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   News archives page

News from Prometheus
31 January 2015

The Prometheus team forwarded to us an advance copy of Yanks in the RAF: The Story of Maverick Pilots and American Volunteers Who Joined Britain's Fight in WWII by David Alan Johnson. It looks like this title should be on shelves in June.

Now available from Yale
30 January 2015

Frierson, Cathy A. Silence Was Salvation: Child Survivors of Stalin's Terror and World War II in the Soviet Union. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2015

Forthcoming from UPK
29 January 2015

Ehlers Jr, Robert S. The Mediterranean Air War: Airpower and Allied Victory in World War II. Forthcoming from University Press of Kansas in February 2015

Forthcoming from CUP
28 January 2015

O'Brien, Phillips Payson. How the War Was Won: Air-Sea Power and Allied Victory in World War II. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in February 2015

News from Tauris
27 January 2015

It looks like these three titles are on the schedule for next month:

Forthcoming from NIP
26 January 2015

Russell, David Lee. The War Begins: The Navy's Early Carrier Raids, February-May 1942. Forthcoming from Naval Institute Press in February 2015

Swedish news from England
24 January 2015

Our friends at Helion & Company tell us Hitler's Swedes: A History of the Swedish Volunteers in the Waffen-SS by Lars Larsson has finally been published—about two years after it was announced—and will be on shelves Monday.

Now available from John Murray
23 January 2015

Jones, Michael K. After Hitler: The Last Days of the Second World War in Europe. London: John Murray Publishers Ltd, 2015

Forthcoming from ATB
22 January 2015

Ramsey, Winston. The Defeat of Germany Then and Now. Forthcoming from After the Battle in February 2015

Forthcoming from Casemate
22 January 2015

Hoth, Hermann. Panzer Operations: Germany's Panzer Group 3 during the Invasion of Russia, 1941. Forthcoming from Casemate in February 2015

Now available from Westview
21 January 2015

Deak, Istvan. Europe on Trial: The Story of Collaboration, Resistance, and Retribution during World War II. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2015

Now available from Skyhorse
20 January 2015

Swanston, Alex. The Atlas of Special Operations of World War II. New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2015

Forthcoming from RZM
20 January 2015

Spezzano, Remy and Douglas Nash. PK Cameraman No. 2: 12. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Hitlerjugend Training in Belgium, November 1943 - March 1944. Forthcoming from RZM Publishing in February 2015

Now available from History Press
19 January 2015

Quinn, Robin. Hitler's Last Army: German POWs in Britain. Stroud, UK: The History Press, 2015

Forthcoming from Frontline
19 January 2015

Lakowski, Richard. Hitler's Last Battles: Seelow and the Halbe Encirclement, April-May 1945. Forthcoming from Frontline / Pen and Sword Books Ltd in April 2015

Book review
18 January 2015

Gillen, Michael. Merchant Marine Survivors of World War II: Oral Histories of Cargo Carrying under Fire. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2014

Read our review

Forthcoming from Duke
17 January 2015

Ghodsee, Kristen. The Left Side of History: World War II and the Unfulfilled Promise of Communism in Eastern Europe. Forthcoming from Duke University Press in February 2015

Now available from Overlook
16 January 2015

Tunstall, Peter. The Last Escaper: The Untold First-Hand Story of the Legendary Pilot, Cooler King, and Arch Escape Artist. New York: The Overlook Press, 2015

Forthcoming from Amberley
15 January 2015

Bowman, Martin W. We Were Eagles: Volume 3: June to October 1944. Forthcoming from Amberley Publishing in February 2015

Forthcoming from Indiana
14 January 2015

Adams, John A. General Jacob Devers: World War II's Forgotten Four Star. Forthcoming from Indiana University Press in February 2015

Now available from UPK
13 January 2015

Pasher, Yaron. Holocaust versus Wehrmacht: How Hitler's Final Solution Undermined the German War Effort. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2014

Forthcoming from Macmillan
12 January 2015

Mukhina, Lena. The Diary of Lena Mukhina: A Girl's Life in the Siege of Leningrad. Forthcoming from Macmillan in February 2015

In memoriam
12 January 2015

Clarence E. Huntley Jr. and Joseph Shambrey—life-long friends and mechanics with the Tuskegee Airmen's 100th Fighter Squadron of the USAAF 332nd Fighter Group—both died in California on 5 January at the age of 91.

Editor's Choice Awards for 2014
11 January 2015

This month marks the sixteenth annual Stone & Stone Second World War Books selection of new releases for our Editor's Choice awards, aka the "Stonies," as the best books of the year. Here are the winners of the Stonies for 2014.

Now available from CUP
10 January 2015

Scheck, Raffael. French Colonial Soldiers in German Captivity during World War II. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2014

10 January 2015

Hand-delivered by our trusty mail carrier, today we have in our possession printed Catalogue #138 from T. Cadman WW2 Books with another splendid assortment of new and secondhand titles for sale.

Forthcoming from Tauris
9 January 2015

Muller, Rolf-Dieter. Enemy in the East: Hitler's Secret Plans to Invade the Soviet Union. Forthcoming from I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd in February 2015

Now available from Westholme
8 January 2015

Guttman, Jon. Fighter Aircraft Combat Debuts, 1915-1945: Innovation in Air Warfare Before the Jet Age. Yardley, PA: Westholme Publishing, 2014

In memoriam
8 January 2015

Blaine H. Baesler—a USMC fighter pilot who served on Guadalcanal and commanded VMF-512 aboard the USS Gilbert Islands during WWII—died in California on 4 January at the age of 94.

In memoriam
8 January 2015

George P. Jeffery—a gunner who flew 50 missions aboard B-24 bombers with the US 15th Air Force—died in California on 26 December at the age of 89.

In memoriam
8 January 2015

Col. Fraser West—who enlisted in the USMC in 1940, was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in February 1941, and fought on Guadalcanal, Bougainville, and Guam where he was seriously wounded by machine gun fire—died in California on 2 January at the age of 96.

Now available from Harvard
7 January 2015

Kushner, Barak. Men to Devils, Devils to Men: Japanese War Crimes and Chinese Justice. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2015

News from the Netherlands
6 January 2015

Robert Sigmond tells us he has published Graeme Warrack's Travel by Dark, a revised and enlarged edition of a book originally released in 1963 and based on Colonel Warrack's 1944-1945 diary with British 1st Airborne Division.

Forthcoming from Yale
5 January 2015

Nord, Philip. France 1940: Defending the Republic. Forthcoming from Yale University Press in April 2015

In memoriam
5 January 2015

Col. George W. A. Brandt, Jr.—who enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940, transferred to the USAAF in 1942, flew more than 50 combat missions in B-17s, earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, and retired in 1973—died in California on 30 December 2014 at the age of 94.

Now available from Zenith
3 January 2015

Graff, Cory. Flying Warbirds: An Illustrated Profile of the Flying Heritage Collection's Rare WWII-Era Aircraft. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2014

Now available from Pelican
2 January 2015

Mandel, Lee. Unlikely Warrior: A Pacifist Rabbi's Journey from the Pulpit to Iwo Jima. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Company, 2015

Book statistics
1 January 2015

For the beginning of the new year we present a compilation of statistics from Stone & Stone showing the most popular books, authors, publishers, and subjects for the year 2014.


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