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Forthcoming from Vallentine Mitchell
31 May 2012

Lanicek, Jan and James Jordan. Governments in Exile and the Jews during World War II. Forthcoming from Vallentine Mitchell Publishers in June 2012

Forthcoming from Allen Lane
30 May 2012

Overy, Richard. The Bombing War. Forthcoming from Allen Lane in June 2012

Now available from Canada
30 May 2012

Klein, Ruth (editor). Nazi Germany, Canadian Responses: Confronting Antisemitism in the Shadow of War. Kingston, Canada: McGill-Queens University, 2012

Forthcoming from Halsgrove
29 May 2012

Holmes, Neil. Merseyside Blitzed. Forthcoming from Halsgrove Publishing in June 2012

Now available from Delaware
29 May 2012

Fletcher, Willard Allen and Jean Tucker Fletcher (editors). Defiant Diplomat: George Platt Waller: American Consul in Nazi-Occupied Luxembourg, 1939-1941. Cranbury, NJ: University of Delaware Press, 2012

Now available from Kansas
28 May 2012

Knaff, Donna B. Beyond Rosie the Riveter: Women of World War II in American Popular Graphic Art. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2012

Forthcoming from Bloomsbury
28 May 2012

Black, Jeremy. Avoiding Armageddon: From the Great War to the Fall of France, 1918-40. Forthcoming from Bloomsbury in June 2012

Book review
27 May 2012

Beyer, Kenneth M. Q-Ships versus U-Boats: America's Secret Project. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1999

Read our review

Now available from Casemate
26 May 2012

Womer, Jack and Stephen C. Devito. Fighting with the Filthy Thirteen: The World War II Story of Jack Womer, Ranger and Paratrooper. Philadelphia: Casemate, 2012

Now available from Pelican
25 May 2012

Pegler, Martin (editor). The Sniper Anthology: Snipers of the Second World War. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Company, 2012

Now available from Random House
24 May 2012

Herman, Arthur. Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II. New York: Random House, 2012

Forthcoming from Chartwell
24 May 2012

Biggs, Jason. Skies of WWII: Courage, Battle & Victory in the Air. Forthcoming from Chartwell in June 2012

Forthcoming from MCIAPL
23 May 2012

Bose, Romen. Singapore At War: Secrets from the Fall, Liberation, and Aftermath of WWII. Forthcoming from Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd in June 2012

Forthcoming from Classic
22 May 2012

Creek, Eddie J. Junkers Ju87: From Dive-Bomber to Tank Buster 1935-45. Forthcoming from Classic Publications in June 2012

Now available from McFarland
22 May 2012

Kory, Peter. Sheltered from the Swastika: Memoir of a Jewish Boy's Survival amid Horror in World War II. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2012

News from Annapolis
21 May 2012

In addition to softcover reprints of some older titles, Naval Institute Press has scheduled several new books for publication later this year:

Book review
20 May 2012

Anglin, Douglas G. Free French Invasion: The St. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941. Calgary, Alberta: Penny Black Publishing, 1999

Read our review

Now available from Casemate
19 May 2012

Bilder, Michael with James G. Bilder. A Footsoldier for Patton: The Story of a Red Diamond Infantryman with the U.S. Third Army. Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2012

Forthcoming from Mercier
19 May 2012

McShane, Mark. Neutral Shores: Ireland and the Battle of the Atlantic. Forthcoming from Mercier Press Ltd in June 2012

Now available from Smithsonian
18 May 2012

Smith, Craig B. Counting the Days: POWs, Internees, and Stragglers of World War II in the Pacific. Washington. DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 2012

Forthcoming from Savas Beatie
17 May 2012

McCroden, William T. and Thomas Nutter. German Ground Forces of World War II: Complete Orders of Battle for Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, and Other Commands of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS, September 1, 1939, to May 8, 1945. Forthcoming from Savas Beatie in June 2012

Forthcoming from Yale
17 May 2012

Douglas, R.M. Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans After the Second World War. Forthcoming from Yale University Press in June 2012

Now available from Stackpole
17 May 2012

Schaufler, Hans. Panzer Warfare on the Eastern Front. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2012

Forthcoming from Potomac
16 May 2012

Levine, Alan J. From Axis Victories to the Turn of the Tide: World War II, 1939-1943. Forthcoming from Potomac Books Inc in June 2012

Now available from NIP
16 May 2012

Meehl, Gerald A. One Marine's War: A Combat Interpreter's Quest for Humanity in the Pacific. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2012

Forthcoming from CUP
15 May 2012

Risser, Nicole Dombrowski. France under Fire: German Invasion, Civilian Flight and Family Survival during World War II. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in July 2012

Now available from Little Brown
14 May 2012

Borneman, Walter R. The Admirals: Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King: The Five-Star Admirals Who Won the War at Sea. New York: Little Brown and Company, 2012

14 May 2012

Printed "Catalogue #112" from T. Cadman WW2 Books is in the mail and being delivered.

Book review
13 May 2012

Hardesty, Von and and Ilya Grinberg. Red Phoenix Rising: The Soviet Air Force in World War II. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2012

Read our review

Now available from McFarland
12 May 2012

Gribou, Henry G. Hunted in Warsaw: A Memoir of Resistance and Survival in the Holocaust. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2012

Now available from Indiana
11 May 2012

Megargee, Geoffrey P. and Martin Dean (editors). The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945, volume II: Ghettos in German-Occupied Eastern Europe. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2012

Forthcoming from Zenith
10 May 2012

Heaton, Colin D. and Anne-Marie Lewis. The Star of Africa: The Story of Hans Marseille, the Rogue Luftwaffe Ace Who Dominated the WWII Skies. Forthcoming from Zenith Press in October 2012

Now available from Flight Recorder
9 May 2012

Ketley, Barry. Luftwaffe Emblems 1939-1945. Manchester, UK: Flight Recorder Publications, 2012. Revised and expanded edition.

Forthcoming from Knopf
8 May 2012

Dobbs, Michael. Six Months in 1945: FDR, Stalin, Churchill, and Truman: From World War to Cold War. Forthcoming from Alfred A. Knopf in October 2012

Now available from Harvard
7 May 2012

Berkhoff, Karel C. Motherland in Danger: Soviet Propaganda During World War II. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2012

Book review
6 May 2012

Fischer, Bernd J. Albania at War, 1939-1945. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 1999

Read our review

Now available from Casemate
5 May 2012

McLaughlin, John J. General Albert C. Wedemeyer: America's Unsung Strategist in World War II. Philadelphia: Casemate, 2012

News from Vincent O'Hara
4 May 2012

Vincent O'Hara emailed us with the corrected title for his upcoming book, In Perilous Passage: Malta and the Convoy Battles of June 1942, and notes the publisher has delayed release until January 2013.

Now available from Panzerwrecks
3 May 2012

Archer, Lee and William Auerbach. Panzerwrecks, volume 13: Italy 2. Monroe, NY: Panzerwrecks, 2012

Now available from TAMU
2 May 2012

McWilliams, Tennant. The Chaplain's Conflict: Good and Evil in a War Hospital, 1943-1945. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 2012

In memoriam
2 May 2012

George Vujnovich—an OSS agent who ran missions that rescued more than 500 Allied airmen from German-occupied Yugoslavia during WWII—died in New York on 24 April at the age of 96.

Forthcoming from History Press
1 May 2012

Lepage, Jean-Denis. The Illustrated Handbook of Flak: German Anti-Aircraft Defences 1935-1945, Weapons, Emplacements, Equipments. Forthcoming from The History Press in June 2012


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