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Now available from Missouri
30 April 2011

Ossian, Lisa L. The Forgotten Generation: American Children and World War II. Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Press, 2011

29 April 2011

We've updated our Recommended Reading page to reflect our latest choices about books we think deserve extra attention from serious readers.

Now available from Stackpole
29 April 2011

Goldberg, Harold J. Europe in Flames: Understanding World War II. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2011

Forthcoming from Little Brown
29 April 2011

Clayton, Tim. Sea Wolves: The Extraordinary Story of Britain's WW2 Submarines. Forthcoming from Little Brown and Company in July 2011

Now available from Berghahn
28 April 2011

Rein, Leonid. The Kings and the Pawns: Collaboration in Byelorussia during World War II. New York: Berghahn Books, 2011

Now available from Lyons
28 April 2011

Stevens, Peter F. The Twilight Riders: The Last Charge of the 26th Cavalry. Guilford, CT: Lyons Press, 2011

Forthcoming from Palgrave
27 April 2011

Now available from HarperCollins
26 April 2011

Burleigh, Michael. Moral Combat: Good and Evil in World War II. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc, 2011

Forthcoming from Routledge
25 April 2011

Trefalt, Beatrice. Post-War Repatriation to Defeated Japan. Forthcoming from Routledge in May 2011

Now available from Tauris
23 April 2011

In memoriam
23 April 2011

USMC fighter pilot James Van Ry—who flew F4U Corsairs in the Solomons, the Philippines, and over Japan in 1944 and 1945 with VMF-223, accumulating a total of 82 combat missions—died on 16 April 2011 in California at the age of 88.

Forthcoming from Michigan
22 April 2011

Allen, Susan Heuck. Classical Spies: American Archaeologists with the OSS in World War II Greece. Forthcoming from University of Michigan Press in May 2011

Now available from Oklahoma
21 April 2011

Matheny, Michael R. Carrying the War to the Enemy: American Operational Art to 1945. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press, 2011

Forthcoming from California
21 April 2011

Tubach, Frederic and Sally Patterson Tubach. German Voices: Memories of Life during Hitler's Third Reich. Forthcoming from University of California Press in May 2011

Now available from Basic
20 April 2011

Offley, Ed. Turning the Tide: How a Small Band of Allied Sailors Defeated the U-boats and Won the Battle of the Atlantic. New York: Basic Books, 2011

Forthcoming from Zenith
20 April 2011

News from Chris Shores
19 April 2011

"I was with Grub Street yesterday, completing the proofreading, insertion of illustrations, etc, in regard to the Japanese Naval Fighter book. John Davies plans to launch it at the Duxford Air Show on 22 May.

"...[I]n regard to the first volume of my Mediterranean Air War series...I am very nearly finished, but am not prepared to rush under pressure and risk spoiling it. So I think that early next year is more realistic. However, it is coming along really well, and I am hoping it will prove to be the best thing I have done yet. While we are numbering the volumes chronologically, I have mentioned before that I will not necessarily WRITE them in that order. Writing something new is definitely more exciting for the author than rewriting, however extensive the latter, and to keep my own enthusiasm bubbling, I may do Vol 3 or 4 after Vol 1, and then return to 2 and 3 later."

Now available from Texas
19 April 2011

Hatfield, Thomas M. Rudder: From Leader to Legend. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 2011

Now available from Kansas
18 April 2011

Reese, Roger R. Why Stalin's Soldiers Fought: The Red Army's Military Effectiveness in World War II. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2011

Book review
17 April 2011

Jones, Michael K. Stalingrad: How the Red Army Survived the German Onslaught. Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2007

Read our review

Forthcoming from Kentucky
16 April 2011

Rickard, John Nelson and Roger Cirillo. Advance and Destroy: Patton as Commander in the Bulge. Forthcoming from University Press of Kentucky in September 2011

Now available from NAL
15 April 2011

Jordan, Jonathan W. Brothers, Rivals, Victors: Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and the Partnership that Drove the Allied Conquest in Europe. New York: NAL, 2011

News from Bruce Gamble
14 April 2011

Author Bruce Gamble sent us an update on a couple of projects:

"I recently entered a contract with Zenith Press to produce Marine Fighting Squadron 214, a heavily illustrated history of the Swashbucklers and Black Sheep in World War II. The large format, hardcover book will have an estimated 220 pages with dozens of photographs, fine art by four award-winning aviation artists, plus full color profiles of the squadron's aircraft and Japanese adversaries. Publication is planned for Fall 2012.

"Meanwhile, I'm making progress on Ring of Fire and expect to complete the manuscript during the second half of 2012."

Now available from Canada
13 April 2011

Hoffmann, Peter. Behind Valkyrie: German Resistance to Hitler: Documents. Kingston, Canada: McGill-Queens University, 2011

News from Helion & Company
12 April 2011

Helion tells us Wings over Grodno: Combat Operations of the Soviet 127th Fighter Regiment, 22-23 June 1941 has been removed from the publication schedule (to return next year in "an expanded edition with much more additional material") and Niall Cherry's Tunisian Tales: The 1st Parachute Brigade in North Africa 1942-43 is now available.

11 April 2011

We've updated our Recommend Reading page, the place where we display our editorial picks for the most important new (and sometimes not-so-new) books that stand out from the tide of publications constantly arriving here.

Forthcoming from Hurst
9 April 2011

Hayes, Romain. Subhas Chandra Bose in Nazi Germany: Politics, Intelligence and Propaganda, 1941-1943. Forthcoming from Hurst in June 2011

Now available from McFarland
9 April 2011

Alford, Kenneth. Allied Looting in World War II: Thefts of Art, Manuscripts, Stamps and Jewelry in Europe. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2011

Now available from NIP
8 April 2011

Lacey, Jim. Keep from All Thoughtful Men: How U.S. Economists Won World War II. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2011

Forthcoming from Seaforth
7 April 2011

Hobbs, David. The British Pacific Fleet: The Royal Navy's Most Powerful Strike Force. Forthcoming from Seaforth / Pen and Sword Books Ltd in June 2011

Now available from Fordham
6 April 2011

Cornelius, Deborah S. Hungary in World War II: Caught in the Cauldron. New York: Fordham University Press, 2011

Forthcoming from Shepheard-Walwyn
5 April 2011

Batty, Petershep. Hoodwinking Churchill: Tito's Great Confidence Trick. Forthcoming from Shepheard-Walwyn in May 2011

Now available from Bodley
4 April 2011

Stafford, David. Mission Accomplished: SOE and Italy 1943-1945. London: Bodley Head, 2011

Book review
3 April 2011

Lunde, Henrik O. Finland's War of Choice: The Troubled German-Finnish Coalition in World War II. Havertown, PA: Casemate, 2011

Read our review

Now available from Allen Lane
2 April 2011

Edgerton, David. Britain's War Machine: Weapons, Resources and Experts in the Second World War. London: Allen Lane, 2011

Forthcoming from ATB
1 April 2011

Plowman, Jeffrey and Perry Rowe. The Battles for Monte Cassino Then and Now. Forthcoming from After the Battle in May 2011


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