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Now available from IUP
31 August 2005

Willmott, H.P. The Battle of Leyte Gulf: The Last Fleet Action. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2005

Forthcoming from Greenwood
31 August 2005

Watson, Bruce Allen. Atlantic Convoys and Nazi Raiders: The Deadly Voyage of the HMS Jervis Bay. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press and Praeger Publishers, 2005

Now available from Zenith
30 August 2005

Littleton, Mark R. and Charles Wright. Doc: Heroic Stories of Medics, Corpsmen, and Surgeons in Combat. Osceola, WI: Zenith, 2005

Forthcoming from Da Capo
29 August 2005

Brooks, Victor. Hell Is upon Us: D-Day in the Pacific: Saipan to Guam, June-August 1944. Forthcoming from Da Capo Press in September 2005

Book review
28 August 2005

Lorant, Jean-Yves and Richard Goyat. Jagdgeschwader 300: A Chronicle of a Fighter Geschwader in the Battle for Germany, volume 1: June 1943 - September 1944. Hamilton, MT: Eagle Editions, Ltd, 2005

Read our review

Forthcoming from McFarland
27 August 2005

Bodson, Herman. Downed Allied Airmen and Evasion of Capture: The Role of Local Resistance Networks in World War II. Forthcoming from McFarland & Company, Inc in November 2005

Now available from Wiley
26 August 2005

Ralph, Wayne. Aces, Warriors, and Wingmen: The Firsthand Accounts of Canada's Fighter Pilots in the Second World War. Toronto: John Wiley & Sons, 2005

N & M Press
26 August 2005

In the mail today: "The Booklist, Issue 94" from Naval & Military Press.

25 August 2005

Check our recommended reading page for some fresh additions to our list of the most impressive books to arrive here recently.

Now available from UNTP
24 August 2005

Nutter, Ralph H. With the Possum and the Eagle: The Memoir of a Navigator's War over Germany and Japan. Denton, TX: University of North Texas Press, 2005

24 August 2005

Today the postman handed us "Supplement #96" from Jerboa-Redcap Books with six pages of new and used naval, military, and aviation titles for sale.

Now available from Da Capo
23 August 2005

Annussek, Greg A. Hitler's Raid to Save Mussolini: The Most Infamous Commando Raid of World War II. New York: Da Capo Press, 2005

Now available from Ian Allan
22 August 2005

Konstam, Angus. Spearhead 18: PT-Boat Squadrons: US Navy Torpedo Boats. Hersham, UK: Ian Allan Publishing, 2005

Sharpe, Michael. Spearhead 17: 5th Gebirgsjager Division: Hitler's Mountain Warfare Specialists. Hersham, UK: Ian Allan Publishing, 2005

Now available from H&C
22 August 2005

Leonard, Herbert. Encyclopedia of Soviet Fighters, 1939-1951. Paris: Histoire & Collections, 2005

Book review
21 August 2005

Harris, Sir Arthur. Bomber Offensive. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1998

Read our review

News from Potomac
20 August 2005

We've updated our page for Potomac Books (formerly Brassey's US) with all their latest information. Thanks to Sam Dorrance for keeping us posted.

Forthcoming from IAP
19 August 2005

O'Donoghue, David. Hitler's Irish Voices: The Story of Germany's Wartime Irish Service. Forthcoming from Irish Academic Press in October 2005

Now available from Grub Street
18 August 2005

Shores, Christopher. Air War for Burma: The Allied Air Forces Fight Back in South-East Asia, 1942-1945. London: Grub Street, 2005

Forthcoming from NIP
18 August 2005

Horn, Steve. The Second Attack on Pearl Harbor: Operation K and Other Japanese Attempts to Bomb America in World War II. Forthcoming from Naval Institute Press in November 2005

Now available from Eagle
17 August 2005

Lorant, Jean-Yves and Richard Goyat. JG 300: A Chronicle of a Fighter Geschwader in the Battle for Germany, volume 1: June 1943 - September 1944. Hamilton, MT: Eagle Editions, Ltd, 2005

Forthcoming from Lyons
17 August 2005

Pearson, Judith L. Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America's Greatest Female Spy. Forthcoming from Lyons Press in October 2005

Now available from McFarland
16 August 2005

Campbell, Richard H. The Silverplate Bombers: A History and Registry of the Enola Gay and Other B-29s Configured to Carry Atomic Bombs. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2005

Now available from Victory
16 August 2005

Sarkar, Dilip. Johnnie Johnson: Spitfire Top Gun, part 2. Worcester, UK: Victory Books, 2005

15 August 2005

We've added another self-publisher, Joe Windham, and his book to our Directory of Self-Publishers. If you've self-published a military-related title about World War II, especially if you're a veteran writing about your wartime experiences, please send us information so we can add you to the Directory.

Book review
14 August 2005

Zuehlke, Mark. Holding Juno: Canada's Heroic Defence of the D-Day Beaches: June 7-12, 1944. Vancouver, BC: Douglas & McIntyre, 2005

Read our review

Now available from Lyons
13 August 2005

Samson, Jack. The Flying Tiger: The True Story of General Claire Chennault and the U.S. 14th Air Force in China. Guilford, CT: Lyons Press, 2005

Forthcoming from S&H
13 August 2005

Fisher, David E. A Summer Great and Terrible: Lord Dowding, Winston Churchill, and the Impossible Triumph of the Battle of Britain. Forthcoming from Shoemaker & Hoard in November 2005

In memoriam
12 August 2005

USN Captain Roy "Butch" Voris, an American fighter ace of World War II who later organized the Blue Angels, died on 10 August in California at the age of 86.

News from Osprey
12 August 2005

It's that time of the month when these good folks release new titles and announce more books for upcoming months, and you can see all the details on our newly updated page for Osprey.

Forthcoming from NAL
11 August 2005

Tillman, Barrett. Clash of the Carriers: The True Story of the Marianas Turkey Shoot of World War II. Forthcoming from New American Library in November 2005

Now available from Helion
10 August 2005

Bevis, Mark. British and Commonwealth Armies, 1939-45: Supplement 1. Solihull, England: Helion & Company, 2005

Bevis, Mark. British and Commonwealth Armies, 1939-45: Supplement 2. Solihull, England: Helion & Company, 2005

Now available from Vanwell
9 August 2005

Stachiw, A.L. Handley Page Halifax. St Catherines, ONT: Vanwell Publishing Ltd, 2005

Book reviews
7 August 2005

Shores, Christopher and Chris Thomas. 2nd Tactical Air Force, volume two: Breakout to Bodenplatte, July 1944 to January 1945. Crowborough, UK: Classic Publications, 2005

Glines, Carroll V. Those Legendary Piper Cubs: Their Role in War and Peace. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2005

Thiele, Harold. Luftwaffe Aerial Torpedo Aircraft and Operations in World War Two. Crowborough, UK: Hikoki Publications, 2004

Walker, James. The Liberandos: A WWII History of the 376th Heavy Bombardment Group and Its Founding Units. Waco, TX: 376th Heavy Bombardment Group Veterans Assn, 1994

Read our reviews

Forthcoming from Pen and Sword
6 August 2005

Barker, Ralph. Men of the Bombers: Remarkable Incidents in World War II. Forthcoming from Pen and Sword in September 2005

Wragg, David. The Escort Carrier of the Second World War: Combustible, Vulnerable And Expendable. Forthcoming from Pen and Sword in September 2005

Now available from OUP
6 August 2005

Dear, I.C.B. and M.R.D. Foot. The Oxford Companion to World War II. London: Oxford University Press, 2005

5 August 2005

On our recommended reading page, freshly updated, you can always find our favorites among the many, many WWII titles that come to our attention.

Forthcoming from White Mane
5 August 2005

Patten, Julian Fern. Another Side of World War II: A Coast Guard Lieutenant in the South Pacific. Forthcoming from White Mane Publishing Company, Inc in December 2005

Now available from Hellgate
4 August 2005

Bracho, Mary. Squadron 13 and the Big Flying Boats. Central Point, OR: Hellgate Press, 2005

News from Mark Yerger
4 August 2005

"My newest book is available from Bender: German Cross in Gold Holders of the SS and Police, volume 2."

This day in history
3 August 2005

Sixty-five years ago today, on 3 August 1940, General Nasi's Italian forces invaded British Somaliland.

In memoriam
3 August 2005

Admiral Norvell G. "Bub" Ward—skipper of USS Guardfish and one of the top-scoring commanders of the World War II submarine campaign against Japanese shipping (officially credited with sinking 9 vessels totaling 39,302 tons)—died on 19 July in Florida at the age of 92.

Now available from Classic
3 August 2005

Price, Alfred. Luftwaffe Colours: Kampfflieger, Volume Three Bombers of the Luftwaffe, January 1942 - September 1943. Crowborough, UK: Classic Publications, 2005

3 August 2005

The printed "Bargain Books" catalog dated 15 July 2005 arrived here today from Edward R. Hamilton, Bookseller.

Liberandos reprint
2 August 2005

We recently learned that the terrific unit history of the the 376th Heavy Bombardment Group, The Liberandos by John W. Walker, has been reprinted in a limited edition and is now available via Richard Miller of the 376th Veterans Association.

Now available from Viking
1 August 2005

Smith, Colin. Singapore Burning: Heroism and Surrender in World War II. New York: Viking, 2005

Now available from Tempus
1 August 2005

Farrell, Brian P. The Defence and Fall of Singapore, 1940-42. Stroud, UK: Tempus Publishing, 2005


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