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   News archives page

Forthcoming from OUP
31 January 2017

Stone, Dan. Concentration Camps: A Short History. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press in March 2017

Maus in the haus
30 January 2017

Kampfpanzer Maus: The Porsche Type 205 Super-Heavy Tank by Michael Frohlich is now available.

Forthcoming from P&S
30 January 2017

Lakowski, Richard. Hitler's Last Battles: Seelow and the Halbe Encirclement, April-May 1945. Forthcoming from Frontline / Pen and Sword Books Ltd in February 2017

Now available from LSU
30 January 2017

Deacon, Valerie. The Extreme Right in the French Resistance: Members of the Cagoule and Corvignolles in the Second World War. Baton Rouge, LA: LSU Press, 2016

Book review
29 January 2017

Bertke, Donald A., Don Kindell, and Gordon Smith. World War II Sea War, volume 10: Il Duce Deposed: Day-to-Day Naval Actions, July 1943 through September 1943. Dayton, OH: Bertke Publications, 2017

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News from Potomac
28 January 2017

Potomac Books, an imprint of University of Nebraska Press, tells us these three titles are moving toward release later this year:

Now available from PeKo
28 January 2017

Stokes, Neil. World War Two Photobook Series, volume 12: SU-76 on the Battlefield. Keszthely, Hungary: PeKo Publishing, 2016

News from Schiffer
27 January 2017

Schiffer Publishing Ltd has released these titles over the last few weeks:

Forthcoming from OUP
27 January 2017

Steinacher, Gerald. Humanitarians at War: The Red Cross in the Shadow of the Holocaust. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press in February 2017

The circus comes to town
26 January 2017

Today Helion & Co announced availability of Mikhail Maslov's latest book, Vakhmistrov's Circus: Zveno Combined Aircraft: The Projects, Development, Testing and Combat.

Vitebsk postponed
26 January 2017

J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing says The Three Battles of Vitebsk, volume 1 by Jean Restayn, originally scheduled for publication this month, has been delayed until the second half of March.

Forthcoming from Stal Data
26 January 2017

Joly, Anton. Stalingrad Battle Atlas, volume IV: Winter Storm. Forthcoming from Stal Data Publications in February 2017

Forthcoming from Stackpole
25 January 2017

Baumer, Robert W. Old Hickory: The American 30th Infantry Division in World War II. Forthcoming from Stackpole Books in April 2017

Now available from Luftfahrtverlag
24 January 2017

Urbanke, Axel. To The Gates of Moscow with the 3rd Panzer Division: A Medical Officer in the Campaign against Russia. Bad Zwischenahn, Germany: Luftfahrtverlag, 2017

Forthcoming from Bantam
24 January 2017

Holland, James. The War in the West, volume 2: The Allies Fight Back 1941-1943. Forthcoming from Bantam Books in May 2017

The Empire Strikes South: Now available
23 January 2017

Avonmore Books of Kent Town, Australia, has published The Empire Strikes South: Japan's Air War Against Northern Australia 1942-45 by Tom Lewis, the definitive account of Japanese air ops with scores of aircraft lost and almost 200 Japanese airmen killed.

Forthcoming from Osprey: More air raids on Australia
23 January 2017

Alford, Bob. Darwin 1942: The Japanese Attack on Australia. Forthcoming from Osprey Publishing in February 2017

Editor's Choice Awards for 2016
22 January 2017

This month marks the eighteenth annual Stone & Stone Second World War Books selection of new releases for our Editor's Choice awards—aka the "Stonies"—as the best new books of the year. Here are the winners of the Stonies for 2016.

News from Grub Street
21 January 2017

The kind folks at Grub Street tell us A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945, volume four by Chris Shores and his team is now planned for publication "in late 2018." In addition, these three titles are on this year's schedule:

Forthcoming from Da Capo
21 January 2017

Wukovits, John F. Tin Can Titans: The Heroic Men and Ships of World War II's Most Decorated Navy Destroyer Squadron. Forthcoming from Da Capo Press in March 2017

Forthcoming from Kentucky
20 January 2017

Nance, William Stuart. Sabers Through the Reich: World War II Corps Cavalry from Normandy to the Elbe. Forthcoming from University Press of Kentucky in May 2017

News from Mark Zuehlke
19 January 2017

The author sends word about his upcoming The Cinderella Campaign: First Canadian Army and the Channel Port Battles:

"As the Allies broke out of the Normandy bridgehead in late August 1945, First Canadian Army took position on the left flank and moved up the Channel coast. Whereas for the British and American armies advances across France were rapid and only light contested, the Germans met the Canadians with fierce resistance. This was partly because the countryside close to the coast was more rugged than deeper inside France's interior, but also the Germans were desperate to maintain their fortresses aimed at denying the Allies use of the Channel ports. Le Havre, Dunkirk, Boulogne, and Calais were all heavily defended bastions that the Canadian Army had to overcome one by one. It was a hard, largely unremarked, and today mostly unknown campaign. Cinderella Campaign will hit Canadian bookshelves in October 2017 and the U.S. in the following spring."

Now available from MMP
19 January 2017

Mathisrud, Nils. The Stockholm Run: Air Transport Between Britain and Sweden During WWII. Petersfield, Hampshire, UK: MMP Books, 2016

What a way to spend a war
18 January 2017

Kundahl, George G. The Riviera at War: World War II on the Cote d'Azur. Forthcoming from I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd in May 2017

Now available from Pen and Sword
17 January 2017

Stanley, Roy M. Intelligence Images from the Eastern Front: Looking Down on War. Barnsley, UK: Pen and Sword Books Ltd, 2016

Forthcoming from Casemate
17 January 2017

Zetterling, Niklas. Blitzkrieg: From the Ground Up. Forthcoming from Casemate in April 2017

Now available from McFarland
16 January 2017

Helling, Thomas. Desperate Surgery in the Pacific War: Doctors and Damage Control for American Wounded, 1941-1945. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2017

We're from Texas
16 January 2017

Not us. We're from California. But these two upcoming books hail from the latest "Texas Book Consortium" catalog:

Book reviews
15 January 2017

Didden, Jack and Maarten Swarts. Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107: A Thorn in the Side of Market Garden. Drunen, Netherlands: De Zwaardvisch, 2016

Melnyk, Michael James. The History of the Galician Division of the Waffen SS. Stroud, UK: Fonthill Media Limited, 2016. (Two volumes)

Glantz, David with Mary Elizabeth Glantz. The Battle for Belorussia: The Red Army's Forgotten Campaign of October 1943 - April 1944. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2016

Hill, Alexander. The Red Army and the Second World War. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2016

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A Helion New Year
14 January 2017

Helion & Company has announced two new titles, fresh off the press to welcome the new year:

Now available from St Martin's
13 January 2017

Dando-Collins, Stephen. The Big Break: The Greatest American WWII POW Escape Story Never Told. New York: St Martin's Press, 2017

Forthcoming from Kansas
12 January 2017

Holmes, Larry E. Stalin's World War II Evacuations: Triumph and Troubles in Kirov. Forthcoming from University Press of Kansas in February 2017

12 January 2017

The frenzy of books arriving near the end of the year has subsided, but with so many terrific new histories on hand we've updated our Recommended Reading page with some titles we think deserve an extra measure of attention.

Daring women: Now available
11 January 2017

Thomas, Gordon. Shadow Warriors of World War II: The Daring Women of the OSS and SOE. Chicago: Chicago Review Press, 2017

Daring women: In memoriam
11 January 2017

Clare Hollingworth—a British journalist and author who was in Poland in 1939, observed German forces massing on the border at the end of August, and first reported the invasion—died in Hong Kong on 10 January 2017 at the age of 105.

Forthcoming from NIP
10 January 2017

Russell, David Lee. The War Begins: The Navy's Early Carrier Raids, February-May 1942. Forthcoming from Naval Institute Press in May 2017

Forthcoming from Illinois
9 January 2017

Prusin, Alexander. Serbia under the Swastika: A World War II Occupation. Forthcoming from University of Illinois Press in June 2017

Book review
8 January 2017

Kriebel, Colonel Rainer and the U.S. Army Intelligence Service. Edited by Bruce Gudmundsson. Inside the Afrika Korps: The Crusader Battles, 1941-1942. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1999

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Now available from HUP
7 January 2017

Peri, Alexis. The War Within: Diaries from the Siege of Leningrad. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2017

Forthcoming from Missouri
6 January 2017

Hardee, David L., edited by Frank H. Blazich Jr. Bataan Survivor: A POW's Account of Japanese Captivity in World War II. Forthcoming from University of Missouri Press in February 2017

The panzers are coming from Australia...
5 January 2017

...but not this month.

Leaping Horseman reports publication of Stalingrad: Graveyard of the Panzers, volume 1 has been delayed until March or April.

Now available from NAL
5 January 2017

Brady, Tim. His Father's Son: The Life of General Ted Roosevelt, Jr. New York: New American Library, 2017

5 January 2017

"Catalogue #150" arrived here by mail from T. Cadman WW2 Books with 27 pages of new and used WWII items for sale. Tom has been a reliable source of books for many years, and his catalogs are always worth checking out.

Sea War news
4 January 2017

Don Bertke sends word about the World War II Sea War series of books:

"I encountered Gordon Smith on his NavalHistory.Net site as a good source of Royal Navy Information. A few years later, Gordon began including detailed information provided by Don Kindell, and the three of us began to discuss our various data sources. Gordon suggested that we put the information into a book series and World War II Sea War was born.

"Sadly, Gordon passed away last month, but the series continues. We are doing final edits to Volume 10 "Il Duce Deposed" and should have it ready in a week or two. We try to do two releases a year, and we have Volume 11 "Bougainville, Tarawa and Cape Gloucester" ready for editing once Volume 10 is out.

"Depending upon the data, the series should go to Volume 17 or 18. We have an arbitrary 500 page limit just for book manageability. So the data drives how many wartime months we get into each volume."

Norge, part one
3 January 2017

Coming from Fonthill Media Limited in May 2017: Norway 1940: Chronicle of a Chaotic Campaign by Harry Plevy

Norge, part two
3 January 2017

Coming from Cambridge University Press in April 2017: Anatomy of a Campaign: The British Fiasco in Norway, 1940 by John Kiszely

Subject matters
3 January 2017

Looking for books on a particular subject? Our Stone & Stone bibliographies contain more than 5000 individual WWII topics on file, all completely cross-referenced with links to related subjects, and each one packed with relevant books. You can also use the "Quick-Finder" feature in the upper left of any of our pages (select "subject" from the pop-up menu) to search for specific topics.

For an example of our bibliographies, take a look at our page for Norway during the war years.

Behind the scenes
3 January 2017

Readers don't always see all the work that goes on behind the scenes in order to turn a manuscript into a book that gets onto shelves and into the hands of those who want to read it. One of the unsung heroines of that process, Tara Lichterman, has departed Casemate for new adventures, and we'll miss the competence she provided Stone & Stone for many years while helping us keep up with titles published and distributed by Casemate.

New year, new features
2 January 2017

For the new year we've implemented two new features:

  • At the bottom of all of our pages (with a couple of exceptions) we now display a list showing all our book, author, publisher, and series pages you've visited recently. Check the bottom of this page for an example.

  • Our new Biographies page provides links to biographical entries for all the important individuals tracked in our War Diary. We have more than 400 biographies on file, and we're always adding more records.

Forthcoming from OUP
2 January 2017

Campbell, Ian. The Addis Ababa Massacre: Italy's National Shame. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press in April 2017

In memoriam
2 January 2017

John Z. Posadas—a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division who dropped into Normandy where he was captured and held as a POW until the end of the war—died in California on 25 December at the age of 95.

Book statistics for 2016
1 January 2017

For the beginning of the new year we present a compilation of statistics from Stone & Stone showing the most popular books, authors, publishers, and subjects for the year 2016.


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