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   News archives page

News from the Great White North
31 January 2013

As expected, J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing Inc has released the much-anticipated English translation of Combat History of the 10. Panzer-Division, 1939-1943 by Albert Schick.

Forthcoming from Amberley
30 January 2013

Zimmerman, David. Britain's Shield: Radar and the Defeat of the Luftwaffe. Forthcoming from Amberley Publishing in February 2013

Forthcoming from Fonthill
30 January 2013

Brew, Steve. Blood, Sweat and Valour: 41 Squadron RAF 1942-1945. Forthcoming from Fonthill Media Limited in February 2013

Now available from Berghahn
29 January 2013

Cattaruzza, Marina, Stefan Dyroff, Dieter Langewiesche (eds). Territorial Revisionism and the Allies of Germany in the Second World War. New York: Berghahn Books, 2012

Forthcoming from Chartwell
29 January 2013

Spilling, Michael. Fighter & Reconnaissance Aircraft 1939-1945. Forthcoming from Chartwell in February 2013

Spilling, Michael. Bombers & Transport Aircraft 1939-1945. Forthcoming from Chartwell in February 2013

News from Dunstable
28 January 2013

Since The Military Press was sold to new owners a few years ago, we haven't been able to learn much about their new titles, so we're especially pleased to note the latest volume in Lee Sharp's ongoing series about the French Army in 1940 is now availble:

Sharp, Lee. The French Army, 1939-1940: Organisation, Order of Battle, Operational History, volume VI, part 3. Dunstable, UK: Military Press, 2013

Book review
27 January 2013

Cull, Brian. Fighters Over the Aegean: Hurricanes Over Crete, Spitfires Over Kos, Beaufighters Over the Aegean 1943-44. Stroud, UK: Fonthill Media Limited, 2012

Read our review

Forthcoming from Sussex
26 January 2013

Sharfman, Daphna. Palestine in the Second World War: Strategic Plans and Political Dilemmas. Forthcoming from Sussex Academic Press in October 2013

News from Pen & Sword
25 January 2013

As always, the team at Pen & Sword is toiling to deliver a fresh load of books in the coming weeks. Here are some of the titles in the works.

In memoriam
25 January 2013

Donald F. Hornig—a scientist who played an important role in the Manhattan Project—died on 21 January in Rhode Island at the age of 92.

Now available from OUP
24 January 2013

Gao, Bei. Shanghai Sanctuary: Chinese and Japanese Policy toward European Jewish Refugees during World War II. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013

Forthcoming from Faber
23 January 2013

Barnett, Correlli. Engage the Enemy More Closely: The Royal Navy in the Second World War. Forthcoming from Faber and Faber in February 2013

Now available from Osprey
22 January 2013

Kush, Linda. The Rice Paddy Navy: U.S. Sailors Undercover in China. Botley, UK: Osprey Publishing, 2012

Forthcoming from Transaction
21 January 2013

Israeli, Raphael. The Death Camps of Croatia: Visions and Revisions, 1941-1945. Forthcoming from Transaction Publishers in February 2013

Now available from Amberley
19 January 2013

Sadler, John. Desert Rats: The Desert War 1940-3 in the Words of Those Who Fought There. Stroud: Amberley Publishing, 2012

News from Pennsylvania
18 January 2013

Our friends at Schiffer Publishing have been unveiling some fresh titles, including these newly published items:

Now available from EMP
17 January 2013

Hallett, Brien. Did Japan Surrender Unconditionally: An Explanation of the Success That Japan Achieved at the End of the Second World War. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2013

Hallett, Brien. Did the Atomic Bomb Cause the Surrender of Japan: An Alternative Explanation of the End of World War II. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2013

Forthcoming from Casemate
16 January 2013

Lunde, Henrik O. Hitler's Wave-Breaking Concept: An Analysis of the German End-Game in the Baltic, 1944-45. Forthcoming from Casemate in May 2013

Now available from Amberley
15 January 2013

Rex, Christina. Doodlebugs, Gas Masks and Gum. Stroud: Amberley Publishing, 2012

Forthcoming from Fonthill
14 January 2013

Mallmann Showell, Jak P. Hitler's Naval Bases: Kriegsmarine Bases During the Second World War. Forthcoming from Fonthill Media Limited in February 2013

Now available from Osprey
12 January 2013

Keeney, L. Douglas. The Pointblank Directive: Three Generals and the Untold Story of the Daring Plan that Saved D-Day. Botley, UK: Osprey Publishing, 2012

In memoriam
12 January 2013

Maurice "Red" Shaw—a veteran of the US Navy who served aboard USS Northamptom and survived more than twelve hours in the sea after its sinking at the Battle of Tassafaronga in 1942—died in California on 7 January at the age of 90.

News from Grub Street
11 January 2013

The kind folks at Grub Street have forwarded to us information about some of their upcoming books, including these three:

Forthcoming from Knopf
10 January 2013

Budianksy, Stephen. Blackett's War: The Men Who Defeated the Nazi U-Boats and Brought Science to the Art of Warfare. Forthcoming from Alfred A. Knopf in February 2013

Now available from Berkley
9 January 2013

Makos, Adam with Larry Alexander. A Higher Call: An Incredible True Story of Combat and Chivalry in the War-Torn Skies of World War II. New York: Berkley, 2012

Forthcoming from Bloomsbury
8 January 2013

Taylor, Frederick. Exorcising Hitler: The Occupation and Denazification of Germany. Forthcoming from Bloomsbury in February 2013

News from Doug Stankey and Henry L. de Zeng
7 January 2013

"We have received a clarification regarding our book, Dive-Bomber and Ground-Attack Units of the Luftwaffe 1933-1945, volume 2. We've been told that the book will be printed in January 2013 but it will not be available for distribution until April 2013.

"Volume 2 will cover these units:

  • SG 1 through 501
  • Er.Gr. 210.
  • SKG 10, 210.
  • Storkampfgruppen - all of the various.
  • NSGr. 1 through 30.
  • Sonderstaffel Gamringer
  • Volksturm-Nachtschlachtstaffel 1.
  • Erg.NSGr. Ostland.
  • Fuehrer der Panzerjaegerstaffel.
  • Panzerjaegerstaffel 92.
  • Panzerjaegerstaffel Bu 181.

"It will also include appendices, bibliography for both volumes, and indices for both volumes."

7 January 2013

Our mail carrier has delivered "Catalogue #126" from T. Cadman WW2 Books with, as usual, more than twenty pages of secondhand titles for sale.

Editor's Choice awards for 2012
6 January 2013

Stone & Stone Second World War Books annually selects new releases for the Editor's Choice awards, aka the "Stonies," as the best books of the year. Here are the winners of the Stonies for 2012.

Now available from Stackpole
5 January 2013

Balkoski, Joseph. Our Tortured Souls: The 29th Infantry Division in the Rhineland, November - December 1944. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2013

Now available from Berkley
4 January 2013

Yenne, Bill. Big Week: Six Days that Changed the Course of World War II. New York: Berkley, 2012

3 January 2013

We've added another self-publisher, Paul M. Sailer, and his book, The Oranges are Sweet, to our Directory of Self-Publishers.

If you've self-published a military-related title about World War II, especially if you're a veteran writing about your wartime experiences, please send us information so we can add you to the Directory.

News from Bruce Gamble
2 January 2013

Bruce Gamble sends this update about his current project:

"I'm pleased to report that the final narrative about Rabaul in World War II is well underway. Darkest Hour: The True Story of Lark Force at Rabaul provided some background on the region's geological history and the tragic fate of the Aussie garrison that fortified Rabaul at the beginning of the war; the story of the air war for the first 14 months of the conflict was covered in Fortress Rabaul: The Battle for the Southwest Pacific, January 1942 - April 1943, ending with the pivotal mission that brought down Adm. Yamamoto. The third and final segment is tentatively titled Target: Rabaul: The Allied Siege of Japan's Greatest Stronghold, March 1943 - August 1945. It focuses primarily on the air war, and is scheduled for publication during the holiday season of 2013. As with Fortress Rabaul, special attention will be paid to the Medals of Honor awarded to American airmen, and to the plight of the few individuals who survived the war as POWs."

Book statistics
1 January 2013

For the beginning of the new year we present a compilation of statistics from Stone & Stone showing the most popular books, authors, publishers, and subjects for the year 2012.


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