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   News archives page

Now available from TAMU
28 February 2003

Bodson, Herman. Agent for the Resistance: A Belgian Saboteur in World War II. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 2003

Forthcoming from Greenhill
27 February 2003

Price, Alfred. Targeting the Reich: Allied Photographic Reconnaissance over Europe, 1939-1945. Forthcoming from Greenhill Books in March 2003

Now available from OUP
26 February 2003

Kroener, Bernhard R., Rolf-Dieter Muller, and Hans Umbreit. Germany and the Second World War, vol 5: Organization and Mobilization in the German Sphere of Power, part 2. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2003

26 February 2003

We've added another self-publisher, Nacho Vasquez, and his book to our Directory of Self-Publishers. If you have self-published a military-related title about World War II, especially if you're a veteran writing about your wartime experiences, please send us information so we can add you to the Directory.

25 February 2003

Many, many books pass through our office, but very few earn the honor of reaching our Recommended Reading list.

Forthcoming from NIU Press
25 February 2003

Carpenter, Stephanie A. On the Farm Front: The Women's Land Army in World War II. Forthcoming from Northern Illinois University Press in March 2003

News from Sutton
24 February 2003

Check our Sutton Publishing webpage for freshly updated information about several new releases and some newly listed forthcoming books.

Forthcoming from Chicago
24 February 2003

Muller, Eric L. Free to Die for Their Country: The Story of the Japanese-American Draft Resisters in World War II. Forthcoming from University of Chicago Press in March 2003

Book review
23 February 2003

Forty, George. Fortress Europe: Hitler's Atlantic Wall. Hersham, UK: Ian Allan Publishing, 2002

Read our review

Now available from Schiffer
22 February 2003

Myhra, David. The Horten Ho 9/Ho 229: Technical History. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2003

Forthcoming from HarperCollins
21 February 2003

Shachtman, Tom. Laboratory Warriors: How Allied Science and Technology Tipped the Balance in World War II. Forthcoming from HarperCollins Publishers, Inc in May 2003

Now available from UNC
21 February 2003

Lewis, Adrian R. Omaha Beach: A Flawed Victory. Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 2003

Forthcoming from R and L
20 February 2003

Tusa, Ann and John Tusa. The Nuremberg Trials. Forthcoming from Rowman and Littlefield in May 2003

Now available from Overlook
20 February 2003

Bercuson, David J. and Holger H. Herwig. The Destruction of the Bismarck. New York: Overlook Press, 2003

News from Lawrence Paterson
19 February 2003

"My new book Second U-Boat Flotilla is out now from Pen & Sword. Soon to be released also by Naval Institute Press. This unit was equipped primarily with the larger Type IX U-boats and ranged as far afield as the American Coast, South Africa, the Caribbean, and Penang. Boats of this unit also were involved in the sinking of the Athenia and Laconia. Currently working on U-Boat in Action (working title) for Greenhill Books, telling the story of U-564 on patrol in 1942 in words and pictures."

Now available from Aspekt
19 February 2003

Luijten, Jan A.F.M. Canada and Noord-Brabant: An Eternal Bond. Soesterberg: Aspekt, 2002. Distributed in the US by ISBS

18 February 2003

We've added another self-publisher, Charles Turnbo, and his book to our Directory of Self-Publishers. If you have self-published a military-related title about World War II, especially if you're a veteran writing about your wartime experiences, please send us information so we can add you to the Directory.

17 February 2003

Over the last few months we've been working on a new, multi-dimensional system of categorizing WWII-related books into thousands of specific subject categories and inter-linking all those categories to make it easy to find books about any topic. The job is far from complete, but we've reached the point where we're ready to offer a preview of the new subjects system. Constructive suggestions are welcome while we continue to create new categories, load books, and link related categories for rapid browsing.

Book reviews
16 February 2003

Neufeld, William. Slingshot Warbirds: World War II U.S. Navy Scout-Observation Airmen. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2003

Hill, Richard F. Hitler Attacks Pearl Harbor: Why the United States Declared War on Germany. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2002

Jespersen, Knud J.V. No Small Achievement: Special Operations Executive and the Danish Resistance, 1940-1945. Odense, Denmark: University Press of Southern Denmark, 2002

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Now available from Stackpole
15 February 2003

Huston, James A. Biography of a Battalion: The Life and Times of an Infantry Battalion in Europe in World War II. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2003

The Bookshelf
15 February 2003

The printed "Winter 2003 History" catalog from Scholar's Bookshelf brings a small section of WWII books, including a few titles listed for the first time.

Forthcoming from Free Press
14 February 2003

Eisenhower, John S. D. General Ike: A Personal Reminiscence. Forthcoming from The Free Press in June 2003

Now available from Presidio
14 February 2003

O'Brien, Frances A. Battling for Saipan: The True Story of an American Hero. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 2003

Editor's pick
13 February 2003

Sometimes when we run across an interesting/unusual/informative book, especially an old and out-of-print one, we like to bring it to your attention.

Perry, F. W. Commonwealth Armies: Manpower and Organization in Two World Wars. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1988

The late Dr. Perry's book surveys the armies of the UK, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and assorted colonial forces in both world wars and presents information and conclusions about their overall war-making capabilities. Very good work, and includes material about such obscure formations as the British Caribbean Regiment in WWII. Dr. Perry also authored an unpublished manuscript, The Armies of the Commonwealth, the only copy of which languishes in the Imperial War Museum in London. It dives much deeper into the same waters, but—alas—seems to be accessible only by visiting the IWM. Having examined the ms there, we can only hope that someone eventually publishes it.

Forthcoming from St Martin's Press
13 February 2003

Bennett, Donald V. Honor Untarnished: A West Point Graduate's Memoir of World War II. Forthcoming from St Martin's Press in May 2003

Forthcoming from Indiana
13 February 2003

Hartman, Ted J. Tank Driver: With the 11th Armored from the Battle of the Bulge to VE Day. Forthcoming from Indiana University Press in May 2003

Now available from Ian Allan
12 February 2003

Konstam, Angus and Jak Mallmann Showell. Spearhead No. 7: 7th U-Boat Flotilla. Hersham, UK: Ian Allan Publishing, 2003

Now available from Overlook
11 February 2003

Spotts, Frederic. Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics. New York: The Overlook Press, 2003

11 February 2003

We received in the mail today the newsprint "Bargain Books" catalog for 24 January from Edward R. Hamilton. As always, some interesting WWII-related titles at reduced prices.

Now available from White Mane
10 February 2003

Jones, Wilbur D. A Sentimental Journey: Memoirs of a Wartime Boomtown. Shippensburg, PA: White Mane Publishing Company, Inc, 2002

Forthcoming from Battery
10 February 2003

Del Valle, Pedro A. Roman Eagles over Ethiopia, 1936-1937. Forthcoming from Battery Press in March 2003. Reprint edition

Pages d'Histoire
10 February 2003

The printed catalog from Librairie Historique in Paris arrived here today and includes an interesting mix of WWII titles in several different languages.

Book review
9 February 2003

Rogers, Michael H. Answering Their Country's Call: Marylanders in World War II. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002

Read our review

Forthcoming from Greenwood
8 February 2003

Dunn Jr, Walter S. Heroes or Traitors: The German Replacement Army, the July Plot, and Adolf Hitler. Forthcoming from Greenwood Press and Praeger Publishers in April 2003

Strang, G. Bruce. On the Fiery March: Mussolini Prepares for War. Forthcoming from Greenwood Press and Praeger Publishers in June 2003

7 February 2003

"Supplement #64" from Jerboa-Redcap Books of New Jersey fell into our hands today with six pages of new and used military, naval, and aviation titles.

Now available from Indra
6 February 2003

White, Ken. Criado: A Story of East Timor. Briar Hill, Austr: Indra Publishing, 2002. Distributed in the US by ISBS

News from Classic
5 February 2003

Thanks to Sally at Classic Publications for news that Genda's Blade by Henry Sakaida and Koji Takaki is now available. She also informed us today of several new titles coming from Classic within the next few months. Check our Classic webpage for details.

Now available from Greenwood
5 February 2003

Kauffman, Bill and Ruth Sarles (editors). The Story of America First. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press and Praeger Publishers, 2003

Forthcoming from Cornell
5 February 2003

Habeck, Mary R. Storm of Steel: The Development of Armor Doctrine in Germany and the Soviet Union, 1919-1939. Forthcoming from Cornell University Press in April 2003

Now available from Osprey
4 February 2003

O'Leary, Michael. Production Line to Frontline 4: Consolidated B-24 Liberator. Botley, UK: Osprey Publishing, 2003

Zaloga, Steven J. Campaign 115: Battle of the Ardennes 1944 (1). Botley, UK: Osprey Publishing, 2003

Military Collector
4 February 2003

Today the online stock files of secondhand books for sale have been updated at The Military Collector.

Forthcoming from UNC
4 February 2003

Miner, Steven Merritt. Stalin's Holy War: Religion, Nationalism, and Alliance Politics, 1941-1945. Forthcoming from University of North Carolina Press in April 2003

Now available from CUP
3 February 2003

Hiden, John and Thomas Lane (eds). The Baltic and the Outbreak of the Second World War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. Softcover reprint

Now available from Holt
3 February 2003

Gilbert, Martin. The Righteous: The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2003

3 February 2003

Down in Silver City, New Mexico, the Articles of War website, featuring a huge assortment of new and secondhand books about all eras of military history, has been updated today with a wealth of fresh inventory.

Book review
2 February 2003

Campbell, John. Naval Weapons of World War Two. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2002

Read our review

WWII Books
2 February 2003

In England, Graham Palmer has updated the stock files at his World War II Books website with umpteen-thousand secondhand WWII-related titles carefully organized for easy browsing and searching. Do have a look!

Now available from Sutton
1 February 2003

Chant, Christopher. World Encyclopedia of the Tank. Stroud, UK: Sutton Publishing Ltd, 2003

Old Army
1 February 2003

Bruce Halsted just uploaded several thousand fresh books to the online inventory files at his Old Army Books website.

Historic Aviation
1 February 2003

Today's mail brought the printed "Winter 2003" catalog from Historic Aviation featuring books, videos, art, and models.

1 February 2003

At the T. Cadman website, secondhand WWII book inventory has been thoroughly updated today.


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