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Reccomended reading
30 June 2010

Having recently received, as often happens, a goodly array of new WWII titles from various publishers, we've culled a few in particular that seem to us worthy of extra attention. Take a look at our Recommended Reading page for our top picks.

This day in history
30 June 2010

Sixty-five years ago today, on 30 June 1945, American headquarters declared a successful conclusion to operations in the Philippine Islands but 8th Army mopping up operations continued there, while on Okinawa 10th Army mopping up operations ended.

Now available from Rowman and Littlefield
29 June 2010

Wynn, Neil A. The African American Experience During World War II. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2010

Forthcoming from Pen and Sword
29 June 2010

A few of the new titles in production for later this year:

Now available from Virgin
28 June 2010

Arthur, Max. Last of the Few: The Battle of Britain in the Words of the Pilots Who Won It. London: Virgin Books, 2010

Forthcoming from Chartwell
28 June 2010

Ailsby, Christopher. The Third Reich Day by Day. Forthcoming from Chartwell in July 2010

News from McFarland
26 June 2010

We've been notified by Virginia at McFarland—thanks!—that a few of their spring/summer titles have been postponed a couple of months, and a fresh batch of new books has been added to the schedule for summer/fall. Check our McFarland page for more information about their WWII line.

Now available from Helion
26 June 2010

Stein, Marcel. A Flawed Genius: Field Marshal Walter Model, a Critical Biography. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2010

Now available from Palgrave
25 June 2010

Arielli, Nir. Fascist Italy and the Middle East, 1933-40. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Company, 2010

Forthcoming from Deutsch
25 June 2010

Carruthers, Bob. The Wehrmacht: Last Witnesses: First-Hand Accounts from the Survivors of Hitler's Armed Forces. Forthcoming from Andre Deutsch in July 2010

Now available from Enigma
24 June 2010

Mallmann, Klaus-Michael and Martin Cuppers. Nazi Palestine: The Plans for the Extermination of the Jews in Palestine. New York: Enigma Books, 2010

Forthcoming from David and Charles
24 June 2010

Buckton, Henry. Voices from the Battle of Britain: Surviving Veterans Tell Their Story. Forthcoming from David and Charles in July 2010

In memoriam
24 June 2010

LtCol Frank Kappeler of the USAAF—who flew 53 combat missions during WWII, including the Doolittle Raid—died on 23 June in Santa Rosa, California at the age of 96.

Now available from John Murray
23 June 2010

McKinstry, Leo. Hurricane: Victor of the Battle of Britain. London: John Murray Publishers Ltd, 2010

News from Milton Keynes
22 June 2010

Jonathan tells us that Military Press has released volume VI, part 1 of The French Army, 1939-1940 by Lee Sharp and volume VI, part 2 is currently being printed.

This day in history
22 June 2010

Sixty-five years ago today, on 22 June 1945, General Mitsuru Ushijima, commanding Japanese 32nd Army on Okinawa, committed hara-kiri; US 20th Air Force conducted raids against multiple targets in Japan; and Emperor Hirohito instructed the Supreme War Leadership Council to consider how the war could be brought to a conclusion.

Now available from Weidenfeld and Nicolson
21 June 2010

Wilson, Kevin. Journey's End: Bomber Command's Battle from Arnhem to Dresden and Beyond. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2010

Book reviews
20 June 2010

deZeng, Henry L. and Douglas G. Stankey. Dive-Bomber and Ground-Attack Units of the Luftwaffe 1933-1945, volume 1. Hinckley, UK: Classic Publications, 2009

Mary, Jean-Yves, Alain Hohnadel and Jacques Sicard. Hommes et Ouvrages de la Ligne Maginot, tome 5. Paris: Histoire & Collections, 2010

Gyllenhaal, Lars and Lennart Westberg. Swedes at War: Willing Warriors of a Neutral Nation, 1914-1945. Bedford, PA: Aberjona Press, 2010

Read our reviews

News from S & S
19 June 2010

Simon & Schuster has released a pair of hefty new WWII-related titles:

Now available from McFarland
18 June 2010

West, Hugh Warren with John Scura. Recon Trooper: A Memoir of Combat with the 14th Armored Division in Europe, 1944-1945. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2010

News from Osprey
17 June 2010

Osprey continues, like a well-oiled machine, to publish new titles and announce more for upcoming months. We've updated our Osprey page accordingly, including—in a bit of a departure—the hardcover Battleground Prussia: The Assault on Germany's Eastern Front 1944-45 by Prit Buttar, weighing in at 512 pages.

Forthcoming from Berghahn
16 June 2010

Primoratz, Igor (editor). Terror from the Sky: The Bombing of German Cities in World War II. Forthcoming from Berghahn Books in July 2010

News from J.J. Hays
15 June 2010

J.J. Hays, author of the United States Army Ground Forces TOE series, sends word about his latest efforts:

"I am in process of doing T/O series 5, which is the Corps of Engineers.This is an enormous undertaking. Since I put about 150 pages in each book that cover just organizational tables, it looks like it is going to take upwards of 10 separate books. Which tables appear in which book becomes a problem since I tend to do everything in order of T/O table numbers. This won't logically work with the Engineers since the types of units are so varied. I'm grouping the Combat Engineers separate from the Service Forces as an example."

Now available from Zenith
15 June 2010

Bungay, Stephen. The Most Dangerous Enemy: An Illustrated History of the Battle of Britain. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2010

Now available from the Netherlands
14 June 2010

Amersfoort, Herman and Piet Kamphuis (editors). May 1940: The Battle for the Netherlands. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Academic Publishing, 2010

Military History Bookshop
14 June 2010

Printed "Catalogue Code QC: Spring/Summer 2010" has arrived here by hand of our mail carrier from Military History Bookshop in Folkestone, Kent, with more than 70 pages of new and used military books for sale, including several meaty sections of WWII items.

News from NIP
12 June 2010

Naval Institute Press has announced more than a dozen WWII titles for release during September, October, and November. Among some very attractive additions to the line, Greg Urwin's Victory in Defeat, the long-awaited sequel to Facing Fearful Odds, is due in November. Check our NIP page for details on all their upcoming books.

12 June 2010

As we like to do from time to time, we've updated our Recommended Reading page with new arrivals that have impressed us as especially noteworthy.

Now available from H & C
11 June 2010

Mary, Jean-Yves, Alain Hohnadel and Jacques Sicard. Hommes et Ouvrages de la Ligne Maginot, tome 5. Paris: Histoire & Collections, 2010

Forthcoming from McFarland
10 June 2010

Sprague, Martina. Swedish Volunteers in the Russo-Finnish Winter War, 1939-1940. Forthcoming from McFarland & Company, Inc in July 2010

Now available from Skyhorse
9 June 2010

Dietrich, Otto. The Hitler I Knew: Memoirs of the Third Reich's Press Chief. New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2010

Forthcoming from New American Library
8 June 2010

Alexander, Bevin. Inside the Nazi War Machine: How Three Generals Unleashed Hitler's Blitzkrieg Upon the World. Forthcoming from NAL / Penguin in September 2010

Now available from OUP
7 June 2010

Epstein, Barbara. Model Nazi: Arthur Greiser and the Occupation of Western Poland. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010

This day in history
7 June 2010

Sixty-five years ago today, on 7 June 1945, US 20th Air Force attacked Osaka with 409 B-29 bombers, burning out much of the city.

Book review
6 June 2010

Gamble, Bruce. Fortress Rabaul: The Battle for the Southwest Pacific, January 1942 - April 1943. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2010

Read our review

News from NIP
5 June 2010

Already released in the UK by Seaforth Publishing, Naval Institute Press has now published the US edition of The Battle for Norway, April - June 1940 by Geirr H. Haarr.

This day in history
5 June 2010

Sixty-five years ago today, on 5 June 1945, US 20th Air Force attacked Kobe with 473 B-29 bombers, claiming 86 Japanese interceptors downed and burning down more than half the city with incendiary bombs.

Now available from Bodley Head
4 June 2010

McLynn, Frank. The Burma Campaign: Disaster into Triumph 1942-45. London: Bodley Head, 2010

News from France
3 June 2010

Author Yves Bellanger tells us his latest book, U.S. Army Armored Division 1942-1945: Organization, Doctrine, Equipment, is now available. After the first volumes of his work on US divisions during WWII were published by Helion and Military Press, due to various complications he decided to self-publish the new volume via Lulu.

Now available from Classic
2 June 2010

Dunning, Chris. Regia Aeronautica: The Italian Air Force, 1940-1943: A Combat History. Hinckley, UK: Classic Publications, 2010

Now available from Aurum
1 June 2010

Turner, Barry. Outpost of Occupation: The Nazi Occupation of the Channel Islands, 1940-45. London: Aurum Press, 2010

Forthcoming from Canada
1 June 2010

Schiebel, Helmut. A Better Comrade You Will Never Find. Forthcoming from J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing Inc in July 2010


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