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   News archives page

News from Italy
28 February 2011

Author Ludovico Slongo tells us Desert Prelude: Operation Compass, the second volume about the air war in North Africa, co-authored with Hakan Gustavsson, has been published by MMP Books.

Now available from Stackpole
28 February 2011

English, John A. Surrender Invites Death: Fighting the Waffen SS in Normandy. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2011

Forthcoming from Bodley
26 February 2011

Stafford, David. Mission Accomplished: SOE and Italy 1943-1945. Forthcoming from Bodley Head in March 2011

Forthcoming from Emilia
26 February 2011

Tudor, Malcolm Edward. SOE in Italy 1940-1945: The Real Story. Forthcoming from Emilia Publishing in March 2011

News from Oxford
25 February 2011

The kind folks at OUP tell us work is underway on the next release of the Germany and the Second World War series, with part two of volume nine due toward the end of 2012. Translation of the remaining tomes (volume eight, and parts one and two of volume ten) has not started, "so we're a few years off with them."

We would like to belatedly note, by the way, the sad passing of Derry Cook-Radmore—lead translator for part of the series—this past July.

Forthcoming from Pen and Sword
24 February 2011

Among other titles in the works at Barnsley, these are on the schedule for March:

News from Singapore
23 February 2011

About 72 hours after we noted the book was "apparently on schedule," National University of Singapore Press notified us—thank you very much!—that The Loss of Java: The Final Battles for the Possession of Java Fought by Allied Air, Naval and Land Forces in the Period of 18 February - 7 March 1942 by Peter C. Boer has been published and a review copy is en route. That title, by the way, promptly shot to the top of our Popular Resources page.

UPDATE: Although now available directly from Singapore, NUSP says the book won't be in stock in the US (via their American distributor, University of Hawaii Press) until May.

Forthcoming from History Press
23 February 2011

Simmons, Mark. The Battle of Matapan 1941: The Trafalgar of the Mediterranean. Forthcoming from The History Press in March 2011

News from Marc Rikmenspoel
22 February 2011

Author Marc Rikmenspoel emailed us a report about his latest project:

"I recently signed a contract with Helion to publish a large photo study of the Germanic Waffen-SS. It will include both the men themselves, and the units they served in. Germans and ethnic-Germans are inevitably intermixed in the history of these formations, so the book will be something of a history of the Wiking, Nordland and Nederland Divisions, along with the Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and Flemish Legions, and the later Flemish and Walloon Brigades. Also covered will be assorted other units, such the Norwegian Ski Company/Battalion, and limited bits on the Latvian and Estonian Legions that fought side by side with the Germanic formations on several occasions. Finally, I will also have some photos of non-German nurse volunteers, a topic which has received very little coverage, ever.

"I'm just back from a trip to the National Archives, where I found a lot of good, unpublished material to supplement what is already in my collection. Friends around Europe are also helping out with new photos. I now need to assemble all this into the finished whole. The book will likely have 750-1000 photos. I hope to be finished with my work by the summer of 2011, so that the book can be in print a year later. "

Now available from Tauris
21 February 2011

Plesch, Dan. America, Hitler and the UN: How the Allies Won World War II and Forged a Peace. London: I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2011

Book review
20 February 2011

Heiferman, Ronald Ian. The Cairo Conference of 1943: Roosevelt, Churchill, Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2011

Read our review

On the horizon
19 February 2011

Despite everyone's best efforts, it's not uncommon for authors and publishers to miss deadlines, and sometimes we seem to spend half our waking hours trying to figure out the latest publication dates for some highly anticipated titles. Here are updates on a few books we're watching that have been delayed at least once or twice over the last few months:

  • Nipe Jr, George. Blood, Steel, Myth: The II. SS-Panzer-Korps and the Road to Prochorowka. Delayed until at least May.

  • Lunde, Henrik O. Finland's War of Choice, 1941-1945: The Untidy Coalition of a Democracy and a Dictatorship in World War II. On target for second half of March?

  • Gustavsson, Hakan and Ludovico Slongo. Desert Prelude: Operation Compass. No word from the publisher or authors.

  • Boer, Peter C.The Loss of Java: The Final Battles for the Possession of Java Fought by Allied Air, Naval and Land Forces in the Period of 18 February - 7 March 1942. Changes to title, but apparently on schedule.

  • Glantz, David M. with Jonathan M. House. The Stalingrad Trilogy, volume 3. Still more than a year away.

  • Gamble, Bruce. Ring of Fire: The Siege of Rabaul, April 1943 - August 1945. No estimate.

  • McCroden, William T. and Thomas Nutter. German Army Order of Battle for World War II, 1939-1945. Completely off the radar.
  • Got news? Let us know if you have updated info on these or any other WWII titles.

    Forthcoming from Preface
    18 February 2011

    Williams, Allan. Operation Crossbow: The Untold Story of Photographic Intelligence and the Search for Hitler's V Weapons. Forthcoming from Preface Publishing in August 2011

    Forthcoming from NAL
    17 February 2011

    Mrazek, Robert J. To Kingdom Come: An Epic Saga of Survival in the Air War Over Germany. Forthcoming from NAL in March 2011

    Now available from NIP
    16 February 2011

    Friedman, Norman. British Cruisers: Two World Wars and After. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2011

    Forthcoming from Brill
    15 February 2011

    Lai, Sherman Xiaogang. A Springboard to Victory: Shandong Province and Chinese Communist Military and Financial Strength, 1937-1945. Forthcoming from Brill Acdemic Publishing in March 2011

    Now available from McFarland
    14 February 2011

    Heiferman, Ronald Ian. The Cairo Conference of 1943: Roosevelt, Churchill, Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2011

    Forthcoming from Stanford
    12 February 2011

    Nash, George. Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath. Forthcoming from Stanford University Press in March 2011

    Now available from Free Press
    11 February 2011

    Waller, Douglas. Wild Bill Donovan: His Life, His Spies, His Secret Wars. New York: The Free Press, 2011

    News from NAL
    10 February 2011

    Thanks to NAL Calibre for notifying us that in April they'll be publishing Brothers, Rivals, Victors: Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley and the Partnership that Drove the Allied Conquest in Europe by Jonathan W. Jordan.

    Forthcoming from Cambridge
    9 February 2011

    Fennell, Jonathan. Combat and Morale in the North African Campaign: The Eighth Army and the Path to El Alamein. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in March 2011

    Now available from Allen Lane
    8 February 2011

    Collingham, Lizzie. The Taste of War: World War Two and the Battle for Food. London: Allen Lane, 2011

    News from Annapolis
    7 February 2011

    Naval Institute Press has an impressive roster of new and reprint titles scheduled for release in the next few months. Check our NIP page for complete details.

    Morehead tribute
    6 February 2011

    USAAF Col. James B. Morehead—a fighter pilot with eight victories in WWII who subsequently wrote In My Sights: The Memoir of a P-40 Ace—was honored with a special ceremony on 5 February in Petaluma, CA, near the home of the 94-year-old veteran.

    Forthcoming from Missouri
    5 February 2011

    Ossian, Lisa L. The Forgotten Generation: American Children and World War II. Forthcoming from University of Missouri Press in May 2011

    Now available from Zenith
    4 February 2011

    Douglas, Graeme. Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress: Owners' Workshop Manual. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2011

    Forthcoming from Da Capo
    3 February 2011

    Sears, David. Pacific Air: How Fearless Flyboys, Peerless Aircraft, and Fast Flattops Conquered the Skies in the War with Japan. Forthcoming from Da Capo Press in May 2011

    Now available from Hale
    2 February 2011

    Tidy, Roger. Hitler's Radio War. London: Robert Hale Publishing, 2011

    Now available from Princeton
    1 February 2011

    Jarausch, Konrad H. Reluctant Accomplice: A Wehrmacht Soldier's Letters from the Eastern Front. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2011


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