War II: from the classic books of Colonel Trevor N. Dupuy to newly published works by a variety of authors to some amazing reprints of Department of Defense studies. For example:

Opposed Rates of Advance of Large Forces in Europe in WWII.

Tactical Air Support in the Volturno Campaign, 1943.

German and Soviet Replacement Systems in World War II.

Check our "Publisher Listing" for more details. (Thanks to James Sulzen for suggesting this publisher.)

New Antheil catalog
28 September 1995

Catalog #164 arrived with almost 1500 naval, maritime, aviation, and military books with a very strong WWII flavor. Notable:

The five-volume official History of United States Marine Corps Operations in World War II.

East Front/Warfield Books
25 September 1995

Unlike the usual brief updates, the new East Front/Warfield catalog (which seems to be unnumbered) contains a comprehensive listing of all their books and videos running to 54 pages. The emphasis of these offerings (all WWII) is very much from a German perspective with a large number of imported volumes, many with German text, broken down into land, air, sea, and reference sections. A very handsome, legible catalog.

The Scholar's Bookshelf
25 September 1995

The Fall 1995 catalog from Scholar's presents 28 pages of World War II books with many new titles and two new categories: The Prisoner of War Experience in the European Theater and The Prisoner of War Experience in the Pacific Theater.

Scholar's continues to add HMSO releases to its inventory. Among the newer additions from Her Majesty:

Several volumes of the excellent British Intelligence in the Second World War edited by Professor Hinsley. (See also our new link to his lecture on The Influence of Ultra.)

The four-volume set of The War with Japan from the Naval Staff History Office.

The three-volume Invasion Europe: The D-Day Landings set, also from the Naval Staff History Office.

"Old Army" Books
21 September 1995

Catalog #56 announces "We are now accepting MasterCard and Visa" and contains over 20 pages of World War II and aviation titles. Of note:

Fighters over Tunisia by Christoper Shores, et al.

Four first editions from Paul Carell: Hitler Moves East, 1941-1943, Scorched Earth, Invasion-They're Coming!, and Foxes of the Desert.

More from Edward R. Hamilton
21 September 1995

One day after the "Bargain Books" catalog comes the Hamilton "Super Store" catalog dated September 15, 1995. The books tend to be newer and the discounts not quite so steep in this catalog, but there are many, many more WWII listings; nearly half of them are marked as new to Hamilton

For collectors seeking Paul Carell's works but not requiring first editions, be sure to check here.

US and British official histories
20 September 1995

Collectors have probably noticed in recent months the "BDD Special Editions" reprints of the US Army "green book" official histories. At least four of these titles (not counting the special photo volumes) are already showing up at rock bottom prices in catalogs and on store shelves. The prices may be attractive, but it is important to note that the volumes do not include the very useful folding maps that appeared at the back of the original editions. It may prove prudent to comparison shop with that omission in mind. Titles include Okinawa, Guadalcanal, Cross-Channel Attack, and The Last Offensive.

On the other hand, some new copies of hard-to-find volumes of the British official history have recently started popping up in catalogs and shops, and these are the "HMSO" real thing. While most of these are not inexpensive, they almost invariably beat the laws-of-supply-and-demand prices of used copies of the same items. Titles include three of the Grand Strategy books, plus volume V and volume VI parts 1-3 of The Mediterranean and Middle East covering Sicily and Italy.

Those recently surfaced new copies of British officials, by the way, are separate from the Battery Press ongoing reprint series which includes Defence of the United Kingdom, The Campaign in Norway, volume III part 2 of Roskill's The War at Sea, and volume III of The Strategic Air Offensive against Germany, 1939-1945.

T. Cadman #22
20 September 1995

Catalog #22 from T. Cadman reminds everyone that they have moved:

3400 Ben Lomond Place #119
Los Angeles, CA 90027

In addition, T. Cadman will be closed from 20 October through 29 October. Books may still be reserved during this time via voicemail.

Notable in the catalog: The Tiger Kills from HMSO, the second of three wartime volumes on the Indian army in the war, this one covering operations in North Africa.

Edward R. Hamilton
20 September 1995

Hamilton's latest "Bargain Books" catalog (dated September 8, 1995) thoughtfully segregates the WWII (and WWI) titles from the larger military history category. About 30 titles listed, including a few US and British official histories.

Barnes & Noble Books by Mail
19 September 1995

B & N may not be the first place that comes to mind for locating speciality WWII books, but their new catalog features a page of sale-priced items including Shelby Stanton's indispensable World War II Order of Battle.

Sidney Kramer Books
19 September 1995

The Sidney Kramer Military History catalog for summer 1995 arrived today with about twelve pages of WWII titles. Coming soon: When Titans Clashed: How the Red Army Stopped Hitler, by David M. Glantz and Jonathan M. House.

New hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM EST, Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

New catalog from Zenith Books
18 September 1995

Just arrived: Zenith's Fall 1995 catalog with 80 pages of new books, including extensive listings of WWII air titles. Great cover!

New address for Ensign Books
17 September 1995

Ensign Books has relocated from New York to Florida and may now be reached at:

PO Box 1442
Boca Raton, FL 33429

407 995-0735

Ensign continues to offer a wide range of material: naval annuals, general naval, submarines and submarine warfare, Office of Naval Intelligence reports, US Navy cruise books, military aviation, and naval aviation.

OUP sets new date for long-awaited title
16 September 1995

The third volume in the comprehensive ten-volume "Germany and the Second World War" series, The Mediterranean, South-East Europe, and North Africa 1939-1941 should be published next month according to Oxford University Press. Produced at the Militargeschichtliches Forschungsamt (Research Institute for Military History) by a team of leading German historians, the English translation has been in preparation for quite some time.

Volumes one (The Build-up of German Aggression) and two (Germany's Initial Conquests in Europe) remain in print at this time, available from OUP and many dealers.

New offerings from Military Book Club
15 September 1995

The October catalog brings four new listings:

Utmost Savagery: The Three Days of Tarawa, by Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, USMC (ret)

Final Assault on the Rising Sun: Combat Diaries of B-29 Air Crews over Japan, by Chester W. Marshall with Warren Thompson

Iron Fist: Classic Armoured Warfare Case Studies, by Bryan Perrett

Aircraft Carriers of the World, 1914 to the Present, by Roger Cheseneau.


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