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   News archives page

Now available from Amberley
27 February 2010

Sarkar, Dilip. Last of the Few: 18 Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots Tell Their Extraordinary Stories. Stroud: Amberley Publishing, 2010

In memoriam
27 February 2010

Kermit Tyler—the USAAF lieutenant on duty in the information center at Ft Shafter on Oahu who told the radar operators "Don't worry about it" when they reported an incoming mass of aircraft on 7 December 1941—died on 23 January in California at the age of 96.

Forthcoming from Pickering & Chatto
26 February 2010

Anglim, Simon. Orde Wingate and the British Army, 1922-1944. Forthcoming from Pickering & Chatto in July 2010

Forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan
25 February 2010

Arielli, Nir. Fascist Italy and the Middle East, 1933-40. Forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Company in July 2010

Forthcoming from D & M
24 February 2010

Zuehlke, Mark. On to Victory: The Canadian Liberation of the Netherlands, March 23-May 5, 1945. Forthcoming from Douglas & McIntyre in April 2010

News from Helion
23 February 2010

Thanks to Duncan for notifying us that Helion has released softcover reprints of these two titles:

Now available from CUP
22 February 2010

Harbutt, Fraser J. Yalta 1945: Europe and America at the Crossroads. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2010

News from the Netherlands
20 February 2010

Thanks to Robert Sigmond for notifying us that he has now released Retake Arnhem Bridge: An Illustrated History of Kampfgruppe Knaust, September-October 1944 by Bob Gerritsen and Scott Revell.

Now available from Nebraska
19 February 2010

Spanos, William V. In the Neighborhood of Zero: A World War II Memoir. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2010

This day in history
19 February 2010

Sixty-five years ago today, on 19 February 1945, USN Task Force 53 landed USMC V Amphibious Corps on Iwo Jima.

Forthcoming from HarperPress
18 February 2010

Keane, Fergal. Road of Bones: The Siege of Kohima 1944: The Epic Story of the Last Great Battle of Empire. Forthcoming from HarperPress in April 2010

Forthcoming from Canada
17 February 2010

Trojca, Waldemar. Technical and Operational History: Tiger, volume 1: 1942-1943. Forthcoming from J. J. Fedorowicz Publishing Inc in April 2010

Now available from Helion
16 February 2010

Eismann, Hans-Georg (edited by Fred Steinhardt). Under Himmler's Command: The Personal Recollections of Oberst Hans-Georg Eismann, Operations Officer, Army Group Vistula, Eastern Front 1945. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2010

This day in history
16 February 2010

Sixty-five years ago today, on 16 February 1945, US forces conducted airborne and amphibious landings on Corregidor Island in the Philippines.

Forthcoming from Aurum
15 February 2010

Turner, Barry. Outpost of Occupation: The Nazi Occupation of the Channel Islands, 1940-45. Forthcoming from Aurum Press in April 2010

In memoriam
15 February 2010

Walter Fredrick Morrison—a USAAF pilot and POW during World War II, and inventor of the Frisbee flying disc—died on 9 February in Utah at the age of 90.

Now available from Zenith
13 February 2010

Hammel, Eric. Islands of Hell: The U.S. Marines in the Western Pacific, 1944-1945. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2010

Military History Bookshop
13 February 2010

Printed "Catalogue Code QB" for winter 2009/2010 from the Military History Bookshop made its way safely across the Atlantic from Folkestone and offers more than 70 pages of new and used military titles, including a meaty selection of WWII books for sale.

Forthcoming from Northern Illinois
12 February 2010

Paul, Allen. Katyn: Stalin's Massacre and the Triumph of Truth. Forthcoming from Northern Illinois University Press in March 2010

Now available from Viking
12 February 2010

Florence, Ronald. Emissary of the Doomed: Bargaining for Lives in the Holocaust. New York: Viking, 2010

Forthcoming from OUP
11 February 2010

Longerich, Peter. Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press in March 2010

Now available from Frontline
10 February 2010

Kempka, Erich. I Was Hitler's Chauffeur: The Memoir of Erich Kempka. Barnsley, UK: Frontline, 2010

Forthcoming from History Press
9 February 2010

Maresch, Eugenia . Katyn 1940: The Documentary Evidence of the West's Betrayal. Forthcoming from The History Press in April 2010

News from Norway
8 February 2010

Geirr Haarr's The German Invasion of Norway, April 1940 was one of the top books of 2009. The sequel, The Battle for Norway, April - June 1940, will be released by Seaforth Publishing in the UK in March and by Naval Institute Press in the US in June.

Random books
8 February 2010

Looking for inspiration, serendipity, or just a quick diversion? Check our new Random Book link and see what comes up.

Book review
7 February 2010

Shores, Christopher and Chris Thomas. 2nd Tactical Air Force, volume one: Spartan to Normandy, June 1943 to June 1944. Crowborough, UK: Classic Publications, 2004

Read our review

Now available from Viking
6 February 2010

Plokhy, S. M. Yalta: The Price of Peace. New York: Viking, 2010

News from Annapolis
6 February 2010

Among other upcoming titles, Naval Institute Press has announced a major softcover reprint of the entire History of United States Naval Operations in World War II series by Samuel Eliot Morison featuring new introductions by prominent historians. The first three volumes are due in March.

Now available from Manchester
5 February 2010

Hately-Broad, Barbara. War and Welfare: British Prisoner of War Families, 1939-45. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 2010

Forthcoming from North Texas
4 February 2010

Wolk, Herman S. Cataclysm: General Hap Arnold and the Defeat of Japan. Forthcoming from University of North Texas Press in May 2010

Now available from Random
3 February 2010

Olson, Lynne. Citizens of London: The Americans Who Stood with Britain in Its Darkest, Finest Hour. New York: Random House, 2010

Now available from McFarland
2 February 2010

Monroe-Jones, Edward. Crossing the Zorn: The January 1945 Battle at Herrlisheim as Told by the American and German Soldiers Who Fought It. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2010

Forthcoming from Down Under
1 February 2010

Stockings, Craig. Bardia: Myth, Reality and the Heirs of ANZAC. Forthcoming from University of New South Wales in April 2010

In memoriam
1 February 2010

Lee Archer—Tuskegee Airman and USAAF fighter ace—died in New York on 27 January at the age of 90.


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