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   News archives page

Forthcoming from Basic
29 February 2012

Wilson, A.N. Hitler. Forthcoming from Basic Books in March 2012

Now available from Pelican
29 February 2012

Magruder, Mark A. Nightfighter: Radar Intercept Killer. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing Company, 2012

Forthcoming from Little Brown
28 February 2012

Campbell, Christy. Target London: Under Attack from the V-Weapons during WWII. Forthcoming from Little Brown and Company in March 2012

Forthcoming from Frontline
27 February 2012

Caldwell, Donald. Day Fighters in Defence of the Reich: A War Diary, 1942-45. Forthcoming from Frontline / Pen and Sword in March 2012

27 February 2012

"Catalogue Code QH" from The Military History Bookshop in Folkestone has arrived here with 70 pages of new and used military books.

Book review
26 February 2012

King, Benjamin and Timothy Kutta. Impact: The History of Germany's V-Weapons in World War II. Rockville Centre, NY: Sarpedon, 1998

Read our review

News from North Carolina
25 February 2012

The kind folks at McFarland tell us they have some WWII-related titles in the works:

Now available from Helion
24 February 2012

Szamveber, Norbert. Waffen-SS Armour in Normandy: The Combat History of SS Panzer Regiment 12 and SS Panzerjager Abteilung 12, Normandy 1944. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2012

Forthcoming from CUP
23 February 2012

Grey, Christopher. Decoding Organization: Bletchley Park, Codebreaking and Organization Studies. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in April 2012

Now available from Kansas
22 February 2012

Citino, Robert M. The Wehrmacht Retreats: Fighting a Lost War, 1943. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2012

Now available from Rochester
21 February 2012

Kay, Alex J., Jeff Rutherford, and David Stahel (editors). Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front, 1941: Total War, Genocide, and Radicalization. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2012

Now available from Overlook
20 February 2012

Caddick-Adams, Patrick. Monty and Rommel: Parallel Lives. New York: Overlook Press, 2012

Forthcoming from Hellgate
14 February 2012

Gruenfeld, Jay with Todd DePastino. Commissioned in Battle: A Combat Infantryman in the Pacific, WWII. Forthcoming from Hellgate Press in March 2012

Now available from Spain
13 February 2012

Cea, Eduardo. Japanese Military Aircraft: Tokubbetsu Kogeki Tai: Special Attack Units. Valladolid: AF Editores, 2011

Cea, Eduardo. Japanese Military Aircraft: Special Units of the Imperial Army. Valladolid: AF Editores, 2011

Book review
12 February 2012

Brown, John Sloan. Draftee Division: The 88th Infantry Division in World War II. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 1998.

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Forthcoming from Bantam
11 February 2012

Holland, James. Dam Busters: The True Story of the Legendary Raid on the Ruhr. Forthcoming from Bantam Press in May 2012

News from Savas Beatie
11 February 2012

One of the more highly anticipated books of 2012, German Ground Forces of World War II: Complete Orders of Battle for Army Groups, Armies, Army Corps, and Other Commands of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS, September 1, 1939, to May 8, 1945 by William T. McCroden and Thomas Nutter, is due from Savas Beatie in June. Here's what the publisher has to say about it:

"German Ground Forces of World War II offers the first comprehensive order of battle for German ground troops throughout the Second World War, from the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, to the destruction of the last remnants of Germany's Wehrmacht and Waffen SS in Berlin in 1945. Unlike similar works, these orders of battle are dynamic, and so account for the continuously changing character of Germany's ground forces at war.

"This massive new reference work by McCroden and Nutter, broken up in sections including Theater Commands, Army Groups, Armies, and Corps Commands, presents a detailed analysis of each corresponding order of battle for every German field formation above division. Additional new ground is broken by also describing the orders of battle of the myriad German and Axis satellite formations assigned to security commands throughout occupied Europe and the combat zones, as well as those attached to fortress commands and to the commanders of German occupation forces in Eastern and Western Europe. An accompanying narrative describes the career of each field formation and includes the background and experience of many of their most famous commanding officers.

"For the first time, readers can follow the career of every German division, corps, army, and army group as the German armed forces shifted units to and from theaters of war, from the period of triumphant successes to the years of grinding defensive warfare and eventual defeat."

News from Helion
10 February 2012

It's no secret that Helion's production schedule had been heavily impacted and delayed for awhile. We've received the latest projected publication dates from Solihull and updated our online database accordingly, including—unfortunately—cancellation of some titles we've been looking forward to. All the updated info is available on our Helion page.

Forthcoming from the Netherlands
9 February 2012

Pijpers, Gerrit and David Truesdale. Arnhem: Their Final Battle: The 11th Battalion The Parachute Regiment, 1943 - 1944. Forthcoming from R.N. Sigmond in April 2012

News from Canada
8 February 2012

Here's the latest from J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing Inc:

"Das Reich V is set to go to the printer next week and we hope to have it ready for shipping by the end of this month. We are also currently preparing three more books. Two of them are divisional histories; one Waffen-SS, the other a Heer unit."

In memoriam, part 1
8 February 2012

LtCol John Joseph Murray—a USAAF pilot who flew C-47s over the Hump—died on 30 January at the age of 90 in California.

In memoriam, part 2
8 February 2012

Raul Diez—a USN veteran, Navy Golden Gloves champion, and machine-gunner aboard PBY Catalina flying boats in the Pacific—died on 5 February at the age of 87 in California.

Forthcoming from Nebraska
7 February 2012

Goeschel, Christian and Nikolaus Wachsmann (editors). The Nazi Concentration Camps, 1933-1939: A Documentary History. Forthcoming from University of Nebraska Press in July 2012

News from Berghahn
6 February 2012

In addition to Hitler's Plans for Global Domination: Nazi Architecture and Ultimate War Aims by Jochen Thies, which should be published next month, Berghahn Books plans to release Territorial Revisionism and the Allies of Germany in the Second World War in October of this year.

Book review
5 February 2012

Reminick, Gerald. Little Ships: Tugboats at D-Day, Normandy. El Cerrito, CA: The Glencannon Press, 2011

Read our review

Now available from Enigma
4 February 2012

Levendel, Isaac. Hunting Down the Jews: Vichy, the Nazis and Mafia Collaborators in Provence, 1942-1944. New York: Enigma Books, 2012

News from MP
3 February 2012

The folks from The Military Press tell us they've published Chris Kempton's newest book, The Regiments & Corps of the H.E.I.C. & Indian Armies Volunteer Forces.

In memoriam
3 February 2012

Richard Quan—a US Army veteran who landed in Normandy on D+3 and fought in the Battle of the Bulge—died in California on 22 January at the age of 88.

Forthcoming from Kansas
2 February 2012

Hardesty, Von and and Ilya Grinberg. Red Phoenix Rising: The Soviet Air Force in World War II. Forthcoming from University Press of Kansas in March 2012

Now available from Praeger
1 February 2012

Mercatante, Steven D. Why Germany Nearly Won: A New History of the Second World War in Europe. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2012


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