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   News archives page

Forthcoming from CUP
30 September 2004

Chickering, Roger, Stig Forster, and Bernd Greiner (editors). A World at Total War: Global Conflict and the Politics of Destruction, 1937-1945. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in January 2005

Now available from NIP
29 September 2004

Check our webpage for Naval Institute Press for complete information about all their newest releases, including books by Duskin, Burgess, Heaps, and Renner.

News from Osprey
28 September 2004

Osprey Publishing releases a fresh batch of WWII titles every month, and every month we update our webpage for Osprey to help you keep track of all their new releases and forthcoming books.

Now available from SR
28 September 2004

Tohmatsu, Haruo. A Gathering Darkness: The Coming of the War to the Far East and the Pacific. Wilmington, DE: SR Books, 2004

News from Mark Zuehlke
27 September 2004

Author Mark Zuehlke sends along information about his next book: "I am now working on a sequel to Juno Beach entitled Holding Juno, which will cover the period of June 7-12 when the Canadians were fighting off counterattacks by the 12th SS Hitlerjugend Division. This will be published in the spring of 2005."

Now available from the Netherlands
27 September 2004

Sigmond, Robert N. Nine Days at Arnhem: Canadian Officers under the CANLOAN Scheme in the 7th (Galloway) Battalion of the King's Own Scottish Borderers. Renkum, Netherlands: R.N. Sigmond, 2004

Book reviews
26 September 2004

Barris, Ted. Juno: Canadians at D-Day, June 6, 1944. Toronto: Thomas Allen & Son Ltd, 2004

Ford, Ken. Battle Zone Normandy: Juno Beach. Stroud, UK: Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2004

Zuehlke, Mark. Juno Beach: Canada's D-Day Victory: June 6, 1944. Vancouver, BC: Douglas & McIntyre, 2004

Read our reviews

Handed to us today...
25 September 2004 our friendly mail carrier: Printed catalog 196 from Antheil Booksellers with 48 pages of new and used naval, aviation, and military books for sale.

News from Cass
24 September 2004

Check our page for Frank Cass Publishers (an imprint of Taylor and Francis) for all the latest information about their new and forthcoming books.

Forthcoming from Engima
24 September 2004

Lang, Jochen von. Top Nazi: Karl Wolff, the Man between Hitler and Himmler. Forthcoming from Enigma Books in October 2004

Now available from McFarland
24 September 2004

Secher, H. Pierre (editor). Left Behind in Nazi Vienna: Letters of a Jewish Family Caught in the Holocaust, 1939-1941. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2004

Forthcoming from Histoire
24 September 2004

Restayn, Jean. Inside the Tiger I. Forthcoming from Histoire & Collections in December 2004

Now available from Stackpole
23 September 2004

Kurowski, Franz. Panzer Aces: German Tank Commanders of WWII. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2004

Now available from NIP
23 September 2004

Hirschmann, Werner with Donald E. Graves. Another Place, Another Time: A U-Boat Officer's Wartime Album. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2004

Now available from Classic
22 September 2004

Jessen, Morten and Andrew Arthy. The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in North Africa. Crowborough, UK: Classic Publications, 2004

Now available from Kentucky
22 September 2004

Fritz, Stephen G. Endkampf: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Death of the Third Reich. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2004

Forthcoming from Birlinn
21 September 2004

Innes, Bill. St Valery: The Impossible Odds. Forthcoming from Birlinn in October 2004

Forthcoming from Helion
20 September 2004

Kissel, Hans. Hitler's Last Levy: The Volkssturm 1944-45. Forthcoming from Helion & Company in December 2004

Book review
19 September 2004

Bennett, G.H. and R. Bennett. Hitler's Admirals. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2004

Book review

Now available from Wisconsin
18 September 2004

Frei, Terry. Third Down and a War to Go: The All-American 1942 Wisconsin Badgers. Madison, WI: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2004

Now available from Coombe
17 September 2004

Mitchell, Ron and Jonathan Moffatt (editor). Baba Nonnie Goes to War: The Memoirs of a Singapore Volunteer on the Thai-Burma Railway. Coventry: Coombe Publishing, 2004

Forthcoming from OUP
17 September 2004

Johnston, Mark and Peter Stanley. Alamein: The Australian Story. Forthcoming from Oxford University Press in November 2004

Now available from McWhiney
16 September 2004

Ferguson, John C. Hellcats: The 12th Armored Division in World War II. College Station, TX: McWhiney Foundation / Texas A & M, 2004

Now available from B&N
16 September 2004

Jordan, David. Atlas of World War II. New York: Barnes and Noble, 2004

Now available from HarperCollins
16 September 2004

Webster, Donovan. The Burma Road: The Epic Story of the China - Burma - India Theater in World War II. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, Inc, 2004

15 September 2004

Today marks the beginning of our tenth year on the Web providing daily doses of news and information about WWII-related books. We offer thanks to all the authors, publishers, editors, booksellers, and visitors who have helped us with these pages over the years, and we look forward to many more years as the Web's best portal for books about the Second World War.

Now available from Kansas
15 September 2004

Rigg, Bryan Mark. Hitler's Jewish Soldiers. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2004

Rush, Robert Sterling. Hell in Huertgen Forest: The Ordeal and Triumph of an American Infantry Regiment. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2004

Forthcoming from CUP
15 September 2004

Aronson, Shlomo. Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews. Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in November 2004

In Memoriam
14 September 2004

USMC Lieutenant Colonel John F. Bolt, who served two tours of duty with "Pappy" Boyington and VMF 214 (the Black Sheep Squadron), died on Wednesday, 8 September of acute leukemia at the age of 83.

Now available from Palgrave Macmillan
14 September 2004

Schmidt, Ulf. Justice at Nuremberg: Leo Alexander and the Nazi Doctors Trial. New York: Palgrave Macmillan Publishing Company, 2004

13 September 2004

We've added another self-publisher, James R. Stevens, and his book to our Directory of Self-Publishers. If you have self-published a military-related title about World War II, especially if you're a veteran writing about your wartime experiences, please send us information so we can add you to the Directory.

Now available from Pen and Sword
13 September 2004

Younger, Tony. Blowing Our Bridges: A Memoir from Dunkirk to Korea via Normandy. Barnsley, UK: Pen and Sword Books Ltd, 2004

Bowman, Martin. Mosquitopanik: Mosquito Fighters and Fighter Bomber Operations in the Second World War. Barnsley, UK: Pen and Sword Books Ltd, 2004

War Diary
12 September 2004

Don't forget that every day our online War Diary automatically opens a new page for the corresponding date from sixty-five years ago with a complete compilation of daily air, naval, ground, and diplomatic events, each with links to a bibliography page of books covering that exact topic.

New subject pages
12 September 2004

We've added new pages for the Regiments of the South African Army to our online bibliographic system with two dozen titles covering over twenty separate regiments ranging from the Cape Town Highlanders to the Rand Light Infantry to the Umvoti Mounted Rifles. Remember, you can always check the Newest Subjects page to see the latest additions to the system.

News from Grub Street
11 September 2004

Thanks to Louise, we've updated our Grub Street page with all their latest releases, revised publication dates, and one cancellation (Honour Restored by Peter Brown).

Now available from NIP
10 September 2004

Bennett, G.H. and R. Bennett. Hitler's Admirals. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2004

10 September 2004

Printed "Supplement #84" from Jerboa-Redcap Books arrived by mail today with six pages of new and used military, naval, and aviation titles for sale.

Now available from Norton
9 September 2004

Overy, Richard. The Dictators: Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc, 2004

Forthcoming from Lyons
9 September 2004

Macauley, Doris. Bread and Rice: An American Woman's Fight to Survive in the Jungles and Prison Camps of the WWII Philippines. Forthcoming from Lyons Press in October 2004

Now available from Toronto
9 September 2004

Copp, Terry. Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004

Now available from Viking Penguin
8 September 2004

Beevor, Antony and Artemis Cooper. Paris after the Liberation, 1944-1949. New York: Viking Penguin, 2004

Now available from Lyons
8 September 2004

Starks, Richard and Miriam Murcutt. Lost in Tibet. Guilford, CT: Lyons Press, 2004

Forthcoming from Crecy
7 September 2004

Beck, Pip. Keeping Watch: A WAAF in Bomber Command. Forthcoming from Crecy Publishing Ltd in February 2005

Book review
5 September 2004

Ministere des Armees. Atlas des Situations Quotidiennes des Armees Alliees, Campagne 1939-1940. Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1964

Read our review

Forthcoming from McFarland
4 September 2004

Pinkus, Oscar. The War Aims and Strategies of Adolf Hitler. Forthcoming from McFarland & Company, Inc in May 2005

Forthcoming from Chicago
3 September 2004

Nossack, Hans Erich. The End: Hamburg 1943. Forthcoming from University of Chicago Press in December 2004

The Bookshelf
3 September 2004

Military booksellers having mostly switched to websites and email over the last ten years, we don't see nearly as many printed catalogs nowadays, so we're always excited when we receive one, including the "Fall 2004 Military History" from The Scholar's Bookshelf which arrived today.

Now available from Utah
2 September 2004

Jacobsen, Gene S. We Refused to Die: My Time as a Prisoner of War in Bataan and Japan, 1942-1945. Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Press, 2004

Forthcoming from Colorado
2 September 2004

Sanders, Charles J. Boys of Winter: Life and Death in the U.S. Ski Troops during the Second World War. Forthcoming from University Press of Colorado in December 2004

War Diary
1 September 2004

Today, the 65th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland in 1939, we've opened our new War Diary feature. Check back regularly to see how this chronology expands every day to keep pace with all the ground, air, naval, and political action for each date from the beginning of the war to the end.

Forthcoming from Battery
1 September 2004

US Army Military Intelligence Service. Handbook on the Italian Military Forces, 1943. Forthcoming from Battery Press in October 2004


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