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Forthcoming from Missouri
30 September 2014

Kurusu, Saburo (edited by J Garry Clifford and Masako Okura). The Desperate Diplomat: Saburo Kurusu's Memoir of the Weeks before Pearl Harbor. Forthcoming from University of Missouri Press in October 2014

Forthcoming from CUP
29 September 2014

Stahel, David. The Battle for Moscow. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in December 2014

News from Casemate
29 September 2014

Recently published on the eastern shore of the Atlantic Ocean, A Street in Arnhem: The Agony of Occupation and Liberation by Robert J. Kershaw has now been published on the western shore of the Atlantic by the busy team at Casemate.

Forthcoming from Schiffer
29 September 2014

Wolf, William. The 5th Fighter Command in World War II, volume 3. Forthcoming from Schiffer Publishing Ltd in October 2014

Book review
28 September 2014

Claasen, Adam R. A. Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2001

Read our review

Now available from Helion
27 September 2014

Glantz, David M. Barbarossa Derailed: The Battle for Smolensk, July-August 1941, volume 3: Documentary Companion: Tables, Orders and Reports Prepared by Participating Red Army Forces. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2014

Forthcoming from Yale
27 September 2014

Schrijvers, Peter. Those Who Hold Bastogne: The True Story of the Soldiers and Civilians Who Fought in the Biggest Battle of the Bulge. Forthcoming from Yale University Press in October 2014

Forthcoming from Singapore
27 September 2014

Kratoska, Paul H. The Japanese Occupation of Malaya and Singapore, 1940-1945. Forthcoming from National University of Singapore Press in October 2014

Now available from Panzerwrecks
26 September 2014

Archer, Lee and William Auerbach. Panzerwrecks, volume 17: Normandy 3. Monroe, NY: Panzerwrecks, 2014

Forthcoming from Tauris
26 September 2014

Winstone, Martin. The Dark Heart of Hitler's Europe: Nazi Rule in Poland Under the General Government. Forthcoming from I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd in October 2014

Forthcoming from Chicago
25 September 2014

Ball, Philip. Serving the Reich: The Struggle for the Soul of Physics under Hitler. Forthcoming from University of Chicago Press in October 2014

News from Osprey
24 September 2014

Osprey Publishing recently shipped a fresh batch of new books, including these WWII titles:

Forthcoming from Harper
23 September 2014

Unger, Debi and Irwin Unger with Stanley Hirshon. George Marshall: A Biography. Forthcoming from Harper in October 2014

Now available from Collins
23 September 2014

Richie, Alexandra. Warsaw 1944: Hitler, Himmler, and the Warsaw Uprising. London: William Collins, 2014

News from Virginia, Texas, and Guadalcanal
22 September 2014

Author Bill Bartsch reminds us that his Victory Fever on Guadalcanal: Japan's First Land Defeat of World War II will be published by Texas A&M University Press in November.

Forthcoming from Murray
22 September 2014

Fermor, Patrick Leigh. Abducting a General: The Kreipe Operation and SOE in Crete. Forthcoming from John Murray Publishers Ltd in October 2014

Book review
21 September 2014

Harrison Place, Timothy. Military Training in the British Army, 1940-1944: From Dunkirk to D-Day. London: Frank Cass, 2000

Read our review

Now available from R & L
20 September 2014

Meyer, Kathryn. Life and Death in the Garden: Sex, Drugs, Cops, and Robbers in Wartime China. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2014

Forthcoming from HUP
19 September 2014

Motadel, David. Islam and Nazi Germany's War. Forthcoming from Belknap / Harvard University Press in October 2014

Forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan
18 September 2014

Smith, Timothy O. Vietnam and the Unravelling of Empire: General Gracey in Asia 1942-1951. Forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Company in October 2014

Now available from Alaska
17 September 2014

Coyle, Brendan. Kiska: The Japanese Occupation of an Alaska Island. Fairbanks, AK: University of Alaska Press, 2014

Forthcoming from Andre Deutsch
16 September 2014

Iveson, Tony. The Lancaster and the Tirpitz. Forthcoming from Andre Deutsch in October 2014

Happy anniversary
15 September 2014

We opened Stone & Stone Second World War Books on 15 September 1995, so this marks the beginning of our twentieth year on the Web. We offer thanks to all the authors, publishers, editors, booksellers, and visitors who have helped us with this site over the years, and we look forward to providing daily doses of news and information about WWII-related books for many more years.

Now available from Bodley
15 September 2014

Moorhouse, Roger. The Devils' Alliance: Hitler's Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941. London: Bodley Head, 2014

Forthcoming from Aquila Polonica
13 September 2014

Baluk, Stefan Starba. Sikorski: No Simple Soldier. Forthcoming from Aquila Polonica Publishing in June 2015

Now available from Arcturus
12 September 2014

Roland, Paul. Nazi Women: The Attraction of Evil. London: Arcturus, 2014

Forthcoming from Bodley
11 September 2014

Khan, Yasmin. The Raj at War: India, 1939-1945. Forthcoming from Bodley Head in June 2015

Forthcoming from D & M
11 September 2014

Zuehlke, Mark. Forgotten Victory: First Canadian Army and the Cruel Winter of 1944-45. Forthcoming from Douglas & McIntyre in May 2015

Forthcoming from RZM
10 September 2014

Spezzano, Remy and Douglas Nash. PK Cameraman No. 2: 12. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division Hitlerjugend Training in Belgium, November 1943 - March 1944. Forthcoming from RZM Publishing in October 2014

Now available from Allen & Unwin
9 September 2014

Threlfall, Adrian. Jungle Warriors: From Tobruk to Kokoda and Beyond, How the Australian Army Became the World's Most Deadly Jungle Fighting Force. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin, 2014

News from History Press
8 September 2014

The busy folks at History Press promise a boatload of new books in the near future, of which these releases for October caught our attention:

Book review
7 September 2014

Altobello, Brian. Into the Shadows Furious: The Brutal Battle for New Georgia. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 2000

Read our review

Now available from Helion
6 September 2014

Syrett, David. The Eyes of the Desert Rats: British Long-Range Reconnaissance Operations in the North African Desert 1940-42. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2014

Forthcoming from McFarland
5 September 2014

Murphy, Kevin C. Inside the Bataan Death March: Defeat, Travail, and Memory. Forthcoming from McFarland & Company, Inc in October 2014

Doughty news
4 September 2014

Stackpole Books has now released Robert Doughty's seminal The Breaking Point: Sedan and the Fall of France, 1940, and SB has announced an October publication date for Doughty's The Seeds of Disaster: The Development of French Army Doctrine, 1919-1939.

In memoriam
4 September 2014

Captain Walter F. Mazzone—diving officer aboard USN submarines Crevalle and Puffer during some of the most dramatic underwater operations of WWII, and later a key part of the Navy's SeaLab team—died on 7 August at the age of 96 in California.

Now available from OK
3 September 2014

Salecker, Gene Eric. The Second Pearl Harbor: The West Loch Disaster, May 21, 1944. Norman OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2014

Forthcoming from Skyhorse
2 September 2014

Swanston, Alex. The Atlas of Special Operations of World War II. Forthcoming from Skyhorse Publishing in October 2014

War Diary reminder
2 September 2014

Today seems like another good day to remind everyone about our detailed day-by-day chronicle of the Second World War, now amounting to almost 62,000 entries, with 2 September 1945 standing out as a fairly important date.

2 September 2014

We're always pleased to receive printed catalogs of new and secondhand books about the Second World War, so T. Cadman WW2 Books has made us very happy with printed Catalogue 136.

2 September 2014

In other bookseller news—not so happy news—Bob Ruman has announced a big sale in preparation for closing down his Articles of War website.

Forthcoming from Texas
1 September 2014

Bartsch, William H. Victory Fever on Guadalcanal: Japan's First Land Defeat of World War II. Forthcoming from Texas A&M University Press in November 2014

War Diary reminder
1 September 2014

Today seems like a good day to remind everyone about our detailed day-by-day chronicle of the Second World War, now amounting to almost 62,000 entries, with 1 September 1939 standing out as a fairly important date.

Now available from PM
1 September 2014

Wilson, Cat. Churchill on the Far East in the Second World War: Hiding the History of the Special Relationship. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Company, 2014


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