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   News archives page

Forthcoming from Schiffer
30 September 2009

Maclean, French. Donitz's Crews: Germany's U-Boat Sailors in World War II. Forthcoming from Schiffer Publishing Ltd in February 2010

Michaelis, Rolf. Russians in the Waffen-SS. Forthcoming from Schiffer Publishing Ltd in February 2010

Now available from McFarland
29 September 2009

Nelson, Wayne. A Spy's Diary of World War II: Inside the OSS with an American Agent in Europe. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2009

Forthcoming from Basic
29 September 2009

MacDonogh, Giles. 1938: Hitler's Gamble. Forthcoming from Basic Books in December 2009

Now available from Canada
28 September 2009

Engen, Robert. Canadians under Fire: Infantry Effectiveness in the Second World War. Kingston, Canada: McGill-Queens University, 2009

Now available from CUP
26 September 2009

Kitchen, Martin. Rommel's Desert War: Waging World War II in North Africa, 1941-1943. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2009

Now available from NIP
25 September 2009

Shisler, Gail B. For Country and Corps: The Life of General Oliver P. Smith. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2009

Scholar's Bookshelf
25 September 2009

In today's mail we found the latest catalog from the Scholar's Bookshelf, "Military History for Fall 2009," with more than 900 titles, including a substantial section of WWII items.

In memoriam
24 September 2009

It is with heavy heart we announce the passing of Graham Palmer, owner of World War II Books of Woking, England. Graham was for many years one of the leading lights of the dwindling band of serious, full-time purveyors of secondhand military books. (He once told us he disliked the term "book dealer," because it sounded like he was selling drugs.) Collectors from around the world relied on his huge and impeccable stock of important, hard-to-find titles, housed cozily in a village of "sheds" in his suburban backyard. We worked with Graham on many occasions and were delighted to finally visit him in Woking a few years ago. Of course, he proved to be in person the same charming gentleman we had come to know by phone and email. Without Graham, the ability to find and acquire top-notch military books, and the pleasures of doing so, will be much reduced. We'll miss him, and we offer our sincere condolences to his family.

Addendum: Latest news from Janet in Woking indicates World War II Books has been sold as of 28 September, and a service for Graham will be conducted on 7 October at St. Johns Church, West Byfleet, Surrey.

News from H & C
24 September 2009

The first three volumes of the Maginot Line series by Jean-Yves Mary were published by Histoire & Collections in 2000, 2001, and 2003, while the concluding book has been promised for years. Now we're reliably informed the fourth tome has been split in two, with volume four due in October and volume five—expanded to cover the Mareth Line in North Africa—scheduled for January.

As always, H & C titles are distributed in the US by Casemate.

Now available from Zenith
23 September 2009

Anonymous. Special Ops, 1939-1945: A Manual of Covert Warfare and Training. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2009

Forthcoming from Schiffer
22 September 2009

Michaelis, Rolf. Ukrainians in the Waffen-SS. Forthcoming from Schiffer Publishing Ltd in December 2009

News from Canada
21 September 2009

Terry at Aviaeology informs us that Carl Vincent is back in action with a new title, Canadian Aircraft of WWII, just now arriving at the warehouse in Kitchener.

Book review
20 September 2009

Paterson, Lawrence. Black Flag: The Surrender of Germany's U-Boat Forces. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2009

Read our review

News from Osprey
19 September 2009

The books keep marching, one by one, from Osprey Publishing in Botley, with several fresh releases this month, including:

Now available from C & R
18 September 2009

Longden, Sean. T-Force: The Race for Nazi War Secrets, 1945. London: Constable & Robinson, 2009

News from Helion
17 September 2009

The troops holding Solihull signal us about five WWII titles added to their publication schedule for the first few months of 2010, and it looks like a stellar line-up, including a major new book from David—he researches all day and writes all night and never sleeps—Glantz. Check our Helion page for more info.

This day in history
17 September 2009

Sixty-five years ago today, on 17 September 1944, the 1st Allied Airborne Army opened Operation Market-Garden with drops around Arnhem, Nijmegen, and Eindhoven.

Forthcoming from John Murray
16 September 2009

Jones, Michael. The Retreat: Hitler's First Defeat. Forthcoming from John Murray Publishers Ltd in November 2009

Happy anniversary
15 September 2009

We opened Stone & Stone Second World War Books on 15 September 1995, so this marks the beginning of our fifteenth year on the Web. We offer thanks to all the authors, publishers, editors, booksellers, and visitors who have helped us with these pages over the years, and we look forward to providing daily doses of news and information about WWII-related books for many more years.

Now available from Zenith
15 September 2009

Bruning, John R. The Battle of the Bulge: The Photographic History of an American Triumph. Minneapolis, MN: Zenith Press, 2009

14 September 2009

We've added another self-publisher, John H. Foertschbeck, and his book, Same War, Different Missions: WWII Memories and Letters Home, to our Directory of Self-Publishers.

If you've self-published a military-related title about World War II, especially if you're a veteran writing about your wartime experiences, please send us information so we can add you to the Directory.

News from Kansas
14 September 2009

The industrious gang at University Press of Kansas reminds us they have six new WWII-related titles on the publication schedule, including the second volume of the Stalingrad trilogy by David Glantz. Check our UPK page for details.

Book review
13 September 2009

Jowett, Philip S. Rays of the Rising Sun: Armed Forces of Japan's Asian Allies, 1931-45, volume 1: China and Manchukuo. Solihull, UK: Helion & Company, 2004

Read our review

Now available from McFarland
12 September 2009

O'Callaghan, Timothy J. Ford in the Service of America: Mass Production for the Military during the World Wars. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2009

MH Bookshop
12 September 2009

From Folkestone in Kent we've received a copy of the plump printed "Catalogue Code QA" from the Military History Bookshop with 72 pages of new and used military titles, including several very healthy sections on WWII topics.

Now available from NIP
11 September 2009

Moore, Stephen L. Presumed Lost: The Incredible Ordeal of America's Submarine POWs during the Pacific War. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2009

10 September 2009

We've added another self-publisher, Barbara Hartwig, and her book, Honorable Heart: Memoirs from Colorado to B-29s to Iowa, to our Directory of Self-Publishers.

If you've self-published a military-related title about World War II, especially if you're a veteran writing about your wartime experiences, please send us information so we can add you to the Directory.

Forthcoming from Knopf
9 September 2009

Hastings, Max. Winston's War: Churchill, 1940-1945. Forthcoming from Alfred A. Knopf in April 2010

Now available from Rosenberg
8 September 2009

Pfennigwerth, Ian. The Royal Australian Navy and MacArthur. NSW: Rosenberg Publishing, 2009

This day in history
8 September 2009

Sixty-five years ago today, on 8 September1944, the first V-2 rockets hit Paris and England.

Now available from Zenith
7 September 2009

Stone, David. Hitler's Army: The Men, Machines, and Organization, 1939-1945. St Paul, MN: Zenith Press, 2009

Forthcoming from Wiley
5 September 2009

Brady, James. Hero of the Pacific: The Life of Legendary John Basilone. Forthcoming from John Wiley & Sons in October 2009

In memoriam
5 September 2009

Robert Decatur—one of the original Tuskegee Airmen with the US Air Force—died on 19 August in Florida at the age of 88.

Now available from Classic
4 September 2009

Rosch, Barry C. Luftwaffe Support Units: Units, Aircraft, Emblems and Markings, 1933-1945. Hersham, Surrey: Classic Publications, 2009

News from BMC
3 September 2009

The folks in Tiburon have notified us that the third volume of William McGee's Amphibious Operations in the South Pacific series, Pacific Express: The Critical Role of Military Logistics in World War II, is now available.

Now available from NIP
2 September 2009

Schultz, Robert and James Shell. We Were Pirates: A Torpedoman's Pacific War. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2009

2 September 2009

Printed "Catalogue #106" from T. Cadman WW2 Books hit the streets this week with 23 pages of high-quality secondhand books for sale.

Forthcoming from Berkley
1 September 2009

Showalter, Dennis. Hitler's Panzers: The Lightning Attacks that Revolutionized Warfare. Forthcoming from Berkley in December 2009


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