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   News archives page

Now available from Manchester
31 August 2016

Tsoutsoumpis, Spiros. A History of the Greek Resistance in the Second World War: The People's Armies. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 2016

Now available from OUP
30 August 2016

Ball, Simon. Alamein. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016

Forthcoming from Fonthill
30 August 2016

Baughen, Greg. The RAF in the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain: A Reappraisal of Army and Air Policy 1938-1940. Forthcoming from Fonthill Media Limited in September 2016

News from Solihull
29 August 2016

Helion & Co continues its barrage of interesting new books, including these fresh releases:

Book review
28 August 2016

Anglin, Douglas G. Free French Invasion: The St. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941. Calgary, Alberta: Penny Black Publishing, 1999

Read our review

Forthcoming from Frontline / PS
27 August 2016

Bourne-Patterson, Robert. SOE In France 1941-1945: An Official Account of the Special Operations Executive's French Circuits. Forthcoming from Frontline / Pen and Sword Books Ltd in September 2016

Forthcoming from History Press
27 August 2016

Hamlyn Williams, Philip. War on Wheels: The Mechanisation of the British Army in the Second World War. Forthcoming from The History Press in September 2016

News from Mark Yerger
26 August 2016

Author Mark Yerger reports:

"Volume 2 of Totenkopf: The Structure, Development, and Personalities of the 3.SS-Panzer Division was released more than a month ago by Helion and Co. Concluding the study of the division, volume 3 will encompass the Totenkopfverande.

"Helion has also completed the design of Honoring Those They Led, my German Army commanders subject volume to be released in early 2017."

Forthcoming from Carrel Books
26 August 2016

Christie, William M. 1941: The America That Went to War. Forthcoming from Carrel Books in September 2016

In memoriam
26 August 2016

Walter Scheel—a Luftwaffe fighter pilot with four victories who later served as foreign minister, deputy chancellor, and president of West Germany—died 24 August in Bad Krozingen at the age of 97.

News from A. Stephan Hamilton
25 August 2016

This just in from author A. Stephan Hamilton:

"Panzergrenadiers to the Front!: The Combat History of Panzergrenadier-Division 'Brandenburg' on the Eastern Front 1944-45 will be available from Helion in Europe in the next several weeks, followed shortly thereafter in the U.S. It relies heavily on unpublished veteran accounts to tell a vivid story of pitiless combat during a period of time that lacks relevant primary documents.

"Over the years there has been numerous requests to re-publish my first book, Bloody Streets. I am pleased to confirm the rumors circulating on various forums that I am indeed working on a revised and expanded multi-volume edition that will contain expansive new source material from the Russian State Archives, providing an unprecedented view of the Soviet side of the operation. I am lucky to have Stuart Britton working on the Russian translations. The two volumes will include updated maps/graphics as well as previously unpublished photos of the city, both before and after the battle."

Forthcoming from Conway
24 August 2016

Bull, Stephen. Churchill's Army, 1939-1945: The Men, Machines, and Organisation. Forthcoming from Conway in September 2016

Forthcoming from Berghahn
24 August 2016

Lehnstaedt, Stephan. Occupation in the East: The Daily Lives of German Occupiers in Warsaw and Minsk, 1939-1944. Forthcoming from Berghahn Books in November 2016

Now available from McFarland
23 August 2016

Dunn, Landon A. and Timothy J. Ryan. Axis Diplomats in American Custody: The Housing of Enemy Representatives and Their Exchange for American Counterparts, 1941-1945. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2016

News from PM
23 August 2016

Palgrave Macmillan, known for its academic publications, has at least three new WWII-related titles scheduled for release within the next few weeks:

Now available from Stackpole
22 August 2016

Zaloga, Steve. Patton vs the Panzers: The Battle of Arracourt, September 1944. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2016

Book review
21 August 2016

Gailey, Harry. The Liberation of Guam, 21 July - 10 August 1944. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1997

Read our review

Forthcoming from S&S
13 August 2016

Twomey, Steve. Countdown to Pearl Harbor: The Twelve Days to the Attack. Forthcoming from Simon & Schuster in November 2016

Forthcoming from Stackpole
13 August 2016

Veronico, Nicholas A. Pearl Harbor Air Raid: The Japanese Attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet, December 7, 1941. Forthcoming from Stackpole Books in November 2016

Forthcoming from Thomas Dunne
13 August 2016

Best, Nicholas. Seven Days of Infamy: Pearl Harbor around the World. Forthcoming from Thomas Dunne Books in November 2016

Now available from Kentucky
12 August 2016

News from Christopher Shores
11 August 2016

No rest for the weary! Christopher Shores and his team have recently released the third book in the highly esteemed History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945 series, but they remain hard at work on the next volumes. The author kindly sent us a detailed road map with very ambitious plans for the future.

"We are already well stuck into volume 4, but there is a lot of work to do before we can start guessing at dates etc. Of course, it is all "first time round" for us compared to North Africa and Tunisia, although that does make it fresher for us, and helps keep us very sharp!

"So what will it cover? Essentially the invasions/occupations of Sicily, Italy, Sardinia and Corsica, concentrating on tactical air power and operations, up to the end of October 1943. This will include the almost completely "long-range" tactical operations of the heavy bombers. As at 1 November 1943 (the formation of the 15th Air Force) the strategic air forces will be "hived off" to become volume 5.

"Meanwhile volume 4 will continue with the ongoing tactical operations over Italy, Greece, Albania and Yugoslavia including those by the Balkan Air Force. Whether this requires volume 4 to be cut into two parts will depend on size, which will only become clear as our work continues. We do not, for practical reasons, want to produce a volume larger than volumes 2 or 3, so a volume 4 part I and part II may be necessary. We may therefore need to "slice it" appropriately when the time comes.

"Thereafter for the future we move to the strategic picture. Prior to 1 November 1943 and the formation of the 15th AF, the heavy bombers of the 9th and 12th Air Forces only undertook two real strategic operations and we will start volume 5 with these, and then move to that important date. Thereafter our coverage will, of course, concentrate on the US units of that air force but will tie in with the activities of RAF 205 Group. This was, of course, a joint part of the Mediterranean Strategic Air Force, operating from the same Headquarters and frequently in conjunction with the day bombers. This volume will allow us also to incorporate the fascinating involvements of the air forces of Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and the Italian Fascist Republic."

Now available from State House
11 August 2016

Jennings, Isabel Yumol. Changing Tides: World War II Occupation and Independence in the Philippines. Abilene, TX: State House Press, 2016

Forthcoming from Skyhorse
11 August 2016

McCrea, John L. Captain McCrea's War: The World War II Memoir of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Naval Aide and USS Iowa's First Commanding Officer. Forthcoming from Skyhorse Publishing in November 2016

News from Helion
10 August 2016

No, it's not your imagination.

The team at Helion has greatly accelerated its publication of WWII-related titles, releasing several interesting new items over the last few months. The latest? Kangzhan: Guide to Chinese Ground Forces 1937-45 by Leland S. Ness and Bin Shih is freshly available in the UK, and will soon be on shelves on the western side of the Atlantic.

Now available from Berkley
9 August 2016

Yenne, Bill. When Tigers Ruled the Sky: The Flying Tigers: American Outlaw Pilots over China in World War II. New York: Berkley, 2016

Forthcoming from Bloomsbury
9 August 2016

Folly, Martin H. New Order Diplomacy: The Axis in International Affairs, 1939-45. Forthcoming from Bloomsbury in April 2017

War Diary reminder
9 August 2016

This seems like another good opportunity to remind everyone about our detailed day-by-day chronicle of the Second World War, now amounting to more than 63,000 entries and growing, with 9 August 1945 standing out as a fairly important date.

Forthcoming from Winged Hussar
8 August 2016

Rospond, Vincent W. The Polish Army in 1939. Forthcoming from Winged Hussar Publishing in September 2016

Book review
7 August 2016

Shores, Christopher and Giovanni Massimello with Russell Guest, Frank Olynyk, and Winfried Bock. A History of the Mediterranean Air War, 1940-1945, volume three: Tunisia and the End in Africa, November 1942 - May 1943. London: Grub Street, 2016

Read our review

Now available from Helion
6 August 2016

Harrison, Richard W. (editor). The Battle of Kursk: The Red Army's Defensive Operations and Counter-Offensive, July-August 1943. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2016

War Diary reminder
6 August 2016

This seems like a good opportunity to remind everyone about our detailed day-by-day chronicle of the Second World War, now amounting to more than 63,000 entries and growing, with 6 August 1945 standing out as a fairly important date.

Forthcoming from Knopf
6 August 2016

Lelyveld, Joseph. His Final Battle: The Last Months of Franklin Roosevelt. Forthcoming from Alfred A. Knopf in September 2016

Now available from Schiffer
5 August 2016

Mays, Terry M. Matterhorn: The Operational History of the US XX Bomber Command from India and China, 1944-1945. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2016

Forthcoming from Yale
5 August 2016

Stewart, Andrew. The First Victory: The Second World War and the East Africa Campaign. Forthcoming from Yale University Press in November 2016

Now available from Palgrave
5 August 2016

Tuunainen, Pasi. Finnish Military Effectiveness in the Winter War. London: Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Company, 2016

Forthcoming from Kansas
4 August 2016

Glantz, David. The Battle for Belorussia: The Red Army's Forgotten Campaign of October 1943 - April 1944. Forthcoming from University Press of Kansas in November 2016

Forthcoming from Grub Street
4 August 2016

Saunders, Andy. Lone Wolf: The Remarkable Story of Britain's Greatest Nightfighter Ace of the Blitz. Forthcoming from Grub Street in September 2016

News from OUP
3 August 2016

Books of the Germany and the Second World War series from Oxford University Press, translated from the original German Das Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg series, have been arriving gradually since 1991. The second part of volume nine was published two years ago, skipping over volume eight.

OUP has now announced that Germany and the Second World War, volume 8: The Eastern Front 1943-1944: The War in the East and on the Neighbouring Fronts, by Karl-Heinz Frieser, et al, should be available in March 2017, weighing in at over 1400 pages.

Now available from UBC
2 August 2016

Granatstein, J.L. The Weight of Command. Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia Press, 2016

Forthcoming from Atlantic
1 August 2016

Clark, Lloyd. Blitzkrieg: Myth, Reality, and Hitler's Lightning War: France 1940. Forthcoming from Atlantic Monthly Press in September 2016


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