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   News archives page

Now available from Hill and Wang
31 October 2000

Burleigh, Michael. The Third Reich: A New History. New York: Hill and Wang, 2000

30 October 2000

Keith Bonn tells us that Aegis Consulting Group is now publishing its books under the imprint "Aberjona Press." Their newest release is Into the Mountains Dark: A WWII Odyssey from Harvard Crimson to Infantry Blue by Frank Gurley.

30 October 2000

Harris and Margaretta Colt have mailed their fat Military Bookman "Fall 2000" catalog with a vast quantity of secondhand military titles, including several sections on various WWII topics.

Book review
29 October 2000

Crofoot, Craig R. The Order of Battle of the Soviet Armed Forces in the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945, volume 1: 22 June 1941. Madison, WI: Craig R. Crofoot, 2000

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28 October 2000

"The Aardvark" and his gang of book-mongers have just uploaded an inventory file of over 8700 secondhand military books, mostly WWII-related, to the aptly named Aardvark Books website.

Now available from Fedorowicz
28 October 2000

Fleisher. The Combat History of Sturmgeschutz-Brigade 276, Assault Gun Fighting on the Eastern Front, 1943-1945. Winnipeg, Manitoba: J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing, 2000

28 October 2000

The latest printed update from Jerboa, "Supplement #36," should be arriving in your mailbox right about now with six pages of new and used military, naval, and aviation titles.

News from Nick Beale
27 October 2000

"Since Air War Italy 1944-45 came out, I've been working (solo this time) on Ghost Bombers: The Moonlight War of NSG 9: Luftwaffe Night Attack Operations from Anzio to the Alps. The book is a history of the Luftwaffe's Nachtschlachtgruppe 9. I finished it this summer, after four years' research with veterans of the unit and their families, and have just signed with Classic Publications, with publication foreseen in Autumn 2001."

27 October 2000

The "October 2000" catalog from Paul Gaudette Books has arrived here with 36 pages of mostly aviation titles on a variety of topics.

Forthcoming from Schiffer
26 October 2000

Quite a large lot of new titles due from Schiffer in coming months:

Hill. The 451st Bomb Group in WWII: A Photographic History. Due January 2001

Hayden. German Military Ribbon Bars 1914-1957. Due January 2001

Remp. Heinkel He 219. Due January 2001

Diedrich. German Jet Aircraft. Due February 2001

Miller. Fighter Units & Pilots of the 8th Air Force. (Two volumes) Due Feb.2001

MacLean. The Ghetto Men: The SS Destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto. Due March 2001

Vasco. The Sting of the Luftwaffe: SKG 210/ZG 1 in WWII. Due March 2001

Kolln. The 421st Night Fighter Squadron in WWII. Due March 2001

Carey. Above an Angry Sea: USN B-24 Units in WWII, volume 2. Due March 2001

Mansson. Heinrich Himmler: A Photographic Chronicle of Hitler's RFSS. Due March 2001

Forthcoming from Crecy
26 October 2000

Mason. The Hawker Hurricane. Due from Crecy in May 2001.

Mark Bando
25 October 2000

Mark's forthcoming book from Motorbooks has been re-titled 101st Airborne: Screaming Eagles at Normandy and delayed until February.

25 October 2000

University Press of Kentucky is currently holding a sale with significant savings on most of their titles, including military titles.

24 October 2000

The updated stock of WWII-related titles at Aberdeen Books is now available on the Web.

Now available from Stackpole
23 October 2000

Lowry, Thomas P. and John W. G. Wellham. The Attack on Taranto: Blueprint for Pearl Harbor. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000. Softcover reprint edition.

Book review
22 October 2000

May, Ernest R. Strange Victory: Hitler's Conquest of France. New York: Hill and Wang, 2000.

Read our review

News from Craig Crofoot
21 October 2000

The first volume—for 22 June 1941—of the self-published series called The Order of Battle of the Soviet Armed Forces in the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945 is now available from Craig R. Crofoot. Forty-eight monthly volumes are planned in all, with the next one—for 1 July 1943—due in January.

Now available from Presidio
20 October 2000

Gailey, Harry. MacArthur Strikes Back: Decision at Buna: New Guinea, 1942-1943. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 2000

Smith, Michael S. Bloody Ridge: The Battle that Saved Guadalcanal. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 2000

Suggestions for your reading pleasure
19 October 2000

Have a look at our Recommended Reading page to see our latest recommendations in WWII books.

Now available from Schiffer
19 October 2000

Ross, Kirk B. The Sky Men: A Parachute Rifle Company's Story of the Battle of the Bulge and the Jump across the Rhine. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 2000

18 October 2000

It's not their big military books catalog, but Scholar's Bookshelf has mailed the "Fall 2000" list which includes a few pages of selected WWII titles.

Now available from Stackpole
17 October 2000

Wallace, General Brenton G. Patton & His Third Army. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000. Softcover reprint.

Now available from Praeger
16 October 2000

Levine, Alan J. Captivity, Flight, and Survival in World War II. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2000

14 October 2000

The latest newsprint "Bargain Books" catalog from Edward R. Hamilton, dated October 6, 2000, is now arriving in mailboxes.

Forthcoming from Presidio
13 October 2000

Gamble. Black Sheep One: The Life of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington. Due in December from Presidio Press

Military Book Club
11 October 2000

Selections from the "October 2000" catalog:

Lumsden. A Collector's Guide to Third Reich Militaria

Lumsden. A Collector's Guide to Third Reich Militaria: Detecting the Fakes

Chamberlain and Ellis. British and American Tanks of World War II

Freeman. The Mighty Eighth

Hughes and Mann. Fighting Techniques of a Panzergrenadier, 1941-1945

Now available from NIP
10 October 2000

Kennedy, Ludovic. Pursuit: The Chase and Sinking of the Battleship Bismarck. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2000. Reprint edition with new introduction by the author.

Book review
8 October 2000

Neulen, Hans Werner. (Translated from the German by Alex Vanags-Baginskis.) In the Skies of Europe: Air Forces Allied to the Luftwaffe, 1939-1945. Ramsbury, Marlborough, UK: The Crowood Press, 2000

Read our review

Now available from OUP
6 October 2000

Kroener, Bernhard R., Rolf-Dieter Muller, and Hans Umbreit. Germany and the Second World War, volume V: Organization and Mobilization of the German Sphere of Power (Part 1: Wartime Administration, Economy, and Manpower Resources, 1939-1941). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. Translated from the German

Forthcoming from Helion
5 October 2000

Duncan sends word from Helion of the status of their upcoming books:

Holtztraeger. In a Raging Inferno: Combat Units of the Hitler Youth, 1944-45. Delayed until December

Bevis. British and Commonwealth Armed Forces, 1939-1943. Due January 2001

Booth. Handbook of WWII German Military Symbols and Abbreviations, 1943-45. Due February 2001

Gunter. Last Laurels: The German Defence of Upper Silesia, January-May 1945. Delayed until April 2001

4 October 2000

Following his move from Illinois to New Mexico, Bob Ruman continues to unpack cases of secondhand books which haven't seen the light of day in years, and as always he steadily acquires every newly published military book imaginable. All these get added to into his online inventory, which has been fresh updated at his Articles of War website.

Old Army
4 October 2000

The latest inventory file from Old Army Books has been uploaded to their website where thousands of secondhand books on a variety of military topics can be searched and browsed.

News from Schiffer
3 October 2000

The following titles are newly available, or will be available within the next week or two, from Schiffer Military History:

Ross. The Supercommandos: First Special Service Force, 1942-1944

Yerger. SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Otto Weidinger

Nipe. Last Victory in Russia: The SS-Panzerkorps and Manstein's Kharkov Counteroffensive, February- March 1943

Ross. The Sky Men: A Parachute Rifle Company's Story of the Battle of the Bulge and the Jump across the Rhine

3 October 2000

Frank and Maureen have mailed "Supplement #35" for Jerboa-Redcap Books with six pages of new and secondhand aviation, naval, and military titles.

Book review
2 October 2000

Zetterling, Niklas and Anders Frankson. Kursk 1943: A Statistical Analysis. London: Frank Cass, 2000

Read our review

World War II Books
1 October 2000

Graham Palmer today uploaded several thousand titles to his World War II Books website where they can be searched, browsed, and purchased with the click of a button.

Military Collector
1 October 2000

At the Military Collector website, Ian Wilkinson maintains an excellent online inventory of military books with a heavy emphasis on WWII-related titles, and Ian has just updated his stock with a quite a lot of fresh titles.


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