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Forthcoming from Kentucky
31 July 2000

Two titles in the works from University Press of Kentucky:

Maga. Judgment at Tokyo: The Japanese War Crimes Trials. Due in February 2001

McLaughlin. The Mighty Eighth in WWII. Due in September 2000

Book reviews
30 July 2000

Lord, Cliff and David BirtlesThe Armed Forces of Aden, 1839-1967. Solihull, England: Helion and Company, 2000

Crandall, Jerry. EagleFiles #2: Yellow 10: The Story of the ultra-rare Fw 190 D-13. Hamilton, MT: Eagle Editions, Ltd, 2000

Mombeek, Eric with J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek. Luftwaffe Colours, volume one, section 4: Jagdwaffe: The Attack in the West, May 1940. Crowborough, England: Classic Publications, 2000

Hamalainen, Matti. Finnish Air Force Squadrons, volume one: Bomber Squadron 42. Helsinki: Koala-Kustannus, 2000

Novarese, Dr. Marco. Decima! The Xth MAS and the Italian Social Republic, 1943-1945. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa Books, 2000

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War Room
30 July 2000

Check the War Room Bookshop website and you'll discover that today Tom Paragian has updated his inventory with over 1700 WWII videos, posters, and secondhand books.

Recommended reading
30 July 2000

Don't miss our latest recommendations.

Forthcoming from Crecy
29 July 2000

Two books due in the next few weeks from Crecy:

Spooner. Clean Sweep: The Life of Air Marshal Sir Ivor Broom. Softcover reprint edition due in August

Charlwood. No Moon Tonight. Softcover reprint edition due in August

Now available from Presidio
28 July 2000

Astor, Gerald. The Bloody Forest: Battle for the Huertgen: September 1944-January 1945. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 2000

Now available from Pacifica
27 July 2000

Vance, Jonathan. A Gallant Company: The Men of the Great Escape. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Military History, 2000

Now available from Battery
26 July 2000

Nichols. Impact: the Battle History of the Tenth Armored Division. Nashville, TN: Battery Press, 2000. Reprint edition

Rappaport and Northwood. Rendezvous with Destiny: A History of the 101st Airborne Division. Nashville, TN: Battery Press, 2000. Reprint edition

25 July 2000

The "Bargain Books" catalog for 14 July from Edward R. Hamilton has arrived with a small assortment of WWII titles tucked amongst its pages.

Now available from Canada
24 July 2000

Three long-awaited titles from J.J. Fedorowicz are now available:

Spaeter. The History of Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland, volume 3

Jung. The History of Panzer-Regiment Grossdeutschland

Schnedier. Tigers in Combat, volume 1. Reprint edition

Book review
23 July 2000

Evans, Martin Marix. The Fall of France: Act with Daring. Oxford, UK: Osprey Military, 2000.

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News from Specialty
22 July 2000

Now available from Specialty Press of North Branch, Minnesota:

Herwig, Dieter and Heinz Rode. Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Strategic Bombers, 1939-1945

Smith, Peter C. Straight Down: The North American A-36 Dive-Bomber in Action

Coming soon:

Lambert, John W. Assault on the Empire, volume one: Stemming the Tide of Conquest, 1942-1943. Due in September 2000

Johnsen, Frederick. Martin B-26 Marauder. Volume 29 of the WarbirdTech series, due in September 2000

Now available from Axis Europa
21 July 2000

Novarese, Dr. Marco. Decima! The Xth MAS and the Italian Social Republic, 1943-1945. Bayside, NY: Axis Europa Books, 2000

Now available from Cass
20 July 2000

Frank Cass has this week issued four books about the Second World War:

Gardner, W.J.R. (editor). The Evacuation from Dunkirk: "Operation Dynamo," 26 May - 4 June 1940. Originally prepared by the Naval Historical Branch of the Royal Navy

Kreis, Georg. (editor). Switzerland and the Second World War

Brown, David (editor). Naval Operations of the Campaign in Norway. Originally prepared by the Naval Historical Branch of the Royal Navy

Zetterling, Niklas and Anders Frankson. Kursk 1943.

News from Naval Institute Press
19 July 2000

We haven't had a chance to mention our friends at NIP lately, so here's an update of their latest releases, going back a few months:

Sweetman, John. Tirpitz: Hunting the Beast: Air Attacks on the German Battleship, 1940-44

Kaplan, Philip and Jack Currie. Convoy: Merchant Sailors at War, 1939-1945

Calhoun, C. Raymond. Tin Can Sailor: Life aboard the USS Sterett, 1939-1945

Wingo, Josette Dermondy. Mother Was a Gunner's Mate: World War II in the Waves

Miller, John Grider. The Battle to Save the Houston: October 1944 to March 1945

Mallman-Showell, Jak. Enigma U-Boats: Breaking the Code - The True Story

Knott, Richard C. Black Cat Raiders of WWII

Purdon, Eric. Black Company: The Story of Subchaser 1264

Hoopes, Townsend and Douglas Brinkley. Driven Patriot: The Life and Times of James Forrestal

Hague, Arnold. The Allied Convoy System: Its Organization, Defence, and Operation

And here's an update on their forthcoming titles:

Kennedy, Ludovic. Pursuit: The Chase and Sinking of the Battleship Bismarck. Reprint edition due August 2000

Alexander, Joseph H. Edson's Raiders. Due September 2000

Treadwell, Theodore R. Splinter Fleet: The Wooden Subchasers of World War II. Due October 2000

Shepherd, Peter J. Three Days to Pearl: Incredible Encounter on the Eve of War Due October 2000

Military Book Club
18 July 2000

Selections for "Summer 2000":

Chamberlain and Doyle. Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two. Revised edition

Bickers. The Battle of Britain: The Greatest Battle in the History of Air Warfare

Forthcoming from Grub Street
18 July 2000

Smith. Hornchurch Scramble: The Definitive Account of the RAF Fighter Airfield, Its Pilots, Groundcrew and Staff, volume one: 1915 to the Battle of Britain. Due in September from Grub Street

Now available from Red Kite
17 July 2000

Hall, Steve and Lionel Quinlan. KG55: Greif Geschwader In Focus: The photographic history of KG55. Walton on Thames, Surrey: Red Kite, 2000. An imprint of Air Research Publications

Book review
16 July 2000

Carafano, James Jay. After D-Day: Operation Cobra and the Normandy Breakout. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000

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15 July 2000

Frank and Maureen have mailed "Supplement #32" for Jerboa-Redcap Books with -- as usual -- six pages of new and used military, aviation, and naval titles.

Forthcoming from Helion
14 July 2000

Here's the latest word from Helion about upcoming book releases:

Holtztraeger. In a Raging Inferno: Combat Units of the Hitler Youth 1944-45. Due in November 2000

Bevis. British & Commonwealth Armed Forces 1939-43. Due in January 2001

Booth. Handbook of WWII German Military Symbols & Abbreviations 1943-45. Due in February 2001

Gunter. Last Laurels. The German Defence of Upper Silesia, January - May 1945. Due in March 2001

Now available from Stackpole
13 July 2000

Jessen, Morten. Luftwaffe at War: Focke Wulf 190: Defending the Reich, 1943-1945. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000. Published in the UK by Greenhill.

Evans, Martin Marix. The Fall of France: Act with Daring. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000. Published in the UK by Osprey Military.

We're back....
12 July 2000

Yes, we're back from vacation -- we even managed to pick up a few long-sought titles for ourselves along the way -- and we're simultaneously moving forward with our daily entries and gradually working backwards to cover the news and new books from the first half of the month.

Old Army
11 July 2000

Check the Old Army Books website for their latest update of several thousand secondhand military books. Lots of good stuff.

Articles of War
10 July 2000

Bob Ruman is still settling Articles of War into the new location in New Mexico after his move from Skokie, and he continues to update his online database with growing numbers of new and secondhand titles on a wide variety of military topics. The latest batch of titles went up today.

9 July 2000

"Catalogue Spoof" from Bufo Books in the UK is upon us with twenty-six pages of secondhand military books, including many regimental histories, pamphlets, and maps.

7 July 2000

Now available from The Scholar's Bookshelf is their latest catalog, "Summer 2000 History."

Classic distribution
6 July 2000

Classic Publications has announced that its books are now being distributed in the USA and Canada by AIRtime Publishing Inc of Connecticut.

Book Fairs
2 July 2000

We have been reminded of the series of "Military, Aviation & Naval Bookfairs" in the UK, with shows later this year in York, Chatham, and Tunbridge Wells. For full details of these and other book shows, check our Upcoming Events page.

Military Book Club
1 July 2000

Selections for "Independence Day 2000":

Carafano. After D-Day

Greene. Duty

Kitchens and Nalty. Flying Aces: Aviation Art of World War II

Gilbert. Germany's Lightning War

Badsey. Atlas of World War II Battle Plans


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