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   News archives page

Book review
30 April 2000 Hammel, Eric. Carrier Strike: The Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, October 1942. Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1999

Read our review

Now available from UPK
28 April 2000 Megargee, Geoffrey P. Inside Hitler's High Command. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas, 2000

Military Book Club
27 April 2000 Selections for "Spring 2000"

Stinnett. Day of Deceit

Thompson. P-61 Black Widow Units of World War 2

Kilvert-Jones. Omaha Beach: V Corps' Battle for the Normandy Beachhead

26 April 2000 "Military History Catalogue 46" has arrived from Kisselburg Military Books with twelve pages of very nice secondhand WWII titles.

News from Cass
25 April 2000

Frank Cass Publishers have been appointed the official publishers for Whitehall History Publishing (WHP), which is a new initiative to coordinate the historical publishing programs of Whitehall departments, including the official history program and the publications of the Cabinet Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Ministry of Defense. As well as original historical works, many of the Whitehall Histories will be important works from the archives, previously unpublished, classified, or available in only limited editions for internal government use.

The first two Whitehall Histories, due to be published in June, are the official Naval Staff Histories of the campaign in Norway and the evacuation from Dunkirk. These Naval Staff Histories were originally published in the 1940s and 1950s for the internal use of the Admiralty.

Regular as the morning newspaper...
24 April 2000

...comes the latest "Bargain Books" catalog from Edward R. Hamilton with its familiar selection of WWII titles tucked among its many newsprint pages.

From the Great White North
23 April 2000

The gang at J.J. Fedorowicz sends the latest update to their publishing schedule:

Kurowski. Panzer Aces 2. Due May 2000

Schneider. Panzertaktik: German Armored Tactics in World War II. Due May 2000

Spaeter. The History of Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland, volume 3. Due August 2000

Jung. The History of Panzer-Regiment Grossdeutschland. Due August 2000

Schnedier. Tigers in Combat, volume 1. Reprint edition due August 2000

Zetterling. German Ground Forces in Normandy, 1944. Due October 2000

Rubbel. History of Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503. Due October 2000

Fleisher. History of Sturmgeschutz Brigade 276. Due October 2000

News from Vanwell
22 April 2000

Vanwell Publishing has just released two new books and announced two more:

Milner, Marc and Ken Macpherson. Corvettes of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1939-1945. Softcover reprint now available.

Hague, Arnold. The Allied Convoy System: Its Organization, Defence and Operation. Now available. (Published by Chatham House in the UK and NIP in the US)

Perkins, David. The Canadian Submarine Service in Review. Due in May.

Freeman, David J. Canadian Warship Names. Due in June.

Now available from Stackpole
21 April 2000

Two new titles are now available from Stackpole (in the US) and Greenhill (in the UK):

Beesly, Patrick. Very Special Intelligence: The Story of the Admiralty's Operational Intelligence Centre, 1939-1945. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000. Reprint of the 1977 classic with new Introduction and Afterword.

Nafziger, George. The German Order of Battle: Infantry in World War II. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 2000.

Now available from McFarland
20 April 2000

Piotrowski, Tadeusz. Genocide and Rescue in Wolyn: Recollections of the Ukrainian Nationalist Ethnic Cleansing Campaign against Poles during World War II. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, 2000

19 April 2000

From Naval & Military Press comes "Booklist Issue 45" with "quality books...crazy prices."

18 April 2000

LSU Press is currently running its "Spring 2000 Book Sale," including reduced prices on its WWII-related titles such as Hitler's Secret War in South America, Handbook on Japanese Military Forces, and more.

Now available from Schiffer
17 April 2000

Wilson, Paul J. Himmler's Cavalry: The Equestrian SS, 1930-1945. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 2000

Mackay, Ron. Ridgewell's Flying Fortresses: The 381st Bombardment Group (H) in World War II. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Military History, 2000

Back in action
17 April 2000

Many thanks to everyone who sent kind words during my illness. I'm feeling much better now, and we're beginning to catch up with everything that happened in the last two weeks while simultaneously moving ahead with all the latest news and information as it arrives.

16 April 2000

Tom Petteys at Aberdeen Bookstore in Colorado has just updated his website with much fresh inventory of new WWII books.

Forthcoming from Battery
16 April 2000

Dick Gardner sends word of three upcoming releases from Battery:

Nichols. Impact: The Battle Story of the Tenth Armored Division. Reprint of 1954 edition, due in July.

Rapport and Northwood. Rendezvous with Destiny: A History of the 101st Airborne Division Reprint of 1948 edition, due in August

Also due later this year: From the Beaches to Bavaria: The History of the 4th Armored Division

15 April 2000

"The Aardvark" and his gang have just uploaded several thousand secondhand military titles, with an emphasis on World War II, to their website where they can be browsed, searched, and purchased.

15 April 2000

At Jerboa-Redcap Books of Hightstown, NJ, Frank and Maureen have been busily adding fresh stock to their military titles. Check their inventory pages as well as their "News and New Arrivals" section for the latest.

Now available from Classic
14 April 2000

Three new titles are now available from Classic Publications:

Forsyth, Robert. Battle over Bavaria: The B-26 Marauder versus the German Jets, April 1945

Mombeek, Eric. Sturmstaffel 1: Reich Defense, 1943-1944: The War Diary

Mombeek, Eric. Luftaffe Colours, volume one section 3: Jagdwaffe: Blitzkrieg and Sitzkrieg: Poland and France, 1939-1940

13 April 2000

The latest catalog from The Scholar's Bookshelf is "A Special Spring Offering" with reduced prices and closeouts on a variety of books, including some military titles.

News from Crecy
12 April 2000

Here's the latest from Crecy:

Goss. The Fighters' Battle: Personal Accounts of the Battle of Britain by Luftwaffe Fighter Crews, July - October 1940. Due later this month

Goss. The Bombers' Battle: Personal Accounts of the Battle of Britain by Luftwaffe Bomber Crews, July - October 1940. Due later this month

Smith. Straight Down: The North American A-36 Dive-Bomber in Action. Due later this month

Bowyer. Action Stations Revisited: No 1, Eastern England. Due in May

Smith. Task Force 57: The British Pacific Fleet, 1944-45. Softcover edition due in May

Leicester. Flights into the Night: Reminiscences of a World War II RAF Wellington Pilot. Due this autumn

11 April 2000

Working through the alphabetical cycle as usual, Jack Faber has mailed his "Catalogue No. 69" featuring authors whose last names start with "R" and "S" plus "official histories other than US" and the usual section of "late arrivals, recent publictions, and titles of special interest."

Now available from Presidio
10 April 2000

McKenzie, John. On Time on Target: The World War II Memoir of a Paratrooper in the 82d Airborne. Novato, CA: Presidio Press, 2000

8 April 2000

Supplement #9 from Jerboa-Redcap Books has arrived with new and used naval, military, and aviation titles.

Forthcoming from Sarpedon
7 April 2000

Tanner. Refuge from the Reich: American Airmen and Switzerland during World War II. Due from Sarpedon in July.

Military Book Club
6 April 2000

Selections for April 2000:

Burgett. Currahee! A Screaming Eagle at Normandy

Breuer. Unexplained Mysteries of World War II

Nafziger. The German Order of Battle: Infantry in World War II

Tolhurst. Battle of the Bulge: St Vith: US 106th Infantry Division

5 April 2000

The very colorful "2000 Winter Catalog" has arrived from Zenith Books with a vast assortment of new military titles of all kinds with an emphasis on aviation.

Pacifica by any other name...
3 April 2000

Eric Hammel has announced that his publishing company, Pacifica Press, is changing its name to Pacifica Military History.

Inventory updates
2 April 2000

Is it that time of the month already? Yes, and the usual suspects have uploaded thousands and thousands of fresh secondhand military titles to their websites where you can browse them and search by author and title:

Old Army Books

World War II Books

The Military Collector

Forthcoming from Grub Street
1 April 2000

Quite a lot of very nice books on the way from Grub Street:

Franks. Battle of the Airfields. Softcover edition. Due April 2000

David. Dennis 'Hurricane' David: My Autobiography. Due May 2000

Franks. Air Battle Dunkirk: 26 May - 3 June 1940. Revised edition. Due May 2000

Cull. Spitfires over Sicily. Due June 2000

Ross. Richard Hillary: The Authorised Biography. Due June 2000

Darlow. Lancaster Down! The Extraordinary Tale of Seven Young Bomber Aircrew at War. Due June 2000

Gray. Ghosts of Targets Past: The Lives and Losses of a Lancaster Crew. Softcover edition. Due July 2000

Franks. Dark Sky, Deep Water. Softcover edition. Due July 2000

Gretzyngier. Poles in Defence of Britain: A Day-by-Day Chronology. Due August 2000

Orange. Park: The Biography of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park. Softcover edition. Due September 2000

Gray. Fire by Night: The Dramatic Story of One Pathfinder Crew and Black Thursday. Due October 2000


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