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Forthcoming from Frontline / Pen and Sword Books
28 February 2017

Moberg, Stig H. Gunfire: British Artillery in World War II. Forthcoming from Frontline / Pen and Sword Books Ltd in March 2017

Forthcoming from Amber
28 February 2017

Hart, Stephen A. Russian Tanks of World War II. Forthcoming from Amber Books in March 2017

Forthcoming from Big Sky
28 February 2017

Doneley, Bob. Toowoomba to Torokina: The 25th Battalion in Peace and War, 1918-1945. Forthcoming from Big Sky Publishing in March 2017

Now available from Viking
27 February 2017

Rees, Laurence. The Holocaust. London: Viking, 2017

Kursk, part 1: Forthcoming from Arcturus
27 February 2017

Matthews, Rupert. Kursk: The World's Greatest Tank Battle. Forthcoming from Arcturus Publishing Ltd in March 2017

Kursk, part 2: Forthcoming from Osprey
27 February 2017

Forczyk, Robert. Kursk 1943: The Southern Front. Forthcoming from Osprey Publishing in March 2017

Book review
26 February 2017

Kriebel, Colonel Rainer and the U.S. Army Intelligence Service. Edited by Bruce Gudmundsson. Inside the Afrika Korps: The Crusader Battles, 1941-1942. Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA 1999

Read our review

Forthcoming from Canada
25 February 2017

Restayn, Jean. The Three Battles of Vitebsk, volume 1. Forthcoming from J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing Inc in March 2017

En francaise
24 February 2017

Jean-Yves Mary—who has already written some quality books about the Maginot Line and the 1940 German invasion—has produced another. Memorial de la Bataille de France, volume 1: Du 8 au 21 Mai 1940 from Editions Heimdal is a detailed day-by-day, unit-by-unit chronology of the defense of France.

Forthcoming from History Press
24 February 2017

Roberts, Jerry. Lorenz: Breaking Hitler's Top Secret Code at Bletchley Park. Forthcoming from The History Press in March 2017

Forthcoming from Amber
23 February 2017

Newdick, Thomas. Japanese Aircraft of World War II. Forthcoming from Amber Books in March 2017

Now available from Columbia
22 February 2017

Wilson, Sandra et al. Japanese War Criminals: The Politics of Justice After the Second World War. New York: Columbia University Press, 2017

Forthcoming from P&S
21 February 2017

Wragg, David. Operation Sealion: Hitler's Invasion Plan for Britain. Forthcoming from Pen and Sword Books Ltd in March 2017

How wide?
20 February 2017

Towards a Wider War: British Strategic Decision-Making and Military Effectiveness in Scandinavia, 1939-40 by Joseph Moretz is now available from Helion & Company.

Forthcoming from HM
20 February 2017

Ohler, Norman. Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany. Forthcoming from Houghton Mifflin in March 2017

In memoriam
20 February 2017

Brunhilde Pomsel—who worked as secretary to Joseph Goebbels from 1942 until the end of the war, was captured by Soviet troops in the bunker under the Reich Chancellery, and served five years in Soviet prison camps—died in Munich on 27 January at the age of 106.

Book review
19 February 2017

Rospond, Vincent W. The Polish Army in 1939. Point Pleasant, NJ: Winged Hussar Publishing, 2017

Read our review

News from Annapolis
18 February 2017

It looks like NIP is cranking up the ol' printing press, with several new WWII titles in the works for publication over the next four months. Here are the ones that caught our attention:

In memoriam
18 February 2017

Robert Michel—a GI with the US 9th Infantry Division who was awarded two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart during service in France, Belgium, and Germany, and later served in the US House of Representatives for 38 years, including 14 years as House Republican leader—died in Virginia on 17 February at the age of 93.

Eastern front....
17 February 2017

Tucker-Jones, Anthony. Slaughter on the Eastern Front: Hitler and Stalin's War 1941-1945. Forthcoming from The History Press in May 2017

Eastern waters....
17 February 2017

Boyd, Andrew. The Royal Navy in Eastern Waters: Linchpin of Victory 1935-1942. Forthcoming from Seaforth / Pen & Sword in March 2017

Now available from Bloomsbury
16 February 2017

Knowles, Christopher. Winning the Peace: The British in Occupied Germany, 1945-1948. London: Bloomsbury, 2017

Forthcoming from HUP
16 February 2017

Remy, Steven P. The Malmedy Massacre: The War Crimes Trial Controversy. Forthcoming from Harvard University Press in March 2017

Now available from Stackpole
15 February 2017

Lehrman, Lewis E. Churchill, Roosevelt & Company: Studies in Character and Statecraft. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2017

Forthcoming from McFarland
15 February 2017

Johns, Jim. Reassessing Pearl Harbor: Scapegoats, a False Hero and the Myth of Surprise Attack. Forthcoming from McFarland & Company, Inc in March 2017

In memoriam
15 February 2017

Roger Boas—an artillery forward observer with the US 4th Armored Division who was awarded a Silver Star and a Bronze Star, later became active in California politics, and wrote his memoir of wartime service in 2015—died in California on 10 February at the age of 95.

Now available from Schiffer
14 February 2017

Afiero, Massimiliano. The 7th Waffen-SS Volunteer Gebirgs (Mountain) Division Prinz Eugen: An Illustrated History. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2017

Forthcoming from Skyhorse
14 February 2017

Oliver, Dennis. Death Ride of the Panzers: German Armor and the Retreat in the West, 1944-45. Forthcoming from Skyhorse Publishing in November 2017

All Stalingrad, all the time
13 February 2017

Just in case you don't have enough books about Stalingrad yet, three more are in the pipeline for publication within the next month or two:

Book review
12 February 2017

Lewis, Tom. The Empire Strikes South: Japan's Air War Against Northern Australia, 1942-45. Kent Town, Australia: Avonmore Books, 2017

Read our review

During the war it was a Portuguese territory on the coast of China....
11 February 2017

Gunn, Geoffrey C. Wartime Macau: Under the Japanese Shadow. Forthcoming from Hong Kong University Press in March 2017

Now available from Bloomsbury
10 February 2017

Wheatley, Ben. British Intelligence and Hitler's Empire in the Soviet Union, 1941-1945. London: Bloomsbury, 2017

The bell tolls for Papa
10 February 2017

The latest book about Ernest Hemingway's WWII exploits—Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy: Ernest Hemingway's Secret Adventures by Nicholas Reynolds—is due from Morrow in March.

Subject matters
10 February 2017

Looking for books on a particular wartime subject? Our Stone & Stone bibliographies contain more than 5000 individual WWII topics on file, all completely cross-referenced with links to related subjects, and each one packed with relevant books. You can also use the "Quick-Finder" feature in the upper left of any of our pages (select "subject" from the pop-up menu) to search for specific topics.

For an example of our bibliographies, take a look at our page for Ernest Hemingway's WWII years.

News from CUP
9 February 2017

Cambridge University Press has three new WWII titles on the schedule for publication during the next two months:

Now available from NAL
8 February 2017

George, Denise and Robert Child. The Lost Eleven: The Forgotten Story of Black American Soldiers Brutally Massacred in World War II. New York: New American Library, 2017

Forthcoming from P&S
8 February 2017

Kavalerchik, Boris and Lev Lopukhovsky. The Price of Victory: The Red Army's Casualties in the Great Patriotic War. Forthcoming from Pen and Sword Books Ltd in June 2017

Now available from UPK
7 February 2017

Holmes, Larry E. Stalin's World War II Evacuations: Triumph and Troubles in Kirov. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2017

Forthcoming from OUP
7 February 2017

Frieser, Karl-Heinz. Germany and the Second World War, volume 8: The Eastern Front, 1943-1944: The War in the East and on the Neighbouring Fronts. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press in March 2017

Now available from Helion
6 February 2017

Rogers, David. Britain's Civilian Armies in World War II: The Fight on the Home Front. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2017

Forthcoming from Amberley
6 February 2017

Jowett, Philip S. The Bitter Peace: Conflict in China, 1928-37. Forthcoming from Amberley Publishing in March 2017

Book review
5 February 2017

Gardner, W.J.R. Decoding History: The Battle of the Atlantic and Ultra. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1999

Read our review

Forthcoming from Cornell
4 February 2017

Barnes, Dayna L. Architects of Occupation: American Experts and Planning for Postwar Japan. Forthcoming from Cornell University Press in March 2017

A child and a teenager
3 February 2017

Now available from Ohio University Press:

Flying in from Oklahoma
2 February 2017

Bechthold, Mike. Flying to Victory: Raymond Collishaw and the Western Desert Campaign, 1940-1941. Forthcoming from University of Oklahoma Press in March 2017

The Polish Army arrives
1 February 2017

Vincent Rospond tells us the printer has delivered The Polish Army in 1939 and it is now available from Winged Hussar.


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