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Recommended reading
31 August 2000

We've added a couple of fresh titles to our recommendations that should be worth your time and effort.

Now available from Velletri
30 August 2000

Courington, Morris. Cruel Was the Way: Memories of Combat Infantrymen in World War II. Park Forest, IL: Velletri Books, 2000

Military Book Club
29 August 2000

Selections for August 2000:

Downing and Johnston. Battle Stations: Decisive Weapons of the Second World War

Stewart. Give Us This Day

Butler. An Illustrated History of the Gestapo

Now available from Stackpole
28 August 2000

Kennedy Shaw, W.B. Long Range Desert Group: World War II Action in North Africa. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000. Softcover reprint edition. Published in the UK by Greenhill Books.

Book review
27 August 2000

Hague, Arnold. The Allied Convoy System, 1939-1945: Its Organization, Defence and Operation. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2000.

Read our review

Now available from UPK
26 August 2000

Offner, Arnold A. and Theodore A. Wilson (editors). Victory in Europe, 1945: From World War to Cold War. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2000

25 August 2000

The "August 2000" catalog has arrived from Paul Gaudette Books with a load of new and secondhand books including North Africa, the Third Reich, and War on the Eastern Front and emphasizing aviation titles.

Now available from TAMU
24 August 2000

Ritvo, Roger A. and Diane M. Plotkin. Sisters in Service: Voices of Care in the Holocaust. College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 2000

23 August 2000

The latest from Edward R. Hamilton -- dated 11 August 2000 -- contains within its newsprint a page of new WWII titles at reduced prices.

Now available from Praeger
22 August 2000

Levine, Alan J. From the Normandy Beaches to the Baltic Sea: The Northwest Europe Campaign, 1944-1945. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2000

Forthcoming from Specialty
22 August 2000

Lambert. Assault on the Empire, volume 2: Return to the Philippines, 1944. Due from Specialty Press in December

Now available from McFarland
21 August 2000

Capelotti, P.J. The Svalbard Archipelago: American Military and Political Geographies of Spitsbergen and Other Norwegian Polar Territories, 1941-1950. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2000.

The Bookman
21 August 2000

Harris and Margaretta Colt of The Military Bookman have mailed their "Summer 2000" catalog -- their 80th -- with an assortment of titles including a couple of sections on WWII-related books.

Now available from Greenhill
21 August 2000

Tsouras, Peter. The Greenhill Dictionary of Military Quotations. London: Greenhill Books, 2000.

Now available from Hale
21 August 2000

Delaforce, Patrick. Churchill's Secret Weapons: The Story of Hobart's Funnies. London: Robert Hale, 2000. Softcover reprint edition.

Book review
20 August 2000

Megargee, Geoffrey P. Inside Hitler's High Command. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2000.

Read our review

War Diary
19 August 2000

Graham Palmer continues to make improvements to what has already become the finest day-by-day chronology of the Second World War on the Web.

Each and every day Graham reveals the latest sixtieth anniversary date of the war. Each newly revealed date contains several entries about the day's events with accompanying photographs and links to relevant books.

In addition, Graham's War Diary offers the ability to jump directly to any date during the war, and to search for key words and find every date on which that term appears. For example, using "molders" to search for Luftwaffe fighter ace Werner Molders will find entries for him on 5 June 1940 (when he was shot down) and 28 July 1940 (when he crash landed after tangling with "Sailor" Malan).

This is a terrific feature that Graham offers to visitors free of charge, and one of the things that makes the Web such a valuable resource.

Recommended Reading
18 August 2000

Don't forget to take a look at our latest recommendations.

Now available from Eagle Editions
17 August 2000

Tullis, Thomas A. Eagles Illustrated: Fighters of World War II. Hamilton, MT: Eagle Editions, Ltd, 2000

Now available from Praeger
16 August 2000

Jackson, Kathi. They Called Them Angels: American Military Nurses of World War II. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 2000

Now available from Axis Europa
15 August 2000

Munoz, Antonio. For Croatia and Christ: The Croatian Army in World War II, 1941-1945. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa Books, 2000. Hardcover reprint edition.

Book review
14 August 2000

Bergstrom, Christer and Andrey Mikhailov Black Cross, Red Star: The Air War over the Eastern Front, volume one: Operation Barbarossa, 1941. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Military History, 2000.

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12 August 2000

The latest word from J.J. Fedorowicz has these three new titles arriving "no later than 31 October 2000."

Zetterling. German Ground Forces in Normandy, 1944

Rubbel. History of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503

Fleisher. History of Sturmgeschutz Brigade 276

Recommended reading
11 August 2000

Don't miss our newest recommendations.

10 August 2000

Martin and Caroline and the ol' Aardvark himself have updated the online inventory at Aardvark Books with over 8000 secondhand military books, most devoted to WWII topics.

Forthcoming from Sutton
9 August 2000

Look for these new titles from Sutton Publishing between now and February:

Nesbit. The Battle of Britain. Due September 2000

Lucas. The German Army Handbook, 1939-1945. Due October 2000

Bowman. The USAAF, 1926-1945. Due October 2000

Price. Focke Wulf Fw 190 in Combat. Due October 2000

Knopp. Hitler's Henchmen. Due November 2000

Renton. This Rough Game: Fascism and Anti-Fascism. Due January 2001

Zimmerman. Britain's Shield: Radar and the Defeat of the Luftwaffe. Due February 2001

Now available from Nebraska
8 August 2000

Winton, Harold W. and David R. Mets (editors) The Challenge of Change: Military Institutions and New Realities, 1918-1941. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2000

7 August 2000

Now in hand and featuring a bright yellow cover is "Catalogue 49" from Kisselburg Military Books of Stillwater, Minnesota with just over 200 carefully selected secondhand WWII titles.

Book review
6 August 2000

Gardner, W.J.R. (editor) The Evacuation from Dunkirk: 'Operation Dynamo', 26 May - 4 June 1940. London: Frank Cass, 2000.

Read our review

Now available from Schiffer
5 August 2000

Carey, Alan C. We Flew Alone: United States Navy B-24 Squadrons in the Pacific, February 1943-September 1944. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 2000

5 August 2000

Have a look at the online home of Aberdeen Books and you'll discover freshly updated inventory featuring a plethora of new WWII-related books in a wide variety of categories.

Now available from Praeger
4 August 2000

Hart, Stephen Ashley. Montgomery and "Colossal Cracks": The 21st Army Group in Northwest Europe, 1944-45. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2000

Now available from McFarland
4 August 2000

Veath, Paul D. Jungle, Sea and Occupation: A World War II Soldier's Memoir of the Pacific Theater. Jefferson. NC: McFarland & Company, 2000

Now available from Pacifica
3 August 2000

Bergstrom, Christer and Andrey Mikhailov. Black Cross, Red Star: The Air War over the Eastern Front, volume one: Operation Barbarossa, 1941. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Military History, 2000

Old Army
3 August 2000

Bruce Halsted has updated his Old Army Books online inventory with over 5000 secondhand military titles, arranged by topics for browsing and also accessible with his search engine by author and title.

2 August 2000

Jerboa-Redcap Books has mailed its "Supplement #33" with, as usual, six pages of new and used military, naval, and aviation titles.

Forthcoming from Banner
2 August 2000

Brown. Desert Warriors. Australian P-40 pilots in North Africa, 1941-43. Due from Banner Books in late November.

New month, new inventory
1 August 2000

Is it another month already? It is, and that means big-time inventory updates from some of the heavy-weights:

World War II Books

The Military Collector

Articles of War


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